Monday, January 30, 2017

"No Sacrifice - No Victory" - January 30, 2017

What's up Fam!

- good week, a lot happened. 1st week of the transfer is little crazy:

--- training trainers

--- arrivals

--- training new missionaries

--- Golden Corral with new missionaries accompanied by dirty looks from Sister Wadsworth on my poor eating habits. #MealOfChampions #MOARbacon

--- transfers

- didn't take a nap on the office floor like last time but at one point of the week I closed my prayer in the name of the Holy Ghost...

I was tired. That may top the time I tracted our apartment in #HamTown.

- training the new missionaries was the best part of my week along with attending the temple with them. A lot of fun being around them. Brings back a lot of memories of when I came in.

- shed a manly tear of brotherhood as I said bye to Elder Wells. He's taught me a lot from missionary work to  interacting with girls (holding hands, watching movies, obtaining their insta, etc.) .... not quite at @TeamBetaAlpha's status of bromance but he's up there. I'm gonna miss him. As Loyd Christmas once said "goodbye my love".

- Ate with the Lynch family... Brother Lynch served "Down Under" so in honor of Australia Day we had a meat pie and Tim Tam slam. Felt good haha.

- taught this a family and the 10 year old loved Pokémon so we compared how Pokémon evolve to how we grow in the gospel, we need experience.

It was deep.

- went and saw the Browns. She made us a Mardi Gras King cake and Tag was a fireman and we were the fire so we were running around while he chased us with his fire extinguisher. It was a good workout after #MOARbacon from a few days prior.

- got a letter from Elder @TeamBetaAlpha... opened it up in the mission office in front of everyone and a Jehovah Witness pamphlet fell out... thanks Elder Wall. <3

- Elder Hoschouer and I spontaneously started rapping Eminem one morning during comp study so I'd say we are off to a hot start with our companionship. #LoseYourselfInTheWork

- Missionary Broadcast was this week. When they showed the Salt Lake valley it may or may not of sparked #TrunkFest2k17 but I recovered quick once it got all spiritual. It was awesome. Elder Anderson talked about how we put all focus on faith and baptism while skipping repentance and that's what I talked about at zone conferences last transfer. We watched with President and he turned and started nodding at me lol.  #Unity.

- I also think you could see Rice Eccles Stadium when they showed the valley... #ChurchIsTrute

- Pres ordered pizza for us but waited until Sister Wadsworth was out of the room so he could get the Cinnistix. It was hilarious. I think he was in the dog house for that one.

- Favorite part of the broadcast was when Elder Bednar mentioned how the gospel isn't a check list. You don't have faith... then repent... then...etc... rather you use all of them intertwined and that's where the real power of the Atonement kicks in.

I will close with explaining why I have a Transformers quote as my subject title #SorryDahlelama. We were talking with President and Sister Wadsworth... sacrifice was brought up... Elder Hoschouer quoted Praise to the Man - "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven". I followed with Archibald Witwicky's  "no sacrifice no victory". I probably seemed pretty wise not gonna lie... anyway, I believe both to be true.

Christ sacrificed all he was for us, but what are we willing to give up for him??? Our time? 10% of our income? our sins? worldly desires? the natural man? ... he's made the ultimate sacrifice that's guaranteed us victory, there's NO possible way we can win without him, but we still need to do our part. We can't do it without His sacrifice, but at the same time we need to be willing to give up our own bad desires or habits that keep us away from Him. Like Elder Bednar said, once you start applying all the gospel to your life... not just a grocery list of what to do, that's when you see the real power.

Gospel is pretty amazing family, it does things to individuals and families that I really can't describe nor comprehend. Simply put, it helps them be happier, it transforms them. I'm grateful for the chance to see that change.

There is a lot more I want to share but we'll call it good there and cap it off with a "Auto Bots Roll Out."

Gonna do the same thing as last year - Polls are officially open for what tie I should wear Sunday. Red and black or navy and silver. Let me or Brady know.

Love ya,

- Elder K


- Tag in his natural habitat. Love this kid.

- nearly hit this buck driving around... decided to follow it and turned out to be a nice 5x5

- tribute to the Petting Whales bromance from the last year. Gonna be a good day when we can play 2k and go to bdubs and hold hands with each other #SorryMom.

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