Monday, February 29, 2016

Dingers - Febuary 29, 2016

What's up Fam!

- found a new favorite street... "Dinger Lane". Instantly started quoting Kent Murphy and thinking of my boy Elder Christensen. Every time we drive remotely close to it I yell "DINGERS!!!". Elder Metcalf thinks I'm nuts. 

- Hamilton is gorgeous. Saw 3 bald eagles and elk and deer and all that this week, it's Heaven here. 

- went to Helena for a MLC ("mission leadership conference/council/committee something like that). It was pretty cool. With all the zone leaders and sister training leaders so there was like 30 of us. Got to see Elder Hendricks and Sister Freeman  from the MTC district, we are definitely the young bloods in there. You know whenever Dr Evil wants a million dollars he calls into the world defense council?? It kind of reminded me of that. Lots of experienced elders and sisters there giving input on how the mission can progress and I sat there with my 7 months of experience looking like Ricky Bobby not knowing what to do with his hands. But ya, it was cool. Zone Leader who served in Missoula came looking for me and said they came across some Utah fans there who asked about me. Assuming from Twitter so thanks for the shout out whoever you are! 

- finally clicked for me that Elder Kennedy is Qui Gon, Elder Metcalf is Obi Wan, and I am Anakin. Hear me out.... My first transfer my zone leaders were Elders Kennedy and Metcalf. Elder Kennedy (Qui Gon) was training Elder Metcalf (Obi Wan) to be a zone leader. 7 months later Elder Kennedy is home. Now Elder Metcalf (Obi Wan) is training me (Anakin) to be a zone leader. Hopefully we don't have a companionship inventory that leads to me being limbless on a lava beach but at least I get to wife Padme.

  *****These are the things you think about when drunk people are singing "amazing grace" at the top of their lungs at 1 am outside your apartment and you can't sleep. Perks of living on Main Street. At least it was a spiritually uplifting song*****

- went to a sweet chocolate store. I'm addicted to huckleberry flavored anything. 

- Hit up the Jessop's and had some ice cream with them. Christine, Will and I were going through the alphabet A-Z with Disney characters. Glad to see I still got it when it comes to the mouse. However, you know you have been a missionary for a while when Book of Mormon names pop into your head first. #AchievementUnlocked

- Told Elder Metcalf "my socks smell like Chinese food" to see what his reaction would be. He sighed and just kept on studying. Funny guy, I love him. Still trying to get him to fart in front of me. Gotta think of a operation name for that.... Stay tuned

- got a letter and when I saw the return address was Swedish i screamed like a girl and ripped it open. Why have a girlfriend when you have an Elder Walton?

- Had a zone training. District Leaders hold weekly district meetings and zone leaders do a zone training once a transfer. Once again I was Ricky Bobby'ing it up there not knowing what to do with my hands but I thought it went well, Elder Metcalf at least knew what he was doing. I closed it with a discussion on personal conversion and perspective on your mission. Quoted and/or referenced Walt 3 times, Star Wars (1), other Disney movies (2),coach Whitt (3), #ULegacy (2), and coach Shah (1) "preach like it MEEEEEEANS something to ya". 

- Drove past a truck full of sheds. #WelcomeToMontana

- EXCHANGES!!!! Went on a exchange with Elder Peterson in Stevensille. His companion is the district leader so I switched with him and got to spend a day with Elder Peterson. It was awesome, we had so much fun. Elder Peterson is a stud from Payson and has been out 5 months. He's as big of a Cougar as I am a Ute but he never sucker punched me and I never dumped my beverage on him so we played pretty nice #ChurchIsTrue. We had a good time. He's never kissed a girl so we are both members of the VL club which is one of many reasons why our companionship unity was straight up fire that night. Another reason is our two favorite scriptures are Helaman 5:12 and Joshua 1:9 #DidWeJustBecomeBestFriends #KarateInTheGarage. We found a sweet family while street contacting... Dad was wearing a Oregon Ducks shirt... You know what our approach was??? College football BayBay. Didn't bring up the duck hunt massacre that occurred last fall cause the spirit can't dwell with contention but I still slipped in that a Utah Man Am I. Cool guy, amazing family. I'm tellin ya they need a college football section in the next PMG... Best tracting approach out there. Lot of different fans here so I'm in the right spot. 

- part of the exchange we met Sam... Sam is probably 50. Tall, skinny, and rocks a long gray pony tail. For 45 minutes we talked with Sam about how darker blue patches in the sky are really planets that are right outside our atmosphere and how we are all gonna die in about a month. #ThatEscalatedQuickly. Reason why we can't see the planet is because the government sprays a chemical in the atmosphere so we can only see darker shades of the sky... Reminder we don't get much television or video games out here so we found this really entertaining and frankly if we are all gonna die next month I wanna hear about it. It was definitely up there with the Splash Elder exchange transfer 1 with Wendell. It was fun talking with him, if one day we wake up and Jupiter is all we see outside then I'm going to find my boy Sam. 

- also on the exchange we ate at this members house that was unreal! Such a pretty house. There is a ski resort that financially fell through that you can see in their back yard along with a herd of elk. Amazing view. Meat for the burgers came right off their ranch, so dang good. 

- had a lesson in the Della Silva's home... As we get there there's 2 minutes left in BYU - Gonzaga. We went and stood in the kitchen and did whatever possible to distract ourselves from Babylon. Oh man I miss college ball haha. I couldn't see the screen but I could see Bro DS's facial expressions and that was enough. I was actually wanting the Cougs to win this one. Fear not, I'm not pulling a Harvey on Ute nation, but I was hoping they would pull it out for Bro Della Silva, I love the guy. I could see the hurt in his eyes after the game, I've been there before Haha. Gave him a hug after the lesson, such an awesome family. 

MLC and the exchange were much needed this week. I got a lot of room to improve.... A LOT. And this is a good opportunity for me to learn from other missionaries. With that said, I'm not gonna pretend to be someone I'm not.  The exchange with Elder Peterson was awesome because I didn't correct him on a single thing, but by the end of the night he was asking ways he can be more obedient. Some leaders walk into an area guns a blazing crying repentance and obedience, I'd rather show them the miracles that come from doing what is right. Plus... We had fun. Met Sam and a family who is solid. You gotta have fun out here. President Wadsworth is the perfect example of who I want to be as a missionary. The guy is so in tune with the spirit but isn't afraid to laugh.

Quick President Wadsworth story for ya. So we are approaching like hour 4 of MLC and not gonna lie I was zoned out thinking about Food or something (i just noticed I talk about food a lot). He jumps up there for his closing remarks and tells us (mind you we are all expecting some hard core revelation here) "elders and sisters... The mind can only absorb what the butt can handle..." And I just bust up laughing. I was sitting near Sister Wadsworth and she gave him that "get in the dog house... Now." Look... (@pettbryan and I have received that look several times from my mother when discussing high school dances or trips to the mouse so I recognized it)... President asked "I'm gonna be hearing all about this on the way to Bozeman tonight, aren't I??? She nods her head. 


One time in junior year English I had to run to the office to get something and Jared jumped up with me. Heyborne says "Jared if you walk out the door with McKay you are getting a U." Jared turns to look at me and says "well I already have a U so I might as well." President Wadsworth had that same logic... If he's in the dog house he might as well live it up... So for the next 10 minutes he is cracking jokes and telling stories. Told us how he sometimes just wants to tell missionaries "poppy cock". After some confused stares he explains that means "BS". Sister Wadsworth looked mortified. But ya, President Wadsworth gets it. You can't do this work without the spirit, can't have the spirit unless you are doing what is right. But my goodness don't make it harder than it needs to be!!! The mind can only absorb what the butt can handle! True words of wisdom from President Wadsworth. 

Yep, that was the week! Still tough getting adjusted to a new area but Hamilton is starting to feel like home. I like it here. Elder Metcalf is such a good missionary and is teaching me a lot, doing my best to absorb it all. I have a lot to improve on. We have a solid group of investigators we are pretty stoked about. Not sure if you can quote beer commercials as a missionary but one of our investigators is "the most interesting man in the world". His name is Greg, 6 foot 3 and skinny, gray hair, and only African American I have seen in Hamilton. He loves chess, served in the military, and recently found his black widow he keeps as a pet after she escaped in his apartment... We found this out after our lesson... Like I said, interesting dude but we freakin love Greg. After our first lesson he told us he feels like God guided him to us, wow baby the spirit was strong when he said it. He's awesome. Along with Greg we have a few other families, no one on date but that's around the corner. The boy I mentioned last week came to church and loved it, his life is a total 180 from last Sunday. We also talked with a family who is going through a similar trial that we experienced as a family a few years ago.  I have been in her shoes before and those trials can really make or break your testimony. Then just hearing about Lucas's companion put me on my knees for him. I really dont know why some things happen, but you have to press forward with a steadfastness in Christ. I do know it's all apart of God's plan.  As we were able to comfort this family, it made me think, maybe we go through our own Gethsemane so we can be there to comfort others later on. Like PMG says, as your understanding and love for the Atonement increases, your desire to share the gospel does too. So grateful for our Savior and what he did for us. Do what he asks and families are forever. I know it's all true. I know we will see Dave again. My testimony has grown to be rock solid and I'm so grateful for that, next step is getting others to that point.

A lot of work here in Hamilton and we are very grateful the Lord is directing us towards the elect. It's certainly hard work, but when the spirit is guiding you it feels like you are HITTIN DINGERS!!!! 

 Love ya, church is true. Read the Book of Mormon and pray and all that and you'll be blessed. #Dingers 

 - Elder K


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

These are My Days - February 22, 2016

What's up fam! 

- Last Monday we ventured into Great Falls for my last zone games in the GF. Elder Masauo and I balled up. He had his Y shirt on, I was reppin my Utes. He straight up abused me in the paint but Ute Nation can rest easy knowing I won 21-10 #CallMeDelon . It was super fun, I'm gonna miss the Cutbank elders 

- that night we went to the Barneys so Asbury could get his hair cut. Barneys are so awesome, before we left they shot me with their water gel pellet gun thing to express their love to me. Gonna miss that family. 

- Had one last ping pong party at the #DStaffs. Joe and I won the first round then Elder Asbury and I teamed up and lost. DeStaffany's have some solid ping pong skills. Can't wait to go back and play again... We'll be able to turn on the classic rock station too by then! 

- Last day in #TheRad was a lot of packing and that night we were practicing shooting objects in the apartment with my sling shot. Lot more dangerous wild life in Hamilton so I gotta be prepared. Btdubs, tic tacs make for awesome ammo in a sling shot. Asbury got a gnarly welt, it was quite the raspberry. (Don't worry we had eye protection #TRACK) 

- Wednesday was rough. Leaving Conrad was a lot harder than I'd ever imagined, you don't realize how much you love a place till you leave it. I was in the car with Elder Masauo and Falute and they were teaching me Samoan even though most the words probs aren't missionary appropriate so that was fun, love my Poly elders. 3 hour drive to Helena where I was reunited with my splash elder for a couple minutes. Can't even describe how good it was to see Potter, we know President Wadsworth is gonna pair us up eventually.... One of us just needs driving privileges #TheyBothDone. Also got to see Elder Hendricks and Thompson and Sister freeman from the MTC district, that was good. Joined up with Elder Metcalf and 3 hours later we got to #HamTown and still had 8 more hours to proselyte. It was a long day. 

 - Went over to the Jessop's that night. He is our ward mission leader and I immediately fell in love with that family. Sister Jessop is most like Angie Mann and Bro Jessop reminds me of the GOAT of Jr Jazz coaching (excluding coach Boyd and I) THE Jeremy Wood, BIG basketball family so I love them. Will plays as a freshman and Christine is 10. They have a daughter working for the Aggies women's ball team as a manager and a son serving in Tennessee. I asked if their son has ever served with a leprechaun. That'd be sweet if he and Cody served together. But ya, love that family. Big golfers too, they have played the Parkway a few times and told me about the course they have here in Hamilton that is really exclusive. Apparently Phil and Tiger and lots of other pros have flown in to play it. It's tough to get on to but I told him we will convert the club pro so we can play on a P- Day. #ChallengeAccepted 

- met this dude named Lincoln who was incredibly drunk but hilarious, trailer parks are the best! Honestly don't even know how to describe that experience only that I love my boy Linc. 60+ and he was high as a kite. Super friendly to us and wants to learn more. HE offered to pray with us and it was one of the most... Sincere prayers I have heard haha. Interesting dude. 

- Went out to dinner with the Della Silvas. They had a son serve in New Mexico and said he knew Nate Cloward so that was cool. They took us to Naps which is quite possibly up there with the Mouse and Rice Eccles Stadium. Brother Della Silva and I each put down a 3/4 lb burger and fries which gained me their respect. In between bites bro DS and I were talking college football, he's a big Coug fan so he's my new Brother Skinner here. Super cool family and dang good food. 

- tracted into a young couple on a Friday night who were having their "pizza, pajamas and Netflix night". #Goals. They were soooooo chill! They are into theater art, Metcalf is into photography, I'm into video so we talked about how perspective and timing and all that works in all aspects of art. It was cool, we all clicked really well with each other and are going back this week for a lesson. 

- Sunday was sweet! Got to be a on the spot youth speaker so that was fun! Don't know the ward too well but I'm already starting to love them. One lady was firing shots at Cam Newton and Tom Brady from the pulpit so that was awesome. 

I really don't even know where to begin. This week was just nuts. Leaving Conrad and especially leaving Asbury was rough. I'll be the first to admit I was socially awkward back home and would pick making a video or winning a national championship with Georgia State #PantherPride over socializing ANY day of the week, but being out here I've realized I get super attached to people. Conrad felt like home. Whether it was saying bye to Kel Bishop or the old guy at A&W that we were tight with, you just get close to strangers. Those strangers become friends, those friends become family. I'll admit it was a little disheartening being able to see Salt Lake City on the map in my call packet a year ago but I don't even care cause I want to be as close to my family here as possible. 

So.... Onto the next area and companionship. Elder Metcalf is a total stud. From Mesa Arizona, out about 19 months. Super big into photography and photoshop. We love talking about photoshop and Premier and after effects and all that stuff. Insanely hard worker and incredibly humble, caring, and obedient. With those attributes If I had to compare him to anyone it'd be Elder Hayden Mann so of course I love him. Got a lot of respect for Metcalf and excited to have him train me as a Zone leader. He's already taught me so much, probably most of all is talking to EVERYONE. Doesn't matter if we are stopped at a light and a pedestrian is using the cross walk. We got a #TargetAcquired and that window is down and I'm yelling to a random person about the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. Took some getting used to but it's pretty fun, TALK TO EVERYONE. 

As for Hamilton... This place is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. Our apartment is freakin sweet. I didn't have a bed for the first few days cause the last one had bed bugs and they threw it out so I got a new bed too! But ya, apartment is on Main Street above a bunch of stores. It's a sweet spot. We have a sweet view of Main Street and the mountains out on our balcony. The work is awesome here, we have already gained like 10 new investigators since I have been here and I wish I could go into all of them but I don't have time. I inherited a dang good area. Work is definitely different here than Conrad. Last area you simply mention "Book of Mormon" and the door is shut, well here you are meeting Alma's... And Nephis.... And Ammons... And Lehis.... Etc. Large polygamist community outside of Hamilton who believe in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. It's starting to fall apart and we as missionaries are teaching the true gospel. Definitely different teaching people whose concern isn't about the apostasy or Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. They already have a testimony in that, but helping them understand that their "Mormon" church is a break off from the true gospel. Extremely nice and humble people, but it's a different type of work up here. 

That's the new area and companionship! Excited to be here but not gonna lie this week was rough on me. I love Hamilton and Elder Metcalf but I was on my knees a lot this week. I'm hurtin right now, really questioning if I can do this and who I am. Elder Metcalf is awesome , we get work done which is awesome! The work feels a little dry and robotic. If you know anything about the missionaries I trained... We were goof balls but we got work done. Just feeling a little alone on this one. Not sure who I'm supposed to be. 

I'm so grateful for the atonement because I couldn't do this without Christ in my life. In Helaman 7 Nephi is talking about how he wishes he could have preached the gospel in a different circumstance. He felt out of place too. But then he says "I'm consigned that these are my days". That hit me hard. I know these are my days to serve and there's something I can learn from this. 

The Atonement is real, I'm leaning on it pretty big time right now. Definitely one of the harder weeks of the mission but God doesn't give up on us so I can't give up on him. I know these are our days, hard or easy these are our days. God tries us because he loves us. Kind of think it as when Crush lets Squirt swim out of the EAC so he can learn to swim back. 

I know this work is true. We knocked on a door this week and the mom opened with tears in her eyes. We talked for a bit about God and his love for us to her and her sons and they invited us back and accepted a Book of Mormon. Got a call later that night hearing the rest of the story, her 13 year old son was going into his room to commit suicide when we showed up, and later that night he was reading the Book of Mormon. If that doesn't give you chills as a missionary nothing will. Grateful to be a tool in the Lord's hands. Doesn't matter if I'm struggling, I'll do whatever it takes to help our brothers and sisters. 

It's been hard on me this past week, feeling alone isn't fun, but I know God is looking out for me and for all of us. Just gotta keep swimming. 

Love you all, the church is true. 

- Elder K


- the GF district 

- my trainer Elder Jaques

 - Food

- #HamTown

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I'm Rollin Out - February 15, 2016

What's up fam! As the subject line indicates I'm Rollin Out of #TheRad. I'll be going to serve in the Hamilton Ward as a Zone Leader for the Stevensville Zone. I'll be in the south west side of Montana where there are plenty of mountains and bears, good thing I have my sling shot. I'm in a glass case of emotions but we will get to that after I update you on the week. 

*** before I begin I would like to apologize if these emails make absolutely no sense. I don't think it's possible anyone could understand every reference or hashtag or whatever and if someone does then I am very impressed. I may start doing a translation key at the end of emails. So I apologize for that but if these emails do make sense to you.... #AchievementUnlocked ***

- Found the Earfull tower. You know that thing looks like it has mouse ears. 

- Home teaching holy war splits with Brother Skinner. When we weren't talking U/Y football we were sharing the gospel with a sweet old lady in the nursing home. They were "extending arts and crafts time by 4 hours that day". She was a very kind lady who happened to have a pet fish. Either the fish was trying to play dead like Nemo by going belly up so it could escape or it was #ItDone. She told us it was just sleeping and as long as she thinks that, that's all that matters. Asbury and I planned to retrieve a new fish and stealth op it in the nursing home and replace it but unfortunately I'm onwarding it ever onward so I won't be able to run that op with my Chewie. 

- one of our investigators got a new Chrysler SRT so he took us for a spin.... Is that against the rules??? Probs, whoops haha. That thing ALMOST has as many nice features as the panther. All I'm gonna say is it's a good thing the panther doesn't accelerate like that. 

- From what I understand my mother copies these emails into a blog. I also have heard she doesn't put everything in the blog so I have been adding all the emails in my email history in so as many people possible get the full story.... Anyway, Tuesday night after nightly planning I had a sonic fart while sitting on our couch. Elder Asbury claims he felt it while sitting in our bedroom. May not have been within sight but we were obviously within sound #MissionaryHumor. It was almost as good as Christensen and I's unity fart's. I doubt that's making the blog so I hope you all enjoyed that. 

- I started choking on Gatorade and Asbury held up his hand like he was force choking me. #CompanionshipGoals 

- more service at the craft store. I impressed everyone with my Jersey Boy knowledge that has been engrained into my head by my mother. We also found a vulture.

- Found a new sweeeeeeet spot to camp and fish and kayak and all those other worldly activities normal people do for after the mission. We had planned for that to be our new p - day chill spot but that will have to wait. It's sweet. Nice and hidden too, about 30 minutes out of town. 

- Reminded Elder Asbury we had weekly planning and he had a slight melt down. Threw on a bow tie and a vest and climbed into a box with a Christmas ribbon on his head. You know in Toy Story when Buzz has a little meltdown cause he can't fly and has a tea party and yells "I AM MRS NESBITT".... Yep.... Story of my life the past 12 weeks. Gonna miss Asbury haha. 

- first ward ball game on Thursday!!! It was so much fun. I'll be the first to admit I'm not very good but I was approaching Tingey status that night. Ward from Fairfield called me "spirit" cause I was so on fire... That was a new experience for me. They were a fun ward, they joked about the trade deadline coming up so they needed to hurry and request a transfer to Fairfield for Asbury and I. Super bummed that was my first and last time but at least everyone thinks I'm good haha.   #OperationSpetsnaz was a success as Asbury was cleaning up the boards and had 2 points. We had a kid from the high school show up in a Steph shirt to play and we were ballin out!!! It was awesome. Glad we have Facebook to talk and potentially teach cause we clicked real well, we were splashin everywhere. Time to dish him assists of restored gospel truth. 

- while on the topic of ward ball. We show up and there is a semi pulling a giant tractor parked in the church parking lot. That's how you show up to church ball in style. #WelcomeToMontana 

- last week of training Elder Asbury. Went to the church to finish up our training videos but discovered the mic in the primary room and got distracted. We still popped the pop corn but ended up creating and playing Gospel Jeopardy. "Book of Mormon stories for 300 Alex..." Missions are meant to mature you but pretty sure they have just made us more easily entertained. 

- found a handicap stall with a painted on cowboy hat. #WelcomeToMontana 

- Valentine's ward dinner was sweet and cute, we played go fish with the Thompson girls and that was fun...  but then the tables were set aside and the Basketbrawll got started. Sister Briggs doesn't go easy on her kids that's for sure. I didn't even dare get near the paint that night. 

- I got a Mrs Fields cookie from my mom. Your the best Valentine mom. It was however a little strange not having anyone threatening to break my wrist if I didn't give him the cookie... Cc: @pettbyran

- Bro Thompson is our local law enforcement officer and you can always tell he is with the way he presents information in ward council.... The phrase  "Organize... Plan... And execute" was used while discussing a pot luck. We freakin love him and  I told him I'm taking that phrase to the Stevensville Zone. 

- capped off the week with a dinner out at the first house it all started at. Feels like yesterday we were driving out to the Briggs for Thanksgiving dinner. It was dang good and we had a good visit with them. We were talking about future plans or videos or Disney, something like that, my life pretty much. Bishop asks "have you ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean" ... Ya ... "You need to find yourself a girl mate." #ShotsFired from the bishop. He quickly added to wait till after the mission but it was still well played. Told him I don't have to worry about it because of my mother anyway. Briggs are awesome! Really gonna miss them and our games of basketbrawll. 

Well... Got a call from Pres Wadsworth 6:40 Sunday morning and once I saw the caller ID I knew I was #IDone, President usually only calls for zone leaders and assistants. Asked if I'd be willing to serve as a zone leader in Hamilton, told him absolutely, then we hung up. Went and sat on my bed and leaned up against the wall. I remember I just really wanted to call my mom and talk to her. We get 4 days to talk to our mom and unfortunately yesterday wasn't one. So I did the next closest thing and got on my knees. Don't remember exactly what I said, but Heavenly Father helped me out. Prayer is real and I love it. Not exactly sure how I'm gonna do at being a zone leader but adventure is out there, the wilderness must be explored. 

I'm gonna miss Conrad. Had that same pit in my stomach saying goodbye to the families yesterday as I did back in Belgrade. When your relationships are rooted in the gospel, service, and eating food.... You get pretty close. Conrad wasn't easy, but I loved it. I remember saying it 12 weeks ago leaving Belgrade, I never thought I'd love it this much. 

Other than that, I really don't have much to say. Pretty freaked out to be a zone leader. Feels like yesterday I was playing with nerf guns and lightsabers.... Probs cause that was yesterday haha. I have trained a new missionary 4 of my 5 transfers and loved it!!! Sad I won't get to do that but I have an opportunity to learn from an experienced missionary in Elder Metcalf and I'm pumped for that. He was my zone leader in Bozeman my first transfer so I know him a little. Never would have thought transfer 1 I'd be a zone leader with him. I remember how much I looked up to him and Elder Kennedy.... And now I'm in those shoes, pretty crazy. 

Gospel is true, I love it. Doesn't make your life any easier, just gives you the tools necessary to make it through your next challenge Heavenly Father gives. I'm pretty dang nervous, but fear is the opposite of faith, no room for fear. I don't think I'm ready at all to be a zone leader but apparently President Wadsworth and the Lord does and those are the only opinions that matter. Jared always taught me as long as you act like you know what you are doing you are good... I may not be picking a lock onto the roof of a psych building or napalming a ginger bread house, but the same principle applies. 

Didn't have much faith leaving Belgrade but I loved it here. Austin is doing great and I'm super happy that Elder Asbury gets to see this one through. Elder Asbury has come a long way and I'm very grateful that I was able to train him, he will always be my Chewie. Those part member families we worked with were great, glad I could build a relationship with them. All in all I'm really gonna miss Conrad, but I'll be back someday to shoot gophers and party it up with Brother Weisgram #TDFW. Ugh, I just love it here!!! Never would have guessed the hardest part of my mission would be loving it too much, it's a good problem to have. 

Pumped for this next chapter in Hamilton. Sounds like it's about twice the size of Conrad at around 5k people and is a pretty area. Conrad has had a warm winter but sounds like I may be heading back into it haha, I love missionary work in the cold and snow so I'm good with it. 

Yep, that's about it! So grateful for the gospel and the Atonement. Grateful for the challenges that are placed in our path so we can get one step closer to becoming like Him. He loves us so much he challenges us. I have heard all week about Z's potty training and how awesome of a mom Lala has been. It's been a challenge for Z, but it's good for him. In all honesty we all crap our pants some times (figuratively, unless your @pettbryan) but Heavenly Father remains patient with us when we mess up and that's why we have the Atonement. He doesn't expect perfection but wants us to try our best, that's what it all comes down too. I'm grateful for this next challenge, pretty nervous. But I'm pumped! I love this work. I know we are total goof balls but you gotta have fun out here, just hope I don't ever lose that side of me. @pettbryan is 50+ and still a little kid so I think I'll be good

Love you all, church is true. 

Elder K 



1. - the Earfull tower 

2. - the drive

3. - big sky sun rise 

4. - THE district. Loved being able to serve this awesome district. Especially our senior couple, I loved them haha. 

5. - Cutbank Elders 

6. - Mrs Nesbitt 

7. - Gospel Jeopardy

8. - The G.O.A.T. I'm gonna miss brother Weisgram, he never stopped smiling. 
9. - ward ball, you can see my boy Curry

10. - Mrs Fields cookie, your the best mom! 

11. - craft store service. We find some fun stuff. 

12. -  #TheRad

13. - handicap stalls of Montana 

14. Future camping spot 

15. 16. 17 - dish to bishop Briggs 

18. - leave a legacy. Conrad certainly left one on me! #AutoBotsRollOut

- K

Monday, February 8, 2016

LIVE - February 8, 2016

 What's up everyone!! 

- Monday through Wednesday  was my exchange with Elder Landry who is one of our zone leaders from Great Falls. I'll get more into this later.

- Elder Asbury and I pray before we tract and then usually sing/rap a song we remixed to get us spiritually hyped... Ex. "All I do is tract, tract, tract no matter what."

- Finished up the Book of Alma this week. I shed a manly tear in verse 36 of chapter 62... Teancum dies after going #StealthOps to eliminate a Lamanite King. Is it Ok or not ok starting a #BoMDeathsIllNeverGetOver??? Anyway, good way to go out. Pretty sure Teancum was the director of field ops for Moroni back in the day so he and I have a strong connection. #TeamBetaAlpha 

- Elder Asbury plays Quiditch during weekly planning. Took a bludger/basketball and threw it at him. Gotta love weekly planning. Nothing beats the Elder Christensen forts however. 

- End of the week I went up to Cut Bank for an exchange with Elder Daniels. Fun exchange, I'll too get more into this further down. 

- wind gusts were getting up near 75 mph, sooooo crazy! Check out the pics. Kinda freaked me out not gonna lie. That wind better be careful or else its driving privileges are gonna be #TheyDone. #ShotsFiredAtMyself  

- saw a bald eagle perched on a fence on the side of the road. #WelcomeToMontana

- Elder Asbury got a guitar and ukulele, when the Cutbank elders stopped by Elder Masauo took over the ukulele and majestically played while looking out the window while singing in whatever sweet language he speaks. Freakin love Elder Masauo

- went out to see Sister Bishop and her husband Kel again. Same family that talked NBA with us last week. One of the many part member families in the ward. Their house is unreal, so pretty and far away from everyone. They are awesome, Kel is pretty much Ron Swanson and that may or may not play a role into how much I love him. I really feel like we are getting close with him. We are close to getting to teaching the discussions. Told me to come up and shoot gophers with him after the mission and I am so down. Gopher holes make it a hazard for the cows.... So he just sits back and pops em off. That can be a future wife requirement, if she's down to drive 10 hours north solely to shoot gophers with Ron Swanson. #WifeThatGirl

 - church was awesome on Sunday. Made it a personal goal to be as big of a stud as Brother Weisgram is when I'm 80. We have dinner on Wednesday with them and we are hyped!!! Taco nights out at the Weisgrams are always rockin, #TDFW. Don't remember Grandpa Brown too much but Brother Weisgram reminds me so much of him, always smiling. 

- Brother Barney was teaching EQ/ High Priests on Sunday. Average age is probably 60+ in there. Bro Barneys microphone started spazzing out and he yelled "decepticons!!!" Right there during the lesson. I think Elder Asbury and I were the only ones that got the reference. Reminded me of our high school days and whenever we heard the life flight chopper over at the hospital we'd yell decepticons and get under our desk. 

- Brother Skinner (royal blue Kalani kool aid chugger) and I had another good talk on Sunday about NSD. He cut open his finger and was using a red band aid so I had to give him a little grief for that. He's awesome, we are doing home teaching splits this week so I'll be out with him. We may talk Utah/BYU football the whole time. I'll be sure to wear my Indian chief tie that Elder Christensen got me from the Belgrade thrift store. #UteProud

- Sunday dinner with the Beckers. Another fun time in their sweeeet new house. Henry is so stinkin cute. Their tv is in one of those cabinet things and the super bowl was on mute behind it. We joked that if we opened it it'd be like in Indiana Jones when they open the Arc and we'd turn into skeletons. While the Super Bowl was being played we were teaching about the gospel in the kitchen, you'd be proud mom. 

- found a sweet El Camino this morning after personal exercise at the church, thought of you @TeamBetaAlpha. 

Alright so I'll get into the exchanges now. 

Exchange 1. 

Great Falls with Elder Landry. It was a lot of fun. That first night we get into a guys home and his house was thickly covered in tobacco and/or "what the freak is that" smoke. I'm pretty used to homes like that by now but whatever it was made me and Elder Landry sick for a couple days. We have a good talk with him then as we are walking out Elder Landry mentions something about the smoke and how our clothes smelt pretty bad too. 
*** now I have had elder Landry as my Zone Leader for nearly 2 transfers but this is my first exchange with him. I needed to figure out who this Elder Landry really is....***
 So I respond with.... "It's quite pungent".... Some of you know where I'm going with this... ;)

*** he doesn't say anything. I'm thinking "alright times up lets do this Leroy Jenkins" let's see how well he knows my boy Elder Burgundy... So I say.... 
"It stings the nostrils." 

 Elder Landry just busts up laughing!!! I was so relieved. Even during the MTC days not much else brings me more joy than when I quote Anchorman, Grown Ups, Austin Powers, Benchwarmers or Taladega Nights, etc... And a missionary catches it. It's the simple things that make me happy. Told him the name of my car and how the Panther got that name, he was impressed. 

So that kicked off a great couple days for Elder Landry and I. That next afternoon we go visit a less active mom who was home with her 4 year old kid, his name was Ayden. Elder Landry is having a solid discussion with the mom and I'm doing my best to follow along but my boy Ayden was bringing out my inner child. The kid had hot wheels and nerf guns and a talking Olaf and a Lightning McQueen race track!!! He and I are having a good time while the adults talked about more serious stuff, so it all worked out. I ask him how old he is... 4... He asks me how old I am... "19". He looks up at me with big eyes and a smile and yells 

 " holy s***!!!" 

 No doubt the cutest profanity I have ever heard a 4 year old say. Instantly thought of @pettbryan and his influence on younger generations. He said it like it was no big deal and kept on playing with his cars, meanwhile I'm doing my best to not bust up laughing. So we get out of the house and I ask Elder Landry how he didn't start laughing, he said he and the mom never even heard it, #ChurchIsTrue. Also, while #Tracting🚜💨 that night we find a guy who was playing the new Call of Duty. Our tracting approach was asking how is kill/death ratio is... "Not that good, my fiancé has a higher K/D than me". Right on cue, Elder Landry and I both say "she's a keeper". Zone Leader/District Leader unity there. 

We also had another missionary discussion with Brother Mickelson. This guy straight up spits fire when it comes to the gospel, we have awesome meetings with him as a zone. For this particular one we did a leadership test to see what type of leader you are. When you think about it, the way our church is established and the qualities and standards we are taught at such a young age, really all missionaries are a leader in some way. So after taking these tests it places you into 4 different categories each with different characteristics of a leader "Eagle, Parrot, Owl, Dove". All the other missionaries got a clear answer on their bird except me, so I decided I'm a hawk with laser vision.... Everyone thought I was high.  #TwitterDreamTeam

Exchange 2.

Cut Bank/ Browning with Elder Daniels. Another fun exchange up on the Rez with Elder Daniels. It was a good time. Being on the Reservation is no doubt a humbling experience, we did find some cute puppies though!! For dinner a member fed us jalapeño and onion gravy on a Belgian waffle... Very interesting meal, sounds like something Jared and I would concoct in the bunker. Got to teach a less active family who was awesome. I'm not all that into baseball but the guy had 55,000 baseball cards!!!! I was impressed, cool family. Didn't even get a full day but still had a good time with Elder Daniels. 

Yep, kind of a crazy week. Felt weird being away from Elder Asbury so much and being with other elders. With the exception of transfer 1 with my boy Elder Jaques, I have been training a new missionary so I'm not really used to being around missionaries who are almost done. Elder Landry has 5 months left and elder Daniels has a little over a month. I Never really think much about being done but being with them I thought about it A LOT. I fell into that trap of wishing I was almost done like them. My inner @pettbryan came out and I Had a minor break down eating at Cafe Rio on the exchange with Elder Landry. "A sky full of stars" started playing on the radio and I kinda lost it haha. It hit me that I Released the Disney World video a year ago this week, so crazy. Rush of memories flooded in but fortunately none of the dirty Disney. Then I looked at my steak salad and started missing the days of @pettbryan uncontrollably picking out all the steak while I'd look at him with the "you serious Clark" face. Looked at the chips and queso and was reminded of Kasey and I strategically placing it on our end of the table. You miss the strangest things out here. So ya, was in a rare home sick slump this week. 

Church yesterday snapped me out of it. Seeing the GOAT of Conrad (Brother Weisgram), hearing the testimonies of the ward, seeing Austin and Kel Bishop at church. Bro Barney taught about FHE and I was reminded of our mission prep FHE from a year ago. Reminded how much I love my family. Holy Ghost sat me down and slapped me in the face a couple times. He got me out of it. What was I thinking!?!? I get super upset when I catch myself wishing I'd be almost done, cause deep down I know I don't. Not gonna lie it kind of sucks knowing you got 2 best friends who this summer will meet your nephew before you do, but time goes on. Every second that ticks by its running out. Warriors never quit. 

Gotta live every day, Alma 37:27 - "Look to God and live." 

Almost anything I see or do reminds me of home. Can either let that get ya down or inspire ya to be better. Made me wonder what reminds people back home of me, and what will remind people in Conrad of Elder Pett. All about leaving a legacy. 

Last week of the transfer coming up. Got the 1970's man cave game night with the #DStaffs tonight, Home teaching holy war splits with Bro Skinner, Weisgrams taco night ft. Bro Drashinksi (just like Keeko from Murray), ball on Thursday, and a couple lessons with Austin. He's doing great, when we were planning our lessons this week the mom chimed in that we should come by Tuesday cause she'll be there... A matter of time before the family joins in. That's what it's all about, Families. So we are are pumped for that. Austin is reading the Book of Mormon, praying, coming to church, such a stud. 

Busy end to the transfer, really praying elder Asbury and I get another one, but treating this week like its our last. We are so close to the work exploding here. I really love Conrad... A lot. I gotta stop loving these areas so much haha. As hard as it was leaving Murray, would have never met my family in Belgrade had I never left. Same thing goes for leaving Belgrade for #TheRad. I'll take whatever comes next. Just really hope I get one more here with Elder Asbury. If we do that means we got Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, CFB playoff, his birthday, Super Bowl, Cody Lightfoot Day (March 17 #SummonTheLeprechaun), my birthday, and Easter with each other in #TheRad!!!

 Today marks 7 months of being out!!! Woke up this morning with the same reaction Ayden had when I told him I was 19. Just didn't say it cause that'd be Babylon. Still shocks me at times I'm actually doing this. 

Seems like @TeamBetaAlpha was always my Valentine back home cause I was too socially awkward to talk to girls so...Happy Valentines dude. Nothing beats our Chilis 2 for 20 and movie man dates. <3

Prayer is real, the Atonement is real, God's love for us is real. We joke around a lot, but this work truly is marvelous. Salvation of souls is certainly important, but enjoying the work is too, gotta have fun. 

Read Alma 60 & 61 this week. One of my fave chapters. Can't sit on our butts waiting for God to save us. Amazing how applicable that is to today's world. 

Love you all, #ChurchIsTrue, look to God and live. 

-Elder K


1 & 2 - our go to booth at A&W. Whenever we need it, we hit up our booth for some shakes and to talk. Lots of inside jokes about that clock. 

3 - Elder Masaou majestically playing a ukulele 
4 - world famous Cut Bank penguin 

5 - puppies on the Rez

6 - Weekly planning and/or quidditch
7 - We made it to the door before sister Weisgram did to open the doors. #AchievementUnlocked
8 - Henry. Love that kid. Super weirds me out Baylee is older than he is. 


9 - Beckers tree decorations 
10 - Big Sky


Monday, February 1, 2016

Lead Foot - February 1, 2016

What's up everyone!!!

- As the subject line indicates I had another incident with the lead foot. Apparently not all of these Montana back roads are 80 mph. Driving privileges are #TheyDone and Elder Asbury will be taking over the Falcon but he will forever be my Chewie. He's actually more upset than me because driving in Great Falls is rough and I can now take naps in the car. I now join the ranks of our fallen soldiers Elder Potter and Elder Christensen. "we baptize so many people that Satan can't have us on the streets" - Elder Christensen. I honestly think it's pretty funny the only times I have been pulled over is on my mission. I swear I'm a good driver, I'm just not used to driving a car that actually accelerates and has power steering and isn't an AutoBot. 
The Panther > Mormonium Falcon. #StingsTheNostrils 

- had apartment inspections this week. We passed! #AchievementUnlocked

- helped out on wedding clean up crew taking all the pillars to the high school. It was quite the adventure. Super windy. Used an extension chord as rope.

- #OperationSpetsnaz is a go as we transform Elder Asbury into Asbury Kirilenko in preparations for ward ball.

- showed Elder Asbury the General Authorities Reece's Peanut Butter Cups video (go watch it) . We now do impersonations of the ward and other missionaries. We are getting really good.

- A member made us these sweet pizza cupcake things that looks like a flower.

- we downed like 25 Mickey Mouse waffles this week. Thanks again for the Christmas present Sister Asbury.

- Helped Bro T get some boards up for the top floor in his attic. Team bonding excercise for ward ball. Conrad ward has some solid height. Bro T is a stud, Thompson family is just awesome.

- Elder Asbury fell off his bike while doing nightly planning.

- went and taught a part member family who lives an hour away from civilization and dang their house is sweeeeeeet. Had a good time with them, talked a lot of basketball. Mainly the glory years of the NBA when defense was played. Watching those ESPN 30 for 30s growing up paid off. They knew who Larry Kryskoviak was and watched him in high school. #UteProud. They must like us because they hooked us up with some elk and deer meat.

- Opening hymn in church was the Iron Rod. Gave me a tear thinking about @pettbryan's remix.

- had a awesome dinner with the Stotts. Super fun family. Bro Stott used the head of his daughters doll to hit a nail into the wall and while most little girls would be traumatized she just laughed. #FamilyGoals

- Before the driving privileges were #TheyDone we were tracting in V- Town and had our top tracting reject of the week. Dude pulled up the blinds on the door, stared at us for a solid 4 seconds, then shut the blinds. We started busting up laughing on his door step, some people are not nice but Jesus said love everyone. #OnwardEverOnward.

- Bishops wife hit me with a "Sandlot" quote during church yesterday as I failed to contain Will Thompson in the hallway so they could get him to nursery... "You had one job Smalls". Once again, #ShotsFired by Sister Briggs. 

- Big game comin up on Sunday, we can't watch it but I can still wear a tie supporting either team.  I have a navy and orange or light blue and silver. Polls close Saturday night before nightly planning. We are allowed to check our email throughout the week so you have until then to email in your vote to me or to tweet it at @pettbryan.

This week was a good one but borderline nuclear catastrophic as almost every plan we had fell through. It was a little frustrating. One of those Dumb and Dumber "we have no food, we have no jobs, OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF" weeks. Tuesday night we did home teaching splits, we were soooo pumped for this. Well, the first home we go into this less active dude kicked us out and started yelling at us. Sad that those who need the gospel the most are those who reject it. I'm used to that by now but the poor member I was with wasn't. I gave him a hug when we got back to the car, kind of weird comforting a grown man who is a head shorter than you but I felt so bad for him. Did my best to cheer him up and we were able to get into another home and had a good visit with them.

So that's how our week was going haha, lessons dropped, investigators saying they are done with us, falling off a bike during nightly planning, #TheyDone.... Then we got a much needed lesson with Austin (junior in high school we taught last week.)

Wow it was fire!!!! One of the best Plan of Salvation lessons I have been able to be apart of and no doubt the best lesson Elder Asbury and I have taught our 10 weeks together. Spirit was so strong, I loved it. He was getting it all, asking questions, just an awesome lesson. Elder Asbury did a great job, his teaching is really improving, they grow up so fast. Plan of Salvation is no doubt my go to move when it comes to lessons, love teaching about our purpose and especially eternal families. We wrapped it up and brought up baptism again. He was a little hesitant the last lesson so we didn't jump on it too fast but knew we needed to invite him this second lesson as that what's preach my gospel says. Started talking about it and as expected he was still hesitant, then the Holy Ghost kicked in and took it away. Few minutes later after he had been assaulted by the water balloon of testifying truth mentioned last week we had a date set for February 27!!! 

He's hyped, we're hyped, church is true, Light the U.

I don't care if my driving privileges are #TheyDone and my monthly food allotment is contributing to the wonderful state of Montana. Don't care that every other plan blew up in our face like the pipe bomb debacle of 2013 (won't specify which friend in case their mother reads this). Austin made it all worth it!! He is a stud, his faith and spirit is a testament to me of the truthfulness of this gospel. This work is night and day when you finally have someone to teach. Can't wait for February 27.... I don't think you can appeal a transfer so we are both making it as clear as possible to President Wadsworth we want to stay in #TheRad.

In our area book there are different colors for investigators you are teaching. Grey - potential. Yellow - new. Green - Progressing. Start off as a circle outline and once they are on date they turn into a solid circle. I see that investigator go from a grey to a yellow to a solid green and it's like watching your charmander go to a charmeleon and then to a charizard while playing Pokemon in seminary senior year. Missionary work is pretty much Pokemon in real life, just a lot cooler... Which means it's ok to play Pokemon in seminary right mom???  #StillGraduated. #BaptizeEmAll.
--- team rocket can be all the preachers and ministers that hate us.

Yep, that's our week. Didn't go quite as planned but where's the fun in that. Still amazes me the power of the Holy Ghost and the importance of his role in this work. He kind of acts as pulling up the preplay on NCAA football so you know what play you are running. Gotta know the routes and blocking assignments before you snap the ball. Before you know it water balloons are being launched, Utah Man is being played, and someone is being baptized...

... It Makes sense in my mind.

Read Alma 58: 10-13 sometime this week. Notice what the nephites did to win the battle. They prayed. They had faith. And they took action. Praying alone won't do it, even with faith.
 "And thus we did go forth with all our might against the Lamanites"

You gotta take action.  Much like what Billy Madison once said. "You can't just sit around, You get out there and find that dog".

I Love the Book of Mormon, love what it teaches us. Love the gospel and its simplicity yet power it has over the world. I continue to be amazed how much my testimony has strengthened out here, I truly love this gospel. I may wake up doubting what I'm doing with my life, but end of the day I couldn't be happier about where I am at, #TheRad. It's a grind but end of the day I love it!  I joke around quite a bit but this work really is marvelous and I'm grateful to be apart of it. Just gotta go for it, don't leave anything in the tank.

My driving privileges may be #TheyDone but the work in Conrad is just starting to heat up.

Love you all, church is true. Don't forget to send in your tie vote for which team to support in SB50.

- K