Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Turkey Farts #Sorry Mom - November 28, 2016


 K just got done washing the car in 39 degree weather #MissionaryProbs so my fingers aren't really cooperating but I'll try hard. 

- last Monday we went on an undercover op with President to the mall. He needed to buy a birthday present for Sister Wadsworth but she had the car so he needed a ride. Going stealth recon with Pres to the mall... #AchievementUnlocked 

- we only made it to Tuesday until we had a native casting a spell on us on the door step in the south side. #WelcomeToMontana BillingsEdition™

- Thanksgiving was with the Lynch family, super chill young couple. He served in Australia and she was a graphic designer for the Jazz so we had PLENTY to talk about when we weren't stuffing our faces. Food was awesome. 

- Elder Wells and I had turkey farts. That probs won't make the blog. #SorryMom

- Texas Roadhouse on Friday... we had a classic moment with a cute waitress that is the perfect example of how awkward I am with girls #BakedPotato... haven't seen Wells laugh that hard since I walked into the wrong apartment in Missoula and got the score of Thunder- Warriors. 

- majority of the week was exchanges. It was only Elder Wells and I for Thanksgiving and Sunday. 

--- trio'd with Elder Raymond Monday to Wednesday; oh my gosh it was so much fun. Only other trio it can compete with was Potter and Jaques and I 16 months ago. #NeverForget. Raymond goes home in a few weeks, we equally love college football. He's a Boise state fan so he and I will be comforting each other at basketball today. 

--- Wednesday... for the first time in 16 months I left the state of Montana. Went down to Wyoming to be with Elder Berrett and Elder Tucker. Good elders, we had a good time. Elder Wells played college ball in that town so we went and met his team and coach. Super fun, watched their practice a little bit. 

--- Friday... the Splash Elders were reunited. Elder Potter and Elder Hoschouer came in and we helped put up Christmas lights on the mission home. So much fun. Potter and I struggled with the lights, once again shout out to President for being so patient. 

--- *at Costco for lunch with Hoschouer and Potter and Wells

*Michigan - Ohio State is playing on the tv off in the distance 
*I honestly lost all control and took off running*
*Potter - "QUICK EXCHANGE!" *takes off running with me* 

This week is gonna be crazy. Christmas Zone Conferences start up so we will be driving to Helena for that and on the way back we will be stopping in the #BozeForce Zone for a baptism of one of our investigators I taught when I was there. She's the one whose boyfriend served with Hayden in Peru. So I'm stoked for that!!! 

And we may have a baptism this Saturday in Billings... she's still waiting on a for sure answer but she's getting there. We'll see what happens, she's almost there. I love this family. Her little kid is so funny, boy version of Diz. (Check the pics)

Our other family that has the mean pit bull is doing well too. They're cool. Lots of REALLY Good questions. Pretty amazing how Heavenly Father prepares people. 

- quote of the night from yesterday's lesson - "oh I think I'll bring the dog in next time so he can sit with you" 

* 5 minutes earlier he's telling us how it bit him in the face and went for a kids throat. 

 Insert Cousin Eddy "you serious Clark" gif. 

I just remind myself that Daniel survived a lions den and if all else fails I just click the right stick like I would on Call of Duty. 

Super cool family though.

So much I wanna talk about, k last thought. 

Had a cool thought this week when studying the Tree of Life, that's really one of the first big revelations that is given to us in the Book of Mormon. I thought about what it means, and why Heavenly Father would want to give us that vision right at the beginning of a book of scripture that is meant to especially help us in these days. 


We can make it to the Tree of Life. Heavenly Father wanted to point out to us that WE CAN GET THERE. Trials and temptations will come along the way, but if we focus on the Savior and the gospel, we can actually make it. 

I think we forget that, I do all the time. Envision yourself getting there. I think we doubt sometimes and think that we will never get there. It seems too out of reach, too impossible, But that vision teaches us we can get there. 

That got me hyped. It's gonna take time, effort, and relying on the Savior, but we can make it there. It's gonna happen. We can return to our Heavenly Father with our families, it's not as impossible as we think it is. 

Hope that made sense. 

Love ya family, 

- Elder K 


*shopping with President Wadsworth 

* reading scriptures with a dog, this one was nice. 

* big 3. Raymond took the middle seat in the truck. 

* middle of nowhere in Wyoming and this guy has nicely painted red/white/blue fence posts and sea horses. #Merica #WondersOfWyoming 

* members house in Wyoming 

* checking out watches at Costco... #AllHailUrbanMeyer

* pic overload of our lil bud. He makes watching the restoration and sacrament meeting entertaining. Takes selfies on my iPad and thinks my name tag is a race car

* ball at Northwest College. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

I Will be 'Til I Die - November 24, 2016

What's up Fam!!! 

- #Tracting🚜💨 the south side one night and we met this native man that spoke in 3rd person and Elder Wells and I both got the vibe he kinda wanted to kill us. 

"Melvin don't want missionaries here" 

"Who is Melvin?" 


#PlotTwist #3rdPerson

*proceeds to stare off into the distance with a stone cold look on his face*

*Wells and I are both thinking "big gulps huh well cya later" 

- we were stopped at a train crossing and the bar next to us had college basketball on inside so for a few precious seconds we got to watch Michigan State - Kentucky. #TenderMercies 

- saw a grown man wielding a sword as he walked down the street. #WelcomeToMontana BillingsEdition™

- Cats beat the Grizz on Saturday, that was a big upset here in the big sky. MSU all day baby!!! I have wiped all other football games that day from my memory and am moving forward in life. #WillBeTillIDie

- Elder Wells is still trying to teach me how to talk to girls. We did role plays on how to get a girls Instagram and/or hold her hand in the car. We told President Wadsworth about this and he said "Elder Pett... your mission will teach you that you can do hard things." Thanks President. 

- twice this week we took missionaries to the airport to go home... before they leave we have em 3rd wheel with us their last few days and I'm not gonna lie it turns into a total 🛫#TrunkFest2k16  Lloyd Christmas - "be strong" gif. 

--- one night I had a dream me and @TeamBetaAlpha were driving to Bdubs in the panther and we were talking about our missions while listening to "I Go Back" by Kenney Chesney... #TrunkFest2k16 #Soon

Work is going good here. Our investigators on date are all doing pretty solid and it's so cool seeing them grow in their conversion. We taught the Word of Wisdom twice this week and both families are choosing to give up old habits to be baptized. We always get so nervous telling people they need to change their lifestyle a bit, but the faith and testimony is there and THEY want to make those changes. 

One Mom said "if this is all true... why would I let coffee hold me back?". We all should try to have an attitude like that towards what is holding us back. It's seriously so cool seeing people make those changes. 

We also had a sweet lesson with a family we were referred to. Super fun family, we had a good time with them despite their dog wanting to rip our faces off but luckily they had him contained... freakin MEAN pit bull. We barely touched the Restoration but we had a good lesson with them, the dad was asking awesome questions. There was one question that especially stood out to me... 

"Someday, when you are in your 50's like me... do you still want to be Mormon?"  

Got me thinking that's for sure... still thinking about it too. Never really thought about life like that. 

The answer I gave and the answer I have been thinking about the last few days is of course I do! But why? 

The gospel isn't just a "now" thing. It's not a trend or a phase you go through, it becomes part of you. It's living life with purpose, knowing you are a son/daughter of a Heavenly Father. Its striving constantly to be like Christ. It's chili cook offs, it's 5:30am Ward ball, it's golfing road trips to St George with your Sunday school teacher before you leave on your mission. It's family, it's awesome. I love it. It's eternal perspective, to help us now and set us up for happiness later too. 

Being Mormon isn't an end goal that you just quit and turn off like the Xbox when you finish the game. Thank goodness too because turning off that game would suck! The gospel is here to help us live a happy life. Why ever stop? Yeah life is not always easy, but it was never meant to be... which is why we have the Gospel.

 I'm grateful for this church, for the knowledge we have, the family I have. There's so much to be grateful for family. That's another big reason why I'll still be Mormon in 30 years/forever, I'm so grateful for what I have. Look around and see all Heavenly Father has given you, for me, that just makes me want to give back as much as I can. 

So my answer... inspired from a fight song that many of you know I love... and a fight song many of you should review if you are sulking about Saturday... is this... 

"I Will Be 'Till I Die"

 Except even after we die we still have work to do so I'm goin hard even after I hang up the cleats in this life but you get the point. 

I love this gospel fam. It's so powerful. I'm no perfect missionary nor perfect Mormon but man, I love this gospel. I wanna live it forever. Other things in life are pretty fun, but nothing brings joy like the gospel. It's changed me a lot, being on a mission has been amazing. I love it. I have never felt and seen Heavenly Father's love so strong before. 

Despite the fact it raises the trunkiness levels to dangerous amounts I love this holiday season too and what it represents, especially Thanksgiving. Being on a mission has certainly opened my eyes to how much Heavenly Father has blessed me. 

Love ya fam, things are a lil busy and I probs can't respond to all of you but thanks for the emails. 

- Elder K 


* Sparty vs UK 
* weekly picture of Mason. 

* #BroMance 

* The Zone

Monday, November 14, 2016

"Better Luck Next Year" - November 14, 2016

What's up Fam! 

 - last Monday night we drove to Helena. Fun drive. Quoted Dumb and Dumber the entire time and Wells taught me how to hold hands with a girl. 

- MLC was the next day in Helena, that's always a good time. I conducted and didn't know what to do with my hands. 

- that night we drove to Kalispell for our exchange with the zone leaders up there. Kalispell... great Odin's raven... so pretty. 

- when I found out Trump won, the first thing I thought of is seeing an audio animatronic of Donald Trump in hall of the presidents in Disney World... that's gonna be hilarious. 

- Had a good time with Elder Fleming and Elder Sedig. Both are about 6'5 so we had a solid round of 2 on 2 our last morning with them. The #FootRollUp is still healing which means I didn't drive to the hoop and just jacked up 3's...  I banked 2 of them on accident #CallMePettBryan... but even with a good ankle I wasn't getting near the paint with those 2 on the other team. Wells kept us in it, he's such a baller. 

 - Thursday we made the 8 hour drive back to Billings... coming out of Kalispell was crazy. Super foggy. Elder Wells asked if I'd seen the movie "Mist"... I was assuming it's a horror movie about fog, you all know how much I love scary movies, so I responded with "no, but I have seen Up." #AdventureIsOutThere

- I think I saw a wolf...

- did another exchange, this one in Billings. Went with Elder Gerard. It was pretty cool, the Billings Temple is being cleaned so we went and cleaned. We got on the roof to clean the sun roof and also cleaned the chandeliers in the sealing rooms. SO SWEET! Even when cleaning the temple, the spirit is so strong in there. That was an experience I'll never forget. 

- afterward we hit up Cafe Rio <3 ... some members bought us our dinner, they have a daughter serving in Chile, they were way cool. We go sit down and get talking to this guy and he invites us to sit with him... things are going well... then the dude snaps (I think he was on drugs) and opens the Book of Mormon and starts pouring water on it! I kind of wanted to light him on fire but I'm finally in a city with a Cafe Rio and I didn't want to be permanently kicked out of it and/or be arrested. #Priorities #ExtraSteak #WelcomeToMontana Billings Edition  

- In that moment I realized how much I love that book, any other book I really wouldn't have cared much, but I know the power of that book now. We get it back, and the only page that was wet was the title page and a few pictures. All pages with actual scripture had ZERO damage. Considering how much this dude poured on it and how thin those pages are, that's a miracle in my books. 

--- you know in Happy Gilmore when the hockey coach says "well... better luck next year"... kind of wanted to go say that to him as I show him the mostly dry book... but I didn't. Bless his heart. Shortly after he declared to the entire restaurant his love for Taylor Swift... he had to have been high. 

- woke up the morning of zone trainings and asked Wells if he wanted to grab a Mickey D's breakfast on the way there... he told me he was about to ask me the same thing... that is a Preach my Gospel example of companionship unity right there. 

- we were having an experience in zone training where we shared scriptures that define our companion... I read 1 Nephi 16:32 

"And now when they (Elder Wells) had beheld that I had obtained food how great was their (Elder Wells) joy." 

--- I wish you could see our companionship lol. 

- church was awesome. Felt good to finally meet the ward (last week was stake conference). I miss the YSA but it feels good being in a family ward again. We had Sunday dinner with Elder and Sister Baird and I wore a blue tie to try and save myself from #persecUTEtion... turns out Elder Baird wore a red tie... I think it was for me. 

It's all a blur... so much more funny stuff but I can't remember it all haha. 

I will end on a spiritual note - The Book of Mormon has been a big focus for us in our trainings and in our lessons with our investigators. I'm really loving it. I don't know everything about it, but I know it's a book that puts you on a path to being closer to Heavenly Father and Christ and brings peace and joy in your life. I love sharing it with others. 

OTHER BIG NEWS COMING FROM HAMTOWN!!! There was a less active we did service for back in #HamTown, we'd help her and her husband (non member) out in their yard. I got close to them, their dogs, their bunnies, even the stupid chickens that would get stuck in the fence #NaturalSelection I LOVED... anyway, I found out this week he is progressing towards baptism. I'm so happy for that, SO HAPPY. The idea of an eternal family means a lot to them right now. I love this family...Elder Wells and I may be making a return to Hamilton for that one. 

Anyway another reminder to me that everything is on God's time out here and in life. Do what you can and He will work it out. 

So many miracles out here, I love it. Church is true. 

Gospel is simple fam, it's meant to help us feel joy. Hymn we sang yesterday was "I Need Thee Every Hour" and a line stood out to me... " in joy and pain", we don't just need Christ when life is rough, but we always need Christ in our life. Always look for ways to be Christ like, look for ways to apply the Atonement in your life. 

Love ya fam, sorry this was all over the place... you are probably used to it by now haha 

- Elder K


- special guest star appearance from Wyoming last preparation day. He hit a 3 DEEP from Steph Curry range... dick vitale - "unbelievable" sound clip. 

- we spent the night in Helena at the stake presidents house... super awesome guy.  He's given me #persecUTEtion in the past so I had to return the favor when signing the missionary wall of fame in his house. #UteProud
- 16 months later the Splash Elder Heisman pose continues to live. 

- #LifeIsAHighway , seriously that fog was so crazy!!! Driving around the state I was reminded how lucky I am to serve in the Big Sky 

- not having to do ZONE trainings so you just chill in the back 
- the #ZoneOfEnoch from hamilton is coming back together in billings 

- after we got done cleaning the temple, so pretty, I can say I have been on the roof of that. No it didn't require picking a lock. 

- this is Mason. We are teaching his mom and 3 old brothers. Awesome family. Should be getting baptized in about a month. I had over 150 selfies of him on my iPad after the lesson. Great family, I love em. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mango Habanero - November 7, 2016

What's up Fam!!!

Craziest... longest... most bromantic week I have had in a while so here we go. 

- decided with President that heelies need to make a return. He wants to put them on a walker because he doesn't think he's balanced enough. 

- Elder Christensen and I were hard core subtweeting about how much we loved training/being trained by each other during the trainer conference call. 

- taught President what a hashtag is. 

- new missionaries came in on Tuesday. We spent the next few days with them and doing some training. That was super fun. 

- Elder Baird informed us the Cubs won the World Series... seriously... the Cubs? what is happening in the world? 

- it's felt super good being in members homes. Didn't get that much in a YSA. Been fun being around little kids again. We went and flew kites and played kick ball with some young families in the Ward. Elder Wells and I wrecked all of them... we looked like Billy Madison. 

- a 3 year old bit me. Reminded me of Austin Powers when Mini Me is teething. 

- Elder Wells and I accidentally started recruiting our 14 year old investigator to play football for either Utah or BYU mid lesson. 

As for Elder Wells and I... well, let's just say finding joy in this work is essential... and all I'm going to say is we got that down to an art lol. I will leave it at that. Like I said last May when we were together... if you want an accurate visual representation of our companionship, go watch Dumb and Dumber. #PardonMeMrPerfect 

Then being around the office staff and the Wadsworth's is a complete crack up. We have a blast. Our Monday morning meetings are primarily Elder Wells and I getting roasted. It's a good time. 

I'm not super good at adjusting to new areas but it's coming along. We had a regional stake conference yesterday so still haven't met most the ward but the families I have met I already love. This one young family had us over... and we had BDUBS!!!! I vowed before I left on my mission I wouldn't go out here, but since it was take out I think we are good. It was glorious. I love bdubs. That mango habanero brought tears of every kind while reminiscing of the glory nights with the guys. *nothing beats the time @TWood00 started drinking the ketchup* 

We have a solid teaching pool currently. We have a 14 year old boy and mom on date, along with a couple others. We taught a lady this week who was recently released from prison and it was super cool. It's so neat seeing the atonement take place in people's lives.

Billings is no small town like the ones I have gotten used to... haven't seen a cow in a week which makes me sad. If you recall my first email sent from the field... "I saw a cow" was a big highlight for me as a new missionary so kind of weird being in a city. I now understand what the small town locals mean when they say "I don't like it there (Billings, Salt Lake, Spokane, etc.). There's too many people." There's just too many people... Pumped to be here though, get work done.  

Super fun training the new missionaries too... then a few days later sending 2 missionaries home who finished their mission. Pretty crazy seeing that contrast, slaps you in the face a little bit how time is moving. Taking missionaries to the airport to go home is kind of hard, not gonna lie it gets me stoked thinking about my family next summer. Kind of hits ya that finishing actually happens... Don't get trunky @pettbryan. 

This week will be another crazy one. We are heading to Helena tonight, MLC tomorrow and then we will drive to Kalispell and be there for exchanges for a few days. I have never been to Kalispell so I'm pretty stoked for that. 8 hour drives of church music BAYBAY!!! #LifeIsAHighway 

That's really all I have. I know so much more happened but it's all a blur. I keep a good journal though so I have it all written down somewhere. Life is good, the church is true. I think my fave part of the week was being able to attend the temple two times. We went with the new missionaries and also went when an Elder and Sister went home on Saturday. I haven't been to the temple in about 16 months and I forgot just how peaceful it is in there. It felt so good. 

Love ya fam, 

- Elder K  


 - Brother Carling - he a high school friend of my parents who lives in Billings
- training the new missionaries how to nap. 
- we have a cool apartment, pretty old and has a lot of bugs. Found this guy on me one morning during study. His name is Gregory. He's dead now but we were friends for a good couple minutes. 

- kite flying and building a dam on a slide 

- the temple 

- breakfast with sister Wadsworth and (former) sister Johnson. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lloyd Christmas Said it Best... - October 31, 2016

"I hate goodbyes". - Lloyd Christmas (Dumb and Dumber) 

You'd think that after about 16 months I'd finally learn how to say goodbye to people... but I'm still not good at it. 

So I'm currently in Billings right now and this is my new area! I got a call Wednesday night from President Wadsworth and he asked if I'd be willing to come in and serve with Elder Wells. Yes... the Elder Wells that I served with in #ZoneOfEnoch. Stoked to be with him again. 

So that call came Wednesday... and I left early this morning. I'll be honest and say this is the hardest part about a mission, just having to leave all the family you just made. Missions are why I have trust issues. 

Today's been crazy so far... got up early and drove to Billings... had meetings with President Wadsworth and the office staff... it took roughly 4 seconds till the shots were being fired about Utah vs BYU lol. Really looking forward to working around President and the office staff... it's gonna be #PrankCity lol, we are already getting at it with each other. 

--- I took several selfies on Sister Baird's phone when she wasn't looking... and Elder Baird has switched out all red markers in our office for blue ones... 

So that's been the day so far, I'm ready for a fat nap and some Cafe Rio (we have one in Billings #Blessed) but I'll give you a run down of some stuff that happened earlier in the week. 

- did a random exchange with Elder Bennett Monday night. It's been neat to see him grow the last few transfers, we went and taught our recent convert Ethan and it was a sweet lesson. Ethan is solid. 

- had dinner at the Carlson's...Bishop Carlson is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time)

- Elder Hunter and I passed a ball back and forth to each other 100x without it touching the ground during comp study.  #UnityExercises  

- Elder Bennett made me mac and cheese one night 

- I saw Elder Baird (Mission vehicle coordinator)  on Friday... he told me he's gonna be getting me blue ties to wear now that we are gonna be seeing each other quite a bit. 

- Jon received the Priesthood this week. That was my favorite moment of the week, even had on the red Utes tie my mom got him. I love him and that I was able to teach him. Eternal Bro's. 

Lot more awesome stuff but I'm short on time and my mind is going back and forth between 120 mph and 4 mph which probably isn't mentally healthy. I'm excited for this new transfer and all it's going to teach me. Especially pumped for the return of the bromance with Elder Wells.  Pretty nervous about it all, and I hated leaving the YSA, but the work goes on. I'm so grateful for areas that honestly feel like a gut punch when I have to leave. It sucks, but it helps me realize how much I have loved it. I'm grateful for my time in Bozeman and what I learned here. You don't fully realize how much you love people till you have to say goodbye. It's a family there, I'm gonna miss em. They've taught me a lot, but especially how to stay anchored in the gospel even when dealing with college and work. That's a lesson I'm glad I learned. They were a great example to me and in a way big siblings to me, I have loved being around them. We are already planning on a BDubs reunion next summer. 

Max (my Hispanic brother from Mexico who we have been helping get ready for a mission) told me last night "you did your job, time to go help someone else". That's a tough pill to swallow, I don't want to be done there, but I'm grateful for this new opportunity with Elder Wells in Billings. 

Sorry this is a quick one... long story short, I'm in a glass case of emotions and don't know what to do with my hands... (*quote Ron Burgundy and Ricky Bobby in one sentence while describing feelings), #AchievementUnlocked 

Just know the church is true and I'm loving it out here... which makes days like this hard. 

Sorry if I don't get back to your emails today, love ya fam 

- Elder K


- dysfunctional family/zone pics. Gonna miss this zone 

- good ol bozeman #WelcomeToMontana 

- Carlson's 

- little disappointed Jared and I never tried this during our time living together and going grocery shopping 

- my 2nd belgrade Halloween party of the mission. Last year Corey wasn't even baptized... a year later he is dressed up as Christopher Robin and getting ready to be sealed with his family in December. Love these guys. 

- kid in the YSA came up and said "I was watching gameday this week... was this you?" Pretty funny. Good fight Utes. 

- the YSA. You have no idea how much gonna I'm miss this Ward. They set unrealistic expectations for future YSA's. 

--- three of the best ballers I know 

------ pistol Pett and shaq'cache King 

- me and the Jarrets, he wore a Y shirt just for me. 

- took a drive out to the Robisons so see them before I take off. That's a special family right there, a year ago the ones old enough were baptized. Another family that has changed my life out here.