Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Respect the Process - July 25, 2016


Pretty cool week. We taught a ton which is always nice. July is flying by. I especially enjoyed this week knowing it was leading up to Pioneer day. I mention quite a bit how certain aspects of the gospel get magnified on your mission and the 24th of July is definitely a part of that group.

Despite how he acts now, @pettbryan was never all that emotional during my childhood. He'd shed a tear as we re-watch Stockton's game winning 3 pointer or Whitt's half time "make em quit" speech in the '09 Sugar Bowl. He'd usually let a few tears roll as we watch World of Color at the end of a day at Disney... But it was pretty rare to see @pettbryan cry during my childhood.

I do however remember one other occasion he'd break down... The sacrament meetings leading up to the 24th of July. Never failed that as the congregation sang "Come Come Ye Saints" I'd lean over to see a red eyed @pettbryan and I'd give him that "you serious Clark" look. This would typically lead to him giving me the middle finger right there in sacrament meeting and my mother flicking both our ears out of frustration for our inability to be reverent.

--- she never let us sit by each other for obvious reasons #SorryMom ---

So I've noticed more and more I'm turning into @pettbryan and sacrament meeting was an indicator of that as I couldn't help but shed a tear as we sang that hymn.

You think about the restored gospel a lot on your mission, especially all that went into it. That's probably the most obvious "Ron Boone" statement I can make as a missionary but it's true, you really think about it.   You do your best to proclaim it, but quite frankly most the time it results in people taking verbal dumps on your testimony.



So we are knocking doors one day this week and this guy yells from across the street... "Hey Mormons! Come over here and tell me about this Jo Smith of yours!"

You gotta present yourself with confidence as a missionary so we walk on over with our heads high but inside I'm preparing myself for the bible bash sesh that I was sure was about to go down and praying for any help I can get. I hate bible bashing cause 1. Gets nowhere. 2. I just look like an idiot cause I don't know the scriptures that well.

Turns out he didn't want to talk about the God Head or apostasy or kingdoms of glory or the priesthood... and instead he was an Atheist and wanted to convince us God wasn't real. He really just wanted to argue, zero desire to learn. I could of told him the sky was blue and he would have disagreed. We kept it pretty calm. Just did our best to testify and share what we know is true despite him discrediting every thing we say or as I like to call it "taking a verbal dump on someone's testimony". He's throwing everything at us. Even told me the only reason why I go to church is cause I lust after the girls there... I couldn't hold back anymore and just busted up laughing at this point. He was really fighting for scraps. So this goes on for a while...

Then I eventually just ask "why did you call us over here?"

He laughs and says "I wanted to give a germ of doubt to you"

--- now fam. I admit I can be a bit of a smart a**. If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that. But this isn't Twitter and I'm pretty sure chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel doesn't include the mentioned attribute above. Being a missionary requires you to be a little more serious and requires MOAR sensitivity than the #TwitterDreamTeam does. I fully understand that our message we share is bold and I don't expect anyone to believe what I say until they ask God if it's all true... It's a lot to accept that a 14 year old boy saw God and Jesus Christ and later translated an ancient record into scripture, I respect that that testimony will come over time and I respect other people's views. I genuinely try not to be a smart a** out here when people wanna throw heat at us. I'm Elder Pett out here. Not @mpett3... But with that said... When someone blatantly admits to trying to tear down your testimony... Well....

***back to the story***

*it's cooler if you imagine him having a Bane voice*

"I wanted to give a germ of doubt to you."

*i'm like a head taller than this 50 year old Korihor (I'm sorry if that was mean.) but our faces are about a good 2 feet apart and I respond back pretty quickly...
"Go for it. I'm planting a seed of faith in you."
*** silence ***
That may seem like a pretty pathetic comeback but I'm a missionary... What do you expect? This is also directly after he went on a 10 minute rant of how "Faith" is the stupidest thing mankind has ever dreamt up so after I said it he just got real quiet and glared at me. Crane has the "that's a bold move, cotton, let's see how it plays out for him" look on his face. I managed to keep a straight face but not gonna lie I'm thinking "I can do this all day #CallMeCap"  as our eyes are locked on each other. 

If my emotions were like the ones on "Inside Out" I picture the smart a** emotion holding the bench back as the Gospel emotion is jumping up and down in excitement while slapping the Powerade towel on the court while the Loving emotion is just sitting there doing a face palm thinking #SorryMom.

If you ever wanted a glimpse of what goes on inside my head there ya go.

You know in Avengers when Loki tells Tony Stark "I have an army" and Stark responds "we have a Hulk."... That's the closest I'll ever get to that in life.

Not the most spiritually enlightening story but I thought it was funny. I honestly just kind of had had enough of his disrespectful BS so we shake hands and bounce. Move on to the next house and onward ever onward. 

Point is, you get that kind of stuff a lot as missionaries. If people don't agree then that's fine, I respect that... But when its people solely trying to bring down your testimony, man it sucks. And I'll be completely honest Fam, hearing that a lot can wear you down. It's taken a beating on my testimony. I wouldn't say I doubt this gospel, but there are a few seconds where it does make you question... Is this really true?

When this happens I step back. I look at it all. EVERYTHING. I think of all that we believe in. I look at that blue book in my hands. And I think of all that's happened to get to me standing in Bozeman, Montana with that book in my hand.

I think of what I left. My family that I love more anything.. My job that felt like a dream it was so much fun. My home. My school. Life. Just like all missionaries do, you give up stuff. But that's just the surface, the insignificant stuff, it goes a lot deeper than "me". So I go a bit further back. 

I go back to the beginning of the Restoration. I think of a 14 year old boy searching for the truth. I think of the opposition the adversary threw at him before the First Vision. I think of the persecution he faced as he restored Christ's church and translated an ancient record that was buried. All the trials he and others faced to defend that book.

Then I think of a certain hymn. One that brings @pettbryan and I on the same level emotionally... & no it's not "Utah Man". A hymn that talks about what the Saints went through to make it out west. And that hymn plays in my mind. Thinking of what the Saints gave up so that they could live this gospel in peace. All for this blue book. A book that they knew was true. And IF this book is true, which I know it is, then you can go back even further to show the sacrifice that has gone into that book.

I go back to a family that 2600 years ago left everything. A younger brother that had the faith and courage to do WHATEVER was asked of him. The stories of people that would rather die than deny their faith. I think of the missionaries that did the work I'm doing now...Except instead of quoting Tony Stark they were legit breaking out of caves like what Iron Man did (go read Alma 14: 24-29 #AvengersAssemble). I think of the converts that laid down all their weapons and put all trust in God. I think of the Savior suffering all the things we suffer so we have a map to return to him. And I think of all that was done so these records could be preserved for Joseph Smith to find them.

Then I think of my own family. The ancestors that were pioneers for my family. Especially think of my own parents and what they did to get me here. Their example to me.

Seriously just think about it. Think of all that has gone into our message. All the opposition, all the sacrifice, all the tears, all the blood, all the faith. No way the Book of Mormon could have survived what it has gone through without the power of God. No way Joseph Smith would die for something that wasn't from God. No way the Saints could have made it west without God. No way could I be doing THIS without God. No way would any of this be possible without God.

So much has happened, so much has led up to RIGHT NOW. IT HONESTLY BLOWS MY MIND DOES ANYONE ELSE GET WHAT I'M GETTING AT HERE! So many dominoes have fallen over to knock down the next. And the chain reaction continues. And it will continue. "No unhallowed can stop the work from progressing." That's what we are doing right now as missionaries and Latter Day Saints, we are the Restoration. We are called to be a part of this process. Ya it's hard, but it always has been. From the Book of Mormon, to what Christ did, to Joseph Smith, to the Saints to now. 

Alma 37:46-47 (Alma talking to Helaman, the @pettbryan -> @mpett3 chapter)

46 O my son, do not let us be slothful because of the easiness of the way; for so was it with our fathers; for so was it prepared for them, that if they would look they might live; even so it is with us. The way is prepared, and if we will look we may live forever.

47 And now, my son, see that ye take care of these sacred things, yea, see that ye look to God and live. Go unto this people and declare the word, and be sober. My son, farewell.

Translated to @MPett3 language - "It's gonna be hard. Just like it was for the people before us. Don't shun the fight, don't back down. Uphold the legacy they left. Respect the Process."

I don't know everything about this gospel. I don't know every detail about church history. I don't know why some of us are handed certain trials and more prone to certain temptations. I'm trying hard to do this work but I'm even so far from knowing everything. I'm far from perfect, big time. I still feel inadequate wearing Christ's name with mine. There's a lot I gotta work on. There is so much I don't know. But don't look at all you don't know, rather look at what you do know. And if there is anything I do know it's how much God loves us. The Book of Mormon has taught me that. The priesthood has taught me that. Christ's atonement has taught me that. The family he has given me has shown me that.

I know this church is true. And if you don't know that, that's ok. But give it a shot, and it will change your life. We all have doubts at some point, but if we never doubted we'd never need faith.

For me, I honestly have a pretty simple testimony. I know there is absolutely no way this church would exist without God's hand directing it. No way could this gospel pick me up after I face plant it emotionally, physically, or spiritually if it wasn't true. 

Getting back to what started this whole rant. The Saints coming west were another one of those dominoes that had to fall over to keep it going. A perfect example of another miracle that had to take place for this gospel to be in a position to be shared throughout the world. You take them out and none of this could have happened. I'm grateful for their sacrifice along with everyone else that has made it possible for the restoration. So much has happened leading up to now.

Well, this email turned into a testimony so we will double the random funny stuff for next week. Moral of the story is it's tough when people try to tear down what you believe... But a mission has strengthened my testimony. I've learned up here that a nice turd (professional term is manure I think) fertilizes the crop so I'm just gonna throw this out there that these verbal dumps... While in the moment stink and look ugly... In the end strengthen the seed of a testimony I'm trying to grow. I know it's true. I'm not perfect living it but that doesn't change the fact I know it's true.

---- few quick random things ---

- we had 2 amazing first lessons this week. Both should be getting baptized in August. Plus one more. We found one in the Olive Garden parking lot. Our love for OG bread sticks may have possibly led to a baptism. #ChurchIsTrue.

- walk out of the apartment one day and a husky pup comes running up to us. So. Freakin. Cute. 2 college girls come around the corner chasing the puppy and they are interested. #HuskyForHeisman

- that next day we are having a ZLC and the billings STL's are in attendance. Crane is telling them the story of the puppy and 2 girls and i said "SOOOOO CUTE!". After the STL's gave me the look of death I quickly made it clear I was referring to the puppy and not the college girls.  #CrisisAverted 

- Sunday dinner was with Cache and like 8 other members of the YSA. Felt like one of those nights at home base. 2 of them play for MSU so we were obviously nerding out about the upcoming season.

- got a call one day and I got butterflies when I saw the caller ID said "Cameron Richards". He had a referral for us. Also said "Pett,  I heard you are a zone leader... I CALLED THAT SHIZ ONE YEAR AGO." I love C-Rich. He and Leah are #Goals. He's the ultimate RM/Husband/Dad from Belgrade. 

Ya. I'll tell ya the rest another time, I have flooded you with enough stuff haha, sorry.. Love ya fam!!! We are golfing with Washburn and Stovall today (#BGrade Fam) which is why this is getting sent off a little early. I'm so excited, I woke up like a kid on Christmas. This is going to quite possibly be the funniest round of golf in my life. Talking college football with Washburn and hearing cop stories and being in the presence of THE Jesse Stovall. I love it up here.  
-Elder K

We made ice cream at FHE. Then we wanted to play basketball but we don't have a hoop so Eli took one for the team and acted as a hoop for us, he's a champ. Then we played some game where if you kick a ball to yourself 3 times in the air you catch it and peg someone. I think soccer calls it dribbling or juggling or something like that IDK. It didn't end in a tie and no one flopped so (don't tell @dahlelama I said this) but it kinda made me wanna play soccer. Made it to the final round each time and I even won once! #AchievementUnlocked

Husky puppy

- the rivalry is real up here. #CatsVsGrizz

- Helena ZL's were driving to Billings so they met us at OG. WHICH MEANS I GOT TO SEE MY SPLASH ELDER!!!! It was one year that day we struck the Heisman pose in front of the mission home so we had to do it again.

- don't ask how but Jace inherited a bunch of nerd stuff one day at work and he got a master chief helmet. I nearly cried. "you've completed your mission... Mine is just beginning" #ULegacy


- Lala sent me this. Can we just take a second and look at Z. Atta boy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Press Forward, Look Forward - July 18, 2016


Nothing too crazy this week. Elder Crane was sick so we didn't do much early on but we finished strong. Elder Crane is all good now too.

- I did a "John Stockton sends the Utah Jazz to the NBA finals" jump/fist pump double combo when I saw Walmart had dinosaur egg oatmeal. Hamilton nor Conrad had such a delicacy at their grocery stores.. I'll own up to the fact I'm a 6 foot 5 year old.

- "Juke Box Hero" was also playing from the speakers in Walmart so that was another tender mercy. Imma a year in this thing and those few seconds I get with classic rock still soothes the soul.

- Elder Crane and I wake up one morning to find 2 dudes sneaking around outside our window. Kinda freaked me out. Since I don't have the panther up here to protect me I grabbed the light saber and sling shot just as a precaution... Turns out they were just looking for Pokemon #CrisisAverted. The poke-craze continues and it's the most money contacting approach on campus other than college football of course.

- went out to get pizza with Eli. Freakin love him. He's the kid from Ohio. We spent the evening talking college football and Bromancing over Urban Meyer and analyzing the Ron Swanson pyramid of greatness and discussions Eli's idea for a sports gambling app that really isn't gambling but is straight up gambling. Was also giving us some bomb missionary advice too. He's awesome. Love the YSA. THEY ALL GOT TWITTER TOO SO WE CAN BE TIGHT!

- exchange with Elder McMahon. Boy, that brought back memories. Last exchange we did was when I was out one month and he was out like 9 and we were sleeping in a camper trailer in Belgrade. I wish I could get him as a zone leader with me his last 2 transfers. Freakin love Elder McMahon.

- we go and help a young couple move... They have this sketched out cellar we are all standing in and I ask "how many people have you killed down here?" Then the wife turns to me and responds with a straight face... "8." ... I told her she sounded way too confident and she just smiled... I genuinely think she may have been serious.

- #Tracting🚜💨 these apartments one night and a dude started throwing stuff at the door. Like we hear the tv turn off then next thing we know we hear something made of glass being smashed on the other side of the door. I give crane that "h*** nah. I'm out" look then I back pedaled outta there. I ain't dying when college football starts up in less than 2 months. I'm lucky enough I didn't get shot at after the little incident in Missoula when I accidentally broke into a guys house and got the score of Thunder vs Warriors #NeverForget.

- met a kid that plays for MSU basketball while walking campus. Way chill, super tall. He's from Turkey so we were basking in the glory days of Mehmet Okur at Utah. He's a big Money Man fan. He accepted a Restoration pamphlet too!

- went to a dinner in Belgrade. They were in the Second Ward so Elder Crane mainly knew em but I actually helped move their hot tub to the Carlson's last fall so I knew em a little. Really cool fam. The dad was telling us his mission stories and let's just say he and @pettbryan would have been a solid companionship. The dad was also a huge Cougar fan so we had a good chat about the season. He's telling me the tough teams on their schedule "Miss St, Sparty, UCLA..." And I jump in and say "that powerhouse program from Sack Lake City"... He rolls his eyes and says "oh ya... That team.." Then does the "Getting drunk" hand gesture. Then the wife says "face it honey... They always lose to Utah". She doesn't like either team, she just likes seeing him in agony when the Cougs lose. #Savage. Freakin hilarious. I love the Coug fans up here, way cooler than those trolls on Twitter (except you Jonny.)

- yo!!! So that family we had dinner with last week that is moving to Richfield... Well they have been driving back and forth and THEY BROUGHT ME PUNCH BAGS!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!

- then we had another dinner in #BGrade... And this is a family I knew! I ran to Kenny and then once I saw he was running at me I slowed down a little because I thought he was gonna tackle me haha. I may be a head taller than him but he is STRONG. Felt so good! I try not to dwell on what it'll be like getting home but I have a feeling it'll feel a lot like that. Felt so good being with Gina and Kenny and the kids. "Summertime" by Kenney Chesney is the best way to sum it up... "The nights roll in, man, just like a long lost friend you ain't seen in a while, can't help but smile."   Felt good, I couldn't help but smile. Was just missing one person. The other elders took their spot at the table but I went to the counter out of pure habit and had that open bar stool next to me for Elder Christensen.

- Gina was referring to Belgrade as #BGrade. Also got mama J in #HamTown to start saying #AchievementUnlocked. Not exactly what I imagined leaving a legacy would be like but I'll take it!

- KISS WAS IN TOWN!!!! OH MY LANTA I WAS SO HYPED!!! We went to the arena parking lot and people were tailgating so we went to check it out. Just a bunch of old drunk dudes but we had a good time walking around and talking about our fave classic rock bands. Even gave a Book of Mormon out!

- had a dream that night I baptized Gene Simmons #AchievementUnlocked

- Church on Sunday was powerful. We had Noah show up and a girl brought her boyfriend... And after talking to him he said he wants to get baptized. Then during the ice cream party after (another reason why I love YSA's #Food) a lady walked in off the street and said she wants to learn more. It was awesome.

- that night we went to Kaileys for dinner and Rachel and Cache came too. The 2 girls really didn't get a lot of words in cause Cache and us were just going off on, I don't even remember what, but it was such a fun dinner. We were busting up laughing the entire time. Obviously baptizing is a big priority for us but finding Cache a wife is too. I always tell him whenever I feel antsy about going home I just remind myself that means I'll have to worry about dating and he just says "right on bro... It sucks". He's a good sport about it all, we joke around a ton. He wants me to bring up girls for double dates after the mish. I don't think he knows I'm socially awkward with girls but I'll hook him up.  Hopefully someday I want to get married as bad as I want Cache to find a girl haha.

- Last is probably the sweetest thing that happened this week. We go to an apartment complex to look for some investigators and for whatever reason instead of walking to the front door entrance we start walking to the side. I really didn't know what I was doing but it felt right . We came around the corner and this girl immediately blurts out "I KNOW YOU."

Wanted to say "you don't know me. You don't know what I got. I'm old grrrrreg"

But instead I looked at her and she looked super familiar... So I said I think I knew her too.

Then she says "EFY. Provo. Like 6 years ago."

No. freakin. Way. She was in my group! Turns out she is less active now and her friend that she is with isn't a member. She said she's been thinking about coming back and that this is the sign she needed. Then told her friend right there to join the church... And the friend is down!  AND CACHE IS GONNA MARRY HER! Right that's a bit of a stretch but we told Cache and he's in. Such a miracle. Crane and I are standing there like *What just happened!* So we are going to start teaching them! How sweet is it that! They're coming to FHE tonight and Thursday night ward basketball too. True miracle, stuff like that doesn't just "happen". Never fails to amaze me how much of a hand God has in this work.

I think we'll cap it off there! I have so much I wish I could share!

This week was a really special one for lots of reasons. Some things happened and I had some experiences personally and with our investigators that helped me see how much God loves us. How sometimes we need to face trials and adversity so we can help those around us.

Missions are awesome fam. They have brought me far closer to our Savior than I could ever imagine. I'll fully own up that I still screw up, and that I'm so far from perfect, but I'm so grateful for a desire to want to change and be better. I cherish that desire. I'm grateful for a loving Savior that makes change possible. And I'm grateful I can share that message.

It's true fam. This church is true. Stuff went down this week that wouldn't have happened if this gospel wasn't true, I'll leave it at that. It's that simple. I know God has a plan, I know he loves us, and I know it's not always easy to accept that, even as a missionary. It's so easy to get down on yourself when on a mission or back home or life in general, but what's awesome about this gospel is you move forward.

"Press forward" as Nephi says. "Look forward" as younger Nephi says.

"Just keep swimming" as Dory says.  "Play forward" as Jerry Sloan would say and as @pettbryan tells me. "All the same. You keep on going."

I'm loving this so much fam. I love the gospel, I love the scriptures... Not gonna lie Ward Council feels like a steel toed boot to the nuggets but I LOVE going to church! I'm lovin this. It's a challenge. You face plant it a lot out here. You question things. You mess up. But it's helping me see that that's part of life. Just learn and move on. Helping me see how true this gospel is. And how much God loves us all.

Then sprinkle in some Dinosaur egg oatmeal, baptizing Gene Simmons, drinking a punch bag, and jamming out to "Juke Box Hero" and you can see why it was a good week.

God loves ya, don't ever forget that.

& I Love ya too fam, church is true.

- Elder K

*** don't know how many of you get @teambetaalpha's weekly email but he mentioned Lebron James last week... And I don't even like Lebron but I'm so proud he made a sports reference. Maybe he doesn't hate basketball anymore. Good work TBA. #AchievementUnlocked


* Doc. Stanley. And Red... All in one picture. I'm taking Z here one day!

* Some of the zone.
*  we walk into our apartment for lunch and it's 75 and sunny. Come back out 30 minutes later and it's a full on thunderstorm.  #WelcomeToMontana

* S/O to Elder Christensen's mom for the socks!!! I'm so rockin em at zone games today. #UteProud #AZmom

Monday, July 11, 2016

Living on a Prayer - July 11, 2016


- That 4th was potentially the best I have ever had. Went out to the Robisons for their pig roastin party and most of the #BGrade ward was there. Felt like a family reunion... Nah, it was a practically a family reunion lol, Elder Crane served there too for his first area so it was sweet for both of us. Football, food, water fight, so much fun. Felt so good seeing everyone and especially the Robinsons and Broughton's. Amazing seeing how much they have grown since they were baptized last year. Can't wait for those 2 families to be sealed. 

- Talked with Brother Washburn for a good like 30 minutes about BYU and Utah's upcoming season. You know how every family gathering eventually leads to Mitch and I talking Utes/Cougar football??? Pretty much what it was like. Confession time tho... I gotta go easy on the blue Kool-aid, I've been downing it by the gallons recently, Kalani is a stud. As long as I'm drinking MOAR red kool aid right??? 

---I swear I'm more consecrated than I probably sound but cmon ITS COLLEGE FREAKIN FOOTBALL EVEN IF I CANT WATCH IM STILL HYPED.

- Then we got talkin about golf and Brother Stovall jumps in and says we need to go out with them, so that's gonna be goin down today if the weather holds up. (Been in the 50's and raining all week... Wouldn't be shocked if mountains had snow #WelcomeToMontana) For those of you that don't remember Brother Stovall... The Belgrade cop who is quite possibly the funniest person to walk this earth. Gonna be a blast being on a golf course with those two. 

- Bishop Carlson (REMINDER: he is like 6'5) was having a water fight with the youth and straight up picked up a sun beam and used him as a riot shield to protect himself. #GOALS. 

- while Brother Washburn and I were talking CFB Sister Carlson comes up and says "alright... I need to tell you something worldly about sports... Is that ok???" 

*this while Brother Washburn and I are going on an in depth analysis of the upcoming season 

"Ugh... Ya... Sure..." 


So then the focus shifted to the NBA. Love the Carlsons. Accidentally said "time to play the best game on the earth" as we were getting ready to play football and I had to quickly say "besides volleyball of course" before her and her daughter murdered me. 

You know it was a good night when you get back to your apartment and your American flag tie smells of camp fire, fireworks, and freedom. I could spend the rest of my 4th of July's in life in #Bgrade, so much fun. As for the rest of the week.... 

- so we taught our Muslim friend this week. Such a cool dude. Pretty cool sharing beliefs. Lot of differences but there are some similarities, he said he'd try out the Book of Mormon. He goes back to Saudi Arabia soon but we exchanged Twitter Handles so we can still be tight. #TwitterDreamTeam going world wide. 

- Go to a gas station to fill up and a lady stops us from NBC Montana and asked if we wouldn't mind sharing our thoughts on Montana transportation for the evening news... I'm down! It was straight up the most "I don't know what to do with my hands" moment of my life cause I didn't know what to say and there was actually a microphone and I honestly didn't know what to do with my hands! I just hyped up the bike lanes. When she asked "any other thoughts?" The Holy Ghost and/or my inner mom grabbed my tongue to prevent me from saying "vote Ron Swanson 2020" or "Focker out" or "you stay classy Bozeman" or "... My whole life I thought the sun was a monster... ITS NOT A MONSTER! (Benchwarmers)" or etc... If I wasn't a representative of the church I would of have been all over that.  

-  so that night we get a text and Brother Rogers from #BGrade saw us on the news!!! #AchievementUnlocked 

- Did service at the Community Cafe... Oh man that brought back good memories of last year. Wasn't the same without having Elder Christensen there. 

- Flirt to convert is highly frowned upon for us missionaries but it's the go-to move for member missionary work in a YSA so we are doing our best to implement it... I'm just waiting for this to happen... 

"Hey Pete... That cute girl you were walkin campus with... You should share the gospel with her!" 

Pete - "that's my sister" 


.. "Big gulps huh? Well... Cya later!" 

- Went to Institute for the first time ever! #AchievementUnlocked. Pretty sweet. I'm down to do it when I get home. Being spiritual is pretty fun. Pretty sure Jared and I signed up to be on the council and that's how we justified not ever going... #SorryMom 
- after institute we were in a group going off about how amazing Marvel is and how the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is pure excellence (the panther and I would jam SO HARD to that soundtrack back home). I love the YSA. They also get my Ron Swansonisms. These are my people. 

- found this stud dude from the Caribbean while we were contacting on campus. He's awesome. His accent is so money. We gonna baptize him, I can feel it. 

- we have an investigator on date for August. He's  from #Hamtown. Knows the Jessops. Runs track for MSU. He's awesome. We met with him and at the end when he prayed he thanked God that.…. "These missionaries aren't weird". #AchievementUnlocked 

- had a lesson over at Noah's house. "Hot in here" was playin on the radio so that brought back memories of like 6th grade... And fam... Imma just say you don't realize how dirty a songs lyrics are until you are listening to it as a missionary  with your investigator right there lol. 

- lesson went really well. Noah is sincere in wanting to find the truth and he's really searching. At the end he prayed about what we had taught him and it was one of the most powerful prayers I have heard. One of the most spiritual experiences of my mission even with the fact Nelly was playing on the radio an hour earlier. 

- CFB continues to be my go to contacting approach. We used Virgina Tech, Ole Miss, Toledo, SMU, Florida State, u-Dub, and a few other teams to get talkin to people. I'm a year sober of college football and I still know more than what is probably healthy for the human mind. The kid from VT was a little stunned when I started going off on how "Enter Sandman" in Lane Stadium is possibly the greatest team entrance in college football. Who ever knew being a college football nerd would come in handy when sharing the gospel. Fall Saturday's in the cave were practically preparing me for a mission... just tell mom that, @pettbryan. 

- drove to Billings for a baptism for someone Elder Crane taught. Afterwards we stopped by the mission home to grab some supplies and on the white board in the main room was written "BYU"... Well... I figured regardless what I do or what the scoreboard says I'm facing #PersecUTEion out here especially by the office couples so might as well live it up and drew a nice big ol drum and feather next to it with a "<3 - Elder Pett". President Wadsworth walks in and starts chucklin. Wouldn't be shocked if I get a call from Elder Baird saying my driving privileges are #TheyDone after that lil stunt lol. 

- went to the Christian Fellowship building to meet some people. Figured they'd be nice to us since WE ARE CHRISTIANS... Most part they were but you could tell some didn't like us. We answered some questions but they were just wanting to doctrinally throw down so we didn't hang around too long. One guy told me I don't believe in Christ and I kinda went off on him but I'll tell ya more about that experience another day. Contention doesn't get you anywhere but I wasn't gonna let that fly. Bless their hearts.  Hopefully someday the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will believe in Jesus Christ. *insert confused Lebron gif*

Alright. That's my rant for the month. 

- some guys drove past us and yelled "ALCOHOL WAHOOOO!!!!!" At us. Honestly have never heard that one before. 

- oh ya! so we are walking around the last few days near or on campus and we kept getting "you catch any sweet Pokemon???" Said to us... its been a little bizzare... like, usually when people yell at us its a  "go to hell" or "hail satan" so I didnt see how Pokemon was supposed to be offensive... We were kind of confused... Then we realized maybe they aren't making fun of us... So we see a guy walking and I hesitantly ask if he has "caught any Pokemon..." 

*looks up from phone

"just got a Magikarp aaaaaaaaaaand JUST CAUGHT A CHARMANDER!!!" 

*you know in Bolt when the cat says "I'm now concerned on a number of levels..." ... how I felt 


*you all don't live under the rock of missionary work I do so you probably already know about it but I was amazed. I think it could be a great tool for finding investigators so imma propose it to President but there is a better chance of me wifing Sam Steele than getting Pokemon Go approved. 

- go over to dinner and these members are moving to Richfield in a few weeks. Told them to try punch bags... The mom gives me that *bruh... Please* look and says "my grandpa built Ideal Dairy. We know all about punch bags." they also had Utes cups... Both parents went to the U. #DidWeJustBecomeBestFriends x2 

- biggest highlight of the week came from helping a guy move. We were checking out some former investigators in a neighborhood and saw a dad out alone with boxes and furniture everywhere! We helped him for about 3 straight days and over time he really opened up to us about his religious views. He said our service "softened his heart" to the Mormon church (sounds like he heard a lot of nasty stuff from his church). Few nights ago we share our testimonies with him and gave him a Book of Mormon. He read a few verses we pointed out and said "it feels true." Once we mentioned the Priesthood being restored he said "I want that for my family". Crane and I both shared what it meant to us growing up with that Priesthood in our home. I testified of the examples of my dad and older brothers and how the priesthood has blessed our families. One of the most powerful experiences on my mission.  We got his contact info and the elders in Boise are gonna be there with the ward to help him and his young family move in. Went back last night to help them clean the house, and it felt like saying goodbye to family. Honestly the majority of the last 4 days have been helping this fam. Lots of memories and I know we were placed in their path for a reason. We are friends on Facebook and when they get sealed someday I'm goin, it's happening, I can feel it. If these elders in Boise screw this up I'll personally drive to spudville my self and slap them with a potato and drive back in time for prime pros. But in all seriousness, these last few days with them has been a major highlight for my mission. Very special family. Miracles are sweet. 

Well fam. Crazy week but a good one. Can't believe it's been a year. Wednesday night was when it hit me... Thinking back to #OperationABRO and how it was a year ago that night. I remember we ran outta dish soap so Will Thackeray and I made a run to the store and on the way back had the most fire jam sesh in the panther feat. Def Leppard, ACDC, Aerosmith, capped off by Hey Jude. Little nervous the cracked open glow sticks might kill us but I think we are all still alive. I was sitting there amazed that was a year ago. Greatest slip n slide ever. Hopefully the grass has grown back... 

As for Friday... From our morning jog till when I went to sleep I had... 

"Oh we're halfway there... Oh oh LIVING ON A PRAYER!"

"Take my hand, we'll make it I swear. Oh oh LIVING ON A PRAYER!" 

Stuck in my head. 

I get Bon Jovi isn't the most missionary approved artist out there but it fit the moment. 

That's life right now. Living on a prayer. Grateful for the last year and the one up head. Starting to realize this work never gets easier, the Lord just makes ya stronger. It can be a grind but I love it. Missions man... Words don't do it any justice. 

S/O to the Manns for getting home this week. Hit em up ladies. They're studs. Just don't get married till we are all home and know if you marry one you are stuck with all of us. #AutoBotsRollOut

Church is true. Gods love is real. My testimony is simple but it's a strong one. 

Love ya fam. 

-Elder  K


me and ma boy Crane 


Can we just take time to acknowledge how good lookin Bishops jacket was. 
Institute - took me back to the days of playing human cod with @teambetalpha in Brother Miller's class. 
This song came up on Cranes USB... Instantly thought of Jourdan Tidwell and the cruise... #NeverForget
Kitten in a flower bed 
Dropped something on my toe and instantly flashbacked to Monson's Sports Med class with Elder Boyd back in the day. Murray didn't teach me too much but I did learn R.I.C.E. Didn't have ice so I used an otter pop. Monson would be proud. 
Summertime (?)


Happy 4th of July - July 4, 2016


Have lots to tell ya so if you wanna read this tomorrow go for it. Celebrating the greatest country on the planet takes precedence over emails.... go hard on the fireworks for me please.  As Ron Swanson once said regarding other countries... 

"History began July 4, 1776, everything else before that was an accident."

- Had a good last few days in #HamTown. Had dinner with the Burrows where I was nerding out big time with the kids about Transformers... Told them my car is actually an AutoBot and they asked what the name is...

 "The sss.... Panther"

 *turns and winks at Elder Wells. 

*Nearly said the full name to two kids in primary #CrisisAverted 

I swear I'm not as screwed up as you think I'd be for naming my car that, he just smells like pure gasoline and works 60% of the time every time. #SorryMom

- One last round at the pizza buffet with Corvallis elders... "Staying Alive" came on the radio and I instantly thought of The Office and Elder Christensen. Gonna miss our P-Hut lunches after district meeting with the CVall elders. We are planning some sweet back packing trips when we are all out.

- Bishop gave some bomb advice about not going too fast and enjoying the moment, focus on what's important. Love that fam. If Bishop taught me anything for life it's "I'm not scared". He taught me a lot. Can't wait to go on plane rides with him haha. Awesome family.

- Kaillin wrote a goodbye letter with Star Wars stickers on the front. Letter was awesome. Best part was the drawing of a brick with "loud noises!!!!" Written next to it. I laughed extremely hard when I saw that. Taught our boy Link the plan of salvation and it was fun. Gonna miss the Kings, great family.

- Then you have the Jessops...  I could go on for days about how much that family helped me and how much I love them. We had a fun last night and even went all #StealthOps as we breached the back porch to shoot the raccoon with a BB gun #WelcomeToMontana. (Raccoons harm the cats so don't feel bad). Their tradition is to stand on the porch and wave as you leave and not gonna lie it was like Toy Story when Andy says goodbye to Woody and Imma just stop talking about it now cause that scene is still a tender subject.

- Saw Dallan, my Equatore boys, the DS's, Bro Smith (family history GOAT that has an eye patch) the Meuchals... Lots more goodbyes to #HamTown but you get the point. Lots of awesome memories there. I'll just forever suck at leaving places, I don't like it haha. You know that scene in Transformers 3 when bumblebee says goodbye... How it felt haha. A quote from Sandlot popped into my mind that last night... "Hero's come and go but legends are forever." I'm not the hero nor legend, but #HamTown is. I'll never forget how much I love that place, the people, and the Naps burgers. I'll be back for sure... A lot... And I still plan on walking around like a naked deer in the forest while eating burgers off of trees with Brother Pederson in the next life... Hopefully our wives don't find that too weird.

- #ZoneOfEnoch got together one last time then we were off to Helena. Elder Bills rode with us and I love that guy. Feels like yesterday we were picking him up and talking about punch bags and we are already planning on punch bag, tubing, and hiking man dates down in Richfield. He's awesome, reminds me a lot of @teambetaalpha. Ex. We are pulling out of the parking lot and he yells-  "GUYS I NEED TO GET MY SUNFLOWER SEEDS OUT OF MY CAR!" Or when he tells us to stop the car in the middle of nowhere so he can run across the street to fill up his water bottle from a natural spring... If you know Zach you'll see what I mean. Also saw a Camaro in Helena that gave me butterflies.

- then it was time... The end of the #BroMance. Fam, I don't know if I'll ever be able to tell you all the stories of the Pett-Wells era for lots of reasons but it was no doubt one of the funnest 6 weeks of my life. Wells taught me a lot from teaching the gospel to being a better person. Our Dumb and Dumber quoting unity was just on point too... 

*messes up on something insignificant like dropping the keys*

*other elder gives a dirty look 

".... I'm only human Harry..."

*other elder starts walking away

"Where do you think you're going???"

"Home. I'm walking... HOME!."

"oh well... pardon me mr PERFECT! I guess I forgot I'm the only one that ever makes a mistake."

***people on Main Street are staring at us with concerned expressions***

Yep. That was us. We asked the companionships what they felt the zone improved on this last transfer and they each talked about being a more unified zone... (Without telling them) Wells and I's goal at the beginning of the transfer was "unify the zone". Fun, hard working, obedient zone... 

"Obtain a Zone Of Enoch" #AchievementUnlocked. 

It was an Awesome 6 weeks. As I left I whipped out one last Lloyd Christmas quote and said "good bye my loooooooooove".

*Just go watch Dumb and Dumber for an accurate visual representation of my life the last 6 weeks.*

Got to Bozeman and that Walmart parking lot (transfer hub) felt way more like home than it did a year ago when I showed up as a new missionary. Got with Elder Crane and we were ready to get some work done! He's awesome. Feels like I'm on a 6 week exchange with an assistant, he's teaching me a lot. We're similar but our similarities are different... If that makes sense haha... It's a lot of fun. We aren't quite bromance status and we are currently 0/43 on happy Gilmore/Ron Swanson/ Michael Scott/ Rickey Bobby/ Tony Stark/Dumb and Dumber/ Other Guys/ Step Brothers/etc... References but that's all good haha, I love him. It's his last transfer and he's going hard, I love it. We straight up didnt really know what's going on since we both got transferred in together but we are getting there! Already a ton of success just walking campus and college apartments looking for investigators. Not to boast or call out the former elders but we found 9 investigators in one day and they found 4 all last transfer... We are going hard! I'm doing my best to help send him out on a high note.

Gonna share a couple cool lil experiences we had while looking for investigators. Our teaching pool was pretty dry and since we know no one here we REALLY gotta rely on the spirit to help us find investigators and that's been good for us and a big reason for success.

- first door we knock is a girl going into film. Heck ya. She also had freakin sweet Pokemon tattoos and I only got 5/8 correct which still disappoints me but she still accepted a Book of Mormon and accepted us to come back! #ChurchIsTrue

- one guy accepted a Book of Mormon because of his friend he knew back in highschool. He remembers how good of an example he was. You never know what your example will lead to down the road.

- Taught a Muslim the restoration! Super cool dude! Lots of different nationalities represented on campus which is sweet!!!

- found 2 dudes shirt less and drunk outside a frat. Despite me never watching South Park that's a money approach on a college campus! Apparently there is a episode that talks about Mormons. They were chill with us. They were highly intoxicated so maintaining the spirit was a little difficult but they were cool with us and took a Book of Mormon.

- Found a girl wearing a Ohio State shirt so we go talk to her. She was cool, I professed my love for Urban Meyer and college football then told her I love the gospel even more. She wasn't too religious but we had a good time talking CFB.

- Found a Bucks fan and used Jabari Parker as a honorary member present to introduce the gospel.

- met this kid from Vietnam and he didn't know much about religion or God. Before we left we felt prompted to simply tell him that God loves him and his face just beamed up. It was awesome!!!

- met some guys who work at Staples... And Elder Crane and them went off on some new game called Overwatch or something. Freakin awesome. Like I said, we are similar yet different. Crane loves the PC World Of Warcraft type games and I'm all about CoD or NBA 2K on the Xbox so we got a clutch duo when it comes to finding gamers.

- one night we get done going hard on campus and walk back to the institute where we parked. We are tired.... We gotta poop. And... Our truck isn't there... We forgot we parked on the other side of campus. So we gird up our loins and get walking back and we're both like... Something good is gonna come from this.... Sure enough we hear a "ELDERS!!!!" And a recent convert we have been looking for comes running up to us. 9:12 pm on a summer holiday weekend on a college campus... Only one other person on that campus and it's him. Not sure what he was doing there but we found him! His name is Jesse and I met him last fall when Kennedy and Metcalf (also known as Qui Gon and Obi Wan) baptized him. We got a lesson set with him for that next day about helping him get on a mission and it went really well! He's a stud and is fired up to serve... So after our meeting with us he decided to bring a friend to church on Sunday and I'll get more into that in a sec but ya! Being blonde leads to miracles.

- another night we are hitting up some apartments and we see Raiders and Sharks stickers on a truck with a Cali plate... Crane is from San Jose and all about the Sharks so I'm all "we gotta find em dude!!!". Go in and there are probably 24 apartments and we were trying to find that "one". Guided to a door on the second  floor and knock it and the door opens and... Steelers flag on the wall... Crap, not it.... But I still think we were guided there. They were pretty chill. 3 guys eating pizza and playing COD and drinking beer. And they all accepted a Book of Mormon and for us to come back haha. One was a Viking and other was a Raven and I straight up used Matt Asiata and Eric Weddle to help em get hyped about the gospel lol. Cool kids, excited to teach em.

- Get back last night and we see some students balling at a court. Went and played 3 on 3 and it was awesome. Crane is like a white Shaq in his prime. Awesome sunset, fireworks goin off around us, and then talking about the gospel. That was sweet.

Lots of miracles. So many more too! Awesome week. This all was never just... Pick an apartment complex and go... It was  praying and asking God where we need to go. Really gaining a testimony on following the spirit in this work. It's awesome.

Then you have the ward... Not gonna lie it's weird not having families in your ward directory or old people... I like families and the old people out here are awesome so that made me a lil sad but this ward is honestly pretty sweet.

- first dinner we go over and this girl is making us pancakes and bacon for dinner... She asks if that's good with us and all I say "I'm a simple man, I like pretty dark haired women and breakfast food." Elder Delimata was thankfully with us and he caught on to the Ron Swansonism. Realized that could sound pretty bizarre had she never seen Parks and Rec so I quickly explained.

- our WML served in the Perth mission a few years ago. Cool guy. Not the same as having Coach to go to but he's still pretty awesome.

- Going through our list and a guy with the name "Smalls" came up and right on cue Jesse and I say "you're killing me Smalls". It was too perfect. #DidWeJustBecomeBestFriends

- church was awesome. Maybe it's because I am commanded not to and therefore don't have to worry about flirting but it's fun. I may have accidentally started a Ron Swanson presidential campaign during the pot luck after so #AchievementUnlocked.

- Got this stud from Ohio that's a big Buckeyes fan so we talk college football. Cool kid.

- Jesse brings his friend... And we teach him for like 2 hours and then he hangs out at the church with everyone for another 2. Awesome guy, he's feeding us Wednesday and wants to learn more. Gotta good feeling about him.

This ward is fun. The campus is awesome. Straight up to get to share the gospel and talk to guys and girls my age about college football... And  Ron Swanson... And the NBA.... And Call of Duty... And BDUBS... And Disney... And more college football... And Pokemon... And Transformers... It's just so much fun. Being social is actually kind of fun, I might try it when I get home.

Been a real fun and crazy week. Still a little tough getting adjusted but it's been good, challenges humble you, humility leads to using the Atonement. I like it here. Got to see GINA!!! Had dinner at the Turners last night down in Belgrade and dang... Memories man!!! I love the Turners. Then as we are walking out Sister Carlson drives by so I gotta talk to her. Feels like I'm home. I love it here.

Can't believe it's a year this Friday.  I remember sitting in the Belgrade church getting an email from Hayden about his year mark and thinking how far away that is... Here it is. Loving all the relationships and friends I'm making. Helps you see a new side of what the gospel is all about. Got a haircut last week and it was probably the best haircut ever and it had nothing to with hair. Being able to talk with Brother Matson about the gospel and families, it was special, that's an amazing family. Helped me regain focus on why I'm out here and the power of the gospel. That's just a small example of how the people here have strengthened my testimony.

Been a hard year but it's been well worth it. I still miss home, I still miss my fam. But the experiences and people out here trump any of that, helps me see how good of a life God has given me and motivates me to serve even more. Walking around campus with a companion makes me think of those days walking around the hill talking about missions and girls and Utah football and how we could get onto that roof...  with Jared. Brings back a lot of memories and for a split second I miss it... But then I remember just how much I'm loving it, so I have decided when I'm walking around college in a year I wanna look back and miss walking around MSU as a missionary talking about God's love for us. I wanna miss doing this.

If the way I feel leaving areas is any indicator of that, I think I'm gonna miss this a lot. Gotta "live" it up.

Round 2 baby here we go!!!!


Love ya fam AND HAPPY 4TH! Even though I'm convinced both presidential candidates are HYDRA this still is the "Greatest country on the planet" as Ricky Bobby once put it. God bless the USA and all those who defend it and their families. Especially you Kurt, love ya potato boy. Only person I know that can rip a tree out with their hands yet fail to make contact with a golf ball #NeverForget. Love having you as a brother.

I'm also officially at the stage of life where I get upset when fireworks wake me up. #CallMeHorace

- Elder K


*wanted to take a patriotic picture so I grabbed my lightsaber and used the night vision goggles I found in the apartment to locate a eagle in the sky and watch it fly with its wings of freedom. #Merica.

"Could you imagine if we had these when we were 12???" ... "Even better... We have em when we are 40 (or missionaries) ." - Step Brothers 

* #ZoneOfEnoch

* ma boy Dallan Koerner. He'll be playing college ball one day, I'm calling it now. 

*those Bitterroot sun sets 
* Bishop Hawkes and fam. Super bummed I'm missing the youth missionary hike this week! We will play our Disney charades another day. 

*CVall elders. Thomas and Angle. My bold prediction for next transfer is I'll be training Elder Angle to be a zone leader. Both are freakin awesome elders. 

* the brick bordering I found while weed whacking a few months ago. It's come a long ways. Gillispies were a special family to me. 

* drive up Skalkaho. Panther has 1 year to get in shape. 

* 2 of the Equatore boys. Missionary hand book says we can't hold children but doesn't say members can't hold children... 

* our boy Link!  
* told the Kings about Lola who is on the panthers dashboard so Kaillin photo shopped this... priceless 

* Star Wars stickers and the brick.... 

* stealth ops. Made me think of @pettbryan and the raccoon wars of 2013

*while looking at my packed bag I decided I'm either a really good missionary or an awful missionary... Probably not much in between haha. 

*#ZoneOfEnoch one last time. Kellogg (the dabber) got his visa and was shipped to Manchester this week

*Elder Bills and his fresh spring water 

*the Camaro 

*the things you find in the fridge of your new apartment 

* the campus 

*way you earn the YSA's respect... Ping Pong. All those nights in the Mann's basement prepared me for this 

* I have missed those Bozeman sunsets 

* #LockYourHeart 

* thanks for the pic potato boy, love ya dude.