Monday, March 27, 2017

Gold Jacket...Green Jacket - March 27, 2017


What's up Fam!!!

- last Monday I bought a $10 pitching wedge at a pawn shop and that was possibly the best/worst idea I have ever had cause it is helping contain my golf fever but is also increasing it. I pulled out the rug at the stake center and a garbage can to aim at and hit some plastic balls. It was a good time.

- *gets out of car to go street contact

* Elder Hoschouer - "no no no no no no put it back."

* puts Patrick (yes I named my wedge) back in the car

- we had a meeting at the stake center and at the end Elder Potter and the other elders dared me to hit an apple so we did that. I got some on my face and slacks but it was well worth it. #GolfFever

- this pas week was my birthday was one of my all time faves. Super fun day. Had a sweet lesson with a family then the Baird's had us over... red balloons... Utes cups/napkins... Famous Dave's... they got me a Utes jacket... it was so much fun. Highlight of it all was teaching Maddie Baird to hold up a U.

- I'm just gonna throw this out there that me and Maddie Baird are #RelationshipGoals cause we blow kisses at each other during sacrament meeting.

- met this dude who was trying to confound us by using scripture verses that don't actually exist... He thought he was hot stuff, it was cute.

- WE SAW JR (red hat guy)!!!! He'd been MIA for a while but we finally got to meet with him. Pretty sweet Restoration lesson. It is going to take some time with him but that's just fine, he has a sincere desire to find out what he needs to do to be united with his family and that's what it's all about. He also found someone wearing some J's to pass the card to ;) if you don't remember this story... you'll hear it again I'm sure. Borderline New Era stuff going on.

- forgot to mention this last week... so Sister Baird came in clutch on planning a sick youth activity about the "fiery darts of the adversary" where the youth had to run from one side of the gym to the other while the adults shot them with Nerf guns. Round 2 they had tables set up to protect them labeled as prayer, temple, etc... along with the missionaries running with them. So much fun.

I have been thinking a lot about the Spirit recently. My mission has taught me how important the Holy Ghost is in missionary work and especially in life. This last week that was on my mind as we came across so many different types of people as we walk around and talk (nice weather is awesome). Some people are receptive... some are not...

Elder Hoschouer and I really don't change, we may deliver our message differently to different people we meet... but we stay the same and the message is the same. The Spirit is the same. The only real variable is how receptive that person is to the feelings of the Holy Ghost. Our job as missionaries is simple... create an environment where they can feel the Holy Ghost, but if someone is too stubborn or hard hearted, they can't feel anything.

Point in all this... we need to soften our heart and let the Holy Ghost teach us. The Holy Ghost knows a lot more than any one on this earth does... yet we hardly listen to him. Imagine if we paid as much attention to the Holy Ghost as we do to CNN... Face book... Twitter...that crap show about a dude dating a bunch of girls and handing out roses. The Holy Ghost is so much more edifying... but we barely give him the time of day. Listen to what Heavenly Father is trying to tell you, conference this weekend is a sweet opportunity.

The Gospel is sweet, I could go on forever about it. Not everything always makes sense to me right away but I'm happier and I notice other people are happier when they live it and that's enough for me.

Love ya fam,

- Elder K

P.S... street by the mission home is "Augusta street"... #GolfFever #GoldJacketGreenJacket- #ElderSpieth

-  best birthday ever

- Elder Hoschouer got his head stuck in a chair. #CompanionshipStudy.

He's a stud, we have had a lot of fun.

- found a baby Groot at Walmart

- yes... it says jump for Jesus. #WelcomeToMontana

- spring football

- Tag Brown. #GOAT

 Conger's dog Mozzi... cutest dog ever

- defending the youth from Satan Nerf darts.

Can FaceBook Be More Like Nephi - March 20, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

- QOTW from E. Hoschouer - "I have never seen Anchorman but after living with you I feel like I have." #AchievementUnlocked

- Elder Potter is now in the district so of our course our bromance has been rekindled. I have heard from several elders that I just need to be as good as flirting with girls when I go home as I am with elders and I'll be set. #SplashElders

- had missionary Jedi Council (also known as MLC) on Tuesday in Helena. Got up at 3:30 and drove about 3.5 hours there and back so that was fun... MLC was good, President Wadsworth said there is only such thing as dead missionaries not dead areas #ShotsFired

- had dinner at the Potters and the Lynch's came too... you know it's going to be a good night when they say we are having breakfast for dinner and I respond with "I'm a simple man, I like pretty dark haired women and breakfast food" and then we spend the entire dinner quoting Ron Swanson. She also worked for Disney World so we nerded out a bit.

- Elder Hoschouer is going through our speed dial list and asks who "BWW" is... I shed a manly tear thinking about the Mango Habanero.

- during zone training we did a role play where we tried to teach this family while all these distractions were going on... so all the other missionaries were acting as distractions while we taught. Elder Potter yells out a "duh-nuh-nuh duh-nuh-nuh" while Elder Smith acted like he was a March Madness broadcaster and even in the role play I lost all control and couldn't focus. It's a rough time of year for me.

- with that said I have not used Sister Siri to give me score updates so I'm trying hard. #AchievementUnlocked

- when the guy at the gas station told me Wisconsin beat Nova I did a triple fist pump/jump #CalledIt.

- Elder Potter and I both had Duke winning it all so our brackets...#TheyDone. Church is still true though.

- back to missionary stuff #SorryMom, there was a shooting a few blocks from our place so that was fun. #WelcomeToMontana BillingsEdition™

- utilized companionship study to teach Elder Hoschouer the pick and roll. Still trying to convince him the golf course is a wonderful place for some morning study but not sure how far I'll get on that one.

- saw 2 grown men riding a Harley together and that'll probably be me and @teambetalpha in 40 years. #SorryMom

- spoke in church yesterday, Maddie Baird was waving to me and blowing me kisses. Greatest day ever. I didn't want to blow her a kiss back because when I waved to her the old lady sitting on the front row thought I was waving to her and I feared she'd think the same and blow me a kiss back and then things would just get awkward when we go into Relief Society to drop off the meal calendar.

3 spiritual highlights

- ran to Walmart for some bike stuff. A less active lady called out to us and asked which part of Billings we cover. Billings is no Los Angeles by any means but turns out she lives in our area and she wants us to teach her fiancé and she wants to come back to church. We are pumped, his name is Cornelius, he's a stud. If we don't find them, they'll find us.

- had an awesome lesson with the Browns where we talked about 1 Nephi 17 where Nephi builds the boat.. only read the first 13 verses and we had a sweet discussion. Sister Brown pointed out that Nephi barely mentions their struggle in the wilderness, and really only focuses on the positives. She told us she wished Facebook was more like Nephi haha. It was cool, I liked that. We need to focus on all the good.

That was a big difference between Nephi and his older brothers, he had the right perspective and he remained humble and grateful.

- Had a lesson with Wayne. He's been struggling with some stuff and we had a good lesson. Mid way through the lesson the spirit just knocked him on the chest and Wayne's all "I haven't been reading my scriptures... that's why! I NEED TO READ! I'm getting up early tomorrow and I'm going to read!" So he gets goin on this little rant and it was awesome, he's such a good guy. It was sweet seeing the Holy Ghost inspire him.

Seriously fam, If you are struggling with desire... read that book, you will know it's from God.

A lot more I wanna share... this stuff is pretty sweet. I spoke in church on the topic of "what I want to do differently when I go home".

Tough to not go full on #TrunkFest2k17 when you are thinking about that all week, but it definitely got me thinking. It's been a wild ride but wow Heavenly Father has taught me a lot and I'm grateful for that. Especially grateful for the family I have gained out here. Gave that talk on the two year anniversary of the mission call... what.Just. Happened.

Life is good fam, gospel brings joy. Simple as that, all about family.

S/O to my sister Abby for giving me a niece! That was a sweet surprise this morning :) she has 9 months to be tall enough to get kicked off of space mountain with her Uncle K. IM SO PUMPED TO MEET HER AND ELI!!!!

Love ya fam,

- Elder K

*train pic for Z

* big 3 selfie at MLC

* zone pics

* AT-AT tree house #FamilyGoals

* this was Tag being a tiger (tag-er) at dinner

* Elder Potter - "don't let go of me Jack!" #Splashtanic

* hope you all had a wonderful Cody Day. Got this from cody in Tennessee.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Charizard Chalkboard - March 13, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

- crazy crazy week. We had transfers and training the new missionaries. 4 sisters came in so it was a small group but still a blast. New missionaries are the best, it's a lot of fun getting to hang out with them their first few days in the field.

- told them during training to follow the Tim McGraw doctrine and they'll be good.

- Elder Hoschouer had this deep idea about an alternate universe where I introduce Optimus Prime into the Jedi Council then I wife Padme.  That's a good way to describe our companionship from the last week.

- went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and (100% not planned I promise, mom) Duke vs NC was on and since Frank Jackson was playing I justified watching that one while we were there. Last March Madness as a missionary coming up... I can do this.

- we sat behind the Baird's at church and their family continues to be #FamilyGoals. However the saddest event in the history of mankind is when Sacrament Meeting ends and people start getting up and Maddie knows it's time to go to nursery and she starts crying... and as she gets carried out she tells to us "bye"... seriously plucks my heart strings more than the end of Toy Story 3. It makes me wonder if I can even be a dad someday it's so sad.

- watching a video in EQ and Jenny Goldsberry popped up on the screen and that caught me off guard a little bit.

- #NerdMomentOfTheWeek™ was at dinner last night. The guy is telling us about his mission and how he came home right when the first Transformers came out. I say "so you served 8 years ago?"... he pauses to count the years and says yes... he's looking a little shocked I knew that, his wife is too, even Elder Hoschouer is... then I tell them I'm a big Transformers nerd. It was a little embarrassing. It just slipped out.

Yeah, it was a wild week and I'm glad to get goin on to the next.

Training the new missionaries was a for sure highlight. When I arrived I was so scared so I'll take any chance to calm their nerves  when the new missionaries come in. It's nerve racking, a lot of unknown and uncertainty, but man it's fun. Never thought I'd be the one saying that.

I was gonna give you an in depth analysis on the sweet experience I had with 2 Nephi chapter 4: 12-35 this week but instead I want to challenge all of you to read it and let the spirit teach ya. One little tip... really put yourself in Nephi's shoes.

The Book of Mormon is sweet fam... I know it's the cliche stuff you hear a lot but if you are a looking for a desire to choose the right, be happy, get through your trials, all that... read that book - Pray - attend church. I see it all the time with people. They stop with those 3 and so does their desire, but just as easy it is to lose that desire you can gain it back. Why??? Because those BIG 3 bring the spirit into your life, and it's the spirit that drives us.

A lot more I wanna share but I think we'll call it good there.

Anyway, Read that chapter, tell me what ya think and I'll tell ya what I think. 2 Nephi 4:12-35

Love ya fam

- Elder K


- during training we did a role play on finding. Pres acted like a guy at a bus stop... STL's were a door approach... I was playing ball and my name was DeAndre... Hoschouer was playing Pokémon go. To make things more realistic I drew myself a hoop and I also drew a pitiful looking charizard and told the sisters they have 2 minutes to teach Hoschouer until his attention is averted to a wild charizard that appeared...  So after 2 minutes I started running around with the charizard chalk board while they were trying to teach him. gotta get em ready for the real stuff. Pres just sat there and laughed... I honestly wonder what he thinks about us lol.

- *post transfer nap on floor of office*

- walked into the church one night and they were jousting and playing basketball with hover boards.

- Riverview Ward cameo appearance in West Park Ward

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Shark Week - March 6, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

- had another good night with Tag... we played "Ghost Ninja Fire Pizza Monster"... it was pretty intense. At one point I was the "Ghost Ninja Fire Pizza Monster" and I was hiding behind the door and jumped at Tag with an Elmo doll and his face was priceless.

--- scare a 3 year old. #AchievementUnlocked #ImAMonster #AdventuresWithTag

- had a solid dinner with the Bishop. We discovered the pure excellence of the combination of flaming hot Cheeto puffs and Nutella. Possibly gonna be my new go to college snack.

- Elder Hoschouer explained to me the plot line of Les Mis. I'd still rather take a steel toed boot to the nuggets than watch that movie ever again but it made a lot more sense with no one singing and the characters being referred to as "wolverine" .. " cat woman"..."pirates of the Caribbean mermaid girl"... etc.

- we had a stake missionary night with the youth. It was a blast. All the missionaries in Billings were there and we each manned a 3 minute station on preparing the youth to serve. Super fun being around the youth.

One kid had a shark tie so we went hardcore on talking about shark week and another kid had a beautiful Utes tie so of course that made me shed a manly tear of joy and we nerded out a bit. Overall a very enjoyable experience. Makes me want the dream calling of mission prep even more.

- we had our departing missionaries take off this weekend so we got to enjoy another #TrunkFest2k17. Biggest perk of all being we get to attend the temple with them. Pretty solid group. Then we have transfers and training the new missionaries this week. Craziest week of the transfer is in full swing... so I'm going to be taking a fat nap on Friday when transfers are over.

2 spiritual highlights of the week:

1. We have been working with an older less active gentleman for the last 8 weeks. Very down to earth and humble man. We have challenged him to pray at the end of the lesson for the last few months and each time he says "next time." Well this week "next time" finally happened and he offered a very sincere and simple prayer. Few things beat hearing someone pray for the first time or first time in a while. It was sweet.

2. The station I was at for the youth missionary night was "Taking on the Name of Christ". For an hour I talked to the youth about the significance of our name tag, and since then it's been on my mind a lot. I remember when I first came out and I'd often sit there, see my name tag, and think "wow, I'm really doing this." Over time that has worn off and I have gotten used to it. Since that night however, I have been reminded how fortunate I am to wear Christ's name everyday.

We take on the name of Christ when we are baptized sure... but for these 2 years we really get to put it on.

Like I told the youth that night... you wouldn't let just anyone sign into your
Twitter, Insta, FB... and start posting from your account...yet Christ trusts us to take on his name and act on behalf of him. We will all fall short, but that's why we have the Atonement, so he can help us overcome those obstacles and become closer to being like him.

The Gospel is sweet, all it does is teach us how to be more like the Savior so we can return back to our Heavenly Father and be with our families.

Missions are like a magnified experience of that. They are big shoes to fill wearing that name tag and carrying on Christ's legacy, but I'm grateful for the chance to try.

Love ya fam

- Elder K


- Dysfunctional Zone Pics

- oh yeah we got up at 4 am Friday to drive to Helena (about 6 hours there and back) to pick up #TrunkFest2k17 and it was a pretty drive.

- temple

- captain ammonica giving Groot the "you had one job" stare.