Monday, February 6, 2017

Strawberry Shortcake - February 6, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

- had the Wyoming elders in for ball last Monday, good time seeing my boy Elder Christensen and especially getting to play some basketball with him and the Wyoming elders.

- also played some indoor softball... the Benchwarmers quotes were on point not gonna lie. A few elders and a sister caught on so that gave me hope for the mission. #YoureStillOut

- drove to Helena that night for MLC, stopped at a gas station and JB was on the radio and I shed a manly tear thinking about Elder Wells.

- I have decided MLC is pretty much the Jedi Council for the Montana Billings Mission. Makes it more fun when I think of it like that. That was good stuff, fun getting to see everyone.

- drive back was... pretty sketchy. Got about halfway and the road was closed due to a wreck so we and about 7 other companionships + the Baird's flipped back around and spent the night in a hotel in Bozeman. We went and got dinner, went to Walmart... it was a good time. That bed though... <3

--- last time I stayed in a hotel... 18 months earlier - first night in Montana - and I stayed with Elder Hoschouer... that whole time we were a little blown away how fast this all went.

- taught the Plan of Salvation to the Browns... Tag is my best friend out here haha, I love that kid. He helped me out with the display cards and later tried to use them as a train. It was awesome.

- also got to teach the Sherman's... another family I'm just lovin. An older couple but they are so much fun. Highlight of teaching them as well as highlight of the week... we were teaching repentance and how it relieves us of guilt, addiction, shame... all that, and Wayne says... "it's like the first time you eat strawberry shortcake, it's just so good." Couldn't say it any better than that!

- Saturday there were some mid-transfers going on so we did some #MOARdriving. Some elders involved couldn't leave their apartment because they were snowed in #WelcomeToMontana but we all got out eventually. We drove to Butte and along the way stopped in Three Forks to drop off an elder... I SAW MARIAH OUTSIDE THE HIGHSCHOOL!!! Told Elder Hoschouer to stop and pull over and I jumped out.  Townsend was playing ball there I think, super bummed Jon wasn't there but it was sweet getting to see her. (She's Jon's girlfriend, I was really good at third wheeling them in Bozeman.)

- I think all together it was about a 9 hour adventure. No offense to #BillVille but man it's so pretty on that side of the state... saw 2 bald eagles... started a #TrumpChant whenever I saw them... #Merica

- lots of driving, pretty drive too. I did come to the humbling realization that there is no way the Panther will make it through some of those passes so that was a little sad.

- We had a good time. I like Elder Hoschouer, he brings out my inner nerd. During Weekly Planning we got on the topic of what if Optimus had a light saber and was force sensitive and I had to take a moment and lie down I was so overwhelmed at the thought. Wells and I talked a lot of sports... Hoschouer and I just nerd everywhere. I love it.

- yesterday church rocked. Tag came running in to give us hugs. He wanted us to play Batman and Superman with him and despite my inner child bursting inside of me we had to explain we couldn't at church. Did give him his future missionary pin and he was stoked! It was awesome.

- went to the Conger's for a correlation meeting... got a score update and Falcons were up 21-3... went to the hospital a little later for a blessing and the tv we walked past had Tom Brady holding up the Lombardi and I was impressed not gonna lie.

- still don't like hospitals and raptors.

- today we went to get our haircut and I sat next to the 7 year old version of Steph Curry. Decked out in UA and everything. After about 10 minutes of spewing nba knowledge to me we became bros. he was sweet. It felt like I knew him, I think it's because he reminded me of Easton.

We're trying hard to get something going in our area, nothing so far but we're still at it. I think I'm getting mission fever, 5 months left and I really want to get something done. But it's not my timing that matters and you gotta remember that. There's still a lot left to do and learn.

One cool miracle... last Monday I had this person stuck on my mind but couldn't remember the name or where she's from. Then I realized it was an older lady from a dry cleaners in Hamilton that we taught. That next day at MLC the Hamilton elders told a story from a few days earlier about how they felt prompted to talk to a lady outside the dry cleaners who turned out to be a former investigator... same one I was thinking of.

Pretty sick. I love it when stuff like that happens haha.

I've been thinking about the Atonement a lot this week. You really gotta put all focus and strength on it if you want to over come the challenges we face on earth, I really want to help people see that. I don't know if there is anything cooler than seeing it take place in someone's life, especially when it involves Strawberry Shortcake or playing Buzz Lightyear & Woody with Tag.

Missions are a real nut punch sometimes. I thought by this point it would be easy but it's still a challenge, but those "Strawberry Shortcake"moments or playing fire fighter with Tag or even venting with a 7 year old at great clips about Lebron's atrocious flopping makes it worth it... pretty cool helping people be happy. Christ went through the ultimate grind for us. I like to imagine He had that same attitude as he struggled in the garden and on the cross, he knew how much it would help us and bring us happiness, rather it would "change us to happiness". What he did strengthens us to change, and as a missionary we are fortunate enough to have court side tickets to see that change to happiness.

I need the atonement just as much as they do. Same goes for everyone, we all need it, Christ is the only way. It's all a journey. Learn the lesson Heavenly Father is teaching you then move on to the next.

Love ya fam,

- Elder K


*when you're trying to take a MLC picture and elders can't keep their hands to themselves

* #UteProud

* Big 3

* Hotel Crew selfie

* Baird's kid made this... they are doing a bigger one for their city.
When I grow up I want to be like the Baird's kids. They are #FamilyGoals

* our new recruit
* my boy Steph Curry. His shoe game was on point.

* #WelcomeTomMontana, winter hit all over again this week.

* Elder and Sister Baird (different than Lego/Nerf Baird's) are out, gonna miss them. In honor here's a pic of nazi general transfer day Elder Baird. He'd yell orders in German, it was too funny.

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