Monday, March 28, 2016

Memories - March 28, 2016

What's up FAM!!! 

- Out knocking doors one day, this teenage kid barely opens the door and says
 "no no no no.. Mestah Supaman... he no here" 
and shuts the door. I was laughing so hard. Metcalf didn't know who Consuela was so I had to explain. If anyone else understands this one you get a #AchievementUnlocked

- We dished out like a solid 5 referrals to areas in our zone this week... Elder Stockton of the Utah Jazz and Elder Nash of the Phoenix Suns in #HamTown

- The Moon looked sweet this week, haven't seen a moon like that since I lived with Jared... Alright that probably isn't making the blog, #SorryMom. 

- dinner with the Equatores... If you haven't caught on yet I love them. The mom wasn't there so it was the dad, 3 boys, and us... #BadIdea... And we talked about nerf wars in heaven and missionary work. Glorious night. Can't wait to come up and shoot with them.

- Elder Metcalf is writing one of his recent convert families one night... Asks me "what's a good way to tell this family I want my future family to be like them..." 

* sets down journal 
**looks up 
*** pauses for dramatic effect 
*** ...  "your family is #GOALS" 
** goes back to writing in journal 

"I'd like to not use a hashtag to tell them but thanks for the idea" - Elder Metcalf 

*** you know in Anchorman when Ron is told "Ron I don't think the network is concerned about an old wooden ship used during the civil war era but nice try" ... That's what it was like haha. I thought it was a great idea! I love Elder Metcalf, this has been a good transfer even though he still won't fart in front of me. 

- hit up the Koerner's for a lesson. Super awesome recent convert family. Kyler is 2 and we are TIGHT. He's got all the ninja turtle gear ever made so that was painful.
 ***Do you have any idea how hard it is teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ while Donatello is trying to cut off your arm???*** and we also went through his Cars book naming all the characters.  Midway through the lesson his older brother hits him with a sword and Kyler looks at me, clenches his fist, and whispers to me... "D*** IT!!!!!!" It reminded me of whenever I don't give @pettbryan the popcorn in Disneyland. He is so dang funny, at the end we are asking questions to the older kids and handing out treats... Obviously Kyler wants a Mickey Mouse sucker too. Metcalf asks "who is Jesus?" Goes all quiet as we anticipate the response.... "Jesus Christ." Well.... I can't say that's wrong, good work Kyler.

- eating dinner at a members house and he insists we watch the BYU basketball game... Metcalf came in clutch in resisting temptation and told him we can't. He pursued to tell us it's ok because it's "the Lord's team" Wanted to say "if the Lord did have a team pretty sure they wouldn't be playing in the NIT 🐸☕️" but I'm learning self control out here.

- The bishop was telling us he thinks it's garbage they make us wear a purse. I actually have grown to love my man purse, I just constantly have to convince myself psychologically it's cool because Jack Bauer and Indiana Jones did it. Way I see it, if Nephi can build a boat I can wear a purse for 2 years #IWillGoAndDo.  

- cracked out some Mike and Ike's one day during tracting... I turn to Elder Metcalf and say "you like Mike and Ike's? You like Mike and Ike's Elder Metcalf??? Elder Metcalf you like Mike and Ike's???" 

*** silence comes as I wait to see if he gets the reference*** 

Elder Metcalf - "where ya boyfriend at???"     *** we both bust up laughing***

- So I forgot to mention last week that during lunch at zone conference they had all the March birthdays come up to the front... "March birthdays get on the line"... When I heard "get on the line" I had flashbacks to the Jr Jazz coaching days with Coach Boyd. We were either the worst or best coaches in the history of high school Jr Jazz. Have a good birthday Elder Boyd, go recruit the next Pau Gasol in Spain for us, I'll break a white board in honor of you. #SportsMed4Life #RohoVenetorus 

Pretty good week! Birthday was awesome! Thanks for making it a good one. Definitely a different birthday but you only get two birthdays where you are referred to as "Elder Pett" when people are singing to ya so live it up! Sister Dayes struck again this time on social media... The Lord is teaching me self control on social media too apparently. We also did HT splits that night and I was with Brother Pederson and he was telling me how his idea of Heaven is being an elk and eating Naps burgers off of trees... #ImDown. It was a good day, didn't go on a movie man date to see GI Joe 2 with @teambetalpha or wasn't hanging out with the Mouse, but definitely one of my favorite birthdays. 

Then there was Easter... Such an awesome day. Church was amazing, such a strong spirit felt during sacrament meeting. Teachers and Deacons were short on number so Elder Metcalf and I got to sub in on passing the sacrament. Sitting on the bench next to Will Jessop and winking at Anthony Equatore up at the table brought back memories of the Riverview Ward. I love these guys. The Easter program got me in fulł on tears. Other than Mother's Day last year when the Bishopric was reading letters from the missionary's serving and the Mann's farewell, I don't think I have cried in a sacrament meeting but this one got to me. We got to teach Sunday School to the youth also. Oh man that was fun. Was doing my best to be as awesome as Bruce Fuller and Brother Zolman. That brought back memories too... I miss those days. It was fun. I loved it. We had Easter dinner at the Della Silva's and it was dang good. I love this ward.

It was a week of counting my many blessings. This work can be rough... But I can't complain. I talk about memories a lot I have noticed, heck sit in on a discussion with me and my friends and it seems like every sentence starts with "remember that time...". I love memories, I think that's why I love making videos so much, memories are what it's all about! I could go on for days about memories I have. They mean something to me. The Mission is no different, I still love those memories. They are a constant reminder of "because I have been given much I too must give". Like I said, it's not easy, but those memories fuel that desire to serve. I'm so grateful for what I have. If a mission has taught me anything it's how much the Lord has given me, now it's my turn to give it back to him no matter how hard these 2 years can be... And in return he blesses me with more memories with ward members, investigators, and companions that I now consider family. Especially grateful for a Savior I can turn to. I have grown to really love the Atonement out here and appreciate all I have. The church is true family. This work kinda beats the crap out of you sometimes but I love it, I wouldn't be out here if it wasn't true. 

Enjoy general conference this week! 

- Elder K

1. The ZONE (s. Johnson, s. Embry, s. Felemi, s. Sanjaa, e. Brimley, e. Angle, e. Mika, e. Macelvany, e. Peterson, e. Meinhardt, 😘, e. Metcalf)

2. Tug of war with bear... That's his name. First time I saw him I peed a little cause I genuinely thought it was a bear 

3. My boy Kyler!!!

4. So pretty... So so pretty... Greatest color for a Camaro. #LockYourHeart

5. I had to get a pic of that sign... #TheyDone


7. Sunday School

8. Easter 

9. #ShotsFired 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Go that Inch" - March 21, 2016

What's up FAM!!!

- we saw an owl. 

- had dinner over at the Della Silva's. Her enchiladas are the only ones I have had that compete with my moms so that's impressive. Somehow let it slip that Utah football is a higher priority than marriage when I get home and she did not like that one bit. Explained that it is pretty much work, leisure, school, all in one but in reality I was just digging myself a bigger hole while trying to get out. Bro DS may be a Cougar at heart but he was on my side... Just knew not to admit it haha. Felt like a conversation me and @pettbryan would have with mom. #DogHouse. We are having Easter dinner with them and I am so excited. 

- We were talking to the bishop one day and he was just straight up venting to us. It was hilarious. He's such a good bishop, he's just real with it. By the end of the discussion we were quoting Dumb and Dumber... "Although slow and dangerous behind the wheel... The elders do serve a purpose in Hamilton." Obviously the slow part doesn't apply to me... #TheyDone 

- we decided to try a burger joint that neither of us have been to. Called the "Filling Station" or something. It was either the green chilis on the burger or the music being played  that nearly brought me to tears... "That's all", "Summer of '69" #Track1, "Old Time Rock and Roll", and "Somewhere Beyond the Sea"... #DirtyDisney. 

      "That kinda music just soothes the soul, I reminisce about the days of old, with that old time rock and roll".

Yep, That was my Babylon music fix for the week! It took me back to those drives in the panther!

- so some elders in the district are talking about some of their revelatory dreams that have proved to mean something to them as they serve... And once again... Then there's Elder Pett's dreams... I told them about how the night prior I dreamt I was #StealthOp tracting with @teambetaalpha because Russian terrorists were trying to kill us.... Got that "how are you our zone leader look" from them haha. No Greg Popovich involved this week but dang I have some weird dreams as a missionary. 

- saw a herd of buffalo. 

- Went out to dinner at Naps with Sister Leighter. Those burgers tho... I swear each bite equates to 100 sit-ups but I don't even care, so dang good. Sister Leighter is awesome. She's from Conrad so we had a good time talking about #TheRad family and the #GOAT Brother Weisgram. She's so dang funny... Alright let me paint a picture for ya.

*"Brown eyed girl" is being played on the radio (such a good song)... 

*You are downing a 12 oz burger while the elderly lady in front of you is too downing a 12 oz burger (she's didn't eat all of it but I was still impressed)... 

*You are having a nice conversation about families and the gospel... 

*Next thing you know she starts going off on the liberals that don't want her shooting bears and that want to take her guns away.... #ThatEscalatedQuickly 

*** Just a reminder she's 70+... #WelcomeToMontana, I love it here. She'd be awesome on Twitter, official grandma of #TwitterDreamTeam. 

- while on the topic of celery doesn't have calories (#ThingsMissionarysTalkAbout) I said... "Ya, pretty sure brownies don't either" and Metcalf gave me that same look Kurt would give me whenever I tell him made up facts. Love ya potato boy.  

- helped a band get set up for the ward young adult dance party and the drummer reminded me of pre-mission haircut Andrew Thackeray. Cool guys, wanted to get out on the dance floor that night but unfortunately such acts of Babylon is forbidden for elders. 

- PEC on Sunday was pretty much just bracketology and it was kinda weird not having a clue what's going on in the world of March Madness. I did fill out a bracket last week... I got to fill out ONE bracket... Was notified via email that the team I picked to win it all got their butt whooped in the second round but when you get one bracket to fill out you can't NOT pick your team to win it all (if that makes sense)!!! "A Utah Man sir will be till I die." 
- Dinner with the Pederson's and Brother Pederson (ex-military) started going off on PO'd red necks killing terrorists if they ever invade this country. I love Montana. 


- Drive to Missoula was winter, drive back was spring (check the pics). #WelcomeToMontana 

- Reunited with my splash elder. It was quite the reunion, gosh I have missed Potter. When the vehicle coordinator was up there talking about how speeding tickets result in driving priviledges being gone we slowly turned and looked at each other #TheyBothDone. As soon as one of us are allowed to drive we have a feeling it's gonna be #AvengersAssemble and President will team up the splash elders to ignite an area with the gospel. 

- Sitting at lunch during zone conference when a sister tosses a note onto me... Open it up and #ShotsFired on my Utes (check pics). Sister Dayes heard that "I Am a Utah Man" from Sister Freeman (MTC district) and decided to blind side sucker punch me with that written Bomb while I am innocently talking with Potter and Metcalf about the BROzeman glory days of last summer .  Mom, you'd be proud to know I buried my weapons of war last July and I didn't go all @MPett3 #TwitterDreamTeam on her. Probs not a good idea if she started Faslev'ing it while I'm Pedroza'ing in the background... Especially while the Mission President is sitting right there. I know I subtly take some jabs at the Cougs every once and a while in my emails but I have actually been pretty nice out here. Dang, it caught me off guard though! Never even met Sister Dayes before that. Freakin savage move but I'll admit it was well played.

- Zone Leaders and District Leaders had a little meeting with President where we could ask some questions... Somehow playing Risk with members got brought up and President asked what our thoughts were... I responded (100% jokingly btdubs) "spirit can't dwell with contention" and President told everyone that's exactly right and went off about it for like 5 minutes. I of course quickly act like I was being serious. When He told me "nice work Elder Pett" I felt inside like I just accidentally banked a 3 pointer... The Points still count right??? #ICalledBank 

Ya... Good week tho. Just kind of realized A lot of missionaries just send a paragraph home and that's probably how it should be but heck I take 3 paragraphs just to talk about catching a bunny or retrieving relief society left overs from a Christmas party after curfew while #StealthOp ninja starring Spencer Briggs along the way #SorrySisterBriggs... I just gotta let it all out man, I have so much I wanna tell you guys about!!! I guess as socially awkward as I am I just like to talk... So today's spiritual rant will be on Easter.

Everything seems to be magnified on your mission. Prayer, scripture study, the sacrament, Gen Conf, kicking rocks, hearing from your family, and currently for me, Easter.  You start to notice that the things that really are important in life, are what's magnified on your mission. Easter is definitely being magnified for me. 

A few weeks back in district meeting, Sister Sanjaa gave a discussion on charity and it has been on my mind ever since. "The pure love of Christ". I know that's what charity is, but something about that discussion and the time of year just made it stick in my mind... The pure love of Christ.... Think about that for a second! It's so much deeper than that, I honestly can't even fully wrap my mind around it. 

Typically when I need help understanding something I compare it to one of two things... 

Utah Football... Or the Mouse. 

In this case, I went with the Utes. Thought back to the video I posted a year ago last February. I think it was like "Utah Football 2014 Season Highlight video"... (Go watch the first minute and this will make a whole lot more sense. Mom if you blog this post a link.) I remember mentioning it in a previous email so this might sound a little familiar but I'm just gonna expound a little more.
The intro talks about the inches in our life. How important each inch is. You gotta do whatever it takes for that inch, but most importantly go the inch for the guy next to you. As crazy as it may sound, that's my idea of charity. That's my idea of the pure love of Christ. What Christ did for us, I really can't comprehend. Suffering every trial, pain, affliction, and temptation so that he could make up the inches we can't go. He gave up everything, suffered everything, laid down his life so he can help us go that inch... That's charity in my eyes, going that inch for the guy next to you. 

I'd go that inch for my family. By now you have probably realized I consider pretty much anyone that has had a positive impact on me as family. Whether it's my mother or a Twitter follower I have never met yet I'm tight with, If at anytime you have helped me... All I gotta say is "Family on 3".  I'd give up everything and do anything for you. But Christ didn't just go that inch for the people that loved him, he went that inch for the people that were against him too. It's easy for me to say I'd do anything for Z, but what about the person who slams the door in your face or a guy who tells you to go to hell??? Instead of yelling back "see you there!" you mean to tell me I gotta be willing to do anything to help him go that inch too? That's the most key part of charity, willing to go that inch for everyone... And that's where my thoughts have really been. 

How did Christ do it? How did Nephi do it? How did Joseph Smith and the Saints do it? They went that inch for those around them knowing darn well they were going to be rejected for it. I'm far from being like any of them, but being a missionary I guess I could ask myself how do I do it??? You have those days that every possible plan goes to crap (like @pettbryan's bracket) and no one wants anything to do with you and quite frankly you just wanna go and play in Toon Town with Z. Those days happen to everyone, missionary or not. It can kinda be hard going those inches. Dang, seriously tho, how DO I do it??? For me, I think of my family. Who I have backing me up. Those that left a legacy on me. Those that would go that inch for me. 

Now this isn't doctrine, but I imagine the Saints thought of the same people. As did Nephi. As did Christ. Who would be willing to go that inch for them.  I'm sure Heavenly Father gave them a glimpse of what was to come, the people that would be able to go that inch in the future because of the sacrifices they were making. 

I mentioned I think about my family, well I especially think of the 3 month old middle line backer back home that shares a name with me. Have I met Eli in this life??? Nope, but knowing he's got Uncle K's name gives me strength to push on, to be the best person I can be. Then I think about the name on my name tag, the One I represent. The One who went that inch for everyone. When Christ was struggling, I'd like to think he did the same thing I do. Think of those that will someday bear his name. As he was going that inch for every one of us, he knew there would be those that would reject Him. But I bet ya he was thinking of those that would go that inch for Him, and if 2 years brought him a millisecond of peace and hope when he was in the garden or on the cross, that alone makes these 2 years worth it. 

"I think you're gonna see a guy that will go that inch with you, you're gonna see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team cause he knows when it comes down to it, you're gonna do the same for Him." 

This is a special time of year as we celebrate his life and resurrection. I know he Lives. I know he loves us. And how sweet is it that because of what He did, I can be with my family forever. 

... Well I hope that made sense... If a dude dressed up in a bunny costume and colorful eggs helps you understand it better than a Utah football hype video then all power to you. I really do love this gospel, and am so incredibly grateful for a Savior that went that inch for me, and now I can go that inch for those around me.

 A year ago I got my call and a year ago today I baptized Alexis!!! Wow that freaks me out... I had a little meltdown when it hit me on Saturday... Don't even want to think about the year mark to be honest... I can't believe how much I have changed in that year, how much a mission has taught me and helped me grow. I wouldn't say I was a complete and total child of hell before my mission but there were no doubt things that I could have been better at. This gospel changes you, it helps you. I'd be nothing without Christ in my life.  I don't have all the answers of what the future will hold... but I know God has my back, and as long as I know that I'm good. 

Church is true people, I love it. Have a happy Easter and thanks for the birthday wishes, means a lot. Don't really care how old I am, @pettbryan and I will always need to be separated by my mother in sacrament meeting and given treats to behave. S/O to my lovely mother for putting up with eternal 5 year olds. 

Love ya 

- Elder K

- happy birthday this week to ma boy Nic Goldsbery (@niccysmalls). Love ya dude. 


- don't know what that is but I want to drive one. #WelcomeToMontana

- Utes All Day Everyday
 - Splash Elders 

- red Camaro... Black racing stripe... Had to go read the "lock your heart" talk after I saw that beauty.

- I'd live there. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Be Better - March 14, 2016

What's up Fam!?!?!

- so the hike last week was sweeeeeet. Still snowy but it was fun. We will be going again soon when the weather is better so I'll take some pics then. 

- while on the hike, Brimley (my Disney nerd elder) and I were having a deep doctrinal conversation on which Disney characters we would want to share the gospel with. I put a lot of thought into this as you could imagine... Obviously Belle cause I wanna #WifeThatGirl, then I went with Nemo/Marlin & Carl Fredrickson. Eternal families all the way!!!

- So there's this dude named Wizard that has a portable keyboard that he takes around playing on Main Street. We get to jam out to him during our lunch hour since we live on Main. Don't really know how to describe Wizard other than... If Filmore from cars was a person it'd be him. Such a cool guy. 

- Show up to our ZLC and Meinhardt (the one who knows @teambetalpha) and I were wearing matching ties. That was a big deal. 

- Brace yourself for this one... I know I #Goals a lot... But this is the ultimate #Goals... So we show up to a nursing home to check on a member and she isn't there... They must have been extending arts and crafts time by 4 hours that day... ;) ... Well we are on the second floor walking back to the elevator and Metcalf and I hear a pretty familiar sound... Couple seconds go by and we hear it again. Almost simultaneously (#Unity) we say "are those sounds from a Wii???". We obviously haven't heard a Wii in a while and didn't expect to hear one in a nursing home. So we go over to the edge and look down onto the first floor.  Next thing I know I am witnessing a elderly gentleman in a wheel chair cussing up a storm as he misses a 3 foot birdie putt on Wii golf (imagine a 90 year old Happy Gilmore). We just busted up laughing! That's what life is all about, make the most of what you have. I want that to be me in 70 years... Just with cleaner language. 

- this weeks BoM reading jam sesh over at Josh's house featured "Jamie's crying" "won't get fooled again" "don't stop believing". Solid line up right there. 

- out street contacting Saturday morning and we meet this young mom and are talking with her then we hear a loud scream come from a kid... I thought someone died haha... Next thing we know a bunny comes booking it around the corner of the house with 2 dogs and 2 cats coming in hot. One of the kids must have let it out. The mom yells "GET THE BUNNY!" 
#OperationIsAGo #RetrieveTheSpecialCargo
Next thing you know... 2 dudes in shirts and ties are sprinting with cats and dogs to get this bunny. We got the hostiles locked up in the yard then went #StealthOps to find the special cargo. Found Cookie hiding in a corner behind some cinder block and got him out. Proud to say he didn't try to bite my thumb off like that field mouse did when Christensen and I captured it last September. Nobody makes me bleed my own blood. But ya, it was fun. Go Mormons. 

#BunnyIsSecured #SpecialCargoRetrieved #CrisisAverted #LightTheU #ChurchIsTrue

- So our boy Greg I have told you all about runs the chess club at the school. We decided to go check it out and Greg had us play some of his students... I got wrecked haha. These kids were awesome, we had a lot of fun. Then later that night we had Greg come teach the merit badge for chess at young men's. Josh was there also so we technically had 2 investigators there! It was so much fun! We set up a bracket #MormonMadness and Josh challenged me on in the first round. I beat him but we played again... And this time it was a little different. We were making up our own rules on what pieces can do so we had Jet packs, exo suits, light sabers, spawn kills, quick scoping going on, all that stuff. It made absolutely no sense but we were laughing so hard. Such a fun night, can honestly say I have probably gone to young men's more on my mission than back home haha. #SorryMom #WednesdayNightRecBall

- We gave a blessing to a LA a few weeks back before she took a college exam, then they invited us over for dinner this past week. She was telling us how much the blessing helped, how we said something that really got her through not just the exam but through the last week. I never remember what I'm prompted to say in blessings, but she did. I'm so grateful for the Priesthood, wow my testimony in it has been strengthened out here. You can feel the person's faith as words come to your mind and I love it.  I just love this family too. She reminds me of Nancy Pereira and her husband rocks the most classy looking pony tail I have ever seen #GibbsStatus. He loves trains (showed them a pic of the village in grandmas basement and he was really impressed)  and he wants a remote control air plane but she won't buy him one... Sounds like someone... (@pettbryan). I told them once I get a drone for my go pro I'll bring it up and we can fly. I just love them! They fed us ribs and great odins Raven... Told them if I ever date I'm bringing her up to see how she handles their ribs as a potential #WifeThatGirl requirement and they are all in haha. Before we left, the husband (not a member) told us how much he values who we are and what we do. I think I have said this like 3 times already, but I love this family. They feed us, they comfort us, they look out for us, they give us huckleberry jam (which is amazing btdubs). One of those families I'm gonna have a strong connection with for a long time. 

- Lol, this is a good one... So a lot of missionaries have some pretty revelatory dreams. Heck, Christensen would teach me about the Book of Mormon in his sleep,  #ProudTrainer. Well... And then there's Elder Pett's dreams... I dreamt one night this week I was sharing the gospel to Greg Popovich... It was like during half time and I'm interviewing him about what he thinks of the gospel...

"coach, how does it feel knowing the gospel has been restored through a modern day prophet?" 

... "Good." 

"What are you planning on doing to stay on track in the gospel so you can have an eternal family?" 

... "Play better" 

Yep. You know you are becoming consecrated when you dream about missionary work... With a future NBA Hall of Famer. YouTube a Greg Popovich half time interview if this made no sense. 

- Started reading Alma again this week. You know those butterflies you get when an episode of 24 starts and Jack Bauer says "the following takes place..." I get those same butterflies when I open up Alma and read the chapter heading. Such good stuff in the book of ABRO. 

- So we had dinner over at the Equatores. It escalated quickly... We are talking about guns and the dad asks what our input is on self defense... 

*** So I turn to alma 14:35 "and they have taken up arms to defend themselves, and their wives, and children, and their lands."  

--- This got the dad and boys super hyped up (the mom, only female in the house, just sat there shaking her head while giving me that "do you realize what you have just started" look). So for the rest of dinner we were talking about modern day self defense and scripture. Cuttin off arms (Ammon) slings and rocks (David) javelin to the heart (Teancum) cutting off a guys head then putting on his clothes (Nephi). It escalated quickly haha, only for self defense purposes though, we aren't total psychopaths. Then we got spiritual and had a cool lesson on the Holy Ghost with them, I love the Equatores, they remind me of the Thackeray's. Anthony is just like my boy Will. #HailHydra 

- we were talking to this guy and he was telling us how everything on the news is depressing and evil, he said that someone needs to come up with a news station about only good things... BRUH!!! RON BURGUNDY DID IT IN ANCHORMAN 2!!!

- Elders Quroum invited us to join in on their March Madness bracket challenge. I don't have a clue what's going on but heck freakin ya!!! It's funny... A year ago at Alexis's baptism the zone leaders looked at me like I was speaking blasphemy when I brought up March Madness with them... A year later and I'm still filling out a bracket...  Am I a bad zone leader!?!? 

- had elk again at the Della Silva's... This time in the form of taquitos. #ILikeFood

Ya, that was the week!!! Work is good here in #HamTown. We are finding plenty of people to talk to but no one wants to commit and really try it out which is a little tough, #OnwardEverOnward. A lot of people think religion is a bunch of Bologna... 

Ok time for a rant, #BuckleUp, I'm sick of this excuse of "you just convince yourself it's true cause it makes you feel good... The Holy Ghost is really just yourself trying to convince you there is a God..." Ahhh heck no. People, the gospel can be a warm and fuzzy feeling, I'm not denying that, but it's not some feeling you just convince yourself of. Its not some common calm and peaceful feeling you just dream up. The gospel offers a feeling far different than any feeling the world can offer, a feeling so powerful that truly only a member of the Godhead can bring it unto you, not something you just make up. 

Ya, there are things in the world that make you feel good. I'll admit that I feel warm and fuzzy inside when the worker at Disneyland hands me a turkey leg, or when I see Tom Hackett punt a football, or when I complete a shovel pass on NCAA football for a touchdown... BUT that is 100% different than the feeling you get when you see Brian Robison baptize his family, or when you baptize one of your friends, or when you give a blessing, or when you hold your best friend minutes after he is born, or when you pray with Troy and Jason for the first time or when you hear a 6 year old girl say "I want to meet Jesus", the list goes on. Things of the world can make you feel good, but it's nothing compared to how the gospel can help you. It's not made up. The Book of Mormon isn't made up. Priesthood power isn't made up. God isn't made up.

This gospel can be a warm and fuzzy feeling, but in reality it's a fire that makes you be better. That's what it is to me, a fire that makes me want to be better. Dang, I have changed a lot out here. I still fill out March Madness brackets and carry a light saber key chain while making Anchorman references but I have changed a lot in terms of being the Son of God our Heavenly Father wants me to be. That's what the gospel is, helping us reach our full potential. I pray for the day people get it through their heads that God's plan brings more peace and joy than anything the world has to offer. That's the battle we are fighting out here, the world is losing God. Buckle up and get to work cause this stuff is serious, it's game time. Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. #IWill

Alright that's my rant for the day. A lot easier to rant when you aren't limited to 140 characters, I still love you Twitter <3

 Alright I'll wrap up this incoherent rambling mess by saying how much I love all of you. I write in my journal every night... "I'm either freakin crazy or I must have a solid testimony for being away from them". Dang, I just miss you guys! These families I build relationships with out here, I can make a connection with each of them to my family back home and that's why I love them so much. You have probably noticed that but here's some I don't think I have mentioned... 

Bishop Carlson = Brian Goldsberry
Sister Della Silva = JoLynn Tidwell 
Sis Fife = she's practically my mom
Brother Warner = Beb
Richards = Lords 
Bro Boo Ya = @teambetaalpha 
Bishop Hawkes = Coach Scalley
Sister Briggs = Aunt Jenny 
President Wadsworth = @pettbryan

The list goes on. Don't even get me started on Z, Diz, Bay, and Eli cause I see them everywhere. I love you guys. I freakin miss you all but I'm so grateful I've got family out here that remind me of you. I was a little bummed I was only going two states north and a 7 hour drive away but now that seems almost too far away, I really love it here and my family here. Then I have my brothers out here. Ma boy Elder Jaques. My Chewie - Elder Asbury!! My rock kickin, flarpin, patriotic, goof ball of a brother Elder Christensen, my splash elder - Elder Potter!!! . Missions are hard but man these relationships make me love it.

Book of Alma says it best in 28:8 - And this is the account of Ammon and his brethren, their journeyings in the land of Nephi, their sufferings in the land, their sorrows, and their afflictions, and their incomprehensible joy, Suffers... Sorrows... Incomprehensible joy. That's missionary work in a nut shell haha. Thanks for everything, I love you all. Little crazy being away from life back home but I know this is where I gotta be, it'll all work out. 

Hope everyone enjoys celebrating Elder Cody Lightfoot day this Thursday. Pretty dang lucky to have a best friend who is a leprechaun. love ya Elder Lightfoot,  #IronShamrock #MarshmallowPower 

Oh and  s/o to Diz for getting kicked out of nursery yesterday. After the space mountain incident of 2k15 I'm a very proud uncle. Hopefully the nursery didn't call Disney security on you. #ItWasntASelfieStick

- Elder K


- #SpecialCargoRetrieved. That little girl was so happy haha. 

- #Goals, don't worry he made the par putt, but boy he wasn't happy about missing that birdie putt. 

- pikachu made of sticky notes 

- street contacting 

- chess night. Josh is in the red jacket and Greg is in the back... Being... Greg haha

-  people here drive in style

Monday, March 7, 2016

"Come and Feel His Love" - March 7, 2016

 What's up fam!?! 

- I FOUND FILMORE!!!!! I think all that leaves is Guido, Luigi, Sally, Lightning, and Frank. Maybe a few others but I'm getting there! 

- Elder Meinhardt is one of the District Leaders in the zone so we meet with him once a week for a zone leadership conference thing. I found out he's from Oak City so I asked if he knew the Walls.  He remembered em all! Crista, Callie, Zach (@TeamBetaAlpha), and Colby!I loved Meinhardt before but knowing he knows @TeamBetaAlpha got him high on my list. Awesome elder. 

- I've shown Elder Metcalf the ways of the grilled cheese maker. Not kidding when I say we clean it more in one day than Jared and I did all last year in the bunker... Ya That grilled cheese maker from the bunker...  #ItDone... #NoRegrets #StillTastedGood #SorryMom 

- Did an exchange with Elder Brimley who is the other District Leader in the zone. With the exception of Billy Goldsberry and Imagineers I have met (same thing pretty much), he's the only one who can talk Disney with me. He didn't know what Mickey's original name was which disappointed me a little but he still knew a lot. My Mouse knowledge is getting rusty so it was a good refresher. 

- We had a good exchange and met these 2 old guys who were total studs! One was from England and the other was from South Africa and they met in the Air Force 50 years ago and have been best friends ever since #Goals. Came across seas for something and decided to stop in Hamilton. Really cool guys and super religious, after telling them what we do as missionary's they told us they have a lot of respect for us and the world needs us. That meant a lot coming from a couple of Veterans. 

- Had dinner at the other Della Silva's (2 families in the ward, both are awesome). We had elk tenderloin and great odins Raven it was amazing. 

- we ball up every morning at 6 with a dad and his kid who is a freshman, reminds me of balling up with @niccysmalls back in the 5:30 days. The kid is pretty good, rocks some pretty good outfits but not as good as my boy Tanner Martin. 

- We got into a families home and they were asking us about missionary work. Told them we get pretty good at tying anything into the gospel... They wanted to test that theory... #ChallengeAccepted... First topic thrown at us was football... Then Star Wars... Bruh please, at least challenge us! Those are probably the best go to moves we got when it comes to tying something into the gospel! It was a cool lesson, they were impressed haha. S/O to Mike and Hilary for preparing me for that one, best mission prep teachers out there <3

- So we got a prompting to go try a former one day. Dad opens the door and he is super chill then his son Todd comes running up and reminded me so much of Z!!!  He is 2 and hilarious and loves Mickey Mouse Club House and was wearing cowboy boots and footie pajamas #Goals. Dad told us his grandma is about to pass away and that he'd like to meet with us. Promptings are so real, can't do this work without the Holy Ghost. 

- we went to Naps this week with the Warners (young couple who spend their nights playing call of duty after they get the kids to sleep, also... #Goals). Those burgers are so good but are borderline breaking the "other harmful or addictive substance" section of the Word of Wisdom. 

- walking Main Street doing street contacting and got sniped by some JDubs. The mom saw us and jumped out of the car to come talk to us. (I would have been more impressed had she done a tactical roll but not everyone is @TeamBetaAlpha). She was pretty friendly in telling us what we believe is wrong so at least she was nice.  

- This one dude tried to smoke us out but failed miserably and looked like an idiot in front of his girlfriend... Dude, read up on Samuel the Lamanite before you try pulling something like that on Metcalf and I.

- had dessert over at the Equatore's home and I love that family!!! We taught Josh the restoration (he's friends with one of the sons) then ate ice cream and they showed us some of their guns. Resto. Ice Cream. Guns. Tough to beat that type of Friday night. Anthony (second oldest boy) is a junior in high school and a total stud, I freakin love him. We are already planning when I can come back to go shooting with him with real guns and on CoD. Lex, you can go ahead and marry him cause we are practically already brothers after spending 1 hour with each other. #DidWeJustBecomeBestFriends 

- we were talking to a guy from San Diego who is a big Chargers fan. We straight up used Eric Weddle to tie it into the gospel!!! It was cool. He loves Weddle, wasn't too happy how the front office treated him but I told him he can cheer for the Utes in a couple years when he's coachin on the hill. 

- went to McDonald's to pull up some directions and I saw the toys on display for the happy meal... Next thing I know I'm AutoBots Rollin Out with Optimus in one hand and Bumblebee in the other. I know I turn 20 this month but I'm seriously a 6 year old. 

- got a letter addressed to a "elder whipped cream" from a "elder apple pie". When that's what members of the Belgrade ward describe your companionship as you know you are doing something right... And it's gonna stick. I love Elder Christensen. Couldn't decide if I was crying cause of the pricing on the pack of gum in the envelope #Track1 and the inside jokes in that letter or cause I genuinely miss that guy. Good luck on being a District Leader dude, you got this. Just remember what bishops fam would tells us... #DontEatPoop 

Thats about it! Pretty good week! Metcalf and I are clicking pretty good with each other. Ones strength is the others weakness so we work well together. He told me I remind him of Elder Kennedy... THE elder Kennedy who I compared to Qui Gon last week... THE elder Kennedy who is The GOAT of the MBM! That made me blush a little. I returned the favor by telling him he reminds me of Hayden. 2 pretty high honors right there. The day we got sniped by JDubs we also had a truck full of girls following us around and I started singing under my breath "ye harlots of Babylon we bid thee farewell" to the tune of "Ye Elders of Israel" and that got him laughing. I love Metcalf.
Biggest highlight of the week was our times meeting with Josh and his family. The lesson at the Equatore's was sweet but only Josh could make it. Throughout the week we stopped by to see Josh and the whole family and it was awesome. TJ (8 years old, very similar to Easton) and McKayla (what I picture diz being like at 6) have us sit at the table with them and read the kids Book of Mormon stories to em. It was so much fun, kids are so accepting to the spirit. If there's such thing as a home field advantage for a teaching environment that was it for me haha. Classic rock playing in the background, teaching kids about some dude named Ammon cutting off arms and defending sheep, spirit was there, it was perfect. We flip through it and get to 3 Nephi where Christ is teaching the children. We explain what's going on and McKayla turns to us and says "I want to meet Jesus". That plucked my heart strings and gave me a giant grin, I looked over at the mom and she had one too. Kids man, I love teaching kids!!! They are so in tune with the spirit (like @pettbryan). 

There's times you wonder what you are doing out here... Haha like last night as I'm eating ramen for Sunday dinner while I'm sure there was a huge party going on for Eli's baby blessing back home... But those moments with TJ and McKayla are what it's all about. I have felt the spirit pretty strong in my life. Baptisms, temple, holding Z for the first time... And reading with them and seeing how excited they are to read with us is definitely up there... best part is "come and get your love" was playing in the background. Such a good song... That's what it's all about it! Come and get your love! Come and feel HIS love. 

*** new #Tracting🚜💨 approach ***
*knocks door 
*door opens 
*starts singing...
*** baptizes all of #HamTown #AlmaStatus 
But ya...Families are what it's all about. As we left, TJ and McKayla said they know it's true and came and gave me a hug, Metcalf positioned himself so they couldn't hug him but I was trapped haha. I couldn't do anything about it, sorry white bible. 

Families. That's what the gospel is meant for. I think of my family and how grateful I am to have a mom and dad, siblings, nieces & nephew"S!!!!!" (That word being plural still hypes me up), grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that I consider best friends. And friends, companions, coaches that I consider family. I love all of you so much and miss you so much. Ramen tastes so dang good after a 2 meal fast... And this 2 year fast of being away from you is making me realize how good I had it with all of you. 8 months already down and that blows my mind. Last night I sat there amazed #OperationABRO was 8 months ago... Hopefully the grass has grown back haha. 

Church is true. I know it and I love it. So grateful for how much the Lord is teaching me. 

Happy birthday s/o to... 

Lala - love ya Lala. Thanks for being my best friend and giving me an awesome brother and 2 stud nephews. Love ya. Happy birthday!

Spiritual Twins of Excellence of South America - love you guys so dang much. Thanks for being awesome examples to me and practically being my entire childhood. Love ya Elder Mann and Elder Mann. 

GRANDMA PETT!!! - grandma I love you so much. Thanks for always being my Disney buddy, can't thank you enough for all you and grandpa have done for me. Can't wait to party it up with the mouse from rope drop to closing and have some toast and OJ after 5:30 basketball again. I love you! 

Yep, that's it for this week. Read. pray. And think of me as you jam out to "come and get your love" this week... Seriously go listen to that song and read Book of Mormon stories with a 6 year old and 8 year old. All we needed was a baby GROOT!!!! 

Gonna go hike Blodgett Canyon, gonna be sweet. Love ya! 

- Elder K


1 - FILMORE!!! #EveryThirdBlinkIsSlower

2 - street contacting 

3 - Della Silvas trophy's. 

4 - auto bots roll out