Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Elder Vader Part II - December 26, 2016

What's up Fam!!!

- told Elder Baird (vehicle coordinator) we need Camaro's in the mission. His response was - "you need a girlfriend" #ShotsFired

- shared a Christmas Mormon message one night with a family. Had a minor Buddy the Elf "I know him" melt down when I saw Nic Goldsberry on the big screen. cc: @niccysmalls 

- had dinner with the Baird's (non office staff ones). They supplied us with the greatest meal ever... Bdubs and McDonald's fries. We put down I think roughly 60 wings that night. Then we played with their kids with the Nerf guns and Legos. They are a sweet fam, I love em, plus they gave me Utes socks for Christmas. 

Christmas rocked. Pretty neat getting to take the Sacrament on Christmas Day. The call was awesome... can't express enough how much I love my fam. Coolest part was seeing Eli walk to me haha, happy birthday dude. I love my family so much, good way to remind me what the gospel is all about.  

Love ya! 

- Elder K 


*bairds = family goals

* had roughly 200 selfies on my iPad after the lesson 

* Christmas pajamas and annual Elder Vader Christmas picture 


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