Monday, January 25, 2016

Ready, Aim, Fire - January 25, 2016

What's up everyone!!!

- got to spend last Monday in Great Falls which means we had the rare privilege of being around other missionaries. We played Pod Ball, or as I like to call it Mormon Hunger Games. Balls are thrown, secret combinations are being made, companionship inventories take place, it's ruthless. Our two poly elders (Elder Masaou and Falute) recruited me into joining in on their secret combination despite me being white. We dominated. You aren't allowed to run with a ball but you can throw it to a pod (someone who got hit and is sitting down) and the pod can throw it back to you. Every time I Pod'd it to Asbury he would make a Chewbacca noise as he threw it back. So I had two Poly's and a Chewbacca, dream team.

- Ate dinner with the Stake President and his Councilors that night. One of his councilors wife is from Australia so we had a good time talking footy and about beaches on the west coast. Everyone looked at us like we were speaking a foreign language.

- went into Great Falls to watch the world wide mission devotional. Roads were super sketchy as the pic shows. Pretty cool thinking my boys in Peru, Argentina, Sweden, Ohio, Tennessee, and all over were all watching the same thing. My favorite thing that was discussed is that we are out here to not preach about what the world wants or what is popular, but to preach about Christ.

- We have now heard stories that 8 of the 12 other churches in Conrad preach against Mormons, some even hold classes against Mormons, explains why tracting isn't too hot here! Onward ever onward.

- helped the ladies at the craft store organize their upstairs storage space. It was a complete and total cluster up there but we actually did alright and even found a giant turkey. They had classic rock playing and we got to wear normal people clothes. #TenderMercies

- crashed a wedding.

- Once Elder Asbury saw my stash of Disneyland treats my family sent us he started quoting scripture about worshipping false idols.

- DJ Mecham gave his homecoming talk. Really good, nice reminder that there is a life after mission. He talked about things you need to give up. Kind sister in front of us turns and whispers "passion for Star Wars". #ShotsFired from the bishops wife. Well played Sister Briggs.

- sat by Brother Skinner in Priesthood. He keeps me updated on the CFB landscape. He's really chugging down that royal blue Kalani Kool Aid but I still love him. He's an awesome guy, just don't know how to break it to him that Britain isn't transferring to Provo after his mission.

- got my Ute fix in later that day as we ate at the Beckers. They had just moved into their new home and it is sweeeeeeeeeeet. She wants a Utah man cave so I gotta hook her up with stuff in a couple years.  Really love that family, Henry is so cute. The no holding babies rule is a tough one.

- ward ball is starting up thank goodness. Bro T extended a verbal offer to Elder Asbury and I last night. Asbury doesn't play much ball but he has the looks and arms of Andrei Kirilenko so Conrad is gonna be set. We are using decorations left in the gym from the wedding for a Sklz course. Speaking of ball s/o to my boy Coach @TWood00 on the big Jr Jazz win this past weekend. You are the Luke Walton to my Steve Kerr. I love telling people that I coached a high caliber Jr. Jazz team when they asked what I did before my mission. #ShoeBox


He's a high school boy that is looking for a change of direction in his life. A ward member knew this and steered us in the right direction. This work is near impossible without the ward and is definitely impossible without the spirit guiding you. We taught him the restoration and it was awesome. Elder Asbury did a great job, super proud of him. We also taught a lot of other stuff too. He's really interested and was asking a ton of questions. He even started asking about serving a mission... I'll be completely honest and say he's probably more interested in a mission than I was when I was 17. Was about ready to give him a preach my gospel to study then remembered we are only on lesson 1 and I can't hand him over our play book quite yet. Said he felt goose bumps during the lesson and it was pretty cool being able to tell him that what he feels is the Holy Ghost.

You really can't do this work without support from the ward and guidance from the Holy Ghost. Kind of reminds me of the water balloon sling shot that we never used on seminary socials or golfers or civilians running on the parkway or parties at Winchester Park...

You must have one person holding up one end, another person holding up the other end, and someone pulling back the explosive liquid cargo. My companion and I have to both be EQUALLY holding up the ends while a member pulls back. We can't do it for them. When the time is right they let go and if we all do our job, that spiritually filled balloon that testifies of restored gospel truth will hit someone right in their heart strings and they will get goose bumps.

2 missionaries.
1 member.
1 member of the God Head.

That's all ya need, but take away 1 and this work is near impossible as Elder Asbury and I have experienced the last 9 weeks. The missionaries are READY. You do the AIMing. The Spirit of God like a FIRE is burning. Work with the missionary's, we need you all badly, and in return you'll find the soul that has been prepared for the gospel and feel the joy talked about in D&C Section 18.

I imagine it's even better than the joy we would have felt ... had we ever stealth bombed water balloons at people and/or social gatherings...

*I'm creating a missionary work Mormon message when we all get home about this.

***Not gonna lie I'm kinda impressed I was able to tie that into the gospel.

*****Before the mothers get upset, just a reminder we all made it on missions.

The church is true. #AutoBotsRollOut

- Elder K




- the T beds

- turkey

- sketchy roads

- big sky

- SKLZ course

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Onside Kick - January 18, 2016

What's up everyone!!!

- Last week I mentioned rolling dice to test our companionship unity... We rolled the same number 6 times in a row one day. #AchievementUnlocked #Unified 

- Taco night at the Weisgram's again. Brother Weisgram is possibly my most favorite old person I have ever met. 

- quoted Walt Disney in district meeting. 

- Zone Meeting in Great Falls... You know what that means... #EnchiladaStyle 

- Elder Asbury force threw his lightsaber at me. #CompanionshipInventory

- it's cold. 

- another dinner with the Scowns, I love them even if they are BYU fans. Sister Scown reminds me so much of Grandma Mary, I want to give her a hug every time I see her. 

- just wanna go do donuts in the panther. 

- Elder Asbury spoke in sacrament meeting. He did a great job. Felt like a proud parent/trainer watching from the congregation, they grow so fast. 

- we still have a crap ton of candy canes left over from Christmas so we have been using them for lightsaber reflex practice. 

- eating dinner with some Y fans and we were having a friendly chat. I was hyping up Kalani pretty good, then the mom shot us down and said we shouldn't talk about football. I look over to Asbury to have him come in and save the day with a new topic so he brings up Star Wars. Everyone loves Star Wars right!?!? "Our kids don't watch pg 13 movies." Oh dang...  it was awkward haha. Great family though, we had fun in our lesson. 

- heater went out 2 nights ago. Apartment dipped down to the crisp 40's. Shout out to electric blankets. 

- Elder Asbury does snow angels... Regardless how cold. #CaliElders

- Tuesday afternoon we go to see one of our Investigators who is a BIG college football fan. We have had some good discussions along with the gospel so he knows my passion for the game. We walk in... He INSISTED we sit on the couch... Brought us over an ice cream sandwich... Turned on the TV... Next thing I knew I was fully captivated by the greatest sport played... He showed us the second half and WHAT A GAME. NICK SABAN IS ZEUS.  I STILL WANNA WIFE SAM STEELE. THAT ONSIDE KICK THO!!! Had a good talk with him after and found where he stands with the church. Compared Deshaun Watson's dual threat capabilities to the gospel. Told us he's more open with missionary's who play chess and watch football with him so.... I think it was ok....  I swear it wasn't my idea mom, I tried to fight back but once I heard Herby's voice I couldn't resist. 

- My response to @utecentral 's tweet/letter 

Dear @utecentral 

After #SearsParkingLot2K14 I will admit that I am the ultimate source and/or cause for all Twitter nuclear warfare... Even while I am serving a mission.


Elder @MPett3, 
*** Founding Father of the #TwitterDreamTeam ***

This past week was kind of a blur. Nothing too crazy happened. We decided to go check on a less active we found in our area book that, like most people, lives way the heck out there. After 45 minutes on a dirt road we pull up to his place. I turn off the car and something felt off, like we were not supposed to knock on that door. I figured it was just me not wanting to go out in the cold but I look over at Elder Asbury and he had that same feeling, we needed to get outta there. Flipped around and headed back to town. That night we were talking with a member and the name came up. Told us that guy is pretty against the church and anyone from the church, doesn't want anything to do with us.... DANG! Spirit guides you to people but also throws up red flags too, pretty cool. Have never really given it much thought how protected we are out here. 

Yep. When your biggest highlights of the week is watching a rerun of the CFB championship or a steak burrito enchilada style or being guided away from a potential crazy dude I guess that shows your week of missionary work wasn't too hot. 

I just REALLY wanna teach people... SO BADLY. My testimony has grown to be rock solid in this gospel. I love it, I have a desire to share it that I never thought I'd have. But it is hard when no one wants you to share it with them. There are times as a missionary where you wake up amped to preach excellence and then there are times where you wake up thinking "what am I doing with my life?" And to be completely honest with ya this past week was mainly the latter. 

One of my favorites quotes from PreachMG is:

 "The attitude you have toward your mission experience is a reflection of your love toward your Heavenly Father and His Son and your respect for the priesthood". 

Wanna know why I stay positive??? Cause of that quote right there. I love Heavenly Father, He gave me the greatest family ever. Would be a complete wreck without Christ and His atonement, and the priesthood is pure power given to us by God... Of course I will respect that! So I hate feeling down. Just like anything in life, It's easy to get pumped to work when you are having success and things are clicking. But when nothing is working, it's a lot harder to get things going and to stay positive, missions teach ya some solid life lessons. Just ready to find that reason why Elder Asbury and I are here. We need a momentum shift here, time to whip out the surprise onside kick in Conrad. 

Way I see it... It's a lot easier to make a hype video after a win, but you need them the most after a loss. Gotta stay positive, gotta get pumped. This area really needs the work right now, it's just a little harder. Gotta get Conrad hyped. I just wanna teach people sooooo badly. 

Love you all. Church is true.

- Elder K

*snow angels
*no people.... But we do have... cows... Hills... Mountains... I love it here.  #WelcomeToMontana 

*Asbury trying to get wifi. I was in bed takin this pic. Our beds are shaped like a T, only way both fit in the same room. His feet come onto my bed. We are borderline breaking the "don't sleep in the same bed as your companion" rule in the white handbook. 

*Greatest sport played 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Fight for that Inch - January 11, 2016

What's good Fam!?!?

6 months down as of last week. Time flies when you are living in a trailer, ballin with your splash elder, flarping with your bishop, kicking rocks with a stud from AZ, and tracting in 18 below with Chewbacca(I explain later). Gotta love being a missionary.

- found 2 sweeeeeeet Mickey Mouse ties at the thrift store. 1 buck each. I was pumped, still am. Freakin love that mouse. Elder Asbury still thinks I have a serious problem.

- Witnessed possibly the greatest play room ever. It's practically a 1970's man cave. Old games, ping pong table, magnetic football, tinker toys, you name it! I was in Heaven. They said if we weren't on missions they'd be blasting classic rock from the speakers... "What kinda classic rock???" I ask. "Queen, Bob Seger..." They didn't have a chance to list anymore as I started freaking out and was on the verge of tears of happiness. The DeStaffany's are #goals for when I'm 60+ years old. I'll definitely be going back after the mission.

- also made a cake in a mug at the #DStaffs

- Had some crazy fog one day, felt like Up.

- #Tracting๐Ÿšœ๐Ÿ’จ one night and I asked Elder Asbury why he was only wearing one glove.... His response "cause I'm Anakin" ... #WellPlayed.

We're still a little obsessed with the new Star Wars movie, not being able to see it is causing some psychological harm if you haven't noticed. Some 12 year olds in the library were about to say what happened... I yelled "THATS IT IM OUT" I booked it outta there, I'm talking like a 3.2 40 speed.... WHILE WEARING PROS, #CallMeKaelin. My Helaman 8's are good for running. made it out safe although people probably thought I'm nuts, got some weird looks. #CrisisAverted

- we spend a lot of time driving. Big area. And one particular long drive we somehow came to the conclusion Big Foot is a Wookie that escaped Kashyyk.

- we are strictly told that the junior companion of a district leader is TO NOT have a "title"... so since Elder Asbury is my copilot when we drive he is now reffered to as my "Chewbacca". You can call me Elder Solo.

- We each roll a dice at the end of comp study to see how our unity is... Have yet to both get the same number but it's the thought that counts.

- our WML's kid just got home from his mission. You can definitely tell he just got home haha. We talked with him quite a bit, I think he enjoys having someone to talk missionary humor with.

- Bishop opened up about his concerns with not knowing what a "hashtag" is during priesthood.

- Had dinner with the bishop and his family yesterday. Shooting hoops which eventually led to the most violent game of 21 I have ever seen. Briggs kids go hard, kinda scared me. They play some physical ball. Made 5:30 basketball look like rainbows and unicorns... Any of you familiar with 5:30 basketball know it is far from rainbows and unicorns, Elder Boyd and I still have battle scars.

- vid of @pettbryan singing Rock Band made Asbury spit yogurt out everywhere he was laughing so hard. I think you're a good singer dad.

Yep, good week. Book of Alma continues to hype me up. Read about the story of Amalackiah and how he cunningly got a bunch of Lamanites to go to war. Kinda like the time someone I know cunningly copied a bunch of Jeep keys before the owners left for South America #NeverForget...

Amalackiah did it extremely deceitfully but not gonna lie I was impressed, so he gets the army and convinces them to kill all the Nephites. Then chapter 48 we find out what's goin on on the other side of the ball...

Alma 48: 7 - Now it came to pass that while Amalickiah had thus been obtaining power by fraud and deceit, Moroni, on the other hand, had been preparing the minds of the people to be faithful unto the Lord their God.

*****Second it mentioned Moroni I pictured Vince Carter walking off the court of the dunk contest shaking his arms and shaking his head ... "It is over."

Ya, it was over pretty quick, I like to call the next few chapters the #MakeEmQuit chapters. Talks about how Moroni strengthened the weak parts of his army both physically and spiritually, a true leader. Gave me an idea of the type of district leader and trainer I want to be.

Then we also have one of the most BA (I'm sorry mom but that term is 100% applicable for this verse) scriptures in the Book of Mormon in that chapter.

17 Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.

... I wanna be like Moroni!!! He makes the Lamanites quit AND the adversary. He's money.
Unfortunately I wasn't quite on Moroni's level all this week haha. It started slow and it was rough, just nothing was working. Out tracting one night and one lady  told me to be careful that I'm preaching truth, she was lookin for a bash sesh... Lady, I'm in sub zero Conrad Montana away from my newborn nephew and you wanna tell me to be careful that what I'm teaching is true??? You honestly think I'd be out here if it wasn't true. I was a lil fired up, not gonna lie. Elder Asbury cooled me down. Hour goes by and last house the dude opens and says "well you 2 boys are gonna get cold out there". I'm thinking heck ya finally a  dude that sympathizes for us, he's gonna let us in, we're gonna teach a lesson, tonight's gonna be a....


You serious Clark??? Really??? Was thinking of things @pettbryan would say and/or gesture then I remembered I can't do that as a missionary.

This is just part of the work and I get that, I have been doing it for 6 months but dang it was frustrating this week. So ya, that was the first 6 days of the week in a nut shell haha. All about love out here and I was struggling loving the people that turned us down and were jerks about it. Then I remembered why I'm out here and who I represent.
If Christ could love those that didn't like him, I can do the same.

Then a much needed Sabbath showed up. In all honesty I think Sunday's prepare me for the upcoming week than Monday's. Ward council was a total crack up, most of it was spent talking about a February potluck.

Got to speak in sacrament meeting which is fun, Will Thompson was also speaking while I was speaking - mainly counting out loud. He reminds me so much of Z haha. Brother Scown taught a sweet lesson in Priesthood, and honestly just seeing Brother Weisgram makes me happy, just a super awesome old dude with big glasses haha. Played basketbrawll with the Briggs and Sister Briggs made some dang good tacos. Then the rest of the night we just visited members.

We were guided to 2 members particularly. Plan was to teach the restoration but we had awesome gospel discussions instead. Ended up giving a blessing to one brother. And in the other home the sister was tearing up the whole lesson. She insisted we gave her a hug (she was older don't worry)  and I wasn't saying no. Heck I needed a hug too, sometimes you just need a hug from someone who isn't a 18 year old dude. We were guided to that house for both her and us.

I really do love this work. It can suck I won't argue that, but we are so close to success , I can feel it. It's a grind, but moments like last night make it worth it.

Been thinking a lot about the video I started working on a year ago.

2014 season highlight vid. I'm a nUrd I know.  Talks about the inches all around us that are necessary for the win. Gotta fight for that inch. Look at the guy (for me it's Chewbacca) next to you, look into his eyes and see a guy who will go that inch with ya. That's misisonary work right there. Gotta fight for every inch. Some of you know I was fired up making that vid a year ago, well it turned out alright. I'm fired up a year later to get that inch, just gotta make sure that fire is the Spirit of God and not me Clark Grisswold'ing it while #Tracting๐Ÿšœ๐Ÿ’จ, #WheresTheTylenol #JellyOfTheMonth

Read the Book of Mormon, it's where it's at. Be Moroni. Watch Utah Football 2014 season highlight vid, you'll see what I mean. Fight for that inch.

Love ya,

- Elder K


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Don't Shut the Door on Him - January 4, 2016

What's up Fam! I'll get right to it, we've got 6 more weeks in Conrad! Super relieved, I DID NOT want to leave. Love it here, the ward is awesome, and this last transfer went by insanely fast. Past week was a good one too!

- broke out the Mickey Mouse waffle maker Sister Asbury so kindly gave me for Christmas. Elder Asbury claims I have an addiction for that mouse... Can't deny it.

- sizzled my hand making ramen. Turned on the wrong stove and the pot handle was over the stove that was on so when I grabbed it.... Ya, I'm blonde, I deserved it. Sitting in gum back in Belgrade and now this.... This is why I can't have nice things.

- Force choked Elder Asbury at district meeting. #CompanionshipInventory

- had dinner out at Bishop Briggs. Freakin love the Briggs. Heard one of my UVids being played, Sister Briggs does a good job promoting them haha. It was a family reunion and one little girl was dressed up as Aurora. Asked her who her favorite princess was and she said "me." And walked away haha, she's a 3 year old version of Diz. She has some older brothers and cousins who wanna serve so it was fun talking with them, I get so hyped talking with future missionaries! They are pretty much the pioneers of the work in White Sulfur. I think only like 15 members in the branch. Super cool family, Briggs are awesome.

- Hit me one morning in personal study that Padmรฉ is now technically a Disney princess #WifeThatGirl

- ate the most beautiful meal I have ever had in my life. Bro Cunnington Dutch oven'd some beef, sausage, cheese, and potatoes #WelcomeToMontana. Food is really good here, Eli and I can both have FatRolls when I get home, probably cuter on him though. It was seriously the most glorious thing I have tasted. Love the Cunningtons. He loves college football so he filled me in on bowl season. Touched my heart he was taking time away from watching the semifinals game to feed the missionary's.

- we saw a bat... At least we think it was a bat.... Ya, it was a bat.


- New Year's Eve was a different one for me this year. No #OperationCarbonFreeze this year #WhiteBibleProbs, although props to the fam for continuing the tradition. Without Jared there to boil the Arnold NaPalmer in my moms hot chocolate maker or @TeamBetaAlpha in a hazmat suit.... Probably wasn't as good as last year. Elder Asbury and I had fun though. Played Uno and dice football all night and ate a ton of junk food. If I think dice football is fun I can't imagine what NCAA football will be like. #PantherPride.

- Elder Asbury straight up mutilated a gingerbread man and not gonna lie it kinda scared me.

- Went and blitzed the Cutbank area with the zone leaders to help the area out. It was fun. Walking around in Cutbank Montana in freezing temps while eating gas station food for dinner. Gotta love being a missionary. Tracted into a Presbyterian pastor who was wearing OSU gear. Preach My Gospel chapter 10 talks about asking inspired questions... Well I completely guessed the Buckeyes played that day and asked how they did and I was right #ChurchIsTrue! He Was thrilled the Utes spoiled the Harbaugh Honeymoon in week one. We had a good talk. We may have different religious views but we agree on one thing.... #AllHailUrbanMeyer. Really cool dude, welcomed us back to teach him. Unfortunately I won't be there but I'm pumped for the Cutbank elders, love that guy, not everyday you get a lesson set with a pastor.

- Met a family visiting at church yesterday who has a son serving in Sweden.  I was hoping they would say he has served with someone who constructed home made tasers and would do naked jumping jacks but they didn't. Last year in the bunker makes me pray for and envy those serving with Elder Walton, miss you dude.

- didn't have anyone signed up for dinner on Sunday and we didn't buy groceries cause it was the last week of the transfer so Sunday dinner was... creative... Plus it was fast Sunday so we were extra hungry. We had deer meat, eggs, Doritos, and candy, that's it... Definitely buying groceries today.

- have been using our boxes from Christmas for cutting out our nerf stealth op hostiles. We set up a shooting range in our apartment.

Going to Great Falls today which means we get to shop at a Walmart for the first time since November, gonna require some self control to not blow our monthly food allowance on nerf darts and light saber attachments. Ya most people mature on their mission... I'm going down hill... I think I'm turning more into a kid. @pettbryan said it best, If you aren't having fun then what's the point of being out here.

- S/O to the 2 year anniversary of the cat in Hawaii. "Mom there is a cat in your closet" "McKay, it's just Ezra making noises" ... "I CAN SEE ITS DANG EYES MOM!" #NeverForget

- happy birthday to my Grandma Mary!!! I love you so much grandma!! Despite what grandpa may say about you cheating at card games I know it is pure skill you got! I went undefeated in New Year's Eve Uno and I know you would be proud. I loved stopping by to see you and grandpa whenever I came home from the U last year, we had some good talks. Eat a Carl's biscuit for me today!! Love you so much!!

Along with nerf wars and burning my hand we did actually do missionary work too. Gave some more blessings, oh man I love giving blessings.

Had another lesson with Grant, one of the investigators we got from the night we were spittin fire a few weeks back while tracting. We taught it in the chapel and it was pretty cool. He was super interested with the hymn book and the first hymn he opens to is "If you Could Hie to Kolob".... Of course... The hymn bishops are told to not sing in sacrament meeting for the fear of freaking out visitors is the one he opens to. It actually worked out well, he had a lot of questions about where God lived and the 3 kingdoms. I love teaching the Plan of Salvation. So cool teaching about eternal families. Grant is a stud, but is unfortunately moving to Colorado Springs this week. He wants to continue to read the Book of Mormon and hopefully his investigation in the church continues. No coincidence we met him during the short span he was here visiting.

Still trying hard to find people to teach but it's tough here. It's pretty easy to get discouraged, hence the nerf wars and lightsaber battles to lighten us up. Clicked for me this week what makes this work difficult. Not necessarily the being away from home, although that does a play a role. It's the studying, role playing, and praying to be guided to a house only to have that person reject you. I always thought when that happens I just got the wrong prompting. Well on the night of the blitz Elder Rowley and I are out tracting and we feel prompted to go to a house. The man tells us his wife is dying in the hospital and next time we show up he will have a gun. I couldn't care less about the gun part, everyone has a gun here, but I was super sad when we turned to walk back. The spirit guided us to him, that was a for sure promting. For all we know it could've been his wife that guided us there, and that's his response to Heavenly Father reaching out to him. Just makes me sad.

Hurts me to see people constantly turn down the message that could change their life. If it hurts me I can't even imagine how it hurts Heavenly Father. He is constantly reaching out to us, please don't shut the door on Him. That's what makes this work rough, but when you find that Robison family or Oscar or Corey, makes it worth it. Tough part is Elder Asbury has yet to find that family or individual, and I can tell this work is weighing on him. We as missionary's try to picture a light at the end of this 2 year tunnel but often forget we are the light at the end of someone else's tunnel. I have been blessed with a sweet duty to train and lead a district but oh man it takes a toll on me, you gotta be positive, patient, obedient and diligent in the work and it's not always easy. Wouldn't want it any other way though, it's just tough. You can either turn to Christ out here to help you or turn to the world, much like life outside of your mission.

Grateful that these past 6 months have taught me how much I need Christ in my life now and in my future. The world won't bring near as much joy and happiness to you compared to the joy and happiness you will feel living the gospel.

Highlight of the week was probably our dinner out at Bishops family reunion. I just love the Bishop and his family!!! We taught your standard "Faith is like a Seed" Alma 32 lesson just with a bigger audience. Mid way through the lesson the bishop's dad who is sitting next to me says "you must have really good parents". I laughed, reminisced of the dirty Disney, told him I sure do, and continued on with the lesson. The hour drive back to Conrad and the past week I have been thinking about what he said, and he's 100% right, my parents are amazing.  Words don't do it justice how much I love my family and how badly I want to see baby Eli right now, but dang that 1 week old linebacker just put a lot of pressure on me when I heard what his middle name is. Eli McKay Lords. My legacy extends far beyond these 2 years now, it's apart of Eli too.  As much as I miss them, there's no place I'd rather be than Conrad Montana with ma boy Elder Asbury. I have a desire to share this gospel that I never thought I'd have, and it's because of my family home and my family here, and my ever going testimony of our Savior.

My challenge to you is to Read alma 46 this week. Freakin sweet war chapters, Moroni is a stud. A verse I love is 21 - " the people (nephites) came running... With their armour girded about their loins".

 "Why should we think to earn a great reward, if we now shun the fight"
Come Come Ye Saints, one of my favorite hymns and one of the hymns I shared with Grant. Don't shun the fight, put on the armour of God, #IWILL. Entire book of Alma fires me up to be a missionary. Moroni is the Coach Shah of the Book of Mormon. He gets me pumped.

Church is true, onward ever onward, family on 3.

- Elder K


Sunday, January 3, 2016

End the Conflict - December 28, 2015


- exchanges with Elder Daniels in Cutbank. Fun lil town. Have signs that tell you where to go to get to Canada, 30 minutes away from border. They have a mural on Main Street of Indians that looks like the one in the Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Rec Department. #VoteForKnope

- Went onto the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Definitely a humbling experience. While tracting I was asked if I am from the F.B.I.

- Also saw a car pulling a sled with kids on it in. #WelcomeToTheRes.

- Cutbank had a Mickey D's. That's a big deal.

- The guy we played chess with last week is also an insanely good ball coach. Doubt he is as good as Elder Boyd and I last year, but he's close. #ShoeBox #PrayForTheWhiteBoard

- WARD CHRISTMAS PARTY ROCKED!!! Balled with the primary kids after. Elder Asbury and I plus Will Thompson takin on everyone else. We went hard, Will is awesome. The nativity was really cool. Spirit was super strong.

- I was sitting there eating and chatting with some members at the party and the bishops little kid comes up and whispers to us that the Bishop needs to see us in his office. Instantly I'm thinking "oh crap, what did we do..." Turns out Santa needed some help getting stuff ready.


- The Relief Society hooked us up with some left overs after the party and was super happy to give them to us. Well, after balling so hard we forgot about the left overs until we got back to our apartment. Then we remembered and couldn't imagine how heart broken they would be if they found out we left them there, these ladies are pretty much our grandmas. Despite it being past curfew... We had to go back for it... And we didn't want anyone to see us.... You know what that means....- STEALTH OPS -

- Pull into the parking lot at 21:30 hours. Still a few cars there for the people who were cleaning up. Run up to the church and peek in. One tango heavily armed standing by entrance 1 (Spencer Briggs with a vacuum). Move onto entrance 2. Get inside. Tactical Roll across the hallway. Retrieve the special cargo from the kitchen. Go out the back exit. Run back to car. Drift out of the parking lot (it was money, the ice helped). No one saw us, the left overs were good, Relief Society still loves us, #AchievementUnlocked. You can call me Elder Bauer.

- Elder Asbury ate octopus and tried to counteract the smell with spraying Axe everywhere. The combination of those two were.... Ya...

Remember the one lady's reaction to the cologne my car is named after in Anchorman??? <<<< my reaction

- decorated Ginger Bread men at a members home

- Put a chihuahua to sleep during a lesson on Christmas Eve. So cute.

- Tried building a Gingerbread house but it went south quick and I just started eating it right there out of frustration.

- Beckers are outta town so my lone source for CFB updates is Brother Skinner. Good dude, big Cougar fan. Told him the red tie he was wearing looked good on him. Had a good chat about Sitake and Tuiaki.

- you know that little gun Austin Powers has??? One of our investigators has one! The .25 cal bullets are so rare a box of bullets is actually worth more than the gun.

- tried a hover board at the Gouchenours and they are sweeeeet!!!!

Gotta get those approved for #Tracting๐Ÿšœ๐Ÿ’จ

CHRISTMAS WAS AWESOME!!! Definitely one I'll never forget. Went to the Gouchenours (remind me a lot of the Thackeray's)  that morning and Santa brought us light sabers!!!! We were having battles with the kids and Elder Asbury somehow took a chunk outta my pinky. Game stops, I look at it and yell "THEY WORK!!!" Then we keep on playing. Actually bled pretty bad, it was quite the raspberry. I got Vaders saber, Asbury got Luke's... I'm his trainer/father... He's my trainee/son... Plus his lightsaber is green. Those terms are considered Babylon out here in the MBM but we thought it was funny. Gotta love missionary humor.

Plus if I got Vaders saber then I guess that technically means I wife Padmรจ, #AchievementUnlocked. Combine the lightsabers with the nerf guns my mom got us and we may actually have something to do on preparation days out here!!! Got some motion activated singing Christmas ornaments we are using as frag grenades. We are planing on cutting out some cardboard hostiles and setting up stealth raids in the church today. I got my go pro for it. You have to get REALLY creative in Conrad on Mondays as a missionary.

Let my inner @pettbryan take control Christmas Eve as we were driving to Great Falls and I had a slight emotional breakdown in the car while jamming to Archie. Kinda hit me I get to actually talk to my family that next day!!! It was soooo good talking with them. Felt like a dream... Then Kurt started asking inappropriate questions 3 minutes in and I knew it was real. Figured they'd behave since I'm a missionary and everything but.... Nope. Probably should've been re-set apart after. That's my family for ya! With the exception of hormonal @pettbryan there weren't any tears until the very end. Took some advice from Lucas to pray with them before I hung up and I'm glad I did. Few months ago I talked about a yell that rings through mountains near and far, well the spirit of God burns through the mountains near and far too. Love my family very much. I have the best family in the world.

It felt like it did in July except the kids are bigger and and Lala is A LOT bigger. She won't be for much longer ;)... SO EXCITED FOR TODAY!!!!!!

Christmas really was special. A little bummed I only have 1 more as a missionary. It was a special day, the members we got to be with. Visiting the nursing home. Light saber battles. Just a fun day! Next year we are going to combine light saber battles and nursing home into one... #TDFW

I am studying from Alma this week and now getting into the war chapters, #BuckleUp. It talks a lot about the preparation the Nephites did for war, compared to the lack of preparation by the Lamanites.

Nephites were prepared both physically with armor and weapons, and spiritually by looking to Alma who would receive revelation from the Lord. Despite being outnumbered, the Nephites are able to trap and corner the Lamanites. ๐Ÿ”ฅMoroni๐Ÿ”ฅ tells his men to stop "inflicting wounds of death" and calls up Zarahemnah. He offers a deal to Zarahemnah, that he and his men will stop if the Lamanites will drop their weapons and promise to not start wars again. Zarahemnah puts his weapons down, but says he won't make any promises.


Moroni gives Zarahemnah and his men their weapons and releases his inner coach Whitt by responding with... "We will end this conflict", "Make em Quit", Nephites made em quit, and win the battle. Moroni doesn't take no for an answer. #AllInOrInTheWay

2015 was a little crazy for me. I loved it ... Disney World. WWSUN UVid. #OperationCarbonFreeze. Dirty Disney. BayBay. Disney60/Being a Disney Fugitive. Farewell Golf Trip. Getting roasted at Cody's cabin #7thWheel. Greatest mid night slip n slide ever, #OperationABRO. ULegacy.... Etc...

Then July came. Second half of the year was a little different...

... MTC. living in a trailer. Hitting Jimbo. SPLASH ELDERS. Elk Burgers. Community Cafe. Thrift store. sitting in gum. Cruisin in a '69 Camaro. Hitting a deer. Pod ball. Getting pulled over. Mexican Horse Races. Burger Bob's. Kicking rocks. Getting a companion that after 3 months is your brother. Entering an area and leaving it feeling like its home. Members that feel like family. Seeing Oscar dressed in white. Teaching a family whose spirit and testimony was so strong they were really the ones doing the teaching.

That second half of the year was a lot different than anything else I'd experienced. It was hard, and it beat me up pretty good at times. The Lord pushed me, and challenged me. He exposed to me my weaknesses knowing it would leave me with no choice but to turn to our Savior, and for that reason is why these last 6 months have been the best of my life. They have torn me up at times, leaving Belgrade especially, but they have taught me a lot. Taught me how much I love being a missionary and love serving my Savior.

New year coming up. Challenge yourself, Prepare yourself. We may not be facing blood thirsty Lamanites, but we all have conflicts. END THE CONFLICT that is in your life much like Moroni and what the Nephites did, make em quit, don't take no for an answer.  Best way to do this is with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Turning to God isn't always gonna be easy but BELIEVE ME it's worth it. He will show you your weaknesses, but only so he can help you strengthen them.

Love you all, have a Happy New Year. Everyone's got those resolutions in the back of their mind, use the Atonement to help you, END THE CONFLICT. I'm seriously so pumped for 2016. My 1 full year of missionary work is about to begin. It'll be a challenge, but that's what it's all about!!

At the end of the day no FaceTime call can ever show how much I love my family, and 2 years isn't near enough to show how much I love our Savior.
Family on 3.

 In 4 days I can officially say "the Robisons are getting sealed this year".
-Elder K