Monday, December 19, 2016

Elder Cave - December 19, 2016

What's up Fam!!! 

Been a weird week. Not really sure what to share. Here we go. 

- new missionaries came in, did training with them. It was a good time. Solid group. 

- got sick. Training is all a blur. Felt like MJ. #FluGame

- had transfers going on too, also a total blur. When everything was finished I went to take a fat nap on our office floor. I don't think I have ever been that tired. 

- Thursday/Friday was one of the craziest snow storms I have ever seen and Saturday gave me a new definition of cold. Wind chill got it down to -48 I think. President didn't want anyone leaving their apartment so we just chilled inside. 

- 48 hours of being stuck in an apartment as a missionary. No NBA2k. No Nerf wars.

- we did have our projector we use for trainings in our apartment so I made an Elder Cave and hooked up "Meet the Mormons". Rewatched the Navy football part a few times while pretending I was watching college football, it was great, made me shed a manly tear thinking of @pettbryan in the Man Cave.

- haven't seen Rogue One yet #AchievementUnlocked #HumbleBrag cc: @yokester74

Highlight of the week was Mark's baptism on Saturday. Days like that remind you what it's all about out here. A truly remarkable family and I'm grateful I have had the chance to know them. Seeing the joy and light in their lives is a great example of what this gospel does to families. 

Can't believe Christmas is this week... what the crap just happened, #TheRad feels like yesterday haha. Grateful for this time of year and what it means. I'm so grateful for a Savior. Continually blows my mind as to how much he loves each of us and how patient and willing he is to help us be happy. 

Thanks so much for all the cards and stuff. You all rock. 

Love ya fam, talk to ya in 6 ;)

--- over/under for how long it takes till @pettbryan is crying on Christmas is currently set at 12 seconds. 

- Elder K


- overlooking the rim rock 

- #ZoneOfEnoch reunion 

- temple Wednesday morning 

- fat nap 

- how Elder Christensen and I do transfers 

- my happy place #ExtraSteak

- hook - "it's snowing" gif 

- our boy Tag! (Mark and Jessica's boy). He's hilarious. 

- when you are snowed in but your Mom is the G.O.A.T and orders pizza from Utah. #RealMVP 

- Elder Cave

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