Monday, June 12, 2017

"#TractFest" - May 29, 2017

What's up Fam!!! 

- apparently a politician up here attacked a journalist, sounds like Happy Gilmore. I think it got him votes because he ended up winning. #WelcomeToMontana

- came to the realization that the movie Cars really takes place on
pre- cival war cybertron and lightning is a prime.#WeeklyPlanningThoughts

We hit the streets a ton this week looking for some people we can teach and we were blessed with some pretty sweet miracles that further taught me we aren't the ones in charge of this work. Won't list all of em... but just know... #SpiritKnows.

- got a prompting to talk to this guy sitting in his garage. He was a big, scruff, biker... and kind of scary looking. I was thinking "nah, he doesn't want it." After a few minutes I realize how stupid I was for judging him and went back and he was gone.... so I felt like a royal pile of horse turd. Next day the prompting comes and I wasn't turning it down again so we went over and caught him as he was leaving and he was sooooo friendly and invited  us back. Really cool guy with a beautiful truck.

Don't judge people. Don't ever think someone you know isn't ready for the gospel, I screwed that one up but I'm glad we could go back and fix it. Lesson learned. The rest of that night we were really trying to follow the spirit and it was so cool. Can't even describe it. Last door we knocked she let us in and we had a great talk.

- I'll share one more sweet experience... so the next day we go to this neighborhood to find people and I left my water bottle at home. I didn't want to go back to grab it... but I was dang thirsty so I said a prayer we could be sent somewhere that I could get some water haha.

We get walking to visit a less active member and I was thinking they would offer me some. Few minutes into our walk I see a car with a NAVY license plate, instantly I think "if Potato boy was here he'd want me to knock that door" so without hesitation I walk up and knock. This older guy opens it and we have a good talk about the Navy. He said he served in Southern California... Port Hueneme... as a Seabee...  so in my mind I'm all "no... freakin... way" and we get talking about Kurt and the Seabees. Super cool.

Then... he says "well, do you guys need to use the restroom or get a glass of water?"

#SpiritKnows #AchievementUnlocked

So then we went inside and talked some more. He has a son that's a member in Iowa so he knows a little bit about the church. Isn't interested in taking the lessons but took our number if he needs anything.

Those are just a few experiences, but it was so sweet. There's nothing like the spirit guiding you. Things happen that you know aren't a "coincidence".

So much other cool stuff but I think I'll leave ya with one more.

Someone I knew from the YSA last fall got baptized over the weekend.

He'd come play ball with us, we'd golf... super fun dude. He had some cousins in the Ward so that's how we got to know him. He expressed he wasn't interested in joining or talking church stuff so we just became bros with him. Well a few months ago he changed his mind and was baptized yesterday. Really neat getting to see him and how happy he is now.

Also got to do another sleep over in Big Sky at the Treasure's home and lesson with the Bell's then got to go to the branch. I love that branch, so much fun up there. We checked out the ski resort on Saturday and it was sweeet. Did some contacting and contacted a guy by talking about the bear poop on the trail. #FurryTractor

Sorry this one was all over the place. So much going on.

I don't know how all this works out but it does.  Kind of like everything else in life... I have no freakin clue how a phone works, or how the sun rises, or how oxygen gets into my blood stream, but hey, it just happens. Heavenly Father knows us and loves us, his plan is a plan of Joy. Don't spend your time freakin out cause you don't understand it 100%. If I waited to do anything till I understand it 100% I'd never get to live and miss out on a lot. Learn as you go and enjoy the ride.

Love ya fam,

- Elder K

*happy 2 year anniversary of the Disney fugitive incident.
#NeverForget #NotASelfieStick

*Baum and I are getting one more transfer 😆... and the real big news is Elder Potter is going back to Three Forks... which means the Splash Elders are finishing in the same zone where it all began. 💦


- sunsets last week. No filters on that. It was sweet. #WelcomeToMontana

- I think I forgot to send this one last week. Bennett and I at mission tour with our toys.

- district pics. Going to really miss Wilson, can't wait for splash to get here too though.

- stealth op raptor attacking the zone leaders.

- me and Leroy, Max, and Milo (one who got baptized). They are all from Mexico and golfing with them last fall was one of the highlights of my life no doubt.

- big sky pics. That ski resort was insane.

- happy birthday to ️ Maddy, Sister Baird sent me this yesterday.

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