Monday, June 19, 2017

"60% of the Time...Every Time" - June 19, 2017

What's up Fam!

- exchanges in Belgrade this last week with Elder Rich. It was a blast being back in #BGrade. Went to the Ward BBQ and it felt like a family reunion, starting to hit me how bad I'm gonna miss the fam up here.

--- got Bishop Carlson to answer an open ended question with "yes". #AchievementUnlocked

- had a lesson out at the Robison's... well they taught us. We did scripture study and they are on fire. The light in their lives teaches me what the gospel is all about.

- interviews with President Wadsworth were this week. It was a special time getting to meet with him, luckily we get one more interview together. He's been an amazing spiritual John Wooden to me out here.

- saw 2 of (what I believe to be) the most attractive cars at the same intersection this week. - check pics- #60PercentOfTheTimeEveryTime

I'll share a cool little miracle we had this week... in the last few weeks, TWICE we have had the prompting to knock a door in this one neighborhood but no one was home. Saturday night we are in this neighborhood looking for someone else and we see this one family was outside... the kids were driving their electric mini - cars and it caught my eye. Kind of like the Audi Ezra has that honestly functions better than my car... no mom, that is not a free pass to get rid of the panther I still love it... so we go over and talk to the mom outside and turns out she met with missionaries last summer! Hopefully we can go by this week and talk some more.

This is Heavenly Father's work to help His children. He makes it happen, we just show up and deliver the goods for those that want it.

He cares about His children, I know that with certainty. Father's Day is a great time to celebrate those who have been fathers to us... I lucked out with some amazing fathers around me, but I'm also so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven. When we came to this life we started with a clean slate, no memory, but I know that Heavenly Father remembers us and loves us. He wants to reveal himself to us and he does that by blessing us through our obedience. He wants us to return to Him.

All about family,

Love ya fam.

- Elder K


- Starks sport court is the new place for Monday zone ball. Their girls are awesome and we play catch and talk Utah football.

- forgot to send this last week... and then there were 3

- Belgrade sunsets

- digging a bunker with the Robison boys for our 4th of July water balloon fight coming up.

- drive to Big Sky, if you look close you can see the people on kayaks

- this one is for Mama J, both of us served in #HamTown.

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