Monday, June 12, 2017

Mango Habanero - June 5, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

So... this week was kind of a blur with transfers and all that so this will be a short email.

- lots of service this week. Farmer/missionary tan is turning into a real doozie.

- spent two days out at the Robison's doing yard work and stuff. Super fun. Saturday was the chicken massacre... it was quite gnarly not gonna lie.

---  I didn't chop any but I did catch and name them based off of Buffalo Wild Wings sauces. Ex. "Ok mango habanero time to go night night and I'll see you soon on a Tuesday." It was a sad moment so I tried to be nice to them before their heads were removed.

----- hanging out with the Robison's is so great. I love that family so much. Brian and I worked on sprinklers for a few hours while talking about Disney and occasionally getting blasted in the face with water and it was a lot of fun. Hanging out with those kids too... They really are family.

- stopped by a members house and this family is total Disney status...they had pins too... so I was freaking out. Great dinner.

- also got to spend some time with more Belgrade family! Barber's son was having his grad party out at the ranch so I got to hang out with Corey, McKayla, and Briar. What a place that is... it took all self control to not hop on the 4-wheeler with Corey but we decided we will do that in a few weeks. That ranch was amazing and I can't wait to come back up.

- having Elder Potter back in the zone has been amazing. We used to follow each other on Twitter 2 years ago before the mission and now we are serving in the same district for the 3rd time... last night we started planning our basketball court business. #PrestigeWorldWide 💦

Going to church was a great highlight of the week. Got to attend the Big Sky branch and Belgrade1. Lots of great people up here. I love it out here, the Gospel does something special to people, most of all it unites us.

Love ya fam,

- Elder K


- Barber's property

- McBuckets, Splash, and Baum.

- service at the Robison's

- when Elder Potter and I have a sleep over. #SplashElders

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