Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lloyd Christmas Said it Best... - October 31, 2016

"I hate goodbyes". - Lloyd Christmas (Dumb and Dumber) 

You'd think that after about 16 months I'd finally learn how to say goodbye to people... but I'm still not good at it. 

So I'm currently in Billings right now and this is my new area! I got a call Wednesday night from President Wadsworth and he asked if I'd be willing to come in and serve with Elder Wells. Yes... the Elder Wells that I served with in #ZoneOfEnoch. Stoked to be with him again. 

So that call came Wednesday... and I left early this morning. I'll be honest and say this is the hardest part about a mission, just having to leave all the family you just made. Missions are why I have trust issues. 

Today's been crazy so far... got up early and drove to Billings... had meetings with President Wadsworth and the office staff... it took roughly 4 seconds till the shots were being fired about Utah vs BYU lol. Really looking forward to working around President and the office staff... it's gonna be #PrankCity lol, we are already getting at it with each other. 

--- I took several selfies on Sister Baird's phone when she wasn't looking... and Elder Baird has switched out all red markers in our office for blue ones... 

So that's been the day so far, I'm ready for a fat nap and some Cafe Rio (we have one in Billings #Blessed) but I'll give you a run down of some stuff that happened earlier in the week. 

- did a random exchange with Elder Bennett Monday night. It's been neat to see him grow the last few transfers, we went and taught our recent convert Ethan and it was a sweet lesson. Ethan is solid. 

- had dinner at the Carlson's...Bishop Carlson is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time)

- Elder Hunter and I passed a ball back and forth to each other 100x without it touching the ground during comp study.  #UnityExercises  

- Elder Bennett made me mac and cheese one night 

- I saw Elder Baird (Mission vehicle coordinator)  on Friday... he told me he's gonna be getting me blue ties to wear now that we are gonna be seeing each other quite a bit. 

- Jon received the Priesthood this week. That was my favorite moment of the week, even had on the red Utes tie my mom got him. I love him and that I was able to teach him. Eternal Bro's. 

Lot more awesome stuff but I'm short on time and my mind is going back and forth between 120 mph and 4 mph which probably isn't mentally healthy. I'm excited for this new transfer and all it's going to teach me. Especially pumped for the return of the bromance with Elder Wells.  Pretty nervous about it all, and I hated leaving the YSA, but the work goes on. I'm so grateful for areas that honestly feel like a gut punch when I have to leave. It sucks, but it helps me realize how much I have loved it. I'm grateful for my time in Bozeman and what I learned here. You don't fully realize how much you love people till you have to say goodbye. It's a family there, I'm gonna miss em. They've taught me a lot, but especially how to stay anchored in the gospel even when dealing with college and work. That's a lesson I'm glad I learned. They were a great example to me and in a way big siblings to me, I have loved being around them. We are already planning on a BDubs reunion next summer. 

Max (my Hispanic brother from Mexico who we have been helping get ready for a mission) told me last night "you did your job, time to go help someone else". That's a tough pill to swallow, I don't want to be done there, but I'm grateful for this new opportunity with Elder Wells in Billings. 

Sorry this is a quick one... long story short, I'm in a glass case of emotions and don't know what to do with my hands... (*quote Ron Burgundy and Ricky Bobby in one sentence while describing feelings), #AchievementUnlocked 

Just know the church is true and I'm loving it out here... which makes days like this hard. 

Sorry if I don't get back to your emails today, love ya fam 

- Elder K


- dysfunctional family/zone pics. Gonna miss this zone 

- good ol bozeman #WelcomeToMontana 

- Carlson's 

- little disappointed Jared and I never tried this during our time living together and going grocery shopping 

- my 2nd belgrade Halloween party of the mission. Last year Corey wasn't even baptized... a year later he is dressed up as Christopher Robin and getting ready to be sealed with his family in December. Love these guys. 

- kid in the YSA came up and said "I was watching gameday this week... was this you?" Pretty funny. Good fight Utes. 

- the YSA. You have no idea how much gonna I'm miss this Ward. They set unrealistic expectations for future YSA's. 

--- three of the best ballers I know 

------ pistol Pett and shaq'cache King 

- me and the Jarrets, he wore a Y shirt just for me. 

- took a drive out to the Robisons so see them before I take off. That's a special family right there, a year ago the ones old enough were baptized. Another family that has changed my life out here. 


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