Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Turkey Farts #Sorry Mom - November 28, 2016


 K just got done washing the car in 39 degree weather #MissionaryProbs so my fingers aren't really cooperating but I'll try hard. 

- last Monday we went on an undercover op with President to the mall. He needed to buy a birthday present for Sister Wadsworth but she had the car so he needed a ride. Going stealth recon with Pres to the mall... #AchievementUnlocked 

- we only made it to Tuesday until we had a native casting a spell on us on the door step in the south side. #WelcomeToMontana BillingsEdition™

- Thanksgiving was with the Lynch family, super chill young couple. He served in Australia and she was a graphic designer for the Jazz so we had PLENTY to talk about when we weren't stuffing our faces. Food was awesome. 

- Elder Wells and I had turkey farts. That probs won't make the blog. #SorryMom

- Texas Roadhouse on Friday... we had a classic moment with a cute waitress that is the perfect example of how awkward I am with girls #BakedPotato... haven't seen Wells laugh that hard since I walked into the wrong apartment in Missoula and got the score of Thunder- Warriors. 

- majority of the week was exchanges. It was only Elder Wells and I for Thanksgiving and Sunday. 

--- trio'd with Elder Raymond Monday to Wednesday; oh my gosh it was so much fun. Only other trio it can compete with was Potter and Jaques and I 16 months ago. #NeverForget. Raymond goes home in a few weeks, we equally love college football. He's a Boise state fan so he and I will be comforting each other at basketball today. 

--- Wednesday... for the first time in 16 months I left the state of Montana. Went down to Wyoming to be with Elder Berrett and Elder Tucker. Good elders, we had a good time. Elder Wells played college ball in that town so we went and met his team and coach. Super fun, watched their practice a little bit. 

--- Friday... the Splash Elders were reunited. Elder Potter and Elder Hoschouer came in and we helped put up Christmas lights on the mission home. So much fun. Potter and I struggled with the lights, once again shout out to President for being so patient. 

--- *at Costco for lunch with Hoschouer and Potter and Wells

*Michigan - Ohio State is playing on the tv off in the distance 
*I honestly lost all control and took off running*
*Potter - "QUICK EXCHANGE!" *takes off running with me* 

This week is gonna be crazy. Christmas Zone Conferences start up so we will be driving to Helena for that and on the way back we will be stopping in the #BozeForce Zone for a baptism of one of our investigators I taught when I was there. She's the one whose boyfriend served with Hayden in Peru. So I'm stoked for that!!! 

And we may have a baptism this Saturday in Billings... she's still waiting on a for sure answer but she's getting there. We'll see what happens, she's almost there. I love this family. Her little kid is so funny, boy version of Diz. (Check the pics)

Our other family that has the mean pit bull is doing well too. They're cool. Lots of REALLY Good questions. Pretty amazing how Heavenly Father prepares people. 

- quote of the night from yesterday's lesson - "oh I think I'll bring the dog in next time so he can sit with you" 

* 5 minutes earlier he's telling us how it bit him in the face and went for a kids throat. 

 Insert Cousin Eddy "you serious Clark" gif. 

I just remind myself that Daniel survived a lions den and if all else fails I just click the right stick like I would on Call of Duty. 

Super cool family though.

So much I wanna talk about, k last thought. 

Had a cool thought this week when studying the Tree of Life, that's really one of the first big revelations that is given to us in the Book of Mormon. I thought about what it means, and why Heavenly Father would want to give us that vision right at the beginning of a book of scripture that is meant to especially help us in these days. 


We can make it to the Tree of Life. Heavenly Father wanted to point out to us that WE CAN GET THERE. Trials and temptations will come along the way, but if we focus on the Savior and the gospel, we can actually make it. 

I think we forget that, I do all the time. Envision yourself getting there. I think we doubt sometimes and think that we will never get there. It seems too out of reach, too impossible, But that vision teaches us we can get there. 

That got me hyped. It's gonna take time, effort, and relying on the Savior, but we can make it there. It's gonna happen. We can return to our Heavenly Father with our families, it's not as impossible as we think it is. 

Hope that made sense. 

Love ya family, 

- Elder K 


*shopping with President Wadsworth 

* reading scriptures with a dog, this one was nice. 

* big 3. Raymond took the middle seat in the truck. 

* middle of nowhere in Wyoming and this guy has nicely painted red/white/blue fence posts and sea horses. #Merica #WondersOfWyoming 

* members house in Wyoming 

* checking out watches at Costco... #AllHailUrbanMeyer

* pic overload of our lil bud. He makes watching the restoration and sacrament meeting entertaining. Takes selfies on my iPad and thinks my name tag is a race car

* ball at Northwest College. 

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