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I Will be 'Til I Die - November 24, 2016

What's up Fam!!! 

- #Tracting🚜💨 the south side one night and we met this native man that spoke in 3rd person and Elder Wells and I both got the vibe he kinda wanted to kill us. 

"Melvin don't want missionaries here" 

"Who is Melvin?" 


#PlotTwist #3rdPerson

*proceeds to stare off into the distance with a stone cold look on his face*

*Wells and I are both thinking "big gulps huh well cya later" 

- we were stopped at a train crossing and the bar next to us had college basketball on inside so for a few precious seconds we got to watch Michigan State - Kentucky. #TenderMercies 

- saw a grown man wielding a sword as he walked down the street. #WelcomeToMontana BillingsEdition™

- Cats beat the Grizz on Saturday, that was a big upset here in the big sky. MSU all day baby!!! I have wiped all other football games that day from my memory and am moving forward in life. #WillBeTillIDie

- Elder Wells is still trying to teach me how to talk to girls. We did role plays on how to get a girls Instagram and/or hold her hand in the car. We told President Wadsworth about this and he said "Elder Pett... your mission will teach you that you can do hard things." Thanks President. 

- twice this week we took missionaries to the airport to go home... before they leave we have em 3rd wheel with us their last few days and I'm not gonna lie it turns into a total 🛫#TrunkFest2k16  Lloyd Christmas - "be strong" gif. 

--- one night I had a dream me and @TeamBetaAlpha were driving to Bdubs in the panther and we were talking about our missions while listening to "I Go Back" by Kenney Chesney... #TrunkFest2k16 #Soon

Work is going good here. Our investigators on date are all doing pretty solid and it's so cool seeing them grow in their conversion. We taught the Word of Wisdom twice this week and both families are choosing to give up old habits to be baptized. We always get so nervous telling people they need to change their lifestyle a bit, but the faith and testimony is there and THEY want to make those changes. 

One Mom said "if this is all true... why would I let coffee hold me back?". We all should try to have an attitude like that towards what is holding us back. It's seriously so cool seeing people make those changes. 

We also had a sweet lesson with a family we were referred to. Super fun family, we had a good time with them despite their dog wanting to rip our faces off but luckily they had him contained... freakin MEAN pit bull. We barely touched the Restoration but we had a good lesson with them, the dad was asking awesome questions. There was one question that especially stood out to me... 

"Someday, when you are in your 50's like me... do you still want to be Mormon?"  

Got me thinking that's for sure... still thinking about it too. Never really thought about life like that. 

The answer I gave and the answer I have been thinking about the last few days is of course I do! But why? 

The gospel isn't just a "now" thing. It's not a trend or a phase you go through, it becomes part of you. It's living life with purpose, knowing you are a son/daughter of a Heavenly Father. Its striving constantly to be like Christ. It's chili cook offs, it's 5:30am Ward ball, it's golfing road trips to St George with your Sunday school teacher before you leave on your mission. It's family, it's awesome. I love it. It's eternal perspective, to help us now and set us up for happiness later too. 

Being Mormon isn't an end goal that you just quit and turn off like the Xbox when you finish the game. Thank goodness too because turning off that game would suck! The gospel is here to help us live a happy life. Why ever stop? Yeah life is not always easy, but it was never meant to be... which is why we have the Gospel.

 I'm grateful for this church, for the knowledge we have, the family I have. There's so much to be grateful for family. That's another big reason why I'll still be Mormon in 30 years/forever, I'm so grateful for what I have. Look around and see all Heavenly Father has given you, for me, that just makes me want to give back as much as I can. 

So my answer... inspired from a fight song that many of you know I love... and a fight song many of you should review if you are sulking about Saturday... is this... 

"I Will Be 'Till I Die"

 Except even after we die we still have work to do so I'm goin hard even after I hang up the cleats in this life but you get the point. 

I love this gospel fam. It's so powerful. I'm no perfect missionary nor perfect Mormon but man, I love this gospel. I wanna live it forever. Other things in life are pretty fun, but nothing brings joy like the gospel. It's changed me a lot, being on a mission has been amazing. I love it. I have never felt and seen Heavenly Father's love so strong before. 

Despite the fact it raises the trunkiness levels to dangerous amounts I love this holiday season too and what it represents, especially Thanksgiving. Being on a mission has certainly opened my eyes to how much Heavenly Father has blessed me. 

Love ya fam, things are a lil busy and I probs can't respond to all of you but thanks for the emails. 

- Elder K 


* Sparty vs UK 
* weekly picture of Mason. 

* #BroMance 

* The Zone

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