Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mango Habanero - November 7, 2016

What's up Fam!!!

Craziest... longest... most bromantic week I have had in a while so here we go. 

- decided with President that heelies need to make a return. He wants to put them on a walker because he doesn't think he's balanced enough. 

- Elder Christensen and I were hard core subtweeting about how much we loved training/being trained by each other during the trainer conference call. 

- taught President what a hashtag is. 

- new missionaries came in on Tuesday. We spent the next few days with them and doing some training. That was super fun. 

- Elder Baird informed us the Cubs won the World Series... seriously... the Cubs? what is happening in the world? 

- it's felt super good being in members homes. Didn't get that much in a YSA. Been fun being around little kids again. We went and flew kites and played kick ball with some young families in the Ward. Elder Wells and I wrecked all of them... we looked like Billy Madison. 

- a 3 year old bit me. Reminded me of Austin Powers when Mini Me is teething. 

- Elder Wells and I accidentally started recruiting our 14 year old investigator to play football for either Utah or BYU mid lesson. 

As for Elder Wells and I... well, let's just say finding joy in this work is essential... and all I'm going to say is we got that down to an art lol. I will leave it at that. Like I said last May when we were together... if you want an accurate visual representation of our companionship, go watch Dumb and Dumber. #PardonMeMrPerfect 

Then being around the office staff and the Wadsworth's is a complete crack up. We have a blast. Our Monday morning meetings are primarily Elder Wells and I getting roasted. It's a good time. 

I'm not super good at adjusting to new areas but it's coming along. We had a regional stake conference yesterday so still haven't met most the ward but the families I have met I already love. This one young family had us over... and we had BDUBS!!!! I vowed before I left on my mission I wouldn't go out here, but since it was take out I think we are good. It was glorious. I love bdubs. That mango habanero brought tears of every kind while reminiscing of the glory nights with the guys. *nothing beats the time @TWood00 started drinking the ketchup* 

We have a solid teaching pool currently. We have a 14 year old boy and mom on date, along with a couple others. We taught a lady this week who was recently released from prison and it was super cool. It's so neat seeing the atonement take place in people's lives.

Billings is no small town like the ones I have gotten used to... haven't seen a cow in a week which makes me sad. If you recall my first email sent from the field... "I saw a cow" was a big highlight for me as a new missionary so kind of weird being in a city. I now understand what the small town locals mean when they say "I don't like it there (Billings, Salt Lake, Spokane, etc.). There's too many people." There's just too many people... Pumped to be here though, get work done.  

Super fun training the new missionaries too... then a few days later sending 2 missionaries home who finished their mission. Pretty crazy seeing that contrast, slaps you in the face a little bit how time is moving. Taking missionaries to the airport to go home is kind of hard, not gonna lie it gets me stoked thinking about my family next summer. Kind of hits ya that finishing actually happens... Don't get trunky @pettbryan. 

This week will be another crazy one. We are heading to Helena tonight, MLC tomorrow and then we will drive to Kalispell and be there for exchanges for a few days. I have never been to Kalispell so I'm pretty stoked for that. 8 hour drives of church music BAYBAY!!! #LifeIsAHighway 

That's really all I have. I know so much more happened but it's all a blur. I keep a good journal though so I have it all written down somewhere. Life is good, the church is true. I think my fave part of the week was being able to attend the temple two times. We went with the new missionaries and also went when an Elder and Sister went home on Saturday. I haven't been to the temple in about 16 months and I forgot just how peaceful it is in there. It felt so good. 

Love ya fam, 

- Elder K  


 - Brother Carling - he a high school friend of my parents who lives in Billings
- training the new missionaries how to nap. 
- we have a cool apartment, pretty old and has a lot of bugs. Found this guy on me one morning during study. His name is Gregory. He's dead now but we were friends for a good couple minutes. 

- kite flying and building a dam on a slide 

- the temple 

- breakfast with sister Wadsworth and (former) sister Johnson. 

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