Monday, October 31, 2016

Fruit Rollup - October 24, 2016

What's up Fam!!! 

- got a call from a restricted number last week, he was wanting to bash... these are always my fave people lol. I toyed with him a little bit... I'll leave it at that. 

- YSA Gala was this week. It was being debated if Tuxedo t-shirts were good to wear and I chimed in that they say "I wanna be formal... but I'm here to party too." Sam turns around and says... "shake and bake." 

- during church on Sunday we were listing personal weaknesses and once again "Netflix binge watching" was mentioned.  #WelcomeToTheYSA #MyPeople 

- Sacrament speaker was from the Stake High Council and I think it was Lane Kiffin... well he never did a premature touch down celebration from the pulpit so I knew it wasn't Kiffin but he looked just like him. 

- also during church I was helping Sam decide between Ace Ventura or Lloyd Christmas for the Halloween party. Important stuff. 

- @TeamBetaAlpha's mission trainer was at the YSA visiting this last week. We had a good talk. 

- so the sprained ankle AKA "Foot Roll Up". This happened 2 weeks ago when playing basketball. I didn't mention it last week cause it was still pretty bad and I knew my mom would want a picture and I also knew she'd make me see a doctor if she saw that it was the size of a tennis ball and you all know how much I love doctors so... yeah, I held off #SorryMom. It's better this week though so I think I'm good. Never sprained an ankle that bad but you guys, it was freakin hilarious how swollen it was. Yeah it hurt but anytime I or the elders looked at it we busted up laughing and sometimes you need a good laugh out here so I'm good with taking one for the team. 

--- so I applied the one thing I learned from Murry High #GoSprantas and that was R.I.C.E. and it's getting back to normal. The term "Foot Roll Up" comes from the fact that 

A. I rolled it
B. The bruising was so colorful it looked like the mixed berry fruit roll ups. 

--- hardest part was not letting the Bells see me limping at the wedding so I had to play it off but I don't think they noticed #AchievementUnlocked 

Had a few spiritual highlights too, this week was up and down, but some pretty sweet things happened. 

-Austin,  the high school aged kid Elder Asbury and I taught in Conrad last January got baptized on Saturday. I was super stoked when I heard about that. No secret that #TheRad wasn't the easiest place to do missionary work for Asbury and I but it feels good knowing we helped get that started. 

- "All I Do is RAKE RAKE RAKE no matter what!" Is my latest song I sing when we rake people's leaves. We have had some neat experiences and honestly I have just missed being around old people so it's been fun helping them. This one lady was particularly sweet. She was 90 and she reminded me of Nana, when we left she took my hand to thank us and said "whoever raised you two young men, they did it right." That was probably my number 1 fave moment of the week, s/o to Mom and @pettbryan. 

- Did an exchange with Elder McMiller in #BGrade and we went and saw our old pal Larry (Elder Christensen and I taught him last fall). Super fun catching up with him. Then Elder Hunter and I went out to the Robison's, that's a special family. Lots of memories in that home... newest memory being their dog peed all over Hunter... ALL OVER. It was rough lol. Can't believe it was a year ago they were baptized, I remember thinking to myself on that day "if this is all that happens these 2 years, it's worth it". 

I'm grateful that I have had several experiences out here where I can look back and think...

 "if this is all that happens, it's worth it."

Austin... Corey and McKayla... the Matson's... the old lady we raked leaves for... moments like that. Not gonna lie it's easy to get down at times when things aren't working but I think of those experiences and remember that's what it's really about. I love it out here, no trips to the mouse or college gamedays but it's worth it. It's hard work, missing out on stuff at home can be hard, and it's easy to get caught up in the meaningless stuff out here, but at the end of the day if you are trying to be more Christlike than you were when you started that day, it's a success in my books. In terms of a mission... I'm trying a lot harder to be Christlike than I was at the start so I think I'm on the right track. 

Invitation for all of ya... I found a great article on called the "perfect lie". Awesome article, helped me a ton, check it out. You'll be glad you did. 

Love ya fam, 

- Elder K 


- the #FootRollUp... I had to get something out of the truck and B1 carried me. 

- out by the robisons, tough to tell in the picture but that's at least 100 elk.. then some antelope too. #WelcomeToMontana 

- me and @TeamBetaAlpha's trainer 

- #UteProud

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