Monday, November 14, 2016

"Better Luck Next Year" - November 14, 2016

What's up Fam! 

 - last Monday night we drove to Helena. Fun drive. Quoted Dumb and Dumber the entire time and Wells taught me how to hold hands with a girl. 

- MLC was the next day in Helena, that's always a good time. I conducted and didn't know what to do with my hands. 

- that night we drove to Kalispell for our exchange with the zone leaders up there. Kalispell... great Odin's raven... so pretty. 

- when I found out Trump won, the first thing I thought of is seeing an audio animatronic of Donald Trump in hall of the presidents in Disney World... that's gonna be hilarious. 

- Had a good time with Elder Fleming and Elder Sedig. Both are about 6'5 so we had a solid round of 2 on 2 our last morning with them. The #FootRollUp is still healing which means I didn't drive to the hoop and just jacked up 3's...  I banked 2 of them on accident #CallMePettBryan... but even with a good ankle I wasn't getting near the paint with those 2 on the other team. Wells kept us in it, he's such a baller. 

 - Thursday we made the 8 hour drive back to Billings... coming out of Kalispell was crazy. Super foggy. Elder Wells asked if I'd seen the movie "Mist"... I was assuming it's a horror movie about fog, you all know how much I love scary movies, so I responded with "no, but I have seen Up." #AdventureIsOutThere

- I think I saw a wolf...

- did another exchange, this one in Billings. Went with Elder Gerard. It was pretty cool, the Billings Temple is being cleaned so we went and cleaned. We got on the roof to clean the sun roof and also cleaned the chandeliers in the sealing rooms. SO SWEET! Even when cleaning the temple, the spirit is so strong in there. That was an experience I'll never forget. 

- afterward we hit up Cafe Rio <3 ... some members bought us our dinner, they have a daughter serving in Chile, they were way cool. We go sit down and get talking to this guy and he invites us to sit with him... things are going well... then the dude snaps (I think he was on drugs) and opens the Book of Mormon and starts pouring water on it! I kind of wanted to light him on fire but I'm finally in a city with a Cafe Rio and I didn't want to be permanently kicked out of it and/or be arrested. #Priorities #ExtraSteak #WelcomeToMontana Billings Edition  

- In that moment I realized how much I love that book, any other book I really wouldn't have cared much, but I know the power of that book now. We get it back, and the only page that was wet was the title page and a few pictures. All pages with actual scripture had ZERO damage. Considering how much this dude poured on it and how thin those pages are, that's a miracle in my books. 

--- you know in Happy Gilmore when the hockey coach says "well... better luck next year"... kind of wanted to go say that to him as I show him the mostly dry book... but I didn't. Bless his heart. Shortly after he declared to the entire restaurant his love for Taylor Swift... he had to have been high. 

- woke up the morning of zone trainings and asked Wells if he wanted to grab a Mickey D's breakfast on the way there... he told me he was about to ask me the same thing... that is a Preach my Gospel example of companionship unity right there. 

- we were having an experience in zone training where we shared scriptures that define our companion... I read 1 Nephi 16:32 

"And now when they (Elder Wells) had beheld that I had obtained food how great was their (Elder Wells) joy." 

--- I wish you could see our companionship lol. 

- church was awesome. Felt good to finally meet the ward (last week was stake conference). I miss the YSA but it feels good being in a family ward again. We had Sunday dinner with Elder and Sister Baird and I wore a blue tie to try and save myself from #persecUTEtion... turns out Elder Baird wore a red tie... I think it was for me. 

It's all a blur... so much more funny stuff but I can't remember it all haha. 

I will end on a spiritual note - The Book of Mormon has been a big focus for us in our trainings and in our lessons with our investigators. I'm really loving it. I don't know everything about it, but I know it's a book that puts you on a path to being closer to Heavenly Father and Christ and brings peace and joy in your life. I love sharing it with others. 

OTHER BIG NEWS COMING FROM HAMTOWN!!! There was a less active we did service for back in #HamTown, we'd help her and her husband (non member) out in their yard. I got close to them, their dogs, their bunnies, even the stupid chickens that would get stuck in the fence #NaturalSelection I LOVED... anyway, I found out this week he is progressing towards baptism. I'm so happy for that, SO HAPPY. The idea of an eternal family means a lot to them right now. I love this family...Elder Wells and I may be making a return to Hamilton for that one. 

Anyway another reminder to me that everything is on God's time out here and in life. Do what you can and He will work it out. 

So many miracles out here, I love it. Church is true. 

Gospel is simple fam, it's meant to help us feel joy. Hymn we sang yesterday was "I Need Thee Every Hour" and a line stood out to me... " in joy and pain", we don't just need Christ when life is rough, but we always need Christ in our life. Always look for ways to be Christ like, look for ways to apply the Atonement in your life. 

Love ya fam, sorry this was all over the place... you are probably used to it by now haha 

- Elder K


- special guest star appearance from Wyoming last preparation day. He hit a 3 DEEP from Steph Curry range... dick vitale - "unbelievable" sound clip. 

- we spent the night in Helena at the stake presidents house... super awesome guy.  He's given me #persecUTEtion in the past so I had to return the favor when signing the missionary wall of fame in his house. #UteProud
- 16 months later the Splash Elder Heisman pose continues to live. 

- #LifeIsAHighway , seriously that fog was so crazy!!! Driving around the state I was reminded how lucky I am to serve in the Big Sky 

- not having to do ZONE trainings so you just chill in the back 
- the #ZoneOfEnoch from hamilton is coming back together in billings 

- after we got done cleaning the temple, so pretty, I can say I have been on the roof of that. No it didn't require picking a lock. 

- this is Mason. We are teaching his mom and 3 old brothers. Awesome family. Should be getting baptized in about a month. I had over 150 selfies of him on my iPad after the lesson. Great family, I love em. 

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