Monday, May 1, 2017

"Tony Stark & Big Horn Sheep" - May 1, 2017

What's up Fam!

- we had a sweet lesson with a family this week (I'll mention more later) and we brought Sister Stark with us to help teach. I jokingly asked if her husbands name was Tony... she responds "yes" and I cried a little. Not only is Tony Stark in my ward he is also a huge Utes fan.

- Last week it was Ron Swanson, this week it's Tony Stark. Insert Ricky Bobby "I don't know what to do with my hands" gif. #UteProud #ILoveBozeman

- while on that topic, I also got a present from Elder Christensen this week...  I now have a giant Iron Man helmet protecting my standard works on my PS desk. It also makes noises and lights up.

- we went to Big Sky for the weekend and stayed with the Treasures. Super awesome family with a sweet home. It was a blast. Can't wait to come back up and stay with them when the hot tub in the back yard and ski resort isn't off limits haha. Not gonna lie it got me thinking about the man date road trips me and @teambetalpha and the bros will go on to big sky #SorryMom.

- so on the drive up there, there were about 15 Big Horn Sheep just chilling on the road. My inner Jared Walton was telling me to go and pet them but then my inner mom voice told me not to.

- speaking of Elder Walton I also found a neat sign that they should probably put in Sweden... (check pics)

- went to the branch in Big Sky and that was really neat. Maybe 15 people there but it was a really powerful sacrament meeting. Doesn't matter where you go, the sacrament is so special.

Big highlight of the week was our lesson with the family I mentioned earlier. We kept it fairly simple and talked about Eternal families.  She expressed her desire to have a closer family and the spirit did its work in testifying that this is the path to go down. She also wanted to know how our church connects with Native American culture and history.... well, we told her about a book she needs to read and pray about. Yesterday they were sick so only the dad could come to church but they are wanting to be baptized. Family of 8 and I think 5 are old enough for baptism. Really neat family, Heavenly Father prepares people no doubt.

Also going out to Big Sky tonight to teach a family some of you may have heard about. Really excited to teach them, I got close to them last fall when I was in the YSA and I'm pumped. All about family.

The longer I have been a missionary the more I have realized what the Gospel does to people. I can't explain how it works, but when we finally stop doubting and looking for faults and rather avert all attention and focus to Christ and the beautiful simplicity of His gospel... things are better, not necessarily easier... but better. I noticed that a lot this week in our interactions with people. The Treasures especially, their conversion story blew me away. Simply put, people are happier with the gospel.

So much more I wanna say... all going by so fast. I love my mission, I love the Gospel, I love my Heavenly Father, I love my Savior who makes this plan of returning back even possible. I especially love my family. The gospel really does bring us together. Go out and live the life Heavenly Father wants you and needs you to live. "Look to God and live" like Alma says.

Love ya fam

- Elder K


- #WelcomeToMontana

- saw this and thought of something we would do to Cody

- #TBT the district meeting game show Mic, we miss you Elder Bennett

- district pics

- Elder McElvany and I Heisman'ing  a raptor, I love this zone.

- member took us to Dominoes while the draft was on, shed a manly tear when Garret was drafted. #FamilyOn3

- #MoarMountains

- the sign they need to put in Sweden

 big sky and big horn sheep pics

- updated personal study desk.

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