Monday, April 24, 2017

Ron Swanson Territory - April 24, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

Pretty crazy week... but it was a fun one.

- Monday the new missionaries came in. Elder Porter came in so he and Elder Hoschouer trained and I just kind of 3rd wheeled... mainly just chilled with
Sister Wadsworth and she taught me great life skills like setting a table.

 - leaving Billings was a lil rough. Never will like leaving areas but I got to ride in the transfer van with Crystal and that was party city USA plus she made me no bake cookies.

- I was doing alright until I started unpacking and I pulled a Lions mini helmet out of my suitcase then I started thinking about Maddy Baird and I shed a manly tear.

- Elder Baum is chill. Good baller. We have been having a blast with each other... get ready for a lot of funny stories. He's from San Antonio and has been out 6 months.

- remember Meg that got baptized in the YSA??? She married Braylen and they are in a our ward and things are just like the good days last Fall. We hang out with them quite a bit. One of the best parts about being here is I get to see all of my YSA family.

- a guy in the Ward used to coach volleyball at Utah and is now at MSU. I filmed highlights for him a few years ago. Lots of Utes in the Ward.

OK I have a funny story to share...

For those of you who remember my farewell, you may recall me referring to Montana as "Ron Swanson territory." Well, last 11 months I have either been on a college campus or in the heart of Billings so not quite Ron Swanson territory... but Bozeman 1st Ward and Big Sky Branch are Ron Swanson territory. Outside of the city, we have mountains...rivers... animals... good stuff.

We go to a dinner one night and this particular member is the closest I'll get to meeting Ron Swanson... this was the First time I met Patriarch Marlow and it changed my life... he is the G.O.A.T of Bozeman.

- huge Utes fan. "I love the Utes and all teams that beat BYU... which Utah is quite good at." *smiles at me. He and his wife would pull a face anytime someone mentioned the team down south. They are more salty than Hackett and Viliseni.

- we talked about domesticating a bald eagle and naming it "Freedom Washington"

- they live out by the mountains and have tons of wildlife around their place. There have been several occasions he has chased bears out of his yard while only wearing under wear #Goals.

--- me - "well I guess wildlife is better than dealing with people" - "yeah, especially since if I want to shoot annoying people everyone gets upset"


We go outside to leave and I'm taking a picture of the sunset. Next thing I know Baum is taking off screaming like a 4 year old and a cute little lamb is chasing him. Super funny. Lamb comes over to me and I was playing with it then I put it back over it's fence. (One of the funniest moments of my mission... I just can't even describe it.)

So he steps out after observing this, thanks us for getting the lamb back, and then drops pure wisdom on us...

*now please imagine this in your best Ron Swanson voice. This guys facial expressions... voice tone... everything is like Ron Swanson.

"The fence is like the commandments... stay inside and you are safe.

Leave the fence and you die"

I added "then the missionaries have to come save you" and he nodded his head in approval and smiled and I got butterflies in my stomach not gonna lie. I love that man. I told him he reminds me of Ron Swanson and that is the highest honor I can give someone. HE'S A UTAH MAN TOO!!!!

K, back to mission stuff.

- we also cover the Big Sky Branch. We went up to help clean the branch and met some of the members. Excited to be in a branch, the members seem awesome. We already have some people ready to be taught and I'm pumped.

- Big Sky... is unreal. The ski resort is insane... fishing, golf...
just wow. Pumped to do work up there. Gonna try and hit up Tom Brady and Bill Gates over in the Yellowstone Club...

Really excited to get work done here. We already have quite a few people lined up that we are excited to get things going. Between the Ward and the Branch we have some good things going on, the members are stepping up. Feels good to be back in Bozeman too, I have already seen a lot of people I know so it feels like home.

I love the gospel fam. Especially love the scriptures. There was a YSA kid I taught last Fall that was pretty much starting from scratch with his testimony, I have stayed in contact with him and a few months later he's come a long ways... I believe in large part due to the Book of Mormon, he went from not knowing what he believes to telling us how happy he is when he reads. It changes lives, it brings you closer to Christ, persuades you to do good... exactly what Nephi said it does in
2Nephi: 33. Read the book, simple as that.

I love the gospel, I love my mission. Good stuff. Weird to see it winding down... it's taught me way more than I ever imagined. Heavenly Father loves us, so important that everyone knows that.

Life is good, love ya fam

- Elder K

*also like to wish all of you a happy one year anniversary of the #tickcident. Still the scariest day of my life.


- We both left Billings zone to go west, next time I see Elder Hendricks we will both be home. Come a long ways since the MTC district.
- original crew back in Bozeman for transfers. Unfortunately only McBuckets is staying in the zone but good to see Bennett and Hunter too.

- that hoop...  memories

- #WelcomeToMontana

- the lamb.

- Big Sky. Just to give you an idea how big that ski resort is. Me and @pettbryan will have some adventures up here with fishing poles and skis.

- new picture that will be used for all memes sent to Elder Christensen

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