Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Force Choking Pirates" - May 15, 2017

What's up Fam!

- out at lunch one day and "Escape" played on the radio. Since it was opening week for GotG 2 that was a tender moment and made me extra grateful for my baby Groot and all the experiences we have had.

--- typically one relates songs to girls. I do it with my Baby Groot anytime I hear a song from awesome mix vol 1. #NoRegrets

- it takes about all I can handle to not start cracking Iron Man jokes when I talk with Brother Tony Stark at church. He's a stud, I love him.

- sat in with the Priest quorum yesterday and they were talking about how they should do a food day at church... boy do I have an idea for you... #PQP

- went to Belgrade and we stopped by the Richards. Rozzi is huge now and we had a good time playing with each other. C-Rich was being his typical G.O.A.T self and he and Leah talked with us as he worked on the '67 Camaro.

- also went out to see the Robisons and can't say enough how special that family is to me. Feels like yesterday we were teaching them for the first time. We played a pirate game outside where we were raiding the back of the truck and it somehow also included RPG's and the force. Tag would have loved it. #ThatEscalatedQuickly

- Saturday we had the sweet opportunity of going to the temple with Corey and McKayla Broughton. They teach me, they're amazing. Being in the temple with them is so special.

- ... then afterwards we went to Scheels and rode the Ferris Wheel with Corey haha. Also stopped by Cafe Rio and I got to see Crystal and the Baird's. Maddy and I are still very much a thing.

So as it sounds... it was a week of seeing family it felt like. Whether that is Bozeman... Belgrade... Billings...  or wherever, I can't even describe how much I love my family up here and can't imagine life without them.

Yesterday was the perfect cherry on top to that as I got to call home for Mother's Day. That was the last call out here and I'm gonna miss those butterflies you get before you hit the call button... I can't say the same about that feeling when you hang up haha, but it's a humble reminder to me that there is no way I could be doing this without lots of help from Heavenly Father and others, cause I really miss those guys.

A lot I'm still learning in regards to the gospel, but one thing I know for certain is the power the gospel brings to families. I don't understand it all, but it blesses families we teach, and it has blessed mine immensely. It really builds my testimony of it all when you see the fruits of living the gospel.  I want to be with them forever so you better believe I'll do whatever that takes, and help families reach that too.

There's a lot more stuff I'd love to share but putting into words is just getting too frustrating now haha.

Love ya fam,

- Elder K


- Rozzi and the Camaro

- road trip Corey broughton edition™

- temple

- Heisman

- Ferris wheel. It actually kind of freaked me out so we will see how Disney goes in a few months.

- car selfie

- Baird's kids

- screen shots from the call.

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