Monday, April 10, 2017

"Don't let Frank catch ya" - April 20, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

- BIG NEWS.... WE FOUND A FRANK! We had a zone conference in Wyoming and on the way back found a Frank. I wasn't tractor tipping so he wasn't too mad. Someone needs to tell Z for me, the list of remaining Cars is getting smaller and smaller...

- had dinner with my mom's cousin's family. They were super chill. I officially accept them all as my cousins I like them so much, we had a good time. Was gonna say they're a sweet fam but I guess that means I'm sweet too so yeah... they're a sweet fam. #FamilyOn3

- the Zone Conference was sweet. Good seeing all the Wyoming missionaries. President talked about Alma 32 and how we need to nourish the good seeds... but also make sure we aren't nourishing bad seeds (thoughts, habits, etc.) also. I really liked that.

- we stopped at this food truck called Hog Heaven... great Odin's raven... I got a 3 lb. baked potato covered in cheese and pork and it was amazing. The potato tasted good so it probably wasn't from Idaho.
#ShotsFired #SorryKurt. Whole time I was eating it I was thinking how great it'll be when me and @pettbryan can put those down together.

- had our last District Meeting of the transfer, I'll miss this district. For district pics I brought my light sabers. However one light saber decided to go off during a sisters discussion so that was a lil embarrassing. Nothing beats having light saber noises coming from my bag during a spiritual moment in district meeting. #SorryMom.

- drove to hamilton Friday. 6 hour drive there. Wow... I have really missed that place. I was reunited with a Naps burger along with my #HamTown fam and it felt really good. Words don't do it justice how much I love it there and my other areas, seriously felt like I was back with family.

Guess I should explain why we were on the other side of the state haha. Someone I taught last year was getting baptized and President let us drive to it. I haven't mentioned a lot about this couple but they mean a lot to me and I'm sure I'll be talking about them for a long time. She was a less active and her husband wasn't a member, we'd go over and do service and play with their dogs and throughout that time some pretty miraculous things happened that helped build their testimony. Over the last year he took the lessons and committed to baptism. That's the short summary version... just know they are amazing.

We went over the night before the baptism and John opened the door and behind him was a white jump suit hanging up on the door. I can not even come close to describing how special it was to see him almost a year later and seeing that white jump suit hanging up behind him.

Then I started to @pettbryan (v. To cry) and he did to.

I can't describe what that was like to see him baptized, just wow.

So cool to see him and his wife and how happy they were. When I left Hamilton a year ago they were approaching a monster of trials and they were very scared, a year later they still are dealing with those trials, but you can see the difference because of the Gospel.  You can see the perfect love of our Savior casting out all fear.
I could go on forever about this family, this story is one my grandkids will be hearing a lot someday. Miracles happen family, The Gospel brings true joy.

I'm very grateful for my family in Montana and what they teach me. I love it here so much. Being in Hamilton this last week and as I get ready to leave the West Park Ward in Billings I'm reminded how much I love the people here and I cannot wait for when my family home can meet all of them and eat 3lb pork baked potatoes with me and I can take pictures with Frank and Z. If being trunky means you are excited to go home so you can come right back then sign me up. #TrunkFest2k17.

We still have work to do though haha.

 Love ya fam

 - Elder K


- district pics #Splashtanic

- hog heaven

- frank

- Naps + The Meuchal's = best day ever

- oh I have missed that court

- John and Barbara

- coach and mama J

- Brown's continue to be on fire. Tag turned 3 and Mark and Jessica accepted a calling to teach primary #AchievementUnlocked

- gold jacket.. green jacket...

- Time lapsed the 12 hours of driving. Got some cool stills. We saw all four seasons. #WelcomeToMontana

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