Monday, April 3, 2017

"All In" - April 3, 2017

What's up Fam!!!
- had some exchanges this week. Did one with Elder Fleming, he's playing DE at BYU this Fall so we had a good talk about football, cool guy.
 - dinner with the Potter's and Lynch's again... so much fun. Potters are moving and were having someone come over to check out the house and I joked with them that me and Elder Hoschouer were gonna pull a Step Brothers to try and get the house not to sell #EveryoneRecycles.  Disney - Ron Swanson - Stepbrothers, I love that family.
- highlight of week was a lesson we taught to a deaf woman. Elder Hoschouer and a sister in the zone know ASL so the four of us went to the lesson and although I had absolutely 0 clue what was going on, the spirit was super strong. At one moment it was especially strong and I had a feeling they were talking about baptism... Part of that due to the sign for baptism I guessed that's what they were talking about, but really it was how strong the spirit was at the moment that sold me, I had a feeling they were putting her on date and sure enough they did. It was really cool.
I have a strong testimony why we are put with certain companions, Elder Hoschouer was perfect for that lesson. This isn't a one man job out here, we all have our different skill sets, appetites, strengths, weaknesses, Etc.. that help us reach certain individuals that Heavenly Father needs us to reach. He knows what he is doing if we listen to and follow Him. Everyone is needed in this work.
- Our teaching pool took a fat dump on us this week but a less active we have been teaching came to priesthood session which was awesome. He originally said he couldn't make it cause the final four was on....but Saturday night he came walking into the chapel... pretty neat.  He's also a zags fan so #ChurchIsTrue. That was a sweet little miracle, once it ended he was smiling super big and said "that was amazing".
Conference was lights out as always. I love it. Here were my key take aways.
 "Go All In" on the gospel... "All in or in the way" as Coach Whitt would say.
 "Always stay humble and KIND" - President Monson was paraphrasing the Tim McGraw doctrine. Regarding the fat dump our teaching pool took on us that was a much needed talk for me to hear.
No Fear - if you are doing what you need to be doing... no reason to ever fear.
 I love the gospel so much, it's our road map to happiness and peace. I love seeing that in people, sucks when people don't make that choice to follow it, but when they do it's pretty sweet to step back and see the change.
 Something I have learned out here, you Stick with it. Enduring to the end is a true principle of the gospel. We will all be far from perfect, but you still go all in, and never fear failure. As Ron Swanson once said " don't half @ss two things, whole @ss one thing." and while that may be a little bit of an unconventional quote when talking about the gospel... I like it. "Go All In".
 So much more I wanna say. It was an up and down week but it strengthened my testimony that's for sure. I love it here, I especially love the families. Wow I'm gonna miss it.
Love ya fam.
- Elder K
- last weeks home made driving range at the stake center.
- pretty bad picture but us and E. Rentfro and Fleming. You can probably tell which one is the DE...
- Lynch's and Potters

- when U see it...

- tag's birthday present... super hero dress up. I love this fam so much. #AdventuresWithTag

- spent most Friday at a zone service project. Made a little edit on my gloves in case I gotta play DB on the adversaries fiery darts out there...
- #SplashElders building a chicken coop
- not gonna lie any time it showed the salty city #TrunkFest2k17
- Lynch's Nintendo shrine. He and brady would be good friends.

- yes... crystal got us flamin hot cheeto's & Nutella. She's the best.
- what better place to close out the mission conferences than at the Baird's... super fun afternoon. Maddy and I are still a thing.

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