Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Family on 3" - April 17, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

Alright so... Today's schedule is a little whack as the incoming missionaries (who usually come in on a Tuesday) arrive today. We will be with them most the day, so I won't be emailing much till next week, if I don't respond that is why.

(New arriving Elder, Elder Dawson Craig. His family is good friends with Elder McMahon's family)
- QOTW - Elder Hoschouer - "what is Elder Palmers first name? Me - "David". He doesn't watch 24 so he didn't get it but still.

- This drunk dude accused us of being drunk... that was cute. Street contacting down town Billings at night is always fun.

-Had a #Trunkfest2k17 this weekend with the departing missionaries. 9 sisters and 1 elder... THE Elder Wells. He spent his last few days with us and we had a good time reminiscing of the good days. He's a true bro to me... even if he's a Coug, we are tight. Lot of things happened those 4.5 months that were not mentioned in the weekly email... yeah, Gonna miss him. #CougarsDontRoar

Easter... was awesome. Another one of those days that really gets magnified on a mission. I love the Plan of Salvation so much fam. It's especially comforting during the REALLY tough trials we face, but it's not something we should only focus on when there is a death or something really difficult. It needs to be our foundation all the time. It's powerful knowing why we are here and what's really important. Knowing what the end goal is - returning to our Father in Heaven, and knowing that it  is only with our Savior by our side that we can do it. It's especially comforting knowing families can be forever.

It's all about family, always will be. We are all brothers and sisters, I know that now. I'm leaving the West Park Ward tomorrow and same story different area... feels like I'm leaving family. I've loved it here and the family I have gained, I'm gonna miss it. These weekly emails just don't cut it... I have loved it out here.

The gospel is so cool when you think about it. It unites us, just like we were before we came to this earth, it brings us together. I love it fam, I love it out here, I love seeing what the Gospel does to people.

Christ changed the world, but he also changes us individually. A lot I still don't know, but I know it works and it's true. You don't have to know it all to commit to it, start where you are and you'll feel the difference.

So, with Easter and leaving Billings, I'm reminded how grateful I am for my family and the Plan of Salvation and a Savior that makes it possible. As Jacob puts it in 2 Nephi 9 - "how great the plan of our God!". As the United Together Eternal Soldiers put it - "Family on 3".

Love ya fam

- Elder K

- speaking of family... next area is Bozeman 1st Ward/ Big Sky Branch with Elder Baum (he's a baller, we are gonna have some fun)... I'm so hyped. Feels like I'm going home to Bozeman haha, this is the "triple dip" in the stake and I am pumped. I love it there. I have some work to do already planned :)


- Baird's... I love this fam. Especially maddy

- President Wadsworth and his "cowboy up" belt buckle. If he was holding his "stupid hurts" bandaid and a picture of John Wooden then that'd be the perfect way to describe President. I'm going to miss being around him and Sister Wadsworth.

- 1st selfie 11 months ago... last selfie in our truck on the way to the airport. Gonna miss that dude.

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