Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Shark Week - March 6, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

- had another good night with Tag... we played "Ghost Ninja Fire Pizza Monster"... it was pretty intense. At one point I was the "Ghost Ninja Fire Pizza Monster" and I was hiding behind the door and jumped at Tag with an Elmo doll and his face was priceless.

--- scare a 3 year old. #AchievementUnlocked #ImAMonster #AdventuresWithTag

- had a solid dinner with the Bishop. We discovered the pure excellence of the combination of flaming hot Cheeto puffs and Nutella. Possibly gonna be my new go to college snack.

- Elder Hoschouer explained to me the plot line of Les Mis. I'd still rather take a steel toed boot to the nuggets than watch that movie ever again but it made a lot more sense with no one singing and the characters being referred to as "wolverine" .. " cat woman"..."pirates of the Caribbean mermaid girl"... etc.

- we had a stake missionary night with the youth. It was a blast. All the missionaries in Billings were there and we each manned a 3 minute station on preparing the youth to serve. Super fun being around the youth.

One kid had a shark tie so we went hardcore on talking about shark week and another kid had a beautiful Utes tie so of course that made me shed a manly tear of joy and we nerded out a bit. Overall a very enjoyable experience. Makes me want the dream calling of mission prep even more.

- we had our departing missionaries take off this weekend so we got to enjoy another #TrunkFest2k17. Biggest perk of all being we get to attend the temple with them. Pretty solid group. Then we have transfers and training the new missionaries this week. Craziest week of the transfer is in full swing... so I'm going to be taking a fat nap on Friday when transfers are over.

2 spiritual highlights of the week:

1. We have been working with an older less active gentleman for the last 8 weeks. Very down to earth and humble man. We have challenged him to pray at the end of the lesson for the last few months and each time he says "next time." Well this week "next time" finally happened and he offered a very sincere and simple prayer. Few things beat hearing someone pray for the first time or first time in a while. It was sweet.

2. The station I was at for the youth missionary night was "Taking on the Name of Christ". For an hour I talked to the youth about the significance of our name tag, and since then it's been on my mind a lot. I remember when I first came out and I'd often sit there, see my name tag, and think "wow, I'm really doing this." Over time that has worn off and I have gotten used to it. Since that night however, I have been reminded how fortunate I am to wear Christ's name everyday.

We take on the name of Christ when we are baptized sure... but for these 2 years we really get to put it on.

Like I told the youth that night... you wouldn't let just anyone sign into your
Twitter, Insta, FB... and start posting from your account...yet Christ trusts us to take on his name and act on behalf of him. We will all fall short, but that's why we have the Atonement, so he can help us overcome those obstacles and become closer to being like him.

The Gospel is sweet, all it does is teach us how to be more like the Savior so we can return back to our Heavenly Father and be with our families.

Missions are like a magnified experience of that. They are big shoes to fill wearing that name tag and carrying on Christ's legacy, but I'm grateful for the chance to try.

Love ya fam

- Elder K


- Dysfunctional Zone Pics

- oh yeah we got up at 4 am Friday to drive to Helena (about 6 hours there and back) to pick up #TrunkFest2k17 and it was a pretty drive.

- temple

- captain ammonica giving Groot the "you had one job" stare.

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