Friday, March 17, 2017

The Charizard Chalkboard - March 13, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

- crazy crazy week. We had transfers and training the new missionaries. 4 sisters came in so it was a small group but still a blast. New missionaries are the best, it's a lot of fun getting to hang out with them their first few days in the field.

- told them during training to follow the Tim McGraw doctrine and they'll be good.

- Elder Hoschouer had this deep idea about an alternate universe where I introduce Optimus Prime into the Jedi Council then I wife Padme.  That's a good way to describe our companionship from the last week.

- went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and (100% not planned I promise, mom) Duke vs NC was on and since Frank Jackson was playing I justified watching that one while we were there. Last March Madness as a missionary coming up... I can do this.

- we sat behind the Baird's at church and their family continues to be #FamilyGoals. However the saddest event in the history of mankind is when Sacrament Meeting ends and people start getting up and Maddie knows it's time to go to nursery and she starts crying... and as she gets carried out she tells to us "bye"... seriously plucks my heart strings more than the end of Toy Story 3. It makes me wonder if I can even be a dad someday it's so sad.

- watching a video in EQ and Jenny Goldsberry popped up on the screen and that caught me off guard a little bit.

- #NerdMomentOfTheWeek™ was at dinner last night. The guy is telling us about his mission and how he came home right when the first Transformers came out. I say "so you served 8 years ago?"... he pauses to count the years and says yes... he's looking a little shocked I knew that, his wife is too, even Elder Hoschouer is... then I tell them I'm a big Transformers nerd. It was a little embarrassing. It just slipped out.

Yeah, it was a wild week and I'm glad to get goin on to the next.

Training the new missionaries was a for sure highlight. When I arrived I was so scared so I'll take any chance to calm their nerves  when the new missionaries come in. It's nerve racking, a lot of unknown and uncertainty, but man it's fun. Never thought I'd be the one saying that.

I was gonna give you an in depth analysis on the sweet experience I had with 2 Nephi chapter 4: 12-35 this week but instead I want to challenge all of you to read it and let the spirit teach ya. One little tip... really put yourself in Nephi's shoes.

The Book of Mormon is sweet fam... I know it's the cliche stuff you hear a lot but if you are a looking for a desire to choose the right, be happy, get through your trials, all that... read that book - Pray - attend church. I see it all the time with people. They stop with those 3 and so does their desire, but just as easy it is to lose that desire you can gain it back. Why??? Because those BIG 3 bring the spirit into your life, and it's the spirit that drives us.

A lot more I wanna share but I think we'll call it good there.

Anyway, Read that chapter, tell me what ya think and I'll tell ya what I think. 2 Nephi 4:12-35

Love ya fam

- Elder K


- during training we did a role play on finding. Pres acted like a guy at a bus stop... STL's were a door approach... I was playing ball and my name was DeAndre... Hoschouer was playing Pok√©mon go. To make things more realistic I drew myself a hoop and I also drew a pitiful looking charizard and told the sisters they have 2 minutes to teach Hoschouer until his attention is averted to a wild charizard that appeared...  So after 2 minutes I started running around with the charizard chalk board while they were trying to teach him. gotta get em ready for the real stuff. Pres just sat there and laughed... I honestly wonder what he thinks about us lol.

- *post transfer nap on floor of office*

- walked into the church one night and they were jousting and playing basketball with hover boards.

- Riverview Ward cameo appearance in West Park Ward

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