Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It's Not Always Highlights, But This Week it Was! - February 13, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

- it was a whopping 37 degrees one night so went to get Cold Stone to cool off. Never in my life would I think 37 felt so warm.

- while at Cold Stone, "Humble and Kind" came on the radio and I shed a manly tear.

- Startin to get real salty with all the churches here talkin crap on us but that's ok we can still try and love them. When I want to verbally light them on fire I just remember the Tim McGraw doctrine.

- got to do an exchange with Elder Hendricks, throwin it back to the MTC district days. Had a good time, great Elder to serve with.

- Wayne Sherman's quote of the week - "God is my CEO". I love that man. He and his wife are doing great.

---- k cool miracle this week. Elder Christensen and I were together for a few days, it was awesome... we went and checked out this insane neighborhood with nice houses. Elder Christensen gets a prompting to go talk to this guy outside picking up dog poop... his house was unreal... so we get talkin... he's a Kentucky fan #StillSalty... he asks what church we are with... he says the guy painting his house goes to that same church... I'm all "is his name Wayne???"... the dude tells us that's him... I START FREAKING OUT IM SO EXCITED, so we went in and saw Wayne and got to talk to this guy some more. What are the chances??? Pretty neat miracle, coolest part of it all was Wayne told him where he goes to church, he's on fire. He's sharing it with others too.

- Zone Conference in Wyoming this last week also. That was fun... got to see the missionaries there which is fun. Came back and had our exchange with Elder Christensen and Dougherty.... goooood times. Can't believe it's been 16 months since Elder Christensen and I teamed up in #BGrade.

- had our meeting with President last night and he was confessing some of his mission stories while we were eating cookies and milk... Sister Wadsworth just sat there shaking her head. Before we left we were told "what is said in this office stays in this office".  I love those two.

- just now realized next month is March Madness and we are going to fill out brackets with President... that's going to be gold.

Ultimate highlight of the week... probably highlight of the two years, was getting to see the fruits of our work from the Fall of 2015. Corey was someone Elder Christensen and I saw a lot of potential in, and every Friday we stopped by at 1 to chill with he and Briar and talk about all kinds of guy stuff... one of my last days there he told us he wants to be baptized and sealed to his family... we were shocked but at the same time, we knew all along he was gonna take that step, we just needed to be his friends. Corey was baptized shortly after I left Belgrade and this last weekend we got to attend the temple with he, MiKayla, and their little boy Briar for their endowment and sealing.

There's a lot I don't know about the gospel, a lot I'm still learning, but one thing I can absolutely testify of is the difference in this family from when I first met them in July of 2015, to now. It was NOT easy for them. They had to make changes, they had to commit, they had to show faith... repentance... baptism... ALL THAT, but they did it, are STILL doing it. They are doing what is asked of them. In return Heavenly Father is giving them what is promised. I know it can be hard seeing the big picture with the Gospel sometimes, but if you honestly put that trust in Heavenly Father he will pull through for you. I'm so grateful for their example to me and our eternal friendship, along with getting to share that experience with Elder Christensen. After it was over, the 3 of us stood there in the sealing room talking about cheese burgers and beards... just like old times.

It's not always highlights in a mission or real life, that's something Coach taught me back in #HamTown, but Saturday was one of those highlight days. I look back at my mission and it's pretty miraculous how things just work out or happen. I know Heavenly Father is the one in charge.

One last little miracle... We walk into the temple Saturday and guess who is there in the waiting room... Alex, the girl we taught back in the fall in Bozeman! Despite her family threatening to abandon her she's wanting to be baptized this summer... and she's traveling 2 hours with the rest of the YSA to the temple just so she can sit in the waiting room. How sweet is that! Plus I got to see others from the YSA which was great, I miss them a lot.

Then, that got me thinking... How many of us that can actually do ordinances in one of the 10 temples within a hour drive of us even go to the temple regularly???? Wayne is telling the guy he paints houses for where he goes to church, he's already passed me up on the missionary work I did before my mission!

These investigators, converts, returning less actives, they teach me.

I love it. It's a neat experience seeing how much they are willing to give up for the gospel that I was fortunate enough to have and be raised in by a supportive family. I really love my family here, It also took all self control to not start screaming when I saw the Bozeman YSA in the temple.

Still a lot to learn but some stuff you just gotta sit back and soak it in cause those little miracles are everywhere.  Gospel is pretty cool. Sorry this was all over the place haha.

Love ya fam

- Elder K


- Temple Sealing & Red Robin... Corey challenged me to eat the Ghost Pepper Burger and it was glorious

- dysfunctional district pics

- stayed with the Greybull elders and they bought a pack of NBA cards from the grocery store. They had Jakob's rookie card and let me have it! #PoeltlPower

- big sky

- Wayne's new thumb drive he bought on amazon... Wayne = G.O.A.T

- castle house

- sat next to a sun beam in church and we were drawing fire breathing dinosaurs and then this was him at the end of church... #Goals

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