Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#Target Acquired - February 20, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

- went to Costco... on the tv, Stephen A Smith was arguing with some other dude on ESPN and it made me think of mine and Elder Well's companionship.

- forgot to mention last week Wayne showed up in suit and tie so we sang Sharp Dressed Man for him at church.

- got a card from my mom explaining that next Valentine's Day maybe I'll have a girlfriend but I'm not sure how to break it to her it'll probably be @TeamBetaAlpha like always.

- went to the Pine Wood Derby to watch the Baird's son. He kicked butt. I had to hold the bench back when he came in first on a race.
- The kids were telling jokes from the mic at the Pine Wood Derby and I wanted to get up and say the good old "what does the BYU fan do after BYU beats Utah... they turn off the Xbox and go to sleep" joke but for the sake of stake missionary trust I didn't. Plus I'd hate to get sucker punched.

- also had a ribs night with the Baird's and they are #FamilyGoals I'll just leave it at that.

- got a Kylo Ren lightsaber keychain from Kurt so that has been added to the personal study desk shrine. I need  to be careful cause it's starting to look like I worship Groot.

- other additions to the Personal Study Desk Shrine™ includes my Bell valentine from Diz and putting a captain America head from a pez dispenser onto Ammon... possibly my best idea ever... yes we had a photo shoot during comp study.

- weather is heating up... which is so nice. Missionary work is 100x easier in nice weather. Already been playing pick up games of basketball and backyard football with kids and that's my kind of finding right there.

- someone mentioned the last name "Summers" in Ward council and that instantly sparked me singing "Summertime" by Kenney Chesney under my breath while thinking about the Panther... #Soon #TrunkFest2k17

- lots of exchanges this week. Was only with Elder Hoschouer one day which was a bummer but it was cool being around the other elders. E. McMiller, Ison, Shumway, Berret, Tippets, and my boy from the beginning - Elder Schneider. Had a blast with all of them, fun time.

K cool miracle of the week... so a few weeks ago, Elder Hoschouer and I went to Texas Roadhouse. Our waitress handed us a "play it forward" card.

What you do is look for someone wearing the described article of clothing on the card... before you give it to them, you write something new for them to find. And it goes on and on.  You can type in a code online and see where it goes and all that. Just keep on reading and you'll get it.

So I was wearing a pink tie and that's what the waitress needed to find, she gave me the card and wrote "red hat". When we got this card we joked that we would find someone wearing a red hat that is ready for the gospel... yeah...

So this card has been chilling with Groot and the lightsaber showcase on my desk for a few weeks... but Thursday I felt prompted to stick it in my shirt pocket. I was on exchanges with Elder Berrett that day and we had ZERO lessons set, meaning a day full of finding. Fortunately it was good weather and we hit the streets talking to people. About 2 hours go by and not much success is coming, but we kept on praying God would put us in the path of someone who would be ready for our message.

*man bikes by

*man is wearing red hat!!!!!

* I whisper to Elder Berrett "#TargetAcquired"

 We yell out to him and go over and start talking. This guy is super chill, really open with us. Super funny, just a cool dude. He expresses interest in us coming back... pretty sweet right! Before we leave I hand him the card (wrote Air Jordan's on it) and explain how I felt like I needed that card today. He then told us the red hat he was wearing... he never wears it, but that morning he felt like he needed to. It was starting to click in his mind that we were sent to him, and he told us a bit more about recent events in his life that proved that Heavenly Father directed us towards him.

Stuff like that doesn't happen all the time as a missionary but when it does... it's pretty dang sweet. Who knows if this guy gets baptized... or reads the Book of Mormon... or any of that...  ideally he would, but in that moment we were able to boost his faith and testify to him of eternal families all because of a card we got at Texas Roadhouse, that alone is worth it.

It's a crazy life out here but it's pretty cool. I'm learning everyday... the Gospel is neat. Do your job and Heavenly Father does His, simple as that.

Love ya fam

- Elder K



*when you take your Kylo Ren light saber to district meeting but you don't want to get rebuked by the sisters so you just play with it under the desk

* playing "fire monster" with Tag. Who ever is the fire monster hides and then the firefighters go and chase it down then the fire monster chases the fire fighter... I don't know how it works but we have fun.

Yes, Tag is holding a dinosaur light saber.

* Personal Study Desk Shrine™. You can sum up my life in these pictures.

* pine wood derby... I shed a manly tear when I saw the guy standing next to me was a Utes fan.

*special celebrity guest star Elder Baird came to visit the office today. #GOAT

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