Monday, September 19, 2016

Ping Pong Roulette - September 19, 2016


--- transfer calls yesterday, got 6 more in Bozeman baby. Freakin love it here. #TDFW

  • there was a bear cub in the Walmart parking lot. #WelcomeToMontana

  • Quote of the Week. "Cache how was class?" Cache - "You ever seen a horse kick a guy in the face?" #💵👑

  • Went to #BGrade for dinner with the Carlsons. One of my all time favorite families. I told Bishop I liked his Frozen bike that was in the front yard (it's his daughters). He responds "it's getting a little small (he's like 6'5 or something) and I was going to throw it away but I just can't LET IT GO." Bishop Carlson = GOAT. Their daughter may play volleyball at the U which means they'll come down to watch games and me and Bishop can Flarp with each other. 

  • Got a knock on our door one day... I open it up and B1 elders (McElvany and Bennet) are standing there with lightsabers. They said my custom lightsaber from Disneyland and Darth Vader footie pajamas inspired them. I nearly cried I was so proud, most proud I have ever been as a zone leader. 

  • so now we have random zone light saber battles and occasionally try and force choke each other in public but we stop once we start getting too many weird looks from civilians. #SorryMom

  • got a package from elder apple pie (E. Christensen) and it was full of a bunch of random stuff and it was wrapped in approximately 694 yards of tape. It was very thoughtful. He's gonna rock it this transfer up in Kalispell. 

  • took an investigator to institute... it was about the restoration and I was having non stop mind grenades going off. Pretty sweet. My mind was absolutely blown but good news is the investigator wants to come back for more! #ChurchIsTrue

  • walking campus one day... not much going on. Thought to my self - "what would Jared and I be doing?"... ruled out the first 4 things that came to mind due to legal formalities and/or the missionary handbook.  Idea number 5 came to mind but I doubted they had 3D printers to make a storm trooper helmet... then I saw a girl in a hammock... heck yeah, idea #6... we'd so put up a hammock. Went and talked to her and her friend about football and the gospel for an hour. It was sweet. The friend was from the bay and he and I pretty much had a PAC 12 talk show going on. #BackThePac

  • Elder Bennet wasn't feeling too well so I chilled with him in the car during morning ball and we listened to the halo soundtrack while talking about Master Chief. It made me shed a manly tear thinking that's something @TeamBetaAlpha and I would do. 

  • we had B1 and B2 over one night. Things escalated quickly. We had a lightsaber battle. Pretty much turned into a anchorman fight scene #BrickKilledAGuy. At the end I proposed the idea we have a 1 day purge where once a transfer we get all our disobedience out in one day. Obviously I'm kidding but not gonna lie it might be a good idea. 

  • Times like that I seriously wonder how the heck I'm a zone leader haha. Work is getting done and pretty obedient zone so maybe the force choking and light saber battles work. #ItsOnlyCrazyIfItDoesntWork #BozeForce

  • did an exchange with Elder Earl. Good guy, really good guy. Was sent into Bozeman as a district leader with a brand new missionary while only being out 6 months kind of like what I did in Conrad so I feel for him, it's not easy. We had a fun exchange and saw the Jepsons... when I walked in they started singing Utah Man for me... definitely one of my favorite BYU fams out here. 

  • talking to another kid on campus, he was sitting by a tree. His dog started chasing a squirrel around and the leash wrapped around the guy's neck and it was pretty crazy but he lived. #Squirrel 

  • got a call from a kid going to BYUI. He had a solid referral for us. Before we hang up I asked where he served his mission... here's how that went down... 

"Which part?' 
"Which mission?"
"You know Elder Mann" 

He and his friend came to church. She's solid. We'll probably start teaching her soon. Pretty sweet he knew Hayden. 

  • laid down sod for 4 hours on Saturday... so much fun, you know it was a good day when 2 days later you are still trying to get the dirt out from under your finger nails. Their neighbor showed up who isn't a member, went to the U and big Utes fan so we had a good talk about football. 

  • We spoke in church yesterday. Talked about personal conversion, I straight up winged it and I think I used Steph Curry, Jerry Sloan, NBA 2K, Walt Disney all as references... didn't use Ron Swanson at all which looking back makes me a little disappointed but it was fun. 

  • B1 was over again last night... I came up with a new game.. ping pong roulette. Pretty much you turn the fan on high speed. Stand in the room. And take turns throwing the ping pong ball into the fan. Sometimes it goes through clean... other times it comes back and drills someone. So much fun. #ThingsYouDoWhenYouCantWatchSNF #IMissCarrie 
One of my fave parts of the week was Sunday. I love this YSA so much. Sunday School was about sacrifice and it was a cool lesson. Sacrifice has taken on a new meaning for me since I started my mission. Originally it was "I'm giving up SO MUCH to do this". Over time that mentality has changed and I've realized everything I love is from God anyway. My family, my job, my friends, the mouse, the panther... Everything is from Him, my entire time here on earth, the family I have. I'm borrowing from Him, so really it's not that big of deal I give up 2 years. I owe it to Him, nothing will match all he's given me but I wanna do my best to give it all to Him when he asks of it. 

I know he loves us, the restored gospel is proof. I absolutely love getting to share the message we share. I'm loving my mission, just gotta own it... ping ping roulette... light saber battles... freaking own it. Wasn't easy giving up life but looking back I'm so glad I did. This is pretty awesome. Every second that ticks by the future is running out. #ULegacy

Love ya Fam! 
- Elder K 

  • Pics 

- the night where things escalated quickly. Unfortunately Elder Hunter was in the shower. 
 - when Elder Christensen sends packages ❤️


- found this paper about survival tactics... had to send it to Cache. #💵👑

- "The Force Zone" 

- Bambi outside of church 
- Said goodbye to Elder Jaques on Friday before he wrapped up his mission. He's like a bro to me, very grateful to have had him as a trainer 

- cub at Walmart... I DID NOT take this pic so not taking the credit for it, someone sent it to me. Still pretty sweet! 

- laying sod... not sure why but this arrangement of sod reminded me of my family... specifically @pettbryan 

- teaching Elder McElvany how to do the money money so he can be McElManziel 

- me and B1 at morning ball 

- briar wearing his future missionary pin that my mom got. Corey (his dad) got sustained for the Melchizedek Priesthood last week. Pretty sweet, that family has come a long ways since last fall. I'm telling ya, proof the Gospel is meant for families. 

- ping pong roulette 

- ... mine and Elder McElvany's relationship. He was playing with the car thing and shot it out of the plastic which led to some good messages. 

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