Monday, September 26, 2016

Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough - September 26, 2016

What's up fam!!! 

 - playing ball last preparation day... now for those of you that aren't Halo nerds like Brady and I you probably won't get this... but I went to give the basketball to Elder Bennet (my halo buddy). I asked "do you have it? Say you have it." Elder Bennet - "I have it." *gives him the basketball/Cortana* 

- we were chilling at Institute with an investigator. I walk out to get a drink and the Stake President tells me he needs someone to go do visits. So I pulled a quick one and went and did visits with President Repscher. It was pretty fun, he's a boss. We had a good time. 

- had a dream I was transferred to Ohio... and I was companions with @teambetaalpha... and we taught Urban Meyer... greatest dream ever. 

- did some mall proselyting... we ran into an investigator and started teaching them... happened to be this went down right in front of Victoria Secret so that was a new environment for a lesson that's for sure. 

- saw Elder Baird on Wednesday when the new missionaries were driving through. He told me he wants me to be an assistant for the sole purpose of him being able to torment me about being a Utah fan every day in the office. I'll shed a manly tear when he and Sister Baird are no longer in the office. 

- made spaghetti for Elder Bennet and Elder McElvany. Wasn't the same without Jared but I tried. Rapping Gold Digger solo as the sausage cooked just wasn't as fun. We also finally killed the wasp that had been in our apartment for 24 hours so that was a big deal. The wasp is currently sleeping peacefully in the groot shrine. 


- the frat across from campus was building a rameumpton... actually I think it was a homecoming float but wouldn't shock me if they were. They go hard... all day everyday... I don't know if I should be concerned or impressed. 

- Mission requested we get flu shots and that kind of crap is about on the same level of raptors and ticks on lists of things I hate so we are gonna make it a party and do a zone flu shot party so I don't hate it as much. Probably go to OG after and get some bread sticks... yeah

- went and checked out the MSU football practice... They didn't have a 72 year old defensive coordinator dancing to "don't stop til you get enough" during stretch but it was still cool.  Coach Pease = GOAT 👴🏻🐐 

- I have told Elder Hunter (Wisconsin fan) repeatedly the importance of the tie you wear on game day and how it affects your team... he thought I was crazy... well Badgers are 4-0 and he plans on wearing the tie the rest of the games. #ItsOnlyCrazyIfItDoesntWork

- Jace (WML) got engaged this week so Hunger Games salute to him as he gets ready to leave the YSA. 

- tried a new contacting approach on campus. What we do is walk campus looking for each letter in the alphabet (on like buildings and stuff) and ask students where we can find the letter. We get some weird looks but we get weird looks anyway so I don't care. 

- had a lesson with Jon... he's so solid. Stud RC. 

- Jasmine had us over for dinner and we had a lesson with her non member roommate around the campfire, pretty sweet. We also had a #CrisisAverted, She nearly lit herself on fire... typically when you pour gasoline to increase the fire you don't stand down wind from it. 

- Eli is practically my sports center out here. He gives me the entire run down on college football Saturday's during EQ. Perks of serving in a YSA is there are CFB nerds like me. 

- went down to Belgrade for dinner with Bishop Smith. Super fun night. Stovall was outside so we stopped by... he was typical Stovall, freakin hilarious. Went and saw Gina and Kenny!!! Man I love it here so much.  Belgrade is just... home, I love it so much. I'm gonna be back up here a lot. 

- While in Belgrade I got a prompting to go visit a former investigator that Elder Christensen and I taught last year, our old pal Larry. The first lesson the dynamic duo of Elder Apple Pie and Elder Whipped Cream ever taught was to Larry. If you don't remember he's the one we held a surprise 75 birthday for with celestial brownies... and he still remembers the brownies... he made a painful groaning noise and put it has hand over his stomach when I brought them up... #AchievementUnlocked. Really good seeing him, he wants us to come by and teach him some more. 

Overall a pretty eventful week. Had a little minor meltdown on Friday morning cause we were walking campus in the rain and straight up NO ONE wanted to talk to us. Gets a little frustrating. One of those "we have no food we have no jobs our PETTS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF" moments, but then we went and saw Gina and she gave me chocolate and pizza and that fixed it up for the most part. #GinaKnows
We have a solid slate ahead of us for this week. We have 1 boy and 3 girls we are teaching (all separate) and they seem pretty solid and looks like some potential baptisms on the way which will be pretty sweet. 

Sunday School lesson yesterday was another big highlight. Especially with it being on @pettbryan's birthday,  the lesson was "work ethic". Don't know if there is a better example in my life of that than my dad. Something I'm trying to learn out here. Gotta stay patient, diligent, humble, and respect the process. Really grateful for the examples I have had in my life, grateful for the mission and all it's teaching me. Have a lot I need to learn! 

Mission, life, whatever, you keep on workin. Goin back to the Michael Jackson hit I mentioned earlier, you "don't stop till you get enough"... well I guess you can never stop learning on a mission/life... you can never stop strengthening your testimony... you can never get enough of the gospel. And if you don't stop till you get enough... then I guess you never stop right??? 

So, that's what I learned this week! Work hard like @pettbryan. Respect the process. Always stay humble and kind. Family on 3. 

Go Utes & enjoy general conference this weekend! #GetUpItsGameday #GetUpItsGenConf 

Love ya fam! 

- Elder K


*victory selfie after we killed the wasp 

*Elder McNewton and Elder Heisman at morning football 

* this ones for Jared 

*got halfway through the day until I noticed this #SorryGrandma 
* also reminded me of Jared... #SnowBlower #NeverForget 

* #GoCats & #UteProud 
* I turned and saw this dog and it just made me really happy 

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