Thursday, September 8, 2016

Baby Groot - September 5, 2016

What's up fam!!!

- I caved and bought a baby groot... Best $19 I have ever spent. I put it by our window so when people walk by they see a solar powered dancing groot with pictures of Jesus. If seeing that doesn't make you happy I don't know what will.

- turns out after extended periods of time the dancing groot will slide a few inches so I went a good couple days thinking it was alive. Straight up was super excited but a little freaked out at the same time.

- Sent in some baptismal forms to the mission and a I slid a note in for Elder Baird... #HolyWarIsComing

- Elder Bennet quoted Dwight Schrute, Ron Swanson, and Coach Hines all within about 3 minutes of each other and I nearly cried I was so proud.

- Institute party on Tuesday. Dexter and I played pool and he had about 5 balls left and all I had was the 8 ball... Well I went full on #ChokeCity and Shanked it and knocked it into the wrong pocket so I lost.

- went golfing... WITH AN INVESTIGATOR. It was Max's uncle. So much freakin fun. They all just moved from Mexico and it was possibly the second funniest round of golf I have played right next to last time with Crane, Stovall, and Washburn. Played alright but I'm still super rusty.

- rocked the red tie - Salt Lake Temple tie pin - And drum and feather dress socks on Thursday. I'll be wearing the same tie Saturday as I wore December 19, 2015. #ItsOnlyCrazyIfItDoesntWork

- Thursday night YSA Ward ball rocked!!!  I didn't suck and for the first time in my life I earned myself a nick name on the court. We got some solid nicknames going on. #PistolPett #ShaqcacheKing

- Elder Wells came in for exchanges. The #Bromance lives. We had so much fun and it brought back a lot of memories. We only had 2 close calls on our bikes and one resulted in Wells eating it but he kept his Panda Express from spilling everywhere so #CrisisAverted #StephenWells #YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMeMarv

- Saturday may have been known by most of you as being the best opening weekend in college football but it was all about baptism in the Bozeman Zone! 3 separate companionships had baptisms! It was awesome. We have a young zone but they are getting work done.

- One of the GOAT's of the MBM rolled into town for the Belgrade baptism. THE Jake Topham. It was awesome seeing him, I've missed that guy. We got a pic together and his mom said "move the trash out of the way." I said - "one mans trash is another mans treasure" and Topham responds "hold on tight we'll do it together". Jamesthemormon For the win.

- wore the blue and white tie Saturday for my Cougar family out there - Brother Jarret, Skinner, DellaSilva, @jonnybgbold, Elder Wells. Bro Jarret was at the baptism and man he was so stoked for the game, I freakin love him. This rivalry isn't near as bad when you aren't on the toxic Sears parking lot play ground of Twitter and instead around your chill Montana family.

- Church was great. Testimony meetings at YSA's are my fave. We had a break the fast pot luck after... Breakfast themed... And I made Mickey Mouse waffles.

I'm sure lots more happened but we will call it good there. It was a crazy week. September is already here what the heck??? It's been 40's and raining so Fall didn't waste any time coming in, super pretty time of year to be in Bozeman, sounds like we could be getting snow this week... Bozeman is the place to be. Pretty cool seeing the zone catch on fire especially with it having a lot of new missionaries. Weird to think that was Elder Christensen and I a year ago.

Also thought it was really cool seeing "Jake" with his mom. My mom always says she wishes she could see me out here, and even though Elder Topham is now back to Jake, it was neat seeing how happy his mom was seeing him do work in his old area. She was so happy, that was cool to see. Then we were at the Turners the next night and you can see how proud they are of Ethan, especially Brother Turner . It's cool seeing that perspective.

Well that's my life right now. Fam is all in Park City partying it up and I'm in Bozeman, Montana... While serving on a college campus and being expected to have complete abstinent thoughts about college football... It's like putting a Mrs Fields cookie in front of @pettbryan and telling him not to eat it...  but so far I'm staying strong! #AchievementUnlocked

Not to be a downer but man I miss my family!!! Fall is the FUNNEST time of year back home for us. Rough not being there for it. Helps me appreciate even more how much I love my family when you can't be there. That's just part of the 2 years, church is still true and I'm grateful for the relationships and family I have out here.  I love my mission, love what it's taught me, love the adventures. Love the Naps burgers. It's been a sweet a 14. Just freakin hard! Good thing I have a baby groot though.

Love ya fam.

- Elder K


- baby groot

- golfing with max and his family
- when your personal study desk has a dancing baby groot and becomes 100x cooler.

- #UteArmour
- me and Brother Jarret

- GOATopham
- Mickey Mouse waffles.


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