Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It's Only Crazy if it Doesn't Work


- got back from shopping last Monday and apparently I placed my toothpaste in the fridge. Didn't realize this till next morning when Elder Hunter asked why I keep my toothpaste in the fridge. #ImBlonde 

- I hit 8 half-court shots during basketball on Monday... Yet I still can't make a layup #CallMePettBryan 

- Played frisbee for YSA FHE Monday night. Super fun. I suck at throwing so I pretty much just ran post routes and streaks for the end zone the entire time, got a few touchdowns while lookin like K-Scott out there #AFG. We had a random guy come and start playing and he's lookin for a church to join, that was sweet. Super fun night, I love the YSA. 

- went to Fro Yo after YSA Ultimate... Ole miss - FSU was on the tv and I turned my back on it. #AchievementUnlocked

- So we ball up or play football at the park by our house at 6:30 in the morning with the Bozeman 1 and 2 elders... Well it was 37 degrees one morning so I joked around we should go to IHOP for pancakes and hot chocolate... Things escalated quickly and next thing I know we are all downing IHOP instead of exercising. 

- We straight up had a sermon going down at a sorority. Few girls were outside painting the side walk or a shirt or their toe nails or whatever girls paint, I don't know what, anyway we got talking to them. Few more came out. Next thing I know we have shared the restoration and have 5 new investigators. #AchievementUnlocked 

---- they claimed they want to build a tunnel to our church so they can secretly see what we do and I told them they could just walk in through the front door if they really want to. #Science 

- had a dream one night. A DREAM MOM, A DREAM. A bear was chasing me then it turned out to be less active and wanted the gospel and that's why he was chasing me. #MontanaProbs. missions give you weird dreams. 

- So #PlotTwist I have started making 3's at Ward ball and Cache is planning on making Pistol Pett shirts for he and I to wear. The only plausible explanation of how this happened is that I harnessed my inner Tingey... 

- called Elder Baird on Wednesday. He asked if I was crying... I asked why... He said "cause you are gonna lose the game this Saturday." #ShotsFired. 

- did splits with Cache and Jace. Our trio was equally dynamic as the Dunder Mifflin trio when Michael, Dwight, and Jim were disguised as warehouse workers. We talked about missionary stealth tactics such as the #BreachAndBaptize and Cache told us how his sister signed him up for Farmersonly.com while he was on his mission... Reminded me of the time Jared made an account for Cody. #NeverForget

- we were talking to our man Jesus who is a huge CFB nerd. Big Texas fan, gave us the run down on the game against ND. We were nerding out hardcore and when I told him we can't watch games I think a small piece inside of him died. He gave us some home made salsa cause he felt bad and that was amazing. 

- Kayla Turner came in clutch on having her friend meet with us. She met with missionaries in the past but it fizzled out, sounds like she's ready now. We put her on baptismal date for October 22, super grateful for the work the YSA members are doing. 

- Elder Spackman of the 70 came in for stake conference. He called out Hunter and I during the adult session for what the most used scripture is in the Book of Mormon. I guessed 1 Nephi 3:7 and that wasn't it. Hunter came in clutch and guessed it right, it was Moroni's promise. This is why we have companions. #IHadOneJob. 

- after the adult session we were talking with President Wadsworth... He may or may not have been talking updates with us on the holy war taking place a few hundred miles south of Bozeman... He also had a red tie on. As did our stake president... And his counsellor... And the presiding member of the 70... 🐸☕️

- we told President it's near impossible doing work on a Saturday the Cats are playing, because straight up everything on campus is intoxicated and he laughed. Felt good being on a college campus on a CFB Saturday though. Bobcat Stadium is no RES but it looked sweet from the outside. 

- Stake conference rocked. Elder Spackman is awesome, talked to him a little after and he's a classy guy. Shared a very powerful testimony at the end that I loved. His wife told me
"be the missionary your mom knows you are".
That was cool. 

- Sat by Will and Rachel at stake conference... Will pointed out the older  guy next to us looked like Bob Barker which led to an onslaught of Happy Gilmore quotes for he and I. #WelcomeToTheYSA #PriceIsWrong 
- We had B2 over one night and we were trying to give ourselves charlie horses in our feet and that was fun. #ThingsYouDoWhenYouCantWatchSNF

It was a sweet week. Went by fast. Lots happened. President came in for interviews and as always those are a big highlight. We only get them every few months but that 1 on 1 time with President just fuels you up. We had a good chat, for the most part talked about the zone and he likes the direction its going. He too agrees with the Tim McGraw doctrine, always stay humble and kind. I honestly think it's been the new missionaries, they've brought a lot of life this transfer. Having Elder Bennet and Elder Carter in Bozeman has been way fun, I love these new missionaries... The stories we have haha. Non stop laughter with the Bozeman 1 and 2 elders. 
President and I talked about opportunities after the mission. Not what I was expecting  he'd talk to me about. He brought it up pretty randomly but we had a cool discussion. 10 months is a lot of time but pretty crazy he's already bringing that stuff up in interviews. Also talked about the different coaching tactics of John Wooden vs Bobby Knight and how that applies to being a missionary, leader, husband, father... It got deep for what started as a conversation about basketball. I want to be a John Wooden. 

Last... we brought up college football. Straight up told him I'm trying hard haha. His response "Elder Pett... I served my mission during the glory years of UNLV basketball and I know exactly what you mean... It is hard." He laughed as he said it and it wasn't the response I was expecting haha. He told me those highlights will mean even more when you look back and know you served with all you have. He's just so real, I love it. He knows it's hard when you are a sports nerd haha. 

So instead of singing Utah Man Saturday night I was singing Come Come Ye Saints (last verses are strangely familiar BTW) at a stake conference in Bozeman Montana, I thought that was kind of cool. siblings sent an email saying we won. Brady's voice recording of the 2pt stop will be making an appearance in #UReturn. Got a tear when I found out grandpa was able to go. Then I was so wired I couldn't sleep and stayed up till 11:30 (that's late for a missionary) eating Totino's pizzas and Danimals while wearing my Utes sweat shirt to celebrate the W. #TDFW. Another classic Holy War, Good game Cougs. 

I'm trying hard to stay focused on the work but at the end of the day I still get so freakin stoked for Utah football, if you guys only knew how much I loved what I did. A Utah Man, sir, I will be till I die. 

Oh and the magic of the tie lives... #ItsOnlyCrazyIfItDoesntWork

Which got me thinking... The gospel, serving a mission, callings, church, all of it. It's only crazy if it doesn't work. And quite frankly, it works, much more than a superstitious red tie. I've seen it work. It doesn't take away from challenges, but it works in helping us. It unites families, brings direction, puts you on a path to joy. It's only crazy if it doesn't work, and the gospel works. 

We'll close spiritually with a scripture, 3 nephi 27:30 - (Christ speaking) - 

And now, behold, my joy is great, even unto fulness, because of you, and also this generation; yea, and even the Father rejoiceth, and also all the holy angels, because of you and this generation

The Nephites weren't perfect, they didn't have a strong knowledge in everything, a lot of them were recently converted. But in a short amount of time, they were converted to the gospel, repented, and followed Christ's example in being a better people and doing so is what brought joy to Heavenly Father. 

It really doesn't take too much to make our Father in Heaven and our Savior happy. 

I love 3 Nephi, if there is a "Saturday Night Prime Time College Football with Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger on the Call" Book In the Book of Mormon it's 3 Nephi. So awesome. I love the Book of Mormon. Read it fam. 

My favorite thing I have learned from my mission, God loves all of us, Christ does too. Their joy comes from US, let's do our best to make them happy. The gospel is here for our benefit, in return it brings joy to the one's who love us most. 

Church is true fam. I love my mission, love what it's teaching me. 


Love ya fam! 

- Elder K


- #LightTheU

-  Elder Bennet and I. We are bro's. Elder Metcalf trained me to be a zone leader, hoping someday I can train him. Keep the pattern going. 
- Self control. 
- district meeting ended early so... #MoarMountains 
- ZONE - top - Earl, Muhlstein, Merrell, Zito, Bennet, Hunter, Max (member of the YSA, from Mexico, preparing for a mission. Total boss, comes out all the time with us. I'm teaching my dream calling of mission prep with him pretty much, so much fun.). Bottom - Pett, Delimata, Styer, Eifert, Johnson, Ashcroft, McElvany/McBuckets/McElManziel, Carter. We have a solid zone. 

- max has this dry wall thing that looks like a bazooka. 

- ball. Second pic McBuckets and I are flashing the 3 goggles to each other. Then when ever I hit a 3 my team holds up a U.

- when you are in stake conference and the Utes are playing BYU 

 - trying to a catch a bunny. 

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