Monday, August 22, 2016

#SquadGoals - August 22, 2016

What's up fam!!!!

 - YSA FHE we had a Bon-fire. Cache found a giant spider and put it on a plate and gave it to Rachael and it was possibly the most #Savage/#WellPlayed move I have ever seen between EQ vs RS.

- MLC was on Tuesday. Splash Elders sat by each other of course.  Sister Wadsworth was having a discussion on "loving the missionaries"and she said "you can't just say - I love you - to them and not mean it". So I turn to Potter and say "Brick, do you really love the lamp or are you just saying that cause you saw it?".

- MLC gets done. Elder Wells and I are bromancing a bit and talking about the meeting and he said "there was a good 30 minutes there you were staring into space and I'm pretty sure you were thinking about Utah football".

- We were stopped at a light and this bunny was dodging traffic in the intersection like John White IV in his prime. We have 4 elders in the truck screaming for this bunny to make it out alive. I thought for sure it was #ItDone but it survived.

- We have started up Thursday night ward ball. Had about 6 investigators show up. Big hit! I played like crap until Cache and I started running a pick and roll that would have given Stockton and Malone tears of happiness.

- went down to #BGrade for dinner with THE Bishop Carlson and family.

Super fun night reminiscing of the good times last fall #DontEatPoop.

Bishop still wants to see the dirty Disney, I forgot I told him about that. #SorryMom.

- Bought Elder Hunter Applebee's for hitting his year mark this week. 2 tender mercies, 1. USA vs Spain basketball was on (mom, I swear I had no idea.) and 2. One of our investigators was there so we got to see her and I'm not trying to be mean but she wasn't hungover and that's a big plus.

- Elder D. Todd Christopherson rolled into town on Friday. He was one funny dude, reminds me of Grandpa Phil. Shared some cool insight and certainly boosted my testimony. He mentioned how earlier that day the Brethren threw a cake and ice cream birthday party for President Monson... #SquadGoals

- when I shook hands with Elder Christopherson I mouthed #AchievementUnlocked to Elder Potter.

- The super solid family we found and helped move a month ago...Remember them??? Well we are helping the grandma move too and she is so sweet. She has a lot of reasons to be discouraged right now but EVERYTHING good in her life she points out how it is because of God, I loved that, I wanna be more like that. Old people for the win!!!  #TDFW! She kept on telling us how we are angels in her life and that was neat. I'm telling ya, that whole family will join the church one day. Shout out to UHaul trucks.

- church was great. Some of EQ was spent signing up for fantasy football leagues. Since is unfortunately blocked on our iPad we can't play but I'm an honorary team consultant for some of the guys so that's fun. 100% biased towards #UtesInTheNFL but that's ok.

- When not talking about fantasy football the rest of EQ was spent talking about marriage and the struggles of dating so that was exciting and made me not want to ever go home. #SorrySisterDS #SorryMom

- Elder McElvany called and when he asked what I was doing I told him I was dropping depth charges (which I was) and his response was "it's a Monday". I could have cried I was so happy he got the reference. If you got it too then major bonus points.

My favorite part of the week... We got a call from Mark Bell from down in the 801 and he had someone that needed a blessing for us to go and visit. Since this person isn't YSA I wanted the elder that would cover that area to go with me, so Elder McElvany and I went on a split for the night. Loaded up on some gas station slushies and we made the hour drive to Big Sky (BEAUTIFUL DRIVE AND TOWN, miniature park city) and we visited this family. Another one of those experiences that words just don't do it any justice. We talked a lot about families, ETERNAL families, the Atonement, and the priesthood. I was fortunate to give the blessing and one of the more powerful moments of the mission.

Elder McElvany and I stopped at the river and skipped some rocks on the way back. We had a good talk about how special that experience was. We got to play a part in giving that family hope. We got to help them.

Driving through the mountains. Putting down a huckleberry slushy.
Jammin to James the Mormon with my boy McElvany. All to tell a family it's gonna be ok, that God loves them and has a plan. It's hard out here, but those nights make it worth it. Like my grandma Joann (what she has us call her) taught me this week, you look for any good and give the credit to God, no matter how bad the rest is. It's tough, missions grind you out, but I'm grateful for any opportunity I have to help brighten someone's day.

Love ya fam.

- Elder K

Happy birthday this week to the best mom ever. Thanks for putting up with @pettbryan and I and all our #SorryMom's. You really are the best. Thanks for being the best Christlike example in my life, love ya mom.


* this ones for Z!
* #WelcomeToMontana

* the #GOAT of all bunnies

* 5:30 ball Montana style

* me and my boy McElvany

* stopped by the first apartment when we went to the Carlsons for dinner in #BGrade

* we watched some Olympic highlights in Sunday school

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