Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Golfing with Bambi - August 1, 2016

What's up Fam!!!

- golf was awesome. Stovall was telling us how much the police department hates Pokemon and Washburn Happy Gilmore'd a drive 250 yds down the fairway. First time I have ever seen that work and first time I have played golf without hearing a swear word... #AchievementUnlocked

- had a MLC in Helena. We rode in the transfer van with some other ZL's ands STL's. The elders were knocked out cold asleep while the sisters are in the back discussing the needs of the mission. 

---- Sisters - 50 ft pile of dog crap - elders.

- MLC was straight up fire. During the meeting someone brought up zone unity and Elder Wells and I turned simultaneously to each other and winked from across the room. #ZoneOfEnoch #NeverForget.  Great seeing he, Metcalf, and Splash.

- Keith Urban is coming to MSU on Thursday and I plan on converting him because 

A. Worth of a soul is great.
B. I could really use some normal people music and maybe if he's a member it'll be approved.

- Speaking of music... the USB we listen to stopped working one day... And apparently it just changes back to radio when it does this. So one day I was all "wow! This sounds like a legit country song!" Then after about 10 seconds of innocent, glorious, worldly sin I realized it's not the Mormon kidz bop (EFY music) they make us listen to and that it was the radio. My bad. We turned it off quick.

- We drove to Billings one day. We talked with the office staff and President and Sister Wadsworth and that was awesome. We made it a good hour without any #PersecUTEtion then Elder Baird saw his opportunity and took it...

*departing missionaries have to watch these "my plan" videos about what to do with your life when you are home #TrunkvilleUSA. Elder Crane keeps his volume up loud so I get the divine opportunity of hearing all of this while I still have a year to go. Honestly, a majority of it is brainwashing the missionary into getting married as fast as they can. Seriously, it's straight up brain washing. It's a good thing I made my Ron Swanson marriage intervention video to watch when I get home or else I'd stand no chance like the rest of these missionaries.

Anyway. Elder Baird and Crane are talking about the dating videos. I have been out a year, I have no business talking about going home... So I'm standing there being the third wheel I was born to be, and Elder Baird says "I hope Elder Pett is paying attention when you watch these videos... He's a Utah fan so he'll really struggle dating"

#SubTweet #ShotsFired #PersecUTEtion

I turn to him and...honestly didn't even have a come back. #TruthHurts. Just told him "well played" and gave him a high 5 and he started laughing. I did however leave a note in his office before I left. I asked sister Baird for a pen and sticky note... She asked "what color?". President Wadsworth was standing right there and he jumps in... "red, he needs a red one."   #PresKnows

- Pres and I spent some time sharing different techniques for making ramen. Also explained to he and Sister Wadsworth what all the Pokemon craze is.  I tried to get it approved but they told me nice try and denied my request, Sorry team.
- out #Tracting🚜💨💨 one night and this guy opens the door and welcomes us in. He and his wife were leaving on a service mission for their church in Nepal and were having a farewell party and let us join in! We turned down the beer offers but I was down to have a burger. Super cool people, just a summer night of burgers and jamming out to classic rock and talking football. We are gonna help one of em buck some hay this week.

- at one point they took a friendly little jab about Mormons. I forgot what, I think it was about the alcohol. We could tell they were just having fun but it goes all quiet as they await a response from us... I just say "shots fired." And they all bust up laughing... They were drunk so they laughed a lot harder than was probably necessary but I'm glad they thought it was funny. It was such a fun night, awesome people.

- went to Wendy's and the same old lady from last year that hands out mints was there! Same one that was there when I had my emotional breakdown last July because of the frosties #NeverForget. She remembered me too!!! She's awesome.

- met two girls on campus one day. We find out they work for the parks department. I ask girl 1 if she's the Ron Swanson... She says "nah, more of a Leslie Knope". Girl 2 - "I like chain saws and killing things so I'm the Ron Swanson". *gives a well deserved high five*

- met a freshman football player on campus and he's interested. Took a Book of Mormon. He's a big poly from SoCal playing o-line. This is my "in" for going to Bobcat games now... Right?

- church was awesome. Someone taught a lesson based off of Voldemort putting his soul in horcrux's and how it affected him. Kinda like us putting our souls in things of the world... FREAKIN MIND GRENADE RIGHT!!! #MindBlown #WelcomeToTheYSA

- Cache makes fun of me in Spanish and I know enough German to throw it back at him. #HailHydra

- met a dude playing Pokemon who claimed he was a philosopher and also believes that Avatar is real. I'm down.

- went to Logan's house, he just got back from serving in Tennessee with Jessop and Lightfoot... Wow... That house was unreal. It was just he and his brothers home so we talked with them. Played ball in their indoor court. The brother bounced the  ball on the opposite wall and it went in first try. I went nuts I was so amazed. #AreYouKiddingMeMarv #PANDEMONIUMinRiceEcclesStadium. Ya... Then they shot their guns outside. Felt like I was living a "dude perfect" video. 
- we held a zone training on Friday. We have a few companionships struggling to get along so Crane and I's goal was to help them understand it's ok to not be the exact same as your companion. Ex: Crane has taught me  everything I could know about World of Warcraft. I have taught him college football. It works. So we did a "how well do you know your companion" activity and I think it was a hit. Helped them see how much they can learn about their companion. Hoping we can make it to the end of this transfer without any companionship inventory homicides.

- We also acted out HOW NOT to get along with your companion and it was pretty fun.

--- this all felt like something Michael Scott would do not gonna lie. #Goals.

- I did a discussion based on characteristics of Christ. Talked about who we aspired to be like growing up... Who we acted like. Got a list going on the board. Everything from Odell Beckham Jr. to Ash Ketchum to Beyoncé was up there. We talked about how we acted like them... Cause we watched and studied them. Gave the example of Brady picking up his golf ball like tiger woods... Or how my nerf wars and #StealthOps were/are based off of Jack Bauer. Tied this all back to if we want to be like Christ we need to study what he did and who he was. Probably the most worldly discussion in the history of zone trainings but it made sense in my mind. 

BIGGEST HIGHLIGHT of the week... Our lesson with John. John is one of our investigators getting baptized in August. Solid guy... So solid. Outside of the Robison's I don't know if I have ever met someone so prepared for the gospel. We taught the Plan of Salvation one night and that was one of the most spiritual lessons I have had on my mission. Cache came with us and he even said he hasn't felt the spirit like that since his mission in Argentina. John was talking about his future family and how he wants this for them... Like I said, so solid. That's just the surface of what happened, but it was a lesson I'll be talking about for a long time. John and his testimony has strengthened mine big time. We have a tight bond with him.

That's it for this week! Elder Crane bounces back home saturday and I'm gonna miss the guy! Our interests are pretty different but it made the last 6 weeks super fun. Like I said, he's taught me everything I could know about World of Warcraft and I now appreciate LEROOOOOOOOY JENKINS even more.

As you can imagine with an elder who is in his last transfer... It's been #TrunkFest2k16 but we worked our butts off and I'm proud of him, he's earned that plane ticket home. Half our zone goes home in the next 3 months so our zone is honestly  #TrunkvilleUSA but for the most part every one has stayed working hard.
Don't know if it's tougher to believe I still have a year left or I have been doing this for a year. Sat on the couch one night this week sipping down a punch bag and it made me think of those nights sitting on the panther drinking a punch bag thinking "what the freak am I about to get myself into?"... Over a year later and here we are haha. #MOARpunchbags
I'm loving this, I'm feeling God's love on a whole new level.

Love ya fam. Church is true.

- K

* golfing

* that Wendy's cup tho! #Doctrine
* mandatory huckleberry ice cream sandwich selfie

*train pics for Z

*putting pass along cards on Cache's truck cause he needs the gospel too. Cache is awesome. We dish it to each other. 

*some of the "aspire" list 

* zone pics. #ElderHeisman 


* "dude perfect" house. Yes that's a cross bow. QotN - "hunter why do you have a headlamp?" Hunter - "IT FEELS COOL ALRIGHT!" 

* another Filmore 

* #WelcomeToMontana 

* Voldemort and the gospel 

* S/O to Diz and potato boy. #UteNation m|_|m 

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