Monday, August 15, 2016

Crossbows & Football - August 15, 2016


- Saw an Ohio license plate and shed a manly tear thinking of @TeamBetaAlpha 

- We had a cop follow behind us for like 10 minutes and I didn't get pulled over. #AchievementUnlocked

- Talking about pride and forgiveness with this girl in a lesson. Straight up whipped out the Yoda "fear leads to hate, hate leads to..." Quote. She had no clue I was quoting the #GOAT of the Jedi council so she probably thought I sounded super profound but the member present gave me the head nod and wink so at least he got it. 

- transfers were on Tuesday. Let's just say that Elder Potter and I were the cause of all problems in the world that day. #SplashUnity 

- girl in the YSA is going back down to the Salty City to go to school on the Hill and I may have shed a manly tear when she said she's signed up for the MUSS. Missionary or not... It's that special time of year. 

- Elder Hunter came in Tuesday, he's a stud. We are gonna get work done on campus. Been super fun. 

- went 3/3 on lessons dropping us one night. #AchievementUnlocked  

- Met this old guy that works at Walmart that wants to put elk sheds on the front of the floor cleaning machines and then run over the management staff and kill them. #ThatEscalatedQuickly 

- Elder Earl and I had a Nerf war and then had a sweet 2 on 2 football game with some kids at a dinner one night. There is a freakin nerf cross bow. I nearly cried when I saw that. 

- Long story short we ended up in a trio the last few days with Elder Merrell. He is new to Belgrade as of Wednesday so we have spent most the time there showing him the ropes. Got to go to sacrament meeting there and Kayla Turner spoke (recently returned from her mission). It was awesome. Always feels good being back in #BGrade. 

- C-Rich comes walking around the corner during Sunday school and says "chivalry is still alive" then his 10 year olds come walking around and the boys have girls on each side with their arms linked.
--- C-Rich = #FutureRMGoals 

- capped of the night at the Turners. I don't know if there is a closer home to my actual home on a Sunday night than the Turners. Freakin love them. Few of the YSA was chilling there too and we did a Mexican Horse Race... Those Mexican horse races never get old.  #Arted4TheWin

Yeah. Freakin stressful week not gonna lie but if I don't like thinking about it then I doubt any of you want to hear it so we'll leave it there but the church is still true and how the freak I'm a ZL1 I don't really know and gosh just one of those "we have no food, we have no jobs, OUR PET'S HEADS ARE FALLING OFF" weeks of missionary work for the zone. 

We did have a another sweet lesson with Jon. Also got to hike Palisade Falls with he and the YSA last week. Mariah (his girlfriend) came too and she's awesome so I pretty much third wheeled hardcore but I'm really good at that due to pre-mission life so it was fun. Jon set his baptismal date for August 27 and I'm really pumped for that. 

Being in Belgrade was another big highlight. In a way it feels like I'm a new missionary all again, man it makes me miss Elder Christensen though! You don't fully realize how much you love a place till you leave it. So many memories there. 

Kayla did a awesome job on her homecoming talk. She said something I really liked. "The gospel is about progression, if you stay the same it isn't working." It also got me to @pettbryan (v.  act of being emotional) a little bit as she talked about the families she taught and had a impact on her life. As she is talking about this,  Corey, Mikayla, and Briar are sitting in front of me. The Broughton's are one of those families I'll tell stories about. Hit me right there how special some of these experiences are despite having the weeks where crap hits the fan and you don't know what to do with your hands. 

Church is true fam. This is tough work but wow, you look at a family like Corey and Mikayla last August compared to this August and it is evidence of what this gospel does to families. Last August we'd be happy to give a simple message. Fast forward a year and I'm teaching them about being sealed in the temple in December. Cool right??? Church is true. I gotta say, I don't know if there is anything cooler than having your recent convert pass the sacrament to you and then later that night having a contest to see who can eat the most tacos at Sunday dinner. It's a family up here, family on 3. 

Yeah, this is hard, not gonna lie. Freakin missions. Always stay humble and kind though right??? That song came out while I have been out but this is Montana... We hear it everywhere, plus you ain't going 2 years without ever hearing the song that defines how to be a missionary. Taking that song to heart right now. 

S/O to Z for turning 3 this week. Love ya buddy. And s/o to Elder Christensen for hitting the big ONE this week. #DontEatPoop

Love ya fam, 

- Elder K


- Palisade Falls with Jon and Mariah. #3rdWheel4Dayz

- Eder Earl and I. He's a boss. Love that guy. 

- Elder Baird (vehicle coordinator)  firing shots. Sister - 50 ft pile of dog crap - elders. #ItsScience


- happy birthday/mission birthday's to my boys. 

Elder Pett and Elder Hunter rushing to their next appointment
Elder Pett and Elder Hunter on transfer day.  (Thanks John Johnson for the photo!)

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