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MoTab > FGL - August 8, 2016


- President Wadsworth came in to interview the 4 missionaries leaving #Trunkfest2k16. We were talking about salad afterwards and it was brought up that in this zone we don't eat the food our food eats, pres thought that was hilarious. #ZoneOfSwanson

- We were stopped at a light and jeep full of girls stop next to us jamming hard to Florida Georgia Line so I rolled down the window and blasted "How Firm a Foundation". #MoTabForTheWin #TDFW

- We made "Title of Liberties" in district meeting. Main theme for mine being "Legacy" of course. Curious if BYU Video will copy me on that too???... I mean, nothing shows tradition, spirit and honor like copying your rivals highlight video from the year prior. 🐸☕️ #ULegacy

- got a cool prompting to try a house with a Oregon State flag. After a little dose of talking Pac 12 football and venting how much we hate the Oregon Ducks we got a new investigator out of it! #BackThePac #HackettsStillRunning

- Right after, we got another prompting to walk on this river trail. I couldn't tell if it was me wanting to explore or the Spirit directing us to someone (probably yes) but we rolled with it. About 10 minutes in and we started playing catch with 2 wide receivers for the Bobcats.

Pretty cool guys. I threw a spiral to one right in stride and for any of you that have seen me throw a football you know that's nothing short of a miracle. #ChurchIsTrue.

- while on the walk back I noticed a familiar face having a BBQ in his back yard! My old landlord from Belgrade! So we went and talked with him and his family. He has a daughter YSA age which is sweet, really good people. #LactationStation #NeverForget. Promptings are sweet.

- met this awesome girl on campus from Jamaica!!! Her name is Bukky (pronounced bookie) she was so freakin funny and has some interest in the church. Sick accent too. We got talkin about football and she claims that football here isn't real "football" like what they have in Jamaica. I tried to have a rebuttal but once she brought up that in soccer you actually use your feet I lost that argument real quick. Well played Bukky.

- said goodbye to Elder Crane on Friday. Also got to see Elder Metcalf too as the van came through with the other departing missionaries. The trunkines was radiating so freakin bad from that van. But yeah, Elder Crane was awesome.

Grateful for that transfer I got with him.

- Elder O'Connell and McElvany too had companions go home so the 3 of us entered a trio till our companions come in Wednesday. Oh yeah, Elder Coby Hunter is coming in btdubs. But yeah, trio has been fun, Elder McElvany has been out 10.5 and Elder O'Connell has been out 2 so no more #TrunkvilleUSA. We have been spending a lot of time in Belgrade too so that's been awesome! Trips down memory lane for sure.

- went out to the Watts for dinner. Their dog is a big ol golden retriever and the Watts claimed she still thinks she's a puppy. Didn't really know what that meant so I was playing with her then next thing I know she just jumps up onto me. So funny!!! I couldn't do a thing about it. It was awesome.

- went to the Turners. Their daughter just got back from her mission that week. Turners rock. Family #Goals right there.

- Stopped by to see C-Rich and Leah. That was awesome. Felt like old times when I'd walk in there as a new missionary and Cameron would dish out the missionary advice. He's played a big role in the missionary I am.  He's the closest I have to a Brady/Kasey/Kurt out here.

- church on Sunday... I was back in Belgrade 1st, wow that felt good.  Can't believe that's been a year, seriously. Felt like I was at home.

Cameron handed me his study journal to use while I'm in Bozeman and looking through that thing it's practically PMG 2.0 C-Rich special edition.

- went to the most fire primary class ever... 9 year olds feat. Boo-Ya

(Kenny) and C-Rich (Cameron) as teachers. It was so much fun. The 3 of us kind of dove head first into the depths of deep doctrine right there in the middle of class but it still went good and I think only two 9 year olds had their minds explode.

- Bishop Carlson noticed one of my suit legs became un-hemmed so he offered to get it fixed. I went 6 months without anyone noticing #AchievementUnlocked. Bishop Carlson = Real MVP.

- made it to the YSA in time for Sunday school. Jon was there. Jon loved it. Jon is freakin solid. They said that for FHE we are hiking Palisade Falls and I was contemplating if we can justify doing that...then Jon leans over and tells us he "needs" us there so we are good.

Jon isn't even an official member and he knows how it works with us missionaries.

- Tracy and Rachael claimed they are concerned that Cache and I have a bromance. #HatersGonnaHate

Pretty awesome week, fam. Had some neat spiritual experiences. First off is Jon, I don't even know where to start with Jon. He is so willing and grateful and ready to be baptized and make those covenants with God. It's just so cool and I feel so lucky I can play a part in his conversion. We are bro's too. Bro's in talking sports. Bro's in b-dubs. Bro's in ping pong. Bro's in the gospel. I love the guy. I wish I could explain what those lessons are like but I can't. Partly because those are some of the more spiritual moments of my mission and also because words really don't do it justice.

Along with Jon was really just being in Belgrade. Being around the families that were there for me when I started the mission. Robisons were out of town but I did get to have dinner and spend time with the Barbers and Broughton's. Man, Corey is on fire!!! He and Mikayla are doing great and Briar is huge! He's already 1! We went and read scriptures with them last night and it's amazing seeing what the gospel does to families.

And last one I'll share. I thought I'd go knock a door that I knocked a year ago while on an exchange with another elder that was only out a few weeks with me. The house that later led to Elder Potter and I becoming the "splash elders". For those of you that don't remember, we met this guy and his friend and talked for an hour+ with them about the gospel and even got one of them to pray for the first time. Well one year later I thought I'd try em again. Troy was outside and we had a good little talk. Said he's not ready to be fully religious but mentioned that that prayer he said with us a year ago changed his life. It helped him. Gave him strength. Gave him faith that God really loves him.

I don't know if Troy will ever be baptized or accept the gospel, but he felt God's love after that prayer. That's a win right there. Potter and I knew that was a special experience, we still talk about it, but little did we know that Troy still thinks about it.

Those moments with Jon or the Barbers or Troy, or even the little moments like talking to two wide receivers about Jesus, they make it worth it. 13 months today I have been doing this missionary work and it's still pretty rough at times, but seeing that spark of hope or how the gospel changes lives, it makes it worth it.

Had a chance to have some one on time with Sister Wadsworth while those interviews were going on and she said how nice of a feeling it is taking off the name tag each night knowing you laid it all out there that day. Myself and President may not fully agree on her stance on eating more salad than double bacon cheeseburgers... But I do agree with her on that one. Feels good knowing you give it your all out here. This work is special, it's teaching me how much God loves ALL of us.

Church is true fam

Love ya

- Elder K


*Titles of Liberty. S/O to Elder McMahon for the sweet idea. Mine was probably the most worldly Title of Liberty made. Coach Whitt quotes.Disney quotes. Tim McGraw. UA.... Etc.. #FamilyOn3

* $6 goes a long way in a missionary's food budget or else I would have bought this. I have always wanted a baby groot.

* Elder Crane and Elder Metcalf

* the dog. So funny. Seriously just jumped on to me and wouldn't let me leave.

*Briar, he's HUGE now.

* dinner with Gina and Kenny.

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