Monday, March 7, 2016

"Come and Feel His Love" - March 7, 2016

 What's up fam!?! 

- I FOUND FILMORE!!!!! I think all that leaves is Guido, Luigi, Sally, Lightning, and Frank. Maybe a few others but I'm getting there! 

- Elder Meinhardt is one of the District Leaders in the zone so we meet with him once a week for a zone leadership conference thing. I found out he's from Oak City so I asked if he knew the Walls.  He remembered em all! Crista, Callie, Zach (@TeamBetaAlpha), and Colby!I loved Meinhardt before but knowing he knows @TeamBetaAlpha got him high on my list. Awesome elder. 

- I've shown Elder Metcalf the ways of the grilled cheese maker. Not kidding when I say we clean it more in one day than Jared and I did all last year in the bunker... Ya That grilled cheese maker from the bunker...  #ItDone... #NoRegrets #StillTastedGood #SorryMom 

- Did an exchange with Elder Brimley who is the other District Leader in the zone. With the exception of Billy Goldsberry and Imagineers I have met (same thing pretty much), he's the only one who can talk Disney with me. He didn't know what Mickey's original name was which disappointed me a little but he still knew a lot. My Mouse knowledge is getting rusty so it was a good refresher. 

- We had a good exchange and met these 2 old guys who were total studs! One was from England and the other was from South Africa and they met in the Air Force 50 years ago and have been best friends ever since #Goals. Came across seas for something and decided to stop in Hamilton. Really cool guys and super religious, after telling them what we do as missionary's they told us they have a lot of respect for us and the world needs us. That meant a lot coming from a couple of Veterans. 

- Had dinner at the other Della Silva's (2 families in the ward, both are awesome). We had elk tenderloin and great odins Raven it was amazing. 

- we ball up every morning at 6 with a dad and his kid who is a freshman, reminds me of balling up with @niccysmalls back in the 5:30 days. The kid is pretty good, rocks some pretty good outfits but not as good as my boy Tanner Martin. 

- We got into a families home and they were asking us about missionary work. Told them we get pretty good at tying anything into the gospel... They wanted to test that theory... #ChallengeAccepted... First topic thrown at us was football... Then Star Wars... Bruh please, at least challenge us! Those are probably the best go to moves we got when it comes to tying something into the gospel! It was a cool lesson, they were impressed haha. S/O to Mike and Hilary for preparing me for that one, best mission prep teachers out there <3

- So we got a prompting to go try a former one day. Dad opens the door and he is super chill then his son Todd comes running up and reminded me so much of Z!!!  He is 2 and hilarious and loves Mickey Mouse Club House and was wearing cowboy boots and footie pajamas #Goals. Dad told us his grandma is about to pass away and that he'd like to meet with us. Promptings are so real, can't do this work without the Holy Ghost. 

- we went to Naps this week with the Warners (young couple who spend their nights playing call of duty after they get the kids to sleep, also... #Goals). Those burgers are so good but are borderline breaking the "other harmful or addictive substance" section of the Word of Wisdom. 

- walking Main Street doing street contacting and got sniped by some JDubs. The mom saw us and jumped out of the car to come talk to us. (I would have been more impressed had she done a tactical roll but not everyone is @TeamBetaAlpha). She was pretty friendly in telling us what we believe is wrong so at least she was nice.  

- This one dude tried to smoke us out but failed miserably and looked like an idiot in front of his girlfriend... Dude, read up on Samuel the Lamanite before you try pulling something like that on Metcalf and I.

- had dessert over at the Equatore's home and I love that family!!! We taught Josh the restoration (he's friends with one of the sons) then ate ice cream and they showed us some of their guns. Resto. Ice Cream. Guns. Tough to beat that type of Friday night. Anthony (second oldest boy) is a junior in high school and a total stud, I freakin love him. We are already planning when I can come back to go shooting with him with real guns and on CoD. Lex, you can go ahead and marry him cause we are practically already brothers after spending 1 hour with each other. #DidWeJustBecomeBestFriends 

- we were talking to a guy from San Diego who is a big Chargers fan. We straight up used Eric Weddle to tie it into the gospel!!! It was cool. He loves Weddle, wasn't too happy how the front office treated him but I told him he can cheer for the Utes in a couple years when he's coachin on the hill. 

- went to McDonald's to pull up some directions and I saw the toys on display for the happy meal... Next thing I know I'm AutoBots Rollin Out with Optimus in one hand and Bumblebee in the other. I know I turn 20 this month but I'm seriously a 6 year old. 

- got a letter addressed to a "elder whipped cream" from a "elder apple pie". When that's what members of the Belgrade ward describe your companionship as you know you are doing something right... And it's gonna stick. I love Elder Christensen. Couldn't decide if I was crying cause of the pricing on the pack of gum in the envelope #Track1 and the inside jokes in that letter or cause I genuinely miss that guy. Good luck on being a District Leader dude, you got this. Just remember what bishops fam would tells us... #DontEatPoop 

Thats about it! Pretty good week! Metcalf and I are clicking pretty good with each other. Ones strength is the others weakness so we work well together. He told me I remind him of Elder Kennedy... THE elder Kennedy who I compared to Qui Gon last week... THE elder Kennedy who is The GOAT of the MBM! That made me blush a little. I returned the favor by telling him he reminds me of Hayden. 2 pretty high honors right there. The day we got sniped by JDubs we also had a truck full of girls following us around and I started singing under my breath "ye harlots of Babylon we bid thee farewell" to the tune of "Ye Elders of Israel" and that got him laughing. I love Metcalf.
Biggest highlight of the week was our times meeting with Josh and his family. The lesson at the Equatore's was sweet but only Josh could make it. Throughout the week we stopped by to see Josh and the whole family and it was awesome. TJ (8 years old, very similar to Easton) and McKayla (what I picture diz being like at 6) have us sit at the table with them and read the kids Book of Mormon stories to em. It was so much fun, kids are so accepting to the spirit. If there's such thing as a home field advantage for a teaching environment that was it for me haha. Classic rock playing in the background, teaching kids about some dude named Ammon cutting off arms and defending sheep, spirit was there, it was perfect. We flip through it and get to 3 Nephi where Christ is teaching the children. We explain what's going on and McKayla turns to us and says "I want to meet Jesus". That plucked my heart strings and gave me a giant grin, I looked over at the mom and she had one too. Kids man, I love teaching kids!!! They are so in tune with the spirit (like @pettbryan). 

There's times you wonder what you are doing out here... Haha like last night as I'm eating ramen for Sunday dinner while I'm sure there was a huge party going on for Eli's baby blessing back home... But those moments with TJ and McKayla are what it's all about. I have felt the spirit pretty strong in my life. Baptisms, temple, holding Z for the first time... And reading with them and seeing how excited they are to read with us is definitely up there... best part is "come and get your love" was playing in the background. Such a good song... That's what it's all about it! Come and get your love! Come and feel HIS love. 

*** new #Tracting🚜💨 approach ***
*knocks door 
*door opens 
*starts singing...
*** baptizes all of #HamTown #AlmaStatus 
But ya...Families are what it's all about. As we left, TJ and McKayla said they know it's true and came and gave me a hug, Metcalf positioned himself so they couldn't hug him but I was trapped haha. I couldn't do anything about it, sorry white bible. 

Families. That's what the gospel is meant for. I think of my family and how grateful I am to have a mom and dad, siblings, nieces & nephew"S!!!!!" (That word being plural still hypes me up), grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that I consider best friends. And friends, companions, coaches that I consider family. I love all of you so much and miss you so much. Ramen tastes so dang good after a 2 meal fast... And this 2 year fast of being away from you is making me realize how good I had it with all of you. 8 months already down and that blows my mind. Last night I sat there amazed #OperationABRO was 8 months ago... Hopefully the grass has grown back haha. 

Church is true. I know it and I love it. So grateful for how much the Lord is teaching me. 

Happy birthday s/o to... 

Lala - love ya Lala. Thanks for being my best friend and giving me an awesome brother and 2 stud nephews. Love ya. Happy birthday!

Spiritual Twins of Excellence of South America - love you guys so dang much. Thanks for being awesome examples to me and practically being my entire childhood. Love ya Elder Mann and Elder Mann. 

GRANDMA PETT!!! - grandma I love you so much. Thanks for always being my Disney buddy, can't thank you enough for all you and grandpa have done for me. Can't wait to party it up with the mouse from rope drop to closing and have some toast and OJ after 5:30 basketball again. I love you! 

Yep, that's it for this week. Read. pray. And think of me as you jam out to "come and get your love" this week... Seriously go listen to that song and read Book of Mormon stories with a 6 year old and 8 year old. All we needed was a baby GROOT!!!! 

Gonna go hike Blodgett Canyon, gonna be sweet. Love ya! 

- Elder K


1 - FILMORE!!! #EveryThirdBlinkIsSlower

2 - street contacting 

3 - Della Silvas trophy's. 

4 - auto bots roll out

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