Monday, February 29, 2016

Dingers - Febuary 29, 2016

What's up Fam!

- found a new favorite street... "Dinger Lane". Instantly started quoting Kent Murphy and thinking of my boy Elder Christensen. Every time we drive remotely close to it I yell "DINGERS!!!". Elder Metcalf thinks I'm nuts. 

- Hamilton is gorgeous. Saw 3 bald eagles and elk and deer and all that this week, it's Heaven here. 

- went to Helena for a MLC ("mission leadership conference/council/committee something like that). It was pretty cool. With all the zone leaders and sister training leaders so there was like 30 of us. Got to see Elder Hendricks and Sister Freeman  from the MTC district, we are definitely the young bloods in there. You know whenever Dr Evil wants a million dollars he calls into the world defense council?? It kind of reminded me of that. Lots of experienced elders and sisters there giving input on how the mission can progress and I sat there with my 7 months of experience looking like Ricky Bobby not knowing what to do with his hands. But ya, it was cool. Zone Leader who served in Missoula came looking for me and said they came across some Utah fans there who asked about me. Assuming from Twitter so thanks for the shout out whoever you are! 

- finally clicked for me that Elder Kennedy is Qui Gon, Elder Metcalf is Obi Wan, and I am Anakin. Hear me out.... My first transfer my zone leaders were Elders Kennedy and Metcalf. Elder Kennedy (Qui Gon) was training Elder Metcalf (Obi Wan) to be a zone leader. 7 months later Elder Kennedy is home. Now Elder Metcalf (Obi Wan) is training me (Anakin) to be a zone leader. Hopefully we don't have a companionship inventory that leads to me being limbless on a lava beach but at least I get to wife Padme.

  *****These are the things you think about when drunk people are singing "amazing grace" at the top of their lungs at 1 am outside your apartment and you can't sleep. Perks of living on Main Street. At least it was a spiritually uplifting song*****

- went to a sweet chocolate store. I'm addicted to huckleberry flavored anything. 

- Hit up the Jessop's and had some ice cream with them. Christine, Will and I were going through the alphabet A-Z with Disney characters. Glad to see I still got it when it comes to the mouse. However, you know you have been a missionary for a while when Book of Mormon names pop into your head first. #AchievementUnlocked

- Told Elder Metcalf "my socks smell like Chinese food" to see what his reaction would be. He sighed and just kept on studying. Funny guy, I love him. Still trying to get him to fart in front of me. Gotta think of a operation name for that.... Stay tuned

- got a letter and when I saw the return address was Swedish i screamed like a girl and ripped it open. Why have a girlfriend when you have an Elder Walton?

- Had a zone training. District Leaders hold weekly district meetings and zone leaders do a zone training once a transfer. Once again I was Ricky Bobby'ing it up there not knowing what to do with my hands but I thought it went well, Elder Metcalf at least knew what he was doing. I closed it with a discussion on personal conversion and perspective on your mission. Quoted and/or referenced Walt 3 times, Star Wars (1), other Disney movies (2),coach Whitt (3), #ULegacy (2), and coach Shah (1) "preach like it MEEEEEEANS something to ya". 

- Drove past a truck full of sheds. #WelcomeToMontana

- EXCHANGES!!!! Went on a exchange with Elder Peterson in Stevensille. His companion is the district leader so I switched with him and got to spend a day with Elder Peterson. It was awesome, we had so much fun. Elder Peterson is a stud from Payson and has been out 5 months. He's as big of a Cougar as I am a Ute but he never sucker punched me and I never dumped my beverage on him so we played pretty nice #ChurchIsTrue. We had a good time. He's never kissed a girl so we are both members of the VL club which is one of many reasons why our companionship unity was straight up fire that night. Another reason is our two favorite scriptures are Helaman 5:12 and Joshua 1:9 #DidWeJustBecomeBestFriends #KarateInTheGarage. We found a sweet family while street contacting... Dad was wearing a Oregon Ducks shirt... You know what our approach was??? College football BayBay. Didn't bring up the duck hunt massacre that occurred last fall cause the spirit can't dwell with contention but I still slipped in that a Utah Man Am I. Cool guy, amazing family. I'm tellin ya they need a college football section in the next PMG... Best tracting approach out there. Lot of different fans here so I'm in the right spot. 

- part of the exchange we met Sam... Sam is probably 50. Tall, skinny, and rocks a long gray pony tail. For 45 minutes we talked with Sam about how darker blue patches in the sky are really planets that are right outside our atmosphere and how we are all gonna die in about a month. #ThatEscalatedQuickly. Reason why we can't see the planet is because the government sprays a chemical in the atmosphere so we can only see darker shades of the sky... Reminder we don't get much television or video games out here so we found this really entertaining and frankly if we are all gonna die next month I wanna hear about it. It was definitely up there with the Splash Elder exchange transfer 1 with Wendell. It was fun talking with him, if one day we wake up and Jupiter is all we see outside then I'm going to find my boy Sam. 

- also on the exchange we ate at this members house that was unreal! Such a pretty house. There is a ski resort that financially fell through that you can see in their back yard along with a herd of elk. Amazing view. Meat for the burgers came right off their ranch, so dang good. 

- had a lesson in the Della Silva's home... As we get there there's 2 minutes left in BYU - Gonzaga. We went and stood in the kitchen and did whatever possible to distract ourselves from Babylon. Oh man I miss college ball haha. I couldn't see the screen but I could see Bro DS's facial expressions and that was enough. I was actually wanting the Cougs to win this one. Fear not, I'm not pulling a Harvey on Ute nation, but I was hoping they would pull it out for Bro Della Silva, I love the guy. I could see the hurt in his eyes after the game, I've been there before Haha. Gave him a hug after the lesson, such an awesome family. 

MLC and the exchange were much needed this week. I got a lot of room to improve.... A LOT. And this is a good opportunity for me to learn from other missionaries. With that said, I'm not gonna pretend to be someone I'm not.  The exchange with Elder Peterson was awesome because I didn't correct him on a single thing, but by the end of the night he was asking ways he can be more obedient. Some leaders walk into an area guns a blazing crying repentance and obedience, I'd rather show them the miracles that come from doing what is right. Plus... We had fun. Met Sam and a family who is solid. You gotta have fun out here. President Wadsworth is the perfect example of who I want to be as a missionary. The guy is so in tune with the spirit but isn't afraid to laugh.

Quick President Wadsworth story for ya. So we are approaching like hour 4 of MLC and not gonna lie I was zoned out thinking about Food or something (i just noticed I talk about food a lot). He jumps up there for his closing remarks and tells us (mind you we are all expecting some hard core revelation here) "elders and sisters... The mind can only absorb what the butt can handle..." And I just bust up laughing. I was sitting near Sister Wadsworth and she gave him that "get in the dog house... Now." Look... (@pettbryan and I have received that look several times from my mother when discussing high school dances or trips to the mouse so I recognized it)... President asked "I'm gonna be hearing all about this on the way to Bozeman tonight, aren't I??? She nods her head. 


One time in junior year English I had to run to the office to get something and Jared jumped up with me. Heyborne says "Jared if you walk out the door with McKay you are getting a U." Jared turns to look at me and says "well I already have a U so I might as well." President Wadsworth had that same logic... If he's in the dog house he might as well live it up... So for the next 10 minutes he is cracking jokes and telling stories. Told us how he sometimes just wants to tell missionaries "poppy cock". After some confused stares he explains that means "BS". Sister Wadsworth looked mortified. But ya, President Wadsworth gets it. You can't do this work without the spirit, can't have the spirit unless you are doing what is right. But my goodness don't make it harder than it needs to be!!! The mind can only absorb what the butt can handle! True words of wisdom from President Wadsworth. 

Yep, that was the week! Still tough getting adjusted to a new area but Hamilton is starting to feel like home. I like it here. Elder Metcalf is such a good missionary and is teaching me a lot, doing my best to absorb it all. I have a lot to improve on. We have a solid group of investigators we are pretty stoked about. Not sure if you can quote beer commercials as a missionary but one of our investigators is "the most interesting man in the world". His name is Greg, 6 foot 3 and skinny, gray hair, and only African American I have seen in Hamilton. He loves chess, served in the military, and recently found his black widow he keeps as a pet after she escaped in his apartment... We found this out after our lesson... Like I said, interesting dude but we freakin love Greg. After our first lesson he told us he feels like God guided him to us, wow baby the spirit was strong when he said it. He's awesome. Along with Greg we have a few other families, no one on date but that's around the corner. The boy I mentioned last week came to church and loved it, his life is a total 180 from last Sunday. We also talked with a family who is going through a similar trial that we experienced as a family a few years ago.  I have been in her shoes before and those trials can really make or break your testimony. Then just hearing about Lucas's companion put me on my knees for him. I really dont know why some things happen, but you have to press forward with a steadfastness in Christ. I do know it's all apart of God's plan.  As we were able to comfort this family, it made me think, maybe we go through our own Gethsemane so we can be there to comfort others later on. Like PMG says, as your understanding and love for the Atonement increases, your desire to share the gospel does too. So grateful for our Savior and what he did for us. Do what he asks and families are forever. I know it's all true. I know we will see Dave again. My testimony has grown to be rock solid and I'm so grateful for that, next step is getting others to that point.

A lot of work here in Hamilton and we are very grateful the Lord is directing us towards the elect. It's certainly hard work, but when the spirit is guiding you it feels like you are HITTIN DINGERS!!!! 

 Love ya, church is true. Read the Book of Mormon and pray and all that and you'll be blessed. #Dingers 

 - Elder K


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