Monday, March 28, 2016

Memories - March 28, 2016

What's up FAM!!! 

- Out knocking doors one day, this teenage kid barely opens the door and says
 "no no no no.. Mestah Supaman... he no here" 
and shuts the door. I was laughing so hard. Metcalf didn't know who Consuela was so I had to explain. If anyone else understands this one you get a #AchievementUnlocked

- We dished out like a solid 5 referrals to areas in our zone this week... Elder Stockton of the Utah Jazz and Elder Nash of the Phoenix Suns in #HamTown

- The Moon looked sweet this week, haven't seen a moon like that since I lived with Jared... Alright that probably isn't making the blog, #SorryMom. 

- dinner with the Equatores... If you haven't caught on yet I love them. The mom wasn't there so it was the dad, 3 boys, and us... #BadIdea... And we talked about nerf wars in heaven and missionary work. Glorious night. Can't wait to come up and shoot with them.

- Elder Metcalf is writing one of his recent convert families one night... Asks me "what's a good way to tell this family I want my future family to be like them..." 

* sets down journal 
**looks up 
*** pauses for dramatic effect 
*** ...  "your family is #GOALS" 
** goes back to writing in journal 

"I'd like to not use a hashtag to tell them but thanks for the idea" - Elder Metcalf 

*** you know in Anchorman when Ron is told "Ron I don't think the network is concerned about an old wooden ship used during the civil war era but nice try" ... That's what it was like haha. I thought it was a great idea! I love Elder Metcalf, this has been a good transfer even though he still won't fart in front of me. 

- hit up the Koerner's for a lesson. Super awesome recent convert family. Kyler is 2 and we are TIGHT. He's got all the ninja turtle gear ever made so that was painful.
 ***Do you have any idea how hard it is teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ while Donatello is trying to cut off your arm???*** and we also went through his Cars book naming all the characters.  Midway through the lesson his older brother hits him with a sword and Kyler looks at me, clenches his fist, and whispers to me... "D*** IT!!!!!!" It reminded me of whenever I don't give @pettbryan the popcorn in Disneyland. He is so dang funny, at the end we are asking questions to the older kids and handing out treats... Obviously Kyler wants a Mickey Mouse sucker too. Metcalf asks "who is Jesus?" Goes all quiet as we anticipate the response.... "Jesus Christ." Well.... I can't say that's wrong, good work Kyler.

- eating dinner at a members house and he insists we watch the BYU basketball game... Metcalf came in clutch in resisting temptation and told him we can't. He pursued to tell us it's ok because it's "the Lord's team" Wanted to say "if the Lord did have a team pretty sure they wouldn't be playing in the NIT 🐸☕️" but I'm learning self control out here.

- The bishop was telling us he thinks it's garbage they make us wear a purse. I actually have grown to love my man purse, I just constantly have to convince myself psychologically it's cool because Jack Bauer and Indiana Jones did it. Way I see it, if Nephi can build a boat I can wear a purse for 2 years #IWillGoAndDo.  

- cracked out some Mike and Ike's one day during tracting... I turn to Elder Metcalf and say "you like Mike and Ike's? You like Mike and Ike's Elder Metcalf??? Elder Metcalf you like Mike and Ike's???" 

*** silence comes as I wait to see if he gets the reference*** 

Elder Metcalf - "where ya boyfriend at???"     *** we both bust up laughing***

- So I forgot to mention last week that during lunch at zone conference they had all the March birthdays come up to the front... "March birthdays get on the line"... When I heard "get on the line" I had flashbacks to the Jr Jazz coaching days with Coach Boyd. We were either the worst or best coaches in the history of high school Jr Jazz. Have a good birthday Elder Boyd, go recruit the next Pau Gasol in Spain for us, I'll break a white board in honor of you. #SportsMed4Life #RohoVenetorus 

Pretty good week! Birthday was awesome! Thanks for making it a good one. Definitely a different birthday but you only get two birthdays where you are referred to as "Elder Pett" when people are singing to ya so live it up! Sister Dayes struck again this time on social media... The Lord is teaching me self control on social media too apparently. We also did HT splits that night and I was with Brother Pederson and he was telling me how his idea of Heaven is being an elk and eating Naps burgers off of trees... #ImDown. It was a good day, didn't go on a movie man date to see GI Joe 2 with @teambetalpha or wasn't hanging out with the Mouse, but definitely one of my favorite birthdays. 

Then there was Easter... Such an awesome day. Church was amazing, such a strong spirit felt during sacrament meeting. Teachers and Deacons were short on number so Elder Metcalf and I got to sub in on passing the sacrament. Sitting on the bench next to Will Jessop and winking at Anthony Equatore up at the table brought back memories of the Riverview Ward. I love these guys. The Easter program got me in fulł on tears. Other than Mother's Day last year when the Bishopric was reading letters from the missionary's serving and the Mann's farewell, I don't think I have cried in a sacrament meeting but this one got to me. We got to teach Sunday School to the youth also. Oh man that was fun. Was doing my best to be as awesome as Bruce Fuller and Brother Zolman. That brought back memories too... I miss those days. It was fun. I loved it. We had Easter dinner at the Della Silva's and it was dang good. I love this ward.

It was a week of counting my many blessings. This work can be rough... But I can't complain. I talk about memories a lot I have noticed, heck sit in on a discussion with me and my friends and it seems like every sentence starts with "remember that time...". I love memories, I think that's why I love making videos so much, memories are what it's all about! I could go on for days about memories I have. They mean something to me. The Mission is no different, I still love those memories. They are a constant reminder of "because I have been given much I too must give". Like I said, it's not easy, but those memories fuel that desire to serve. I'm so grateful for what I have. If a mission has taught me anything it's how much the Lord has given me, now it's my turn to give it back to him no matter how hard these 2 years can be... And in return he blesses me with more memories with ward members, investigators, and companions that I now consider family. Especially grateful for a Savior I can turn to. I have grown to really love the Atonement out here and appreciate all I have. The church is true family. This work kinda beats the crap out of you sometimes but I love it, I wouldn't be out here if it wasn't true. 

Enjoy general conference this week! 

- Elder K

1. The ZONE (s. Johnson, s. Embry, s. Felemi, s. Sanjaa, e. Brimley, e. Angle, e. Mika, e. Macelvany, e. Peterson, e. Meinhardt, 😘, e. Metcalf)

2. Tug of war with bear... That's his name. First time I saw him I peed a little cause I genuinely thought it was a bear 

3. My boy Kyler!!!

4. So pretty... So so pretty... Greatest color for a Camaro. #LockYourHeart

5. I had to get a pic of that sign... #TheyDone


7. Sunday School

8. Easter 

9. #ShotsFired 

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