Monday, January 25, 2016

Ready, Aim, Fire - January 25, 2016

What's up everyone!!!

- got to spend last Monday in Great Falls which means we had the rare privilege of being around other missionaries. We played Pod Ball, or as I like to call it Mormon Hunger Games. Balls are thrown, secret combinations are being made, companionship inventories take place, it's ruthless. Our two poly elders (Elder Masaou and Falute) recruited me into joining in on their secret combination despite me being white. We dominated. You aren't allowed to run with a ball but you can throw it to a pod (someone who got hit and is sitting down) and the pod can throw it back to you. Every time I Pod'd it to Asbury he would make a Chewbacca noise as he threw it back. So I had two Poly's and a Chewbacca, dream team.

- Ate dinner with the Stake President and his Councilors that night. One of his councilors wife is from Australia so we had a good time talking footy and about beaches on the west coast. Everyone looked at us like we were speaking a foreign language.

- went into Great Falls to watch the world wide mission devotional. Roads were super sketchy as the pic shows. Pretty cool thinking my boys in Peru, Argentina, Sweden, Ohio, Tennessee, and all over were all watching the same thing. My favorite thing that was discussed is that we are out here to not preach about what the world wants or what is popular, but to preach about Christ.

- We have now heard stories that 8 of the 12 other churches in Conrad preach against Mormons, some even hold classes against Mormons, explains why tracting isn't too hot here! Onward ever onward.

- helped the ladies at the craft store organize their upstairs storage space. It was a complete and total cluster up there but we actually did alright and even found a giant turkey. They had classic rock playing and we got to wear normal people clothes. #TenderMercies

- crashed a wedding.

- Once Elder Asbury saw my stash of Disneyland treats my family sent us he started quoting scripture about worshipping false idols.

- DJ Mecham gave his homecoming talk. Really good, nice reminder that there is a life after mission. He talked about things you need to give up. Kind sister in front of us turns and whispers "passion for Star Wars". #ShotsFired from the bishops wife. Well played Sister Briggs.

- sat by Brother Skinner in Priesthood. He keeps me updated on the CFB landscape. He's really chugging down that royal blue Kalani Kool Aid but I still love him. He's an awesome guy, just don't know how to break it to him that Britain isn't transferring to Provo after his mission.

- got my Ute fix in later that day as we ate at the Beckers. They had just moved into their new home and it is sweeeeeeeeeeet. She wants a Utah man cave so I gotta hook her up with stuff in a couple years.  Really love that family, Henry is so cute. The no holding babies rule is a tough one.

- ward ball is starting up thank goodness. Bro T extended a verbal offer to Elder Asbury and I last night. Asbury doesn't play much ball but he has the looks and arms of Andrei Kirilenko so Conrad is gonna be set. We are using decorations left in the gym from the wedding for a Sklz course. Speaking of ball s/o to my boy Coach @TWood00 on the big Jr Jazz win this past weekend. You are the Luke Walton to my Steve Kerr. I love telling people that I coached a high caliber Jr. Jazz team when they asked what I did before my mission. #ShoeBox


He's a high school boy that is looking for a change of direction in his life. A ward member knew this and steered us in the right direction. This work is near impossible without the ward and is definitely impossible without the spirit guiding you. We taught him the restoration and it was awesome. Elder Asbury did a great job, super proud of him. We also taught a lot of other stuff too. He's really interested and was asking a ton of questions. He even started asking about serving a mission... I'll be completely honest and say he's probably more interested in a mission than I was when I was 17. Was about ready to give him a preach my gospel to study then remembered we are only on lesson 1 and I can't hand him over our play book quite yet. Said he felt goose bumps during the lesson and it was pretty cool being able to tell him that what he feels is the Holy Ghost.

You really can't do this work without support from the ward and guidance from the Holy Ghost. Kind of reminds me of the water balloon sling shot that we never used on seminary socials or golfers or civilians running on the parkway or parties at Winchester Park...

You must have one person holding up one end, another person holding up the other end, and someone pulling back the explosive liquid cargo. My companion and I have to both be EQUALLY holding up the ends while a member pulls back. We can't do it for them. When the time is right they let go and if we all do our job, that spiritually filled balloon that testifies of restored gospel truth will hit someone right in their heart strings and they will get goose bumps.

2 missionaries.
1 member.
1 member of the God Head.

That's all ya need, but take away 1 and this work is near impossible as Elder Asbury and I have experienced the last 9 weeks. The missionaries are READY. You do the AIMing. The Spirit of God like a FIRE is burning. Work with the missionary's, we need you all badly, and in return you'll find the soul that has been prepared for the gospel and feel the joy talked about in D&C Section 18.

I imagine it's even better than the joy we would have felt ... had we ever stealth bombed water balloons at people and/or social gatherings...

*I'm creating a missionary work Mormon message when we all get home about this.

***Not gonna lie I'm kinda impressed I was able to tie that into the gospel.

*****Before the mothers get upset, just a reminder we all made it on missions.

The church is true. #AutoBotsRollOut

- Elder K




- the T beds

- turkey

- sketchy roads

- big sky

- SKLZ course

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