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End the Conflict - December 28, 2015


- exchanges with Elder Daniels in Cutbank. Fun lil town. Have signs that tell you where to go to get to Canada, 30 minutes away from border. They have a mural on Main Street of Indians that looks like the one in the Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Rec Department. #VoteForKnope

- Went onto the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Definitely a humbling experience. While tracting I was asked if I am from the F.B.I.

- Also saw a car pulling a sled with kids on it in. #WelcomeToTheRes.

- Cutbank had a Mickey D's. That's a big deal.

- The guy we played chess with last week is also an insanely good ball coach. Doubt he is as good as Elder Boyd and I last year, but he's close. #ShoeBox #PrayForTheWhiteBoard

- WARD CHRISTMAS PARTY ROCKED!!! Balled with the primary kids after. Elder Asbury and I plus Will Thompson takin on everyone else. We went hard, Will is awesome. The nativity was really cool. Spirit was super strong.

- I was sitting there eating and chatting with some members at the party and the bishops little kid comes up and whispers to us that the Bishop needs to see us in his office. Instantly I'm thinking "oh crap, what did we do..." Turns out Santa needed some help getting stuff ready.


- The Relief Society hooked us up with some left overs after the party and was super happy to give them to us. Well, after balling so hard we forgot about the left overs until we got back to our apartment. Then we remembered and couldn't imagine how heart broken they would be if they found out we left them there, these ladies are pretty much our grandmas. Despite it being past curfew... We had to go back for it... And we didn't want anyone to see us.... You know what that means....- STEALTH OPS -

- Pull into the parking lot at 21:30 hours. Still a few cars there for the people who were cleaning up. Run up to the church and peek in. One tango heavily armed standing by entrance 1 (Spencer Briggs with a vacuum). Move onto entrance 2. Get inside. Tactical Roll across the hallway. Retrieve the special cargo from the kitchen. Go out the back exit. Run back to car. Drift out of the parking lot (it was money, the ice helped). No one saw us, the left overs were good, Relief Society still loves us, #AchievementUnlocked. You can call me Elder Bauer.

- Elder Asbury ate octopus and tried to counteract the smell with spraying Axe everywhere. The combination of those two were.... Ya...

Remember the one lady's reaction to the cologne my car is named after in Anchorman??? <<<< my reaction

- decorated Ginger Bread men at a members home

- Put a chihuahua to sleep during a lesson on Christmas Eve. So cute.

- Tried building a Gingerbread house but it went south quick and I just started eating it right there out of frustration.

- Beckers are outta town so my lone source for CFB updates is Brother Skinner. Good dude, big Cougar fan. Told him the red tie he was wearing looked good on him. Had a good chat about Sitake and Tuiaki.

- you know that little gun Austin Powers has??? One of our investigators has one! The .25 cal bullets are so rare a box of bullets is actually worth more than the gun.

- tried a hover board at the Gouchenours and they are sweeeeet!!!!

Gotta get those approved for #Tracting๐Ÿšœ๐Ÿ’จ

CHRISTMAS WAS AWESOME!!! Definitely one I'll never forget. Went to the Gouchenours (remind me a lot of the Thackeray's)  that morning and Santa brought us light sabers!!!! We were having battles with the kids and Elder Asbury somehow took a chunk outta my pinky. Game stops, I look at it and yell "THEY WORK!!!" Then we keep on playing. Actually bled pretty bad, it was quite the raspberry. I got Vaders saber, Asbury got Luke's... I'm his trainer/father... He's my trainee/son... Plus his lightsaber is green. Those terms are considered Babylon out here in the MBM but we thought it was funny. Gotta love missionary humor.

Plus if I got Vaders saber then I guess that technically means I wife Padmรจ, #AchievementUnlocked. Combine the lightsabers with the nerf guns my mom got us and we may actually have something to do on preparation days out here!!! Got some motion activated singing Christmas ornaments we are using as frag grenades. We are planing on cutting out some cardboard hostiles and setting up stealth raids in the church today. I got my go pro for it. You have to get REALLY creative in Conrad on Mondays as a missionary.

Let my inner @pettbryan take control Christmas Eve as we were driving to Great Falls and I had a slight emotional breakdown in the car while jamming to Archie. Kinda hit me I get to actually talk to my family that next day!!! It was soooo good talking with them. Felt like a dream... Then Kurt started asking inappropriate questions 3 minutes in and I knew it was real. Figured they'd behave since I'm a missionary and everything but.... Nope. Probably should've been re-set apart after. That's my family for ya! With the exception of hormonal @pettbryan there weren't any tears until the very end. Took some advice from Lucas to pray with them before I hung up and I'm glad I did. Few months ago I talked about a yell that rings through mountains near and far, well the spirit of God burns through the mountains near and far too. Love my family very much. I have the best family in the world.

It felt like it did in July except the kids are bigger and and Lala is A LOT bigger. She won't be for much longer ;)... SO EXCITED FOR TODAY!!!!!!

Christmas really was special. A little bummed I only have 1 more as a missionary. It was a special day, the members we got to be with. Visiting the nursing home. Light saber battles. Just a fun day! Next year we are going to combine light saber battles and nursing home into one... #TDFW

I am studying from Alma this week and now getting into the war chapters, #BuckleUp. It talks a lot about the preparation the Nephites did for war, compared to the lack of preparation by the Lamanites.

Nephites were prepared both physically with armor and weapons, and spiritually by looking to Alma who would receive revelation from the Lord. Despite being outnumbered, the Nephites are able to trap and corner the Lamanites. ๐Ÿ”ฅMoroni๐Ÿ”ฅ tells his men to stop "inflicting wounds of death" and calls up Zarahemnah. He offers a deal to Zarahemnah, that he and his men will stop if the Lamanites will drop their weapons and promise to not start wars again. Zarahemnah puts his weapons down, but says he won't make any promises.


Moroni gives Zarahemnah and his men their weapons and releases his inner coach Whitt by responding with... "We will end this conflict", "Make em Quit", Nephites made em quit, and win the battle. Moroni doesn't take no for an answer. #AllInOrInTheWay

2015 was a little crazy for me. I loved it ... Disney World. WWSUN UVid. #OperationCarbonFreeze. Dirty Disney. BayBay. Disney60/Being a Disney Fugitive. Farewell Golf Trip. Getting roasted at Cody's cabin #7thWheel. Greatest mid night slip n slide ever, #OperationABRO. ULegacy.... Etc...

Then July came. Second half of the year was a little different...

... MTC. living in a trailer. Hitting Jimbo. SPLASH ELDERS. Elk Burgers. Community Cafe. Thrift store. sitting in gum. Cruisin in a '69 Camaro. Hitting a deer. Pod ball. Getting pulled over. Mexican Horse Races. Burger Bob's. Kicking rocks. Getting a companion that after 3 months is your brother. Entering an area and leaving it feeling like its home. Members that feel like family. Seeing Oscar dressed in white. Teaching a family whose spirit and testimony was so strong they were really the ones doing the teaching.

That second half of the year was a lot different than anything else I'd experienced. It was hard, and it beat me up pretty good at times. The Lord pushed me, and challenged me. He exposed to me my weaknesses knowing it would leave me with no choice but to turn to our Savior, and for that reason is why these last 6 months have been the best of my life. They have torn me up at times, leaving Belgrade especially, but they have taught me a lot. Taught me how much I love being a missionary and love serving my Savior.

New year coming up. Challenge yourself, Prepare yourself. We may not be facing blood thirsty Lamanites, but we all have conflicts. END THE CONFLICT that is in your life much like Moroni and what the Nephites did, make em quit, don't take no for an answer.  Best way to do this is with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Turning to God isn't always gonna be easy but BELIEVE ME it's worth it. He will show you your weaknesses, but only so he can help you strengthen them.

Love you all, have a Happy New Year. Everyone's got those resolutions in the back of their mind, use the Atonement to help you, END THE CONFLICT. I'm seriously so pumped for 2016. My 1 full year of missionary work is about to begin. It'll be a challenge, but that's what it's all about!!

At the end of the day no FaceTime call can ever show how much I love my family, and 2 years isn't near enough to show how much I love our Savior.
Family on 3.

 In 4 days I can officially say "the Robisons are getting sealed this year".
-Elder K


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