Monday, January 11, 2016

Fight for that Inch - January 11, 2016

What's good Fam!?!?

6 months down as of last week. Time flies when you are living in a trailer, ballin with your splash elder, flarping with your bishop, kicking rocks with a stud from AZ, and tracting in 18 below with Chewbacca(I explain later). Gotta love being a missionary.

- found 2 sweeeeeeet Mickey Mouse ties at the thrift store. 1 buck each. I was pumped, still am. Freakin love that mouse. Elder Asbury still thinks I have a serious problem.

- Witnessed possibly the greatest play room ever. It's practically a 1970's man cave. Old games, ping pong table, magnetic football, tinker toys, you name it! I was in Heaven. They said if we weren't on missions they'd be blasting classic rock from the speakers... "What kinda classic rock???" I ask. "Queen, Bob Seger..." They didn't have a chance to list anymore as I started freaking out and was on the verge of tears of happiness. The DeStaffany's are #goals for when I'm 60+ years old. I'll definitely be going back after the mission.

- also made a cake in a mug at the #DStaffs

- Had some crazy fog one day, felt like Up.

- #Tracting🚜💨 one night and I asked Elder Asbury why he was only wearing one glove.... His response "cause I'm Anakin" ... #WellPlayed.

We're still a little obsessed with the new Star Wars movie, not being able to see it is causing some psychological harm if you haven't noticed. Some 12 year olds in the library were about to say what happened... I yelled "THATS IT IM OUT" I booked it outta there, I'm talking like a 3.2 40 speed.... WHILE WEARING PROS, #CallMeKaelin. My Helaman 8's are good for running. made it out safe although people probably thought I'm nuts, got some weird looks. #CrisisAverted

- we spend a lot of time driving. Big area. And one particular long drive we somehow came to the conclusion Big Foot is a Wookie that escaped Kashyyk.

- we are strictly told that the junior companion of a district leader is TO NOT have a "title"... so since Elder Asbury is my copilot when we drive he is now reffered to as my "Chewbacca". You can call me Elder Solo.

- We each roll a dice at the end of comp study to see how our unity is... Have yet to both get the same number but it's the thought that counts.

- our WML's kid just got home from his mission. You can definitely tell he just got home haha. We talked with him quite a bit, I think he enjoys having someone to talk missionary humor with.

- Bishop opened up about his concerns with not knowing what a "hashtag" is during priesthood.

- Had dinner with the bishop and his family yesterday. Shooting hoops which eventually led to the most violent game of 21 I have ever seen. Briggs kids go hard, kinda scared me. They play some physical ball. Made 5:30 basketball look like rainbows and unicorns... Any of you familiar with 5:30 basketball know it is far from rainbows and unicorns, Elder Boyd and I still have battle scars.

- vid of @pettbryan singing Rock Band made Asbury spit yogurt out everywhere he was laughing so hard. I think you're a good singer dad.

Yep, good week. Book of Alma continues to hype me up. Read about the story of Amalackiah and how he cunningly got a bunch of Lamanites to go to war. Kinda like the time someone I know cunningly copied a bunch of Jeep keys before the owners left for South America #NeverForget...

Amalackiah did it extremely deceitfully but not gonna lie I was impressed, so he gets the army and convinces them to kill all the Nephites. Then chapter 48 we find out what's goin on on the other side of the ball...

Alma 48: 7 - Now it came to pass that while Amalickiah had thus been obtaining power by fraud and deceit, Moroni, on the other hand, had been preparing the minds of the people to be faithful unto the Lord their God.

*****Second it mentioned Moroni I pictured Vince Carter walking off the court of the dunk contest shaking his arms and shaking his head ... "It is over."

Ya, it was over pretty quick, I like to call the next few chapters the #MakeEmQuit chapters. Talks about how Moroni strengthened the weak parts of his army both physically and spiritually, a true leader. Gave me an idea of the type of district leader and trainer I want to be.

Then we also have one of the most BA (I'm sorry mom but that term is 100% applicable for this verse) scriptures in the Book of Mormon in that chapter.

17 Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.

... I wanna be like Moroni!!! He makes the Lamanites quit AND the adversary. He's money.
Unfortunately I wasn't quite on Moroni's level all this week haha. It started slow and it was rough, just nothing was working. Out tracting one night and one lady  told me to be careful that I'm preaching truth, she was lookin for a bash sesh... Lady, I'm in sub zero Conrad Montana away from my newborn nephew and you wanna tell me to be careful that what I'm teaching is true??? You honestly think I'd be out here if it wasn't true. I was a lil fired up, not gonna lie. Elder Asbury cooled me down. Hour goes by and last house the dude opens and says "well you 2 boys are gonna get cold out there". I'm thinking heck ya finally a  dude that sympathizes for us, he's gonna let us in, we're gonna teach a lesson, tonight's gonna be a....


You serious Clark??? Really??? Was thinking of things @pettbryan would say and/or gesture then I remembered I can't do that as a missionary.

This is just part of the work and I get that, I have been doing it for 6 months but dang it was frustrating this week. So ya, that was the first 6 days of the week in a nut shell haha. All about love out here and I was struggling loving the people that turned us down and were jerks about it. Then I remembered why I'm out here and who I represent.
If Christ could love those that didn't like him, I can do the same.

Then a much needed Sabbath showed up. In all honesty I think Sunday's prepare me for the upcoming week than Monday's. Ward council was a total crack up, most of it was spent talking about a February potluck.

Got to speak in sacrament meeting which is fun, Will Thompson was also speaking while I was speaking - mainly counting out loud. He reminds me so much of Z haha. Brother Scown taught a sweet lesson in Priesthood, and honestly just seeing Brother Weisgram makes me happy, just a super awesome old dude with big glasses haha. Played basketbrawll with the Briggs and Sister Briggs made some dang good tacos. Then the rest of the night we just visited members.

We were guided to 2 members particularly. Plan was to teach the restoration but we had awesome gospel discussions instead. Ended up giving a blessing to one brother. And in the other home the sister was tearing up the whole lesson. She insisted we gave her a hug (she was older don't worry)  and I wasn't saying no. Heck I needed a hug too, sometimes you just need a hug from someone who isn't a 18 year old dude. We were guided to that house for both her and us.

I really do love this work. It can suck I won't argue that, but we are so close to success , I can feel it. It's a grind, but moments like last night make it worth it.

Been thinking a lot about the video I started working on a year ago.

2014 season highlight vid. I'm a nUrd I know.  Talks about the inches all around us that are necessary for the win. Gotta fight for that inch. Look at the guy (for me it's Chewbacca) next to you, look into his eyes and see a guy who will go that inch with ya. That's misisonary work right there. Gotta fight for every inch. Some of you know I was fired up making that vid a year ago, well it turned out alright. I'm fired up a year later to get that inch, just gotta make sure that fire is the Spirit of God and not me Clark Grisswold'ing it while #Tracting🚜💨, #WheresTheTylenol #JellyOfTheMonth

Read the Book of Mormon, it's where it's at. Be Moroni. Watch Utah Football 2014 season highlight vid, you'll see what I mean. Fight for that inch.

Love ya,

- Elder K


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