Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Onside Kick - January 18, 2016

What's up everyone!!!

- Last week I mentioned rolling dice to test our companionship unity... We rolled the same number 6 times in a row one day. #AchievementUnlocked #Unified 

- Taco night at the Weisgram's again. Brother Weisgram is possibly my most favorite old person I have ever met. 

- quoted Walt Disney in district meeting. 

- Zone Meeting in Great Falls... You know what that means... #EnchiladaStyle 

- Elder Asbury force threw his lightsaber at me. #CompanionshipInventory

- it's cold. 

- another dinner with the Scowns, I love them even if they are BYU fans. Sister Scown reminds me so much of Grandma Mary, I want to give her a hug every time I see her. 

- just wanna go do donuts in the panther. 

- Elder Asbury spoke in sacrament meeting. He did a great job. Felt like a proud parent/trainer watching from the congregation, they grow so fast. 

- we still have a crap ton of candy canes left over from Christmas so we have been using them for lightsaber reflex practice. 

- eating dinner with some Y fans and we were having a friendly chat. I was hyping up Kalani pretty good, then the mom shot us down and said we shouldn't talk about football. I look over to Asbury to have him come in and save the day with a new topic so he brings up Star Wars. Everyone loves Star Wars right!?!? "Our kids don't watch pg 13 movies." Oh dang...  it was awkward haha. Great family though, we had fun in our lesson. 

- heater went out 2 nights ago. Apartment dipped down to the crisp 40's. Shout out to electric blankets. 

- Elder Asbury does snow angels... Regardless how cold. #CaliElders

- Tuesday afternoon we go to see one of our Investigators who is a BIG college football fan. We have had some good discussions along with the gospel so he knows my passion for the game. We walk in... He INSISTED we sit on the couch... Brought us over an ice cream sandwich... Turned on the TV... Next thing I knew I was fully captivated by the greatest sport played... He showed us the second half and WHAT A GAME. NICK SABAN IS ZEUS.  I STILL WANNA WIFE SAM STEELE. THAT ONSIDE KICK THO!!! Had a good talk with him after and found where he stands with the church. Compared Deshaun Watson's dual threat capabilities to the gospel. Told us he's more open with missionary's who play chess and watch football with him so.... I think it was ok....  I swear it wasn't my idea mom, I tried to fight back but once I heard Herby's voice I couldn't resist. 

- My response to @utecentral 's tweet/letter 

Dear @utecentral 

After #SearsParkingLot2K14 I will admit that I am the ultimate source and/or cause for all Twitter nuclear warfare... Even while I am serving a mission.


Elder @MPett3, 
*** Founding Father of the #TwitterDreamTeam ***

This past week was kind of a blur. Nothing too crazy happened. We decided to go check on a less active we found in our area book that, like most people, lives way the heck out there. After 45 minutes on a dirt road we pull up to his place. I turn off the car and something felt off, like we were not supposed to knock on that door. I figured it was just me not wanting to go out in the cold but I look over at Elder Asbury and he had that same feeling, we needed to get outta there. Flipped around and headed back to town. That night we were talking with a member and the name came up. Told us that guy is pretty against the church and anyone from the church, doesn't want anything to do with us.... DANG! Spirit guides you to people but also throws up red flags too, pretty cool. Have never really given it much thought how protected we are out here. 

Yep. When your biggest highlights of the week is watching a rerun of the CFB championship or a steak burrito enchilada style or being guided away from a potential crazy dude I guess that shows your week of missionary work wasn't too hot. 

I just REALLY wanna teach people... SO BADLY. My testimony has grown to be rock solid in this gospel. I love it, I have a desire to share it that I never thought I'd have. But it is hard when no one wants you to share it with them. There are times as a missionary where you wake up amped to preach excellence and then there are times where you wake up thinking "what am I doing with my life?" And to be completely honest with ya this past week was mainly the latter. 

One of my favorites quotes from PreachMG is:

 "The attitude you have toward your mission experience is a reflection of your love toward your Heavenly Father and His Son and your respect for the priesthood". 

Wanna know why I stay positive??? Cause of that quote right there. I love Heavenly Father, He gave me the greatest family ever. Would be a complete wreck without Christ and His atonement, and the priesthood is pure power given to us by God... Of course I will respect that! So I hate feeling down. Just like anything in life, It's easy to get pumped to work when you are having success and things are clicking. But when nothing is working, it's a lot harder to get things going and to stay positive, missions teach ya some solid life lessons. Just ready to find that reason why Elder Asbury and I are here. We need a momentum shift here, time to whip out the surprise onside kick in Conrad. 

Way I see it... It's a lot easier to make a hype video after a win, but you need them the most after a loss. Gotta stay positive, gotta get pumped. This area really needs the work right now, it's just a little harder. Gotta get Conrad hyped. I just wanna teach people sooooo badly. 

Love you all. Church is true.

- Elder K

*snow angels
*no people.... But we do have... cows... Hills... Mountains... I love it here.  #WelcomeToMontana 

*Asbury trying to get wifi. I was in bed takin this pic. Our beds are shaped like a T, only way both fit in the same room. His feet come onto my bed. We are borderline breaking the "don't sleep in the same bed as your companion" rule in the white handbook. 

*Greatest sport played 

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