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Breaking and Entering - August 24, 2015


- was called a satanist.... #AchievementUnlocked

- Tracted into a big time Disney nerd.... SOMEONE THAT SPEAKS MY LANGUAGE. I saw the golf polo with the little Mickey Mouse logo on the chest, just like the shirts my grandpa wears... I knew he must be hard core. Talked about Disney cruises, pin trading, DVC, Aulani (still upset about that one, @pettbryan), Disney world, Star Wars land and more. Also mentioned potential rumors of a Toy Story land in Hollywood Studios??? Cool dude, wasn't interested in the gospel, but I told him I make Disney vids and that he should check it out. Wrote my name down and gave it to him... The card I wrote my name on was a Pass Along card... THATS SOME SMOOTH MISSIONARY WORK RIGHT THERE.

- tracting and we arrived at a duplex. You open the first door then about 4 steps in are the 2 doors to the apartments. Well it was kind of dark inside but I could see the two doors to the separate apartments, but elder Jaques didn't, he thought it was a house... So I
had to mess with him a little...

*** in comp study that morning we were talking about new finding strategies***
 so I turned and said...

"hey elder Jaques I have an idea, let's just walk in and start talking to em."
Jaques - "no that's illegal"
"Nah it's ok, cmon it'll be fun! We will just walk in!"
I turn the door knob and walk in

He eventually realized I wasn't breaking and entering and he calmed down.

- THOSE NEW RED HELMETS ARE HOT!!!! Are they the new permanent reds???
The normal ones look like a different red than the jerseys and these
new helmets look like they'll match much better, so I'd be ok with
that, potential big chrome drum and feather on there???
---  @bartle21_56 and the rest of Twitter was cracking me up, thanks
for the screen shots sent. haha I may just need to spend forever up
here, #ItsOnlyCrazyIfItDoesntWork #MoarMissions
------ I still got vid ideas popping into my mind... And I'm sure to
write em down, #UReturn will blow you away if you liked ULegacy.

- Elder McMahon gave me some dating applications to hand out when I
get home, oh man they are hilarious. They look legit and some of the
questions are pretty good haha. McMahon is a stud, funny dude!

-Splash Elders are still going strong. Whenever Jaques is on the
phone with Anderson (Potters comp) I yell "SPLASH ELDERS!!!!" And you
can faintly hear "SPLASH ELDERS" yelled back, Jaques just walks into
the other room. We had a mission conference with Elder Martino of
the 70 which was in Billings, meaning the Splash Elders got to enjoy a
little 3 hour road trip at 4 am. We are also balling up later this
afternoon with the rest of the Brozeman Zone. #SplashElders

- Elders quorum and ward mission leaders stopped by to drop off a
microwave. I was talking to all their little kids about their SWEET
tennis shoes. Told em about the limited edition Moroni 7's I was
wearing (name my mission shoes as if they were basketball shoes)....
Sunday I had most the primary coming up to tell me what they named
their church shoes haha. Nephi 12's, Alma 4's, Helaman 9's.... It was
awesome, the Coriantum 14's were my favorite. I wanted to leave a
legacy, right?? haha!

Another solid week. Goodness it went by fast. Had a lot more success
and got some awesome new investigators!! Mission conference with Elder
Martino was the biggest highlight of the week. I walked out
spiritually exhausted haha, it was so cool! I learned so much. Mainly
about charity and loving those we teach. Planning FOR the
investigator. My mind and heart was opened big time, just incredible.
I was writing down thoughts that were just flowing into my mind, DEEP
STUFF TOO #ThatsDeepCharlie. It was cool, I love President and Sister
Wadsworth too, practically consider them my mom and dad out here.
Learned a lot that day.

Lots of cool experiences this week, starting to get the hang of this
whole missionary thing. Can't share all of em, but I'll talk about 1!
Went and taught a less active one day, awesome lady. Single mom with a
5 year old and 3 year old. We had the bishop go with us and it went well.
She was able to go over her concerns and I got to play with the kids-
WIN/WIN. Helped the little girl color in her princess book, she let me color
the Belle picture because she knows that's my favorite, true friendship
right there. At the end I bore my testimony to the mom, except it
didn't feel like I was talking. Words just started flowing out. I told
her that her Father in Heaven loves her and is so proud of her family,
said things I didn't even know I knew. Said some other stuff but it's
all a blur. When I finished it was just silence, even the kids
were quiet. I look over at the bishop and he says "well I was gonna
bare my testimony too but I think we'll end on that." So I closed with
a prayer and left. Spirit was working me like a puppet, It was
amazing. Don't know what's gonna happen with her, but I'm praying for
her and her family.

As we were walking out to the car I thought to my self.... "And to
think I get to do this for 23 more months, heck yes." Seriously love
it, I have experiences like that daily and it's awesome. Other day I
was enjoying a dang good homemade club sandwich (working on expanding
away from the comfort zone of ramen, I'm a good cook) and as I was
sitting there chugging down a Gatorade I looked down and saw my name
tag and said out loud. "I'm on a mission right now" then
started laughing with food in my mouth. Haha, I love moments like
that. This work is awesome, HARD, but awesome, and it's tough to
believe at times I'm really out here. "WE'RE REALLY DOING IT

I hope I never forget what that feeling is like, looking down and
getting a giant grin when you see  that name tag.

Seeing your name, then "Jesus Christ" below it.

"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been
called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might
have everlasting life." 3 Nephi 5:13

But like I have said before, you don't need a name tag to be a
disciple of Christ. You don't need to be set apart or leave home to
represent Him. I challenge all of you to read Moroni 7:47.... Alright
I'll just paste it in.

47 But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever;
and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well
with him.

We have been commanded to have charity, we have been commanded to have
the pure love of Christ.  HOW COOL IS THAT! Challenging? Absolutely,
but just like any other commandment, Heavenly Father knows we can do
it. Now with the mindset of charity = pure love of Christ. I challenge
all of you to read verse 46, and sub in "pure love of Christ" wherever
you see charity.

K I'll just paste it in again.

46 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not "the pure love of
Christ", ye are nothing, for "the pure love of Christ" never faileth.
Wherefore, cleave unto "the pure love of Christ", which is the
greatest of all.

It will never fail. The pure love of Christ will never fail.

It's awesome out here, it really is. I have learned a lot and can feel
my self changing and growing everyday to prepare myself for the
future. Future can be scary, but I know that as long as I give all I
got to the Lord, he'll provide. Makes life a lot more fun once ya
figure that out!

Quick shout out to the leprechaun who is taking his talents/lucky
charms to Tennessee this Wednesday. You're gonna rock it buddy.
#AutoBotsRollOut #MarshmallowPower #IronShamrock

Also happy birthday to the best mom in the world. Love you so much
mom, thanks for everything you have done and will do for me. Praying
I'll find a wife who is as good of mom to my kids as you were to me,
love ya mom, have a great day!

And I think that's it! Have a good week everyone! Thanks for all the support!

- Elder K

---- ULegacy to 15k views by kick off. KEEP ON POSTING IT. #DoItNowUtah-----

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