Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ennis & Priesthood Blessings - September 7, 2015


- Tracted into this weird cellar looking house thing... Looking around and I see a bunch of deer skulls and antlers around me... Typical Montana right? Look around a bit more and notice there were more deer heads everywhere but they were in all different stages of decomposition.... Some looked like they had just been killed and decapitated that day, some barely had eyeballs. It was weird, Started having flashbacks of Criminal Minds episodes and got outta there.

- Tracted into Wendal. Wendal believes Aliens are our gods and that Christ was the first ever genetically modified hybrid. Welcome to Ennis, Montana. 

- The drive to Ennis was gorgeous! Love it there, super small town! Madison River... we are so tubing that in the future. Saw a bald eagle perched on a rock in the middle of the river. #welcome to Montana, LOVE THIS PLACE, Virginia City = life goals. 

The splash elders road trip to Ennis was a major success. We could both feel that there was a specific reason we needed to be there. I figured it was just me wanting to go on a splash elder road trip, but I could feel there was a bigger reason than that. Our first night there we get a call from the branch president saying we need to get to the ER as soon as possible. One of the ladies from the branch was having kidney failure and needed a blessing before they potentially move her to Billings. 

Splash elders were on the move. 

Have you ever experienced a "spiritual adrenaline rush" before??? Cause that's what it was! Hop in the truck and take off for the hospital. I'm flipping through the white bible figuring out how to anoint the sick and afflicted while Potter is weaving in and out of lanes. We had both given blessings of comfort before but never one of these. Pull up, say a quick prayer, and run in. I anointed, and elder Potter gave the blessing. Very powerful experience. We walk out and were speechless, still am speechless about how to describe what it was like. 

I am so very grateful for the priesthood that I hold. The responsibility that I have to be worthy of it so I can use it when necessary to help others. So grateful to have a father and brothers who hold this priesthood and the examples they were to me growing up. So grateful, but especially excited, to someday use the priesthood to bless my own wife and kids.  We were in Ennis that night for a reason, more than just a splash elder road trip... 

Well we get back from Ennis and I get my companion! Elder Christensen from Tuscon, Arizona! He is a baller, likes to golf, and is a UofA fan... Good guy, great at connecting with people. Looking forward to the adventures we will have and the things he and I will teach other. Being a trainer is  hard work, but very grateful for this opportunity. Belgrade is about to go up in flames, and I'm not talking wild fires... Baptism by fire. 

.... Yikes I'm really starting to lose my humor out here 

Thursday night... It was hard for me, not gonna lie. We sync iPads that night and I saw no score emails from Brady. I could've checked Facebook to find out, but I didn't. I was struggling, have been struggling. I miss the Utes, but it's my family that I was missing. Utah football honestly just brought us together, and I was missing it. Score didn't matter at that point, because I knew I was gonna be on my knees praying for help and I had to prove to Heavenly Father that I am doing all I can. 


Next morning I get the emails and recap, great job Utes! JT's pick 6 will play a pivotal role in #UReturn. I get chills just thinking about it. Tough to imagine I actually missed it, still feels like July and fall camp never started in my mind. 

Power of prayer is real peeps. I struggled a bit this week, and prayer pulled me back up. Between "Stick to the Task" getting stuck in my head on a day I felt alone or remembering a video sent a while back of Z singing a child's prayer, my prayers were answered. 

Utes beating Harbaugh was a nice pick me up, but doesn't even come close to the comfort I feel when I turn to Heavenly Father to pick me up. This is the most wonderful time of year. I miss watching game day, miss singing Utah Man, miss tweeting out those UVids, honestly just miss talking football with my bros and recording melt downs of my dad... but the way I see it is I'll have plenty to catch up on in 2 years... Plenty of material for #UReturn... Plus, if I serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength... Maybe I will find a nice daughter of God who will watch gameday with me on Saturday mornings... #WifeThatGirl 

Seconds keep on ticking by, the United Together Eternal Soldiers upheld their legacy, time for me to do the same - Uniting Together Eternal Families

Love ya, 

- Elder K 

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