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My Testimony is like a Basketball - August 31, 2015

HEY HEY EVERYONE!!! Weekly highlights -

- elk burgers... Holy greatness. Normal burgers will never be the same. 

- USED THE GRILLED CHEESE MAKER! I even cleaned it this time!!!  #SorryMom

- Splash Elder Potter's companion left for home... Meaning he is with us until transfers on Wednesday.... AHHHH YAAAA!!!! Tripanionship! We get work done! We construct an nba all star weekend skills challenge course with chairs/tables/ and chalk boards at the church for morning exercise. 

- Hokilia ice... Something like that, it's a shaved ice place that some members run. SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!! Definitely stopping there on our Montana trips in the future. 

- was so tired during personal study one morning I started scrolling on my hard copy of Preach my Gospel as if it were my iPad... #IPadProbs 

- had our final district meeting before the transfer. It was awesome. Potter led a discussion on working with ward members then I come in and lead a role play off of what he taught. Splash Elders had a lil Stockton to Malone going on. 

--- Got to chill with the rest of the BROzeman zone after, haha I love these guys. Got to meet up with Elder Rose and Okerlund!!! We are pretty tight ever since our ice cream night from a while back,, those guys are studs! Okerlund is in the Orange tie and Rose is wearing the green tie, McMahon jumped in to the pic at the last second too, love these guys! 

- Dinner at a members house...  they were coug fans... felt good talking football even if it was about Taysom and the team down south. Biggest highlight was meeting Seth.... Seth just turned 2 and during all of dinner he and I were talking to each other. Felt like I was sitting with Z, tough imagining that's how big Z is!  Seth also LOVES Thomas the train, I showed him pictures of Z and his trains.  They would be very good friends, Seth and I are tight! Left with a "go huskers" as I walked out the door. 

 - ULEGACY HIT 15K!!!!! Heck yes, that's awesome! Thanks for all the shout outs everyone. @utecentral your tweet was awesome, got me laughing pretty good, haha thank you, #MOARmissions. You guys just wait to see the next one... I have BIG PLANS for #UReturn. Saw a pic of Z and Chase Hansen and that field house is lookin good (lights on it??)!! The hill is gonna be rockin Thursday night! 

Well another awesome week. This work is hard, But it is so worth it! Oh man I love it out here!!! It's amazing how much my testimony has grown, kind of like to think of it as a basketball....

A basketball that isn't fully pumped is still a basketball. Even if it's a little flat, you can still shoot it or pass it, maybe dribble it, but it's not being used to its full potential. 

My testimony before I came out was like that deflated basketball. I had one, but it was never fully pumped up. I never made a true effort to pump it up, at times I was even making decisions that were deflating it. I could still shoot with it, still pass it, dribbling was harder than it should have been, but I still could do those things. I just never did what I needed to, to pump up that ball, and use it for its full potential. 

Despite never doing the things necessary to pump it up, I still had that basketball. Sometimes it got pretty flat, yet Heavenly Father never took that basketball from me, even when I wasn't taking care of it the way I should've. 

Then I left for a mission. And that basketball got pumped up pretty dang fast. 

You don't realize how sucky it is playing with a deflated basketball until you play with one that you just pumped up. My testimony has expanded so much out here. Blows my mind how awesome this gospel is, how simple it is, how powerful it is. My basketball has been pumped up, it's fully inflated because I'm truly experiencing the miracles this gospel brings. Now that I got the ball, it's game time.

Heavenly Father has had faith in me, even when I didn't have faith in him. He had faith that someday I would pump up that basketball, so he let me keep it. He gave me a talent and job that 2 years ago I couldn't even dream of. Gave me a family that continues to grow and become happier, gave me all of this and had faith that I would still give it all up for 2 years. He has continually showed faith in me. 

Now it's my turn to return the favor. To show my faith in Him. I can't even comprehend how truly blessed I am. I want to give him everything, because he has given me everything. Like I said, it's game time. Time to play my hardest game of basketball I have ever played, cause now I have that pumped up ball... Just can't play full court #WhiteBibleProbs 😑

So... Ya transfer calls... I will be staying here in Belgrade (thank goodness, LOVE BELGRADE) and I have been asked to be a trainer. Training lasts 12 weeks... I have been out 6... Now I am a "murry sprtna" so my math isn't that great, but pretty sure that means I'll be training myself AND a newcomer to the field. Nervous??? Heck ya... I'm training and I have been out 1 transfer! But once again the Lord is showing his faith in me, time to get to work, do some training the Elder Pett way... having some fun and working hard. 

It's all clicked for me out here. Everything makes sense. I know what I need to do. I'm loving it. I love how many people I meet everyday. Do I still miss my family??? Oh absolutely, but there's no place I'd rather be. Rumor has it @pettbryan is an emotional train wreck, he told me "I tear up with pride when I think about you or watch your videos". Coming from the man that only tears up when re- watching Stockton's game winner in the WCF... That makes me feel pretty good!!! 

You don't have to be a splash elder to be running a fast break to the Celestial Kingdom with a fully inflated ball. Heavenly Father has given all of us that ball, we just gotta inflate it, show our faith in him. And it's through the gospel of Jesus Christ that we can do this... I don't know what else to tell you guys, just read your scriptures, pray, go to church, all that stuff, and you will be happy. I promise, it's that simple.

Do you really think I'd be missing the biggest opener in the history of Rice Eccles Stadium if this gospel wasn't true????

I wish I could play that card while tracting but people here don't realize how much I love the Utes, or especially love my family, but there is no place I'd rather be than where I am now. I got the rest of my life to make memories with my family and make videos, but I only have 22 more months to wear this name tag. Like I said, it's hard, but I love it. Hearing it gets @pettbryan emotional plucks my heart strings, but makes me pretty dang happy that I'm up there with "JOHN STOCKTON SENDS THE UTAH JAZZ TO THE NBA FINALS!!!" 

Big week coming up. For all of us! Elder Potter and I are taking a road trip Tuesday to some small town a couple hours away where we will spend a few days. SPLASH ELDERS GONNA GET WORK DONE, SENDING IN THE DELTA TASK FORCE OF THE MISSION!!! Then Thursday, we become trainers! I'm nervous to train, but pretty stoked! I have strangely been remembering a lot of German these past few weeks so makes me wonder if I'm gonna get a German comp some day... 

Big night Thursday. I could easily head over to the bdubs and watch, but not the first impression I want to give my trainee haha. Utes will do fine, Harbaugh honeymoon is coming to an end! Enjoy it Ute Nation, I'll be there in spirit! #MakeEmQuit 

And last. Shout out to @TeamBetaAlpha who enters the MTC This week. You're gonna rock it man, can't wait for all the movie man dates we are gonna have when we get back. It'll be fun explaining to our wives that we are going on dates with each other and that they aren't invited. You've been an awesome friend for all our crazy style runs and stealth ops, those WILL continue in 2 years. Good luck Zach, been an honor being your director of field ops. 

#AutoBotsRollOut #Chilis2For20 

Love ya guys! 

- Elder K


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