Monday, October 17, 2016

A Wedding and Reunion - October 17, 2016

What's up Fam!!! 

- snowed... a lot... on Tuesday. Good couple inches. It's all melted and we were back to 60's and sunny by the end of the week but still pretty fun. #WelcomeToMontana 

- got a flu shot. I didn't die. #AchievementUnlocked 

 - due to confidentiality purposes I can't enter full detail at the moment but #OperationFoxHollow is still going strong. 

- Actually been doing a lot of Op's recently. Mainly undercover and/or stealth. We had an investigator going through a rough day... so we got Ethan (recent convert from #BGrade) to let us into Yellowstone Hall (the freshman housing whose staff hates us, we aren't allowed in... but when has that ever stopped me on a college campus #ULegacy) We snuck up to her floor and went tactical recon and dropped the special cargo(ice cream) at her door then bounced for the back exit. #OperationMooseTrax 

- honestly... who ever thought all those adventures my friends and I did would have prepared me for my mission. Not the same without @TeamBetaAlpha though. Delivering treats to people is a little different than breaking someone out of seminary #OperationBlackSabbath but the skill sets are the same. Elder Hunter has done a good job stepping in. 

- institute was on D&C 76 and once again Brother Bishop was setting off mind grenades in my head ALL NIGHT LONG. 

- so... an Elder here is having GF probs... we needed to cheer him up so we bought him chocolate and turned it more into a surprise celebration that he's single and can party it up with me. It was a good time. #OperationCarHack

- I straight up have dreams about BDubs. 

- Love the YSA's... we got goin on about Parks and Rec and things escalated quickly and they pulled up YouTube videos and I only folded for like 10 seconds then I got my act together. Not gonna lie, I love that show, It's so funny, those 10 seconds I was dying laughing. #BigOlCookie 

- having dinner with a YSA dude... the guy... is Buzz Lightyear at Disneyworld!!!! I was fangirling kind of bad when we started talking Disney. Cool dude. I can officially say I ate Noodles and Co. with Buzz Lightyear. #MrsNesbitt 

--- YouTube "Buzz Lightyear Mrs Nesbitt" if you don't know what I'm talking about. Seriously since that night I can't stop thinking about Toy Story then I was thinking about the Mrs Nesbitt Scene and it makes me laugh so hard. No doubt in my top 5 of fave Disney moments. 

------ speaking of toy story, @pettbryan I imagine you are going to see the mouse this weekend and since you only have a few more rounds of TSM without me enjoy winning while you can. #ShotsFired #BM. 

- the whole "name your shoes like they are scriptural basketball shoes" is catching on in the YSA and Zone. #Moroni7s #Lehi12s 

- Elder Bennet broke out into singing Summer of '69 and it made me shed a manly tear

- we caught Pickachu.#AchievementUnlocked 

--- clarification: this girl lost her cat and we were helping her find it. Cats name was Pickachu. If I had a red ball I would have thrown it at it. 

- Dexter and Max spoke in Sacrament Meeting. Jarret's were in to hear Dexter speak and Brother J and I had a good College Football Live MBM Edition™ after the meeting was over. I love that family. They remind me so much of my mom and dad. 

- ate dinner with Gina and Kenny last night. I love them, we brought over some salsa. Gina made a mean pot of chili and it was awesome. Oh yeah #PlotTwist I love chili now. 

Yeah, ate dinner with Buzz Lightyear. Caught Pikachu. Stealth Op'd into the Bozeman YSA Elders equivalent of North Korea. It was a good week. Personal favorite was going up to Big Sky for Glen's wedding. Lot of reasons it was awesome. Super happy for them and I also got to see the Bell's from the Ward back home!!! My mom has already lit up FB about it so I'm sure most of you know, but Mark is Glen's brother and the last few months I have had the sweet opportunity of helping teach he and his wife a little along with Elders McElvany and Bennett. 

I remember Mark Bell coming by for mission prep with me, Mike and Hillary (G.O.A.T.'s of mission prep teachers) and telling me about his brother up in Montana... 15 months later we are together at his wedding. The gospel is so neat fam, there really is no coincidence. I have seen that a lot. 

With that said... pretty crazy seeing them haha. Honestly it felt exactly like it does when I see members from an old area. That tells you right there how much I love my Montana family. I also got some of my moms salsa and grandmas peanut butter balls sent up so pretty stoked about that! Seeing them was a rush, didn't feel like 15 months was the last I had seen them, slapped me in the face a little how fast time has gone/going. I gotta make the most of what I have left. 

I love this gospel fam, I love it so much. If you let it, it can really change lives. It's changed mine. We are all on different levels but what matters is you move forward.  I know Heavenly Father has a plan for us and I'm grateful that he is letting me play a small part in bringing that plan to others. The plan He has for us is so much bigger and greater than our minds can fully grasp. Stay patient and keep the eternal perspective in mind when the trials hit. Don't have a meltdown and toss on a flower hat and have a tea party with a pink apron when thinks don't go quite as well as you planned. 

*tie in Mrs Nesbit to the gospel* #AchievementUnlocked

--- please YouTube "Buzz Lightyear Mrs Nesbit" for me. 

Love ya fam! 
- Elder K 


- the wedding/reunion 

- got the elders to wear the red ties on Saturday...

-  stealth op with Ethan and Elder Hunter

- #WelcomeToMontana

- visual representation of Mrs Nesbit (s/o to Abby for sending this) 


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