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I'm Rollin Out - February 15, 2016

What's up fam! As the subject line indicates I'm Rollin Out of #TheRad. I'll be going to serve in the Hamilton Ward as a Zone Leader for the Stevensville Zone. I'll be in the south west side of Montana where there are plenty of mountains and bears, good thing I have my sling shot. I'm in a glass case of emotions but we will get to that after I update you on the week. 

*** before I begin I would like to apologize if these emails make absolutely no sense. I don't think it's possible anyone could understand every reference or hashtag or whatever and if someone does then I am very impressed. I may start doing a translation key at the end of emails. So I apologize for that but if these emails do make sense to you.... #AchievementUnlocked ***

- Found the Earfull tower. You know that thing looks like it has mouse ears. 

- Home teaching holy war splits with Brother Skinner. When we weren't talking U/Y football we were sharing the gospel with a sweet old lady in the nursing home. They were "extending arts and crafts time by 4 hours that day". She was a very kind lady who happened to have a pet fish. Either the fish was trying to play dead like Nemo by going belly up so it could escape or it was #ItDone. She told us it was just sleeping and as long as she thinks that, that's all that matters. Asbury and I planned to retrieve a new fish and stealth op it in the nursing home and replace it but unfortunately I'm onwarding it ever onward so I won't be able to run that op with my Chewie. 

- one of our investigators got a new Chrysler SRT so he took us for a spin.... Is that against the rules??? Probs, whoops haha. That thing ALMOST has as many nice features as the panther. All I'm gonna say is it's a good thing the panther doesn't accelerate like that. 

- From what I understand my mother copies these emails into a blog. I also have heard she doesn't put everything in the blog so I have been adding all the emails in my email history in so as many people possible get the full story.... Anyway, Tuesday night after nightly planning I had a sonic fart while sitting on our couch. Elder Asbury claims he felt it while sitting in our bedroom. May not have been within sight but we were obviously within sound #MissionaryHumor. It was almost as good as Christensen and I's unity fart's. I doubt that's making the blog so I hope you all enjoyed that. 

- I started choking on Gatorade and Asbury held up his hand like he was force choking me. #CompanionshipGoals 

- more service at the craft store. I impressed everyone with my Jersey Boy knowledge that has been engrained into my head by my mother. We also found a vulture.

- Found a new sweeeeeeet spot to camp and fish and kayak and all those other worldly activities normal people do for after the mission. We had planned for that to be our new p - day chill spot but that will have to wait. It's sweet. Nice and hidden too, about 30 minutes out of town. 

- Reminded Elder Asbury we had weekly planning and he had a slight melt down. Threw on a bow tie and a vest and climbed into a box with a Christmas ribbon on his head. You know in Toy Story when Buzz has a little meltdown cause he can't fly and has a tea party and yells "I AM MRS NESBITT".... Yep.... Story of my life the past 12 weeks. Gonna miss Asbury haha. 

- first ward ball game on Thursday!!! It was so much fun. I'll be the first to admit I'm not very good but I was approaching Tingey status that night. Ward from Fairfield called me "spirit" cause I was so on fire... That was a new experience for me. They were a fun ward, they joked about the trade deadline coming up so they needed to hurry and request a transfer to Fairfield for Asbury and I. Super bummed that was my first and last time but at least everyone thinks I'm good haha.   #OperationSpetsnaz was a success as Asbury was cleaning up the boards and had 2 points. We had a kid from the high school show up in a Steph shirt to play and we were ballin out!!! It was awesome. Glad we have Facebook to talk and potentially teach cause we clicked real well, we were splashin everywhere. Time to dish him assists of restored gospel truth. 

- while on the topic of ward ball. We show up and there is a semi pulling a giant tractor parked in the church parking lot. That's how you show up to church ball in style. #WelcomeToMontana 

- last week of training Elder Asbury. Went to the church to finish up our training videos but discovered the mic in the primary room and got distracted. We still popped the pop corn but ended up creating and playing Gospel Jeopardy. "Book of Mormon stories for 300 Alex..." Missions are meant to mature you but pretty sure they have just made us more easily entertained. 

- found a handicap stall with a painted on cowboy hat. #WelcomeToMontana 

- Valentine's ward dinner was sweet and cute, we played go fish with the Thompson girls and that was fun...  but then the tables were set aside and the Basketbrawll got started. Sister Briggs doesn't go easy on her kids that's for sure. I didn't even dare get near the paint that night. 

- I got a Mrs Fields cookie from my mom. Your the best Valentine mom. It was however a little strange not having anyone threatening to break my wrist if I didn't give him the cookie... Cc: @pettbyran

- Bro Thompson is our local law enforcement officer and you can always tell he is with the way he presents information in ward council.... The phrase  "Organize... Plan... And execute" was used while discussing a pot luck. We freakin love him and  I told him I'm taking that phrase to the Stevensville Zone. 

- capped off the week with a dinner out at the first house it all started at. Feels like yesterday we were driving out to the Briggs for Thanksgiving dinner. It was dang good and we had a good visit with them. We were talking about future plans or videos or Disney, something like that, my life pretty much. Bishop asks "have you ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean" ... Ya ... "You need to find yourself a girl mate." #ShotsFired from the bishop. He quickly added to wait till after the mission but it was still well played. Told him I don't have to worry about it because of my mother anyway. Briggs are awesome! Really gonna miss them and our games of basketbrawll. 

Well... Got a call from Pres Wadsworth 6:40 Sunday morning and once I saw the caller ID I knew I was #IDone, President usually only calls for zone leaders and assistants. Asked if I'd be willing to serve as a zone leader in Hamilton, told him absolutely, then we hung up. Went and sat on my bed and leaned up against the wall. I remember I just really wanted to call my mom and talk to her. We get 4 days to talk to our mom and unfortunately yesterday wasn't one. So I did the next closest thing and got on my knees. Don't remember exactly what I said, but Heavenly Father helped me out. Prayer is real and I love it. Not exactly sure how I'm gonna do at being a zone leader but adventure is out there, the wilderness must be explored. 

I'm gonna miss Conrad. Had that same pit in my stomach saying goodbye to the families yesterday as I did back in Belgrade. When your relationships are rooted in the gospel, service, and eating food.... You get pretty close. Conrad wasn't easy, but I loved it. I remember saying it 12 weeks ago leaving Belgrade, I never thought I'd love it this much. 

Other than that, I really don't have much to say. Pretty freaked out to be a zone leader. Feels like yesterday I was playing with nerf guns and lightsabers.... Probs cause that was yesterday haha. I have trained a new missionary 4 of my 5 transfers and loved it!!! Sad I won't get to do that but I have an opportunity to learn from an experienced missionary in Elder Metcalf and I'm pumped for that. He was my zone leader in Bozeman my first transfer so I know him a little. Never would have thought transfer 1 I'd be a zone leader with him. I remember how much I looked up to him and Elder Kennedy.... And now I'm in those shoes, pretty crazy. 

Gospel is true, I love it. Doesn't make your life any easier, just gives you the tools necessary to make it through your next challenge Heavenly Father gives. I'm pretty dang nervous, but fear is the opposite of faith, no room for fear. I don't think I'm ready at all to be a zone leader but apparently President Wadsworth and the Lord does and those are the only opinions that matter. Jared always taught me as long as you act like you know what you are doing you are good... I may not be picking a lock onto the roof of a psych building or napalming a ginger bread house, but the same principle applies. 

Didn't have much faith leaving Belgrade but I loved it here. Austin is doing great and I'm super happy that Elder Asbury gets to see this one through. Elder Asbury has come a long way and I'm very grateful that I was able to train him, he will always be my Chewie. Those part member families we worked with were great, glad I could build a relationship with them. All in all I'm really gonna miss Conrad, but I'll be back someday to shoot gophers and party it up with Brother Weisgram #TDFW. Ugh, I just love it here!!! Never would have guessed the hardest part of my mission would be loving it too much, it's a good problem to have. 

Pumped for this next chapter in Hamilton. Sounds like it's about twice the size of Conrad at around 5k people and is a pretty area. Conrad has had a warm winter but sounds like I may be heading back into it haha, I love missionary work in the cold and snow so I'm good with it. 

Yep, that's about it! So grateful for the gospel and the Atonement. Grateful for the challenges that are placed in our path so we can get one step closer to becoming like Him. He loves us so much he challenges us. I have heard all week about Z's potty training and how awesome of a mom Lala has been. It's been a challenge for Z, but it's good for him. In all honesty we all crap our pants some times (figuratively, unless your @pettbryan) but Heavenly Father remains patient with us when we mess up and that's why we have the Atonement. He doesn't expect perfection but wants us to try our best, that's what it all comes down too. I'm grateful for this next challenge, pretty nervous. But I'm pumped! I love this work. I know we are total goof balls but you gotta have fun out here, just hope I don't ever lose that side of me. @pettbryan is 50+ and still a little kid so I think I'll be good

Love you all, church is true. 

Elder K 



1. - the Earfull tower 

2. - the drive

3. - big sky sun rise 

4. - THE district. Loved being able to serve this awesome district. Especially our senior couple, I loved them haha. 

5. - Cutbank Elders 

6. - Mrs Nesbitt 

7. - Gospel Jeopardy

8. - The G.O.A.T. I'm gonna miss brother Weisgram, he never stopped smiling. 
9. - ward ball, you can see my boy Curry

10. - Mrs Fields cookie, your the best mom! 

11. - craft store service. We find some fun stuff. 

12. -  #TheRad

13. - handicap stalls of Montana 

14. Future camping spot 

15. 16. 17 - dish to bishop Briggs 

18. - leave a legacy. Conrad certainly left one on me! #AutoBotsRollOut

- K

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