Monday, November 9, 2015

"His Work, Not Mine" - November 9, 2015


- it snowed..... A lot.

- Belgrade 1st Ward continues to fatten us up for the winter. Had dinner at the Bishop's house which is always an adventure.... We have some fun. Also ate at the Gehringer's and Brother Gehringer was rattling off the starting line ups from the 1st ever super bowl championship Packer team again.... I was thoroughly impressed. On my bucket list to watch a Packers game with him. Despite cheering for different teams, I think he and grandpa Phil would be good friends.

- Last week during the elders quorum "what do you teach your kids"lesson our EQ Pres said "USA is #1" so we have quite the hashtag convos with him. We also spent a good chunk of elders quorum going into depth on how to "popcorn read".

- Helped split wood Wednesday night..... It was a lot of wood.....Didn't actually chop it cause of #ExactObedience and all but we did move it. Lots of fun, I'll take any chance I get to wear normal people clothes and get dirty.

- Young boy in our ward got baptized on Saturday so we went. His great-grandpa is from Salt Lake City and instantly asked if I'm related to Lynn Pett. Whether it's Costco or Belgrade, Montana, seems like everyone knows him haha. We talked about golf and the good old Murray Parkway Golf Course. Von Butler was his name, good guy.

- Good to see the missionaries made an appearance at the Riverview Ward Chili Cook Off.... No shocker that Craig Davies won it.

- picked up another giant white board for our apartment.... Not sure why but now we have 2!!

- several youth at church came up to tell me the Utes beat UW (University of Washington)....Planting seeds of Ute pride along with the gospel out here.

- got to finally experience a Mexican horse race at the Turners. #AchievementUnlocked

Just another solid week in Belgrade, Montana. Really have been cracking down on this giant list of potentials we got and while most of them haven't panned out, we got one on Tuesday! We were checking out some names in a neighborhood.... It was pretty cold and snowy... I'll leave it at that for the sake of my mothers imagination haha ... And we were about to take off and call it a night then I remembered this dude Elder Jaques and I tracted into a while back. He said we could come back any time and we tried a lot but could never get him at the right time.

Well we went to try and him and #SpritualFistPumps were going all night as we taught him. He's awesome! Told us about how he stands up for Mormons all the time and how he believes we have things figured out in today's world. Strong believer in Christ and the Bible and after sharing a few scriptures about the Book of Mormon he believes it too could be the word of God. Elder Christensen and I weren't too sure what to do cause at this point we are usually arguing how it is the word of God and this dude straight up accepted it. He's solid, still a lot to teach him, but the Lord has prepared him for us and us for him.

Biggest highlight of the week was church on Sunday. A sister in our ward is taking off for Portugal to serve a mission so it was her farewell and we got to speak with her in sacrament meeting. They claim sister missionaries are better than elders.... ya, it's true. Her talk was super good and super long so we didn't get a chance to do our talks but we did get to bear a quick testimony. I spoke my second week in Belgrade and have bore my testimony quite a few times, but this time it felt different. Maybe it was the setting of being at a farewell or the fact it was my 4 month mark, but something felt different. I remembered speaking at my farewell, and looking out and seeing so many people that changed my life and I had that same feeling as I was up there. Felt like I was talking to my family. Really do love this ward.

I was also able to confirm Amy during that same sacrament meeting and that too was very special. The gift of the Holy Ghost helps us to become as Christlike as possible, and I thought about my own mom. She is the most loving, giving, happy, Christlike  person I know... I mean think about it she puts up with @pettbryan and I....that alone is a true accomplishment of love, faith, knowledge, temperance, patience, guidance, diligence, etc... It was very special being able to give a mother the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Seems like moms just automatically have those attributes then the Holy Ghost magnifies it even more.

I swear every email comes back to this, but I love my family so much, especially my mom. I love being out here, no matter how hard it is. I used to have dreams I'd be on a mission and I'd wake up and feel relieved I was in my bed at home, now I have dreams I'm at home and wake up and feel relieved I'm in Belgrade. It's weird that I miss home, but don't want to be home. It's weird that despite how hard it can be, I want to be out here. I wouldn't be out here if I didn't know this is all true, it's that simple. Belgrade is a special place and I'm very fortunate to have the success we have had, but all the glory to the Lord. His work, not mine. Love you guys, love this work.

- Elder K 

---- yep, tell Z I found the Hudson Hornet


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